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February 2011 Prophecies

February 23 2011

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “I am looking for a hungry heart. A heart that will come and sit at my feet. A heart that will come and partake of the banquet that I will spread before that heart. That heart is a heart, I am looking to own. That heart is a heart, I am wanting to call My very own. For I am saying I want to take your heart and melt it into my heart to where the pain, the fears, the doubts, the unbelief will melt and dissolve away, “because” greater are you because you have found yourself in Me.

Have I not said in My word, “Greater is He within you than he that is in the world?” I say unto you he (Satan) may be in this world, but he is not among you in greatness. You are to take the devil and put him where he belongs: under your feet. He has become a distraction to you. As he has become a distraction to you, you retract from my goodness and My love. You begin to believe the accusations that he would speak of Me. I am a God of goodness. I am a God of truth. I am a God of justice, but I am also a God of order.

I am going to bring My own into position to where they will know that when they are inside Me, they are greater than anything the world or anything else that can be cast upon them, for it must first come through Me. I am putting a net over your hearts tonight to where your hearts will be so captivated that pieces of your heart that have been robbed and stolen, I am calling, and commanding them to come back to make your hearts whole to where you can feel the pulse of Heaven; to where you can come to understand the depth of My love; to where you can come to grasp the depth of My love; to where you can come to exercise my love in a world that is starving and alone.

For I will say the hour of isolation is being broken off of this nation. You will see where others who have locked their selves away for years, literally for years because of bruises and pains received in and out of My body are going to start to come forth into the flood of the streets of My presence. There will be an outpouring upon My people. In this outpouring, there will come a realization of how great I am in them. But it will be a twofold outpouring. They will come to a realization of how great they are in Me, because I have made them to become great within Me. There is going to come over people’s eyes: truth, for the veils of deception will be ripped away. They will see things clearly for My Spirit will come and bathe their eyes with My word. My word will stand on it’s own. Those that have come into the sunlight of My presence will not become blinded by the sun, but will have the eyes to see what they have never saw before.

There is going to be a move among your nation,” says the Lord your God, “that will cause others to pull you by the sleeve and say, ‘Tell me of the greatness of your God that answers when you cry unto Him.’ For I say unto you, get ready to hear the outcries of My people, but get ready to hear the replies of your God. I am not a distant God who is not touched by the cries of His people, but I am a God that walks among His own. Now I say I am training My own to walk among My presence. As they have learned to walk, dwell and carry My presence, they will see signs and wonders and know My kingdom has not only come, but has now taken dominance over other things that would threaten My word,” says the Lord your God. “My word is about to burst forth. It will burst forth with fire. It will burst forth with Re-fire-ment. It will burst forth as alive and active as it has been sent to do. People will take the sword of My Spirit and you will see the enemy cut away from territories where he has been taking rest. I say unto you, you will arrest the enemy. You will set the captives free because I am within you and I say truly unto you: mark this, dance to this, sing to this, write this and meditate upon this: Greater is He within you than he that is in the world,” says the Lord your God.

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