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April 2012 Prophecies To The Present

August 23, 2016
I hear the Lord saying, “I want to do an exchange—your worries for My glory; your weakness for My strength; your identity for My true identity—for I am calling a royal priesthood to come forth; those who will lift up My Name; those who will swing banners high; high, lifted up.  And as that banner flows in the wind of My Spirit, it will begin to cry out: ‘Love, love, love,’ over the hearts of My broken people.
“As those banners flow, they will declare healing; healing in bodies, minds, souls and spirits.  Healing will flow from My throne, for My priests are about to enter the temple.  They’re about to lift up holy hands and bring the requests of the saints, and they will bring them in a unique way, for they will present the blood.  And as they present the blood, they will present the glory and the blood.  And in presenting that forth, they will bring forth the revelation of the death, and then you will see a move with your very own eyes of the spirit—of deep calling unto deep.  And then you will know that I am not only alive and well, but that I’m a God of intervention as well as the God of prevention.
“For I’m about to intervene, even in your nation, and I’m about to intervene in your households.  I’m about to come against confusion; where the enemy has scattered strange seed, with seed that was anointed in prayer.  I will let the seed that is illegitimate be burned up by My glory, by the visitation of My Spirit.  And I will let the glory come forth and consume all that the enemy has planted in the hearts of My own.  For I am looking for a royal people—one who will hold their head high, and know who they belong to.  They will lift up their hands, even though they be weak, they will lift them up and they will point, ‘He is risen!  He has risen as He has said He would do, indeed.’
“You are about to see a move of the resurrection.  You will see the resurrection come forth back in the hearts of My own, who have become discouraged and disheartened, waiting and waiting and waiting.  I promise you this, ‘Heaven is no longer going to be silent, but there will be an echo on the earth that has come from My throne.  And it will be an echo that cries out, deep unto deep: ‘He reigns, He has risen indeed.’
“Understand, judgment has begun with the household of the Lord, but now is about to spread into the streets of nations.  And you will hear of things changing swiftly, because the wind of judgment has come.
“Be not afraid of judgment, but know that it only comes forth as a mighty, rushing, wind; that justice can rise up out of the ashes of despair.
“I am about to move and you will understand this, and you will see this, and you will even say one to another, ‘Only God could have brought this forth.’
“I hear the prayers of My own; those that are spoken, and those that are secret, and I’m about to answer with a mighty move.
“Tonight I would hide you in the very cup of My hand, and I would fill you with a fresh anointing.  It will be an anointing that will allow you to shake off worry, stress and fear, for you will be placed in the security of a hiding place of the King of Glory.
“Practice declaring My glory, and let My glory rule and reign, for when you come to understand this, you will be lifted up from glory to glory, but only in Christ Jesus.  For there is no other way, but in that way is life, and it’s truth, and it’s power, and even more importantly, in the hour of this nation is a sound mind.
“Tonight I would begin to plant seeds of revival throughout this nation.  They will be secret hiding places; where My people will come, and they will declare My goodness and My glory, and I will visit them in multitude of ways; the greatest visitation for the greatest need.
“Be not concerned of downtrodden hearts, but only lift them up, for the joy of the Lord truly is your strength.  And I desire that you put aside glory and exchange it for joy, and put aside worry and exchange it for glory, and understand, the glory of the Lord will, is, and always will be, the lifter of your head,” says the Lord your God, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

August 9, 2016
The Spirit of the Lord says, “I am settling accounts.  For those who have no accounts with Me; they will come to understand, that I want to have an account with them, an account where My grace can be available and flow into their heart, their minds, their souls and their wills.
“Do not struggle against the unseen, but stand against the unseen, and lift up holy hands and declare My goodness.  For as you declare, you will reap; and as you intercede, you will receive; and as you become vulnerable, you will hear; and when you choose life, you will be strengthened.
“Choose what I would set in front of you.  Would it be hope against despair?  Would it be wisdom against silliness?  Would it be grace, where weakness has caused you to fail?  Ask Me, that I too will open you an account.  Whatever your need is, it will be met according to the riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
“So people, I want you to understand the account.  It is not merely riches, but it is glory in Christ Jesus; glory that is able to lift your head from being defeated and being confused, and cause your eyes to be lifted up; that redemption will draw near.  Place your eyes back on Me, for I am the Author and the Finisher of your faith.
“Submit.  Surrender.  Come into a place of holiness—where you feel the shelter and the love and the protection of an Almighty God.  For the wind is beginning, and the breeze is blowing, but My own will be hidden in the rocks.  And the rock will be My Son, the Rock of Ages, where they will not be shaken, nor will they be tossed to and fro, but it will be a rock of placement—where I have placed them, to grow them, to strengthen them, and then to pick them up in My hand and use that rock to become a conquering stone.  For I would say, many rejected My building stone, but this is coming: a new season, where you will have those that will come and they will say, ‘Tell us.  Tell us of your stones, tell us of your gems, tell us of your Savior.  Tell us why you believe when you cannot see.

“Be ready to answer that I am alive, and because I am alive, I cause life.  Let My life be made known to you, and in turn, you make it known to others,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

July 26, 2016
I want you to put your hands out, because the Holy Spirit said, “All who are thirsty, come.
How many in here are thirsty?

He kept saying, “All who are thirsty, come.”  And He said, “Know that’s My Spirit in you, and that in itself is a gift—of thirst—and that’s how you know when My Spirit is not working; you will not be thirsty.”
(EF – That means He’s withdrawn, because you’ve chosen to go find your own drinking hole; wherever that is, but those who are thirsty, He is bringing up to a whole new level.  And He really is.  He’s bringing them up to a whole new level, and I’ll tell you why—because they need to be filled higher, because they are getting lower.)

Father, I hear You say, “I’m baptizing in fire and vulnerability—vulnerability to My Spirit, so you will recognize Him, and what is not Him.  For understand this, My people, you are in the hour of being fine tuned; fine tuning for sharp verses sharp.”
“And I’m ‘causing’ some of you and ‘calling’ some of you.  I say ‘caused’ because it’s been a forced decision made by others.  And I say ‘called,’ because I’m waiting for your response—to follow Me and be willing to cast your net into a strange water; on the other side of the boat, not understanding.  But I promise you, when they obeyed Me, I commanded the fish to go.  I commanded the sea to start to direct the fish in the direction that they would jump; that they would come and catch ‘that’—what was appointed, and ‘that’—what was anointed.  And We are moving into ‘that’; you and I, together,” says the Lord your God.
“We are moving into that, in a forceful, forceful, way, for you will see grayness start to lift off of this earth.  You will see grayness first lift off of your nation, and you will know it.  You will know that you know, that you know, that you know, cause you will see black and white: clearly, boldness.  And when I say black and white, I mean there will be clarity after clarity after clarity.  Just as you will see the sun when it is bright in the bluest of the blue sky; it shines brighter and brighter.  And the stars, brighter and brighter in the night sky, dark, black.
“I’m telling you, there will come forth such a time of reflection.  And in this season of reflection, it will be man reflecting on the ways of the Lord their God.  For there is going to be a falling away like you have never seen, but be not concerned of the falling away, because the falling away will be only those who will fall, all ready, into the hands of those who have been prayed to receive them.  For I have placed My people in a season of prayer; so when they fell and they chose to go the wrong direction, there would be arms and hands prepared, ready to direct them.
“Peter, did he not forsake Me?  And yet, did I ever forsake Peter?  No.  I understand falling away, I understand fear, I understand shame, I understand cowardice, I understand confusion, but I want you to know, I have prepared a way for you that you do not know of.  But it is your responsibility to listen to My Spirit, and I say, ‘Will you come, with eager hearts and a eager ear?  Will you come with slow lips, so eager to speak but with a quick heart longing to listen?
“Do not judge,  Do not judge.  For those who have been crushed, I want them crushed no more.  I want those who fall away, to fall into the arms of an all-knowing, loving, God.  For have I not said, ‘I will leave ninety-nine healthy ones, and go after the one that is lost.’
“Be not concerned of the falling away—for those who you know, who fall away.  Pray that I would send angels to minister life to them, for they cannot escape My presence.  For wherever they go, My presence will meet them, and they will meet Me face to face.  For there is going to come a season of real faith that will cross over your land.  It will no longer be the appearance, neither the language of the church, but it will be the language of My Spirit, spoken directly.  It will be the language of the bride; it will be the language of the groom; it will be revelation after revelation of the goodness of God.  For there will be such a hunger in the body for seeking the kingdom of God first.  And then, and only then, can everything be added unto you.
“Get ready for addition.  Know that I am taking My bride out of the season of subtraction, and I am placing My bride in the season of multiplication.  But I promise you this, with multiplication comes responsibility and overseen.  Are you willing to put yourself in a position of responsibility?  Some will come and pull you by the arm, but you must test the spirit and say, ‘Lord, is this appointed to that?’  And I will show you.
“But I want you to understand, I am about to nudge My people into a new season, and there will be laughter again, and there will be rejoicing again, and they will get up and shake off heaviness.  They will shake it off, and they will shake off shame and confusion, but they will be shaking down the power, My power.
“So do not mock when the shaking of the Lord your God comes upon His people, for I am shaking out, to place and shake in.  And then, after all is shaken in that is of My will and My Spirit, they will be poured out upon the earth.
“Be prepared for My move of Glory, for in it will contain the seed of the fear of the Lord, for wisdom to rule, to direct, to guide.  For I say unto you, I hear the cries of My people.  I see the brokenness.  Man is trying to fix it in the natural; it will never happen.  The flesh profits nothing.  But I say unto you, it will happen in My Spirit, for My Son prayed for that, and that is yet to be answered.  And you will recognize that; that they all become one in My Spirit.
“Desire My Spirit.  Seek My Spirit.  Come in My Spirit, and let My Spirit come into you in a greater measure.  And then when you lay hands on the sick, you will have report after report after report.  And you will see those who would long to be filled with My Spirit; a flame will come from within and upon, and they will catch the fire of My glory and the fire of My Spirit.
“I am going to fire-up those who will come to the fire of My love, for have I not said, ‘Your God is an all-consuming fire.’  So all that concerns you, will consume Me, for I am about to move stronger and stronger into your business, into intimacy, into your heart’s cries, into positions, spoken and unspoken.
“Understand this, I read your hearts.   When your mouth knows not what to say, I read your hearts.  When the direction is not laid at your feet, I read your heart.  I would say to you, ‘Have your heart’s desire pure, for the pure in heart will see God.  And I would invite you to be in that group, pure in heart, to behold the vision of the Lord your God, the King of Glory,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

July 12, 2016
As we were worshiping, I kept hearing the Lord sing this over and over again,“Come and let Me show you the way, for I want to train you how to pray.  And in My presence you will know the sweet–the sweet of the answered prayers that I’ve placed at your feet.  For I long to train you and raise you on high, so that you will run with angels; you will learn to fly.  You will come on the wings of an eagle, but you will come in the stillness of a storm, for you will stand on the shore of My glory, and you will understand all that I would warn.  I would warn you of the danger.  I would warn you of defeat.  I would warn you of My power, for I would lay it at your feet.

“For I’m raising you up to reign; to dwell inside of Me, so that what I have begun I can complete, truly, through thee.  But I would ask that you would open your heart, your mind, your will—that you would come into My presence and you would practice to be still.  For in stillness you will draw strength, and weariness will lose its power; worry will fall by the way, that My glory will fall in that hour.  And as you come into My presence, and press your heart close to Mine, we will exchange glory for glory, and you will walk out filled with divine.
“I understand the pain and the sorrow, being misunderstood and cast aside, and yet I would place you within, deep within My side.  So when the spear and the sword of another, would come sharp with poisonous words, they could not penetrate nor find you, for you will be hidden within My wound.  And as My wound would begin to pour out; glory and water would come from My side; the washing of My Word would truly prepare you, to be a ruling and reigning bride.
“Lay aside the plans of man.  Lay aside all that is old.  Position yourself, what is new; let My glory begin to unfold.  Let it fold down greater in glory, and greater measures of degrees, until you rise up, stronger and stronger, and no longer are tested in the breeze.  But instead you have learned to walk on the water.  You have learned to be caught up in the wind of My Spirit.
“You have learned to look down on those that are dying, and your heart will ache with pain, but you will come into a new understanding, that I choose to lose no one at all.  But I would bid all of My own to come and join when I call.\
“I call you from the north, I call you from south, from the east and the west, I would spread My glory out.  But some will shake it off them, and they will turn away in shame, but others would run for the center, for My heart they have come to claim.  And when they claim My heart and not another, My heart will reach out to them.  We will run, dance, We will speak of the glory, and you will come in to the change, not by chance.
“I would ask you to open your understanding, and allow Me to rule and reign, for if you let My thoughts rule within you, I promise, the pain you will not gain.  For the pain that would come for others, I would cast it off of you.  Instead I would crown you with My glory, and I would make your hearts brand new.  For I want a bride who is ready, to stand tall, strong, determined.  Set your face like flint and understand; the game is about to turn.”

June 28, 2016
   I want you to stand still and open your hands, because as we were singing, I heard the Lord singing back over us.  It started out, “Lord, I delight in You.”  And then He started singing back over you, “I too delight in you, for I have placed My light within you—for I have caused you, and called you, to be the light of the world.”

And He said, “Tonight I’m going to ignite that light, fresh and new.  And the first thing that will happen when the light is turned on: you can see what is written and you can receive your strategy, because I have lit you.
“I have come and taken the light, that was low with oil, lacking in joy, and I have put My light within you.  And tonight, I’m going to put fresh oil in you.”
He said, “Stand.  Stand, for I am going to take the cap of pain off of you tonight.  And I am going to let everything that is toxic—toxic thinking, everything that is poison; like poison pin, words and letters, and I’m going to take My fire and destroy that.  And I’m going to place deep within you My light, My eternal flame, that you can become people who carry the fire of the living God.  For I want to re-light you.
“Understand, I delight in you; I delight in your conversations; I delight even when you are willing to share your pain, as a friend, as an intimate lover.  Let that light begin to glow, first in your heart, your spirit, your mind, your body, your will.  For I have said, ‘My yoke is easy; My burden is light.’
“You are called people of light.  Tonight I would shine My light among you, around you, within you.  I would captivate your hearts fresh, and I would put My Word as a lamp unto your feet to light the way.  For I would take stumbling thoughts, stumbling confusion, and I would destroy it.  And I would light the path with companionship with Me.  And I would light the path of intimacy with you.  Be not ever distracted, for understand, in the world they turn down the lights and they call, ‘Isn’t this romantic?’  In My Kingdom I turn up the flame of passion, because I am known as ‘the God of the all-consuming fire’.
“Tonight I am going to consume those things that consume you, and that concern you.  And I’m going to put the warmth of My Spirit, deep within your bowels; where there is pain, where there is sorrow, where there is regret and disappointment.  And I’m going to place within there, hope and healing, for out of your bellies I want My Rivers of Life.
“For I say unto you, ‘You are now, My lights of the world.’  I came as the light in darkness; so I come into your darkness.  For I send rain that has been the tears that you have poured out before Me.”  And I say, “Allow My rain to refresh you; let those tears be productive.  Let them produce flowers of the fragrance of the King of Glory.
“Let the Rose of Sharon come in.  Linger in My presence.  Tarry with Me, for I will tarry with you also,” says the Lord.  “And after we tarry, I will carry you from glory to glory in Christ Jesus.  And we will talk and we will share such levels of intimacy, that you will have discernment—to discern what was truth and brought life, and what was lies that brought death—for I cannot lie, for love sets captives free.  And I want My people free, free to know My love, and to be loved by an all-consuming God.
“Understand, what concerns you, concerns Me, for did I not say, ‘I must have been about My Father’s business’?  Do you not recall when My Father was in My business?And He in turn said, ‘This is My Son in whom I am well pleased.’  Tonight I say that to you.  I am in your business, and you are My sons and My daughters.
“Understand, and listen to the Spirit of Counsel, for I’ve not left you orphans, I’ve left you a Guide.  Let Him guide, for I want to train you how to ride, to ride in the Spirit from glory to glory, to ride above circumstances; to walk among even thistles and thorns.  But they will not touch you, because I have gone ahead of you with My fire.  And I have consumed that that would come and bring pain.
“Present your bodies as living sacrifices, so that My love can consume you and all that concerns you,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

June 21, 2016
I want you to put your hands out, because I keep hearing the Lord say, “Remember the day of Pentecost, how tongues of fire came over each one of them.  I want to put fire back in the hands of the saints, to where they can start to receive.  And things that have started to slip through your fingers will take hold.”

And I hear the Lord saying, “Be alert.  Be like the virgins that had their oil filled.  Be not like those that were drawn to and fro in the marketplace, caught up with this and caught up with that, but never stopping to be still and to listen.  Never there to seek My heart, and to seek My face and seek My mind, for I tell you what is ahead of you.
“You must be seekers—to seek My face, so that you will recognize My Presence and you will recognize My will, and you will recognize what is not My will, and what is not My Presence.  For I am going to waken My own, for My Bride has become weary and wants to slumber, because it seems like My Bride has been ravished by disappointment, for promise after promise has been broken.  And yet I say unto you, My Word is yes, and Amen, but the enemy would come in, and he would hinder the flow of My Spirit, and he would break the flow of My Spirit.  And He would begin to bring My own into busyness, but there is a need to come apart, to be still and know that I am God, and in that knowing, gain strength that you cannot receive anywhere else, but in My presence and at My feet.
“Choose the part of Mary.  Let those who would be Martha, run to and fro, for there will come a season of Martha, but unless Mary’s heart is birthed and prepared, she will not understand what is of Martha and what is of Mary.
“Ask Me to fix your heart.  Ask Me to become that Author and that Finisher, so that what needs to be let go, will go, and what needs to be built upon, will be built upon.
“Rest on My Word.  Rest well, for in rest you will find strength.  And in rest you will find answers.
“Look not to the north or to the south or the east or the west, but look to the Lord God.  Allow Me time to work things out, for you are like a child that is anxious for a birthday.  And instead of waiting for the cake to be cooked and baked to celebrate, would come and would be disappointed with the batter.  But I say, wait for the decorations upon that cake, that will be answered prayers that will give you cause and purpose to find your joy again, strong and miraculously.
“Ask for miracles, miracles of faith, for I want to build My people up.  I want to strengthen them, for you are about to enter in to a new chapter.  Others will pull you by the arm and will say, ‘Pray for me, for I know not where to turn.’  And you in turn will pull others by the arm, and you will say, ‘Agree with me, for I know not where to turn.’  And then you will come and touch the hem of My garment, and you will say, ‘Now I have found, and I knew where to turn.’
“Learn to rest, for in that will come direction,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

June 14, 2016
I hear the Lord keep saying, “Let Me put My arms around you.”

So I want you just to extend your hands, because earlier, during worship, I could hear Kimberly playing.  And as she was playing, I kept hearing these words that were going with what she was playing.  He was saying, “I cry with you, I cry for you, and I cry over you.  And now, let’s dance.”
And He was taking off things that had held you back, and it was interesting because I could see He was putting Himself in your place.
So many people are looking for Him, and He said, “Don’t look, because I’m here, and because I’ve said, ‘Lo, I am with you always.’  You don’t have to look for Me; acknowledge Me.”
And He showed me a room and how someone can be in a room, and if you never acknowledge them, and if you never talk, and if you never come to know their heart or come to know them, it doesn’t mean they’re not there.  It just means that you are not communicating.
And He said, “I long to hear the voices of My people.  I long to hear the laughter of My people.  I long to hear the ‘Amen’ of My people, even before I answer prayers.  For I’m an eternal God, and you’ve cried unto Me.  Know that I have brought you the answer, but I would ask that you would have your eyes open to perceive what I have done for you, in you, and want to do upon you.”
In other words, He wants to show you the anointing that is already on you and in you, the anointing that breaks every yoke in you and upon everyone else.
Father, I release that in this room tonight, that the same Holy Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead and quickened life to His mortal body will quicken life to these mortal bodies.  And where death of visions and dreams, and even personalities, were shut down, I ask that the personalities be restored; that no missing pieces would be there.  Fractured brains, fractured understanding, fractured self-worth, self-dignity and self-respect; I crown them tonight, Father God, with dignity and honor and respect, and the favor and the blessings of the Lord.
Father, I ask that You would teach us all how to rule and to reign in Christ Jesus; that we pull ourselves out of circumstances, and we place ourselves in Christ Jesus tonight; safe, secure, appointed for such a time as this.
Father, I ask that any illegitimacy of identity that has tried to be placed on anyone in here, who’s ever been here, and is coming, that You go by Your Spirit and break that curse off of them.

Father, I declare and I decree, everyone in here: “This is the acceptable time of the Lord, and we are accepted in the beloved.”  Lord, we unshackle our feet and our hands and our minds and our voices and our worship and our hearts and our wills and our souls and our bodies.  And we say, “Lord, we present our bodies to You as living sacrifices, for Your glory, for Your Name, for Your honor.”
Father, we submit, we surrender, we call off every war against You, whether it be silent, or whether it be with unbelief, or whether it be challenging Your will.  And we surrender and we submit, and we say, “Let it be done according to Your word.  We are called, set aside, holy, for the Master.”
Lord, You are our King and we are the people of Your pasture.  We don’t follow any strange shepherd, but we hear the voice of our Shepherd and we will follow.  And we thank You, Lord, for recognition of Your voice.  We bring our full agreement to Your agreement and we say, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as in heaven.”
Father, we declare the, “Our Father.”  We thank You for the, ‘Our Father.’  We thank You for it Lord.  We thank You, Lord God, that You have begun a good work, and You’re going to bring it to completion, according to Your plan, Your provision and Your promises.
Lord, we thank You that, “Whom the Son sets free, they are free indeed.”  So Lord, we walk out of imprisonment to anyone or anything tonight, and we say, “We will not be held captive any longer, for, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”  We take that freedom tonight and we accept it in the name of our Savior.
We take away, Father God, everything that would try and imprison even our limited thinking.  Depression, we cancel depression; anxiety, we cancel anxiety and fear.  Unbelief, we confess you and say you have no legal right over us.  We ask for healing Father, to go into every limb of our body tonight; over every organ of our body tonight; every cell, every muscle, every tissue.  We ask that there would be a realignment and a reassignment.
We ask that Your Kingdom will start to download joint upon joint.  We thank You, Father, that we were knitted together, wonderfully made, in our mother’s womb.  We thank You that You do all things well.  So we thank You, Lord God, that Your Word says that we are a new creature in Christ Jesus.  Lord, we claim that tonight; that You’re making everything new that needs to be new.  What is old and passing away, Father, we bring our agreement from it, and we attach our agreement to the “now” anointing.  And we thank You for what You are doing.
Father, I claim every temple in here that needs to be touched for healing, You will supernaturally download the anointing right now.
I claim Father God, the baptism of fire will fall upon the saints and it will knit their bones together.  And what needs to be burnt out, Father, will be burnt out.
I thank You, Father, for Your wind that will blow things together that need to be reconnected by Your Spirit.  Hearts that have been so downcast, I break that assignment off.  Devil, you are a liar.  We command you to back off in the name of Jesus.  Holy Spirit, You are the teacher of truth.
We thank You, Lord God, for Your Word that is alive and active.  And we activate Your Word tonight, Father God, for all those here and all those Father God, of our households.
We claim our nation back under God; we claim our state, our city.  Father we come against anything that would exalt itself; anything that would try and raise its name higher than that of the King of Kings, Jesus.
Jesus, You are Lord of our nation.  You are Lord of our families.  You are Lord, and we declare that, and we decree that.  And Father, those who will not come in alignment, we ask that you would remove what needs to be pulled down, and You will align and You will establish Your Kingdom on the earth; fresh and strong.  Whatever it needs to do, Lord God, let Your Kingdom come.
Lord, start it with those that are here.  Start it in our families.  We ask Father God, that it will be like a mushroom that will grow, and a consuming fire.  We ask that the consuming fire of a loving God would overtake this nation; that the hearts of the fathers, and the children, and the leadership, would be turned back to our God.  And we say, “God bless America.”  Bless it going in and coming out, and Father, restore all those who came and were robbed.  Bring back their identity.  Bring back, Father God, Your dignity over these precious saints.
Lord, even that mass murderer, Father, we claim that You will use what is evil for good now.  Send Your love into those broken families.  Send Your love, Father God, over the hearts of the wounded saints.  Lord, just send Your love over this nation.
Lord, release Your angels on assignment over this nation.  We will not accept cursing, but we bring agreement to, “Our God is an eternal, consuming God of fire; that our God is love.”
Lord, bless Your precious people.  Father, start to bring healing back over our land.  Heal Your broken people Lord.  Heal the Pastors, heal the churches; heal those, Father God, who are crying unto the Lord.
Restore your people Lord, restore Your people.  Call forth the midwives, call forth the men of muscle in the spirit.  Call forth Your generals from the caves.
Lord, we’ve left the men of our nation, and we say, “Stand up.  Be counted.”  And Father, we say, “Bless the women of this nation.”  And we say, “In the spirit there is neither male nor female.  Go into the spirit and serve your Living God.”
We loose our children in our generation.  We come against any kind of education that would undermine the word of God.  And we call it down and we exalt the Word of God over our nation.
And Lord, we bring agreement that says, “You look over Your Word,” and “You sent it and You healed them.”
Send Your Word, fresh and strong.  Forgive us Lord, for all of our sins, for we stand and we cover our nation in the blood of Jesus tonight.  And we apply the blood over every household and over the finances of the saints.  Father, they are weary of being robbed.  We stand against poverty Father, any demon that would try and come against us to rob us;  any word curse that would come to block the Kingdom.  We cancel it, right now, in Jesus’ name.  And we say, “We are blessed.  We are holy.  We are called.  We are set apart.  And we say, our God is for us, and if He is for us, nothing can be against us.”
So Lord, we claim Your favor for each and every one in here.  Father, we claim that You will take the wealth of the wicked and bring it into the righteous’ camp right now, so finances will not become a burden.  But we release the principle of multiplication in here; that You will take whatever we bring You, whether it be a small piece of manna, or whether it be one fish, and You would touch it tonight and You would multiply it.
Father, we ask that whatever needs to be multiplied, whether it be strength, whether it be faith, whether it be courage, whether it be answer of hope.  We claim, Father God, the financial blessings—it’s time to release them over the saints.
Father, we ask that there would be integrity, with overseen; that all of the finances that are being abused and used for self-proclamation, we claim they will come back for the Holy Spirit to use.
Holy Spirit, begin to move strong over the saints.  Holy Spirit, bring forth renewal, revival.  Heal Your land and heal Your people, that the King of Kings alone receive all glory, all honor and all praise, in the precious name of Jesus.  Amen.

May 10, 2016]
This is the time to where you will be able to commit your times into My hands; to where I can take your times and crown them with My glory and make them My times.

“For I am moving My people in position, and you will hear a new sound, and in that sound you will hear the soaring of angels going back and forth, and the fluttering of the wings of My warriors.  And you will know that you are not alone, and you will come to understand My Word that says, ‘If God, be for me, who can be against me.’
“I want you to understand, ‘Your nation is going to be shaken.’  But it will be shaken, and quaking, from the glory of God’s hand.  So be not afraid, for you will hear a new sound, for I am putting trumpet after trumpet after trumpet in the hands of My saints and of My angels.  And they will burst forth into the heavenlies and you will see the demonic run with confusion and fear.
For I am bringing down the assignment that has been released over your nation, and the agreement that was brought forth, tongue after tongue after tongue, in secret and from the platform.  But you will come to understand, the breath of God causes those to fall back and fall down and fall away.  But it also can cause those to rise up, to rise up into the spirit and do great and mighty works by My Spirit.
“Be not dismayed of a small beginning, for even though you may be struggling, I want you to understand, cocoon’s fly away, butterflies expand their wings and then new life is brought forth and there comes an expectancy.
“Understand, I have placed the spirit of expectancy into the very soil of your nation.  Some will come and say, ‘It will die.  It will shrivel.’  I proclaim, it cannot hold My Spirit down, for there have been saints after saints after saints after saints, that have stood on this holy ground and on this holy soil.
“The mud that will be slung back and forth will not come forth from My Spirit, but it will expose the evil in a heart; a heart that will smile and yet behind closed doors, would smirk in pride.”  But I say, “The nation will have pride broken away, but instead there will become a gliding of My Spirit.  For My own will begin to cry out, but this time it will not be in travail, but it will be an awesomeness of the mighty work of the Lord your God.
“Understand, My Word is in this very ground, and you, My precious saints, pray that My words still go forth like fire.  For it may rain down, but I promise you this, when the rain comes down, the glory comes up.  Understand, they will mix together, and you will see a double portion of My Spirit—the raining down of My glory, and the raining up of the cries of the saints.
“For there will come a new sound; there will come a new victory, and there will come new proclamation.  And there will be a rebirthing, even in this nation.  It will not look as you think it will look, but I say unto you, ‘Your God is going to arise and the enemies will scatter,’ because they cannot stand the glory of the Lord, but they will be left with egg on their face.”
For I say unto you, “Those who would come forth and would crow deceit, they will understand the eagle will come forth with power and might.  And understand, I am causing My own to learn to soar.
“Present yourself to Me.  Allow Me to raise you up, to rule and reign in Christ Jesus,for understand, ‘The earth is still My footstool,’ says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen.  Amen.

April 12, 2016
I hear the Lord say, “I am the Good Shepherd and you are My sheep, and the voice of the stranger you will not follow.  But I want you to come, and present your body, and present your heart, and present your ear to hear and to listen, so that when it comes to the hour of recognition, you will recognize My voice from that of a stranger.
“For I am calling My own to come into the cave, to where all the other sounds will be drowned out; where they will not hear those saying, ‘Come this way, come that way.’  But instead they will wait, they will listen, and they will come to the knowledge of who I am, because have I not said in My Word, ‘Be still and know that I am God’?
“When you come into this knowing, security will come with it.  And when you come into this knowing, comfort and strength will be a part of this.  And when you come into this realization, the voices of others will become faded in the distance because you will be straining to hear man, but you will be at peace and recognition of who I am, for you will come to know that I am the God of peace, and that I am the God who comes above and over all.
“For I would say unto you, I came to earth, but merely to scoop you up in the heavenlies.  Understand, I am scooping you; I am scooping your wills, your dreams, your visions, your needs, your wants, your plans, your purposes, your destinies.  I am scooping it all into My Kingdom.  What will stand, will be left by My Spirit, and what will be taken away, would be only that, that would cause you to stumble into another kingdom.  For I am lifting up My own, into My own hand, to guard them, to shelter them, to protect them, to hide them in the rock of My goodness.
“Understand, there will come rain upon your land, and it will become a test, and it will become a trial, but within that rain will come a move of the omnipresence of an Almighty God.  So you are not to be concerned about the rain that comes, or even the winds that blow, for you will have been trained to recognize the still small voice in the cleft of the rock.
“For I am calling My own to come in to solitude, and yet to stay connected one to another, so that they can have confirmation with comfort, but not with judgment or condemnation.
“For there will be others who will say, ‘Come, look at this, become this.’  And I will say, ‘Test the spirit?  Is this My Spirit, or is it the soul of another,’ for I am calling My own to come into My Spirit.  And with the scooping of My hand, and the scooping of My heart, they will become more than overcomers through the testimony and the blood of My Lamb.
“Understand, you will know the voice of your Shepherd.  And when other shepherds say, ‘Come, banquet with me,’ you will say, ‘I belong not at that feast, but I belong at the feet of my Shepherd, my good Shepherd, the One who laid down His life for me.  And because He laid down His life for me, He has taken up my life and has scooped me into the heavenlies where I am seated in heavenly places in Him.  For He is training me to become an overseer, to see all that He would do, that His name would be lifted up and glorified.’
“Participate in listening.  Participate in worship.  Participate in presenting your body as a living sacrifice.  I see every need that is in here tonight—spoken and unspoken.  Be not concerned about finances where there is a lack.  Be not concerned about reports, for not all information has been downloaded from heaven.  But only learn to listen, so that when I say, ‘Stay, stand, eat, sleep, play,’ you will do it as unto the Lord, with all of your heart.  And in turn, you will become stronger and stronger and stronger.  And in turn, you will turn around and see others that are stumbling, and you will be able to reach over and nudge them by the anointing of My Presence, and place healing and identity upon them.
“Understand, My Spirit is moving, but He moves on whoever will allow Him to move.  For there was an appointed time in the Upper Room, there was an appointed place in the Upper Room, and there were people who came to keep their appointment with the Lord their God.  And then I arrived—not as they expected Me, for they expected Me to come as they remembered Me, but instead I came through My Spirit, through a great, great, mighty, rushing wind.  And I marked them with the fire of My Spirit, so they could look about and see who had become a part of My family and of My household.
“Have I not said, ‘You will know them by their fruits.’  Let your fruit develop, for it will grow in silence, and many times the fertilizer that you are standing in, and begging to get out of, is the very nutrients that will cause this fruit to go forth.  And in this fruit there will be a seed that you in turn will pass to another and say, ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.’
“Learn to wait.  Learn to trust.  Learn to listen well.  This is the way of the Lord,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

April 5, 2016
I hear the Lord saying, “Thank you for coming and staying in My presence, for choosing to dwell in My presence, for I know your minds are trying to wrap around, ‘What Lord?  What Lord?”

“Tonight I would say unto you, say: ‘who Lord, who?’  And as you wrap your mind, and your heart, and your will, and your strength—when you wrap your past, your present, and your future, all around Me—understand you will come to know Me as the Lord of Dance, for I will dance with you through turbulence, through pain, through joy and through gain.”
For I have said unto you, “Come My Bride.  Come away with Me, My Bride.  Let Me whisper into your ear edification.  Let Me tell you how I see you and how I value you.  Do not listen to what man would say, for they would restrict even their own thinking about themselves.  But understand: My Spirit comes with a spirit of revelation, to make known to you how great you are in Christ Jesus.
“Know that I have chosen to dwell with you, because as you have chosen to come apart and be still, I would lock Myself, fresh, strong, new.
“Love My Spirit, for I sent Him.  Embrace My Spirit and let Him embrace you.  Cover My Spirit: with love and respect and longing.  And let Him come and cover you and bring revelation after revelation of who I am and who you are in Me.
“Come into fellowship with My Spirit, for He is the Teacher of teachers.  And as He teaches you, you will come to long for a deeper understanding, because He will put within you the grace, the grace to go deeper in deep.
For I say, “You are seeing a new season that is coming over My people, and it will be a season that deep will cry.  They will cry and cry and cry, deep out to deep.  They will wail for nation: of what to pray for, and in what direction I would call My own to walk, for My own

March 29, 2016
The Lord would say, “My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives.  The world talks and throws the word, peace, back and forth.  And yet the very essence of the word, peace, is being at rest, and yet there is such unrest.  I want a people that are holy, that are set aside, that will not be contaminated by unrest; that will not be driven with fear and doubt and anxiety.  But I want a people who will understand, I, your Carpenter, would create a ship for you to fall asleep in—safe, in the harbor of a loving God.

“Know that I have called you aside, to be still, and in being still, you will come to realization of who you are in Me.  For I am calling a people who will not draw identity from this or from that, but yet will know that they were created for My pleasure, for My fellowship, for My friendship.  Spirit-to-spirit, heart-to-heart, hand-in-hand, knowing that the One who holds your hand is more than a conqueror.  And He invites you to come in and excel in excellence, and knowing that no weapon that is even being formed at this very moment can prosper against you, for I have hidden you in the palm of My hand.
“And I want you to learn to rest in the palm of My hand.  For understand, I am able to change all circumstances in the twinkle of an eye, for when I rose from the grave, all was shaken.  All that was evil now had become conquered by the possibility of good.  Dwell upon, ‘Greater is He that is in you, than he that is of the world.’  Keep him under your feet.
“Learn to rest, for in rest you will draw strength, you will draw wisdom, you will draw to hear clearly.  You will not be tossed to and fro like a child that is overly tired, but you will walk, mature, strong, strengthened.  For I want you to understand, I am releasing a Spirit of Counsel—that My Spirit can counsel heart-to-heart, Spirit-to-spirit.  Know that who the Son truly has set free is free, but now I give you a choice.  Will you come?  Will you dwell with Me?  Will you stay free in the goodness of your God?” says the Lord your

March 15, 2016
I hear the Lord say, “Put your hands out in front of you.  Let Me take all that troubles you, for the burdens you carry are not of My kingdom.  For I long to give you My yoke that will bring an ease into your life and renew the joy of your salvation.  For complications begin to stir up the waters of turbulence in the lives of My saints, and I want them to be able to walk in the middle of the storm and know that I hold the sea in My hand, as the ‘Commander of the Sea.’
“Place what your burden is at the foot of the cross.  Let My Blood touch that which afflicts you and that that would try to change you and draw you out of My Presence.  For the enemy would ploy, and would use tactic after tactic, to tire you.  He would take exhaustion and place it upon you, and push peace and joy, your very strength, out and away from you.
“Let My peace, rule, reign, lead, guide and keep you, for in peace is wisdom, and in peace is direction and ease.  Be at ease in My Presence and let My Presence be at ease within you.
“Do not listen to the shouting in the marketplace, for it is of this world.  But listen to the sound of the angels as they worship Me and lift Me up, and lift you up and bid you to come before My Throne of Grace.
“For healing is going to come across your land like a mighty, sweeping wind.  You will see such a Healing Revival, that you will see those who have been declared hopeless, have a visitation of the quickening of My Spirit.
“Understand; I come quickly.  Remember when I told Judas what he must do, I said, ‘Do it quickly.’  That was the counterfeit.  But I would say, “I quicken My people.  I quicken life, but the enemy would try to bring hopelessness and death and discouragement and destruction.  For there will be foundations that will be rebuilt, but this time it will be built on grace, mercy, goodness, truth.
“The ‘grayness’ will leave your land, for it has been murky water, submerged with darkness.  But the standard of My Spirit will come back over your nation, and when He comes back over, He, Himself, will lift up that standard against the enemy.
“I would invite each of you to come.  Invite My Spirit, fresh.  Invite Him to flow out of you; that you could be a link, arm-in-arm, heart and heart, that standard in agreement, in My Spirit, with My Spirit, through My Spirit.  Let Him lift up the standard, for I did not die that death would reign.  I died that death would be conquered.
“Understand, I make all things new.  Commit everything into My hand.  Let go of the old that I may bring in the new.
“Understand, I am calling you to be refreshed, revived, reappointed.  Understand.  Come forth, into My Presence, and let My resurrection bring forth what it was sent to do.
“Life, abundantly: lifting you high above circumstances, planting your feet strongly in My Blood.
“Declare.  Believe.  Understand.  You can do all things through Me, who longs and wants to strengthen you.  Let My Spirit be the strengthener.  Lay down your weapons of the flesh, and of the soul, and of the ways of man and religion.  Pick up My word that is alive and active.  Devour My word, so when you speak it forth, it comes forth with power, authority and might.
“Let My word be the shaking rod—so that you will not shake, but circumstances will shake and crumble—because I am the Word.  Embrace My word and embrace Me, and in turn, let Us devour you and make you whole.
“Come, be a part of My Father’s heart; sealed by My Spirit; sons and daughters of the Most High God; established firmly by My throne,” says the Lord your God.

March 1, 2016
I hear the Lord say; “I make all things new, in My time.  But I would request of you that you would give Me your time.  For whatever you place in My hand, I will command My hand to bring favor and the goodness of God to you and over you.  For I too feel the pain of a broken heart.  I understand rejection, abandonment, isolation, but I do, I promise, I make all things new.  They might not look like the old, but it doesn’t mean it’s less.  It means it’s more because its been added to by the hand of a mighty God.

“Be quick to place all in My hands, for have I not said, ‘Commit your ways unto the Lord?’  Do not lean into your own understanding, and I will crown and make success out of all that is committed into My hands for My kingdom’s sake.  But remember, I am not of this world, nor is your spirit man, for in each and every one of you dwell of the fullness of God.  Do you not understand you carry My kingdom?
“Be not confused by the world’s methods—even what the world calls success.  Let it not be confused with commission, for I commission My own.  I call them to come away, to be a part of My kingdom, to be refilled and renewed.
“Humility is the first step of understanding My righteousness.  Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, and in due time He will lift you up.  Perhaps not in this world, but in His kingdom, for have I not said, ‘My kingdom is not of this world’?  Neither are you, but you are My representatives, and I care for My own.  I guard, I support, I nurture.  I do not use and abuse and reject; that is not My nature.  I accept My own, for I have plans for good, not for harm, but commit your ways into My hand, and let My hand change all for My own glory.  Give Me time.”

February 16, 2016
You know as I was standing here the Lord kept saying, “My will is pure and holy, and is life giving.  My will always ends up with life giving.  My will brings life, deposits life, guard’s life, establishes life, and then leads into eternal life.”

He said, “I want you to lay your hands in front of you, and I say, ‘Choose Life.’  I want you to choose it tonight.  And when you choose life—covenant with death, of dreams, visions, all that would beset your feet and hold you back in discouragement will be broken off, because death has no part of life.  And I am called the Resurrection One; I defeated death and the grave.
“I want to strengthen you tonight, to where you will reach out and embrace life and let life embrace you.  To be alive in Christ Jesus is what I ask you to become—alive ‘in’ Christ Jesus, for there is no death found in Me.  And when you come into Me, there is not death to be found, but only life; eternal life; now and eternity.  I want you to choose to turn your back on death.  And I want you to set your face life flint, determined to take life, live life, rise above circumstances that would cause you to want to die.  Take life, for I would wrestle death and leave that under your feet.  And I would lay My hands upon your head, and I would breathe on you like I would breathe upon My own, and I would say, ‘I breathe life on you.’
“You carry the message of life.  You are life bearers.  And you are light bearers.  But understand, where there is death, my life brings conquering victory.  But you must choose to bring life.  You must choose to live life.  Do not let life live you, but in turn, you choose to live life, for I have come that you may live now and forever.

“Despise not small beginnings, but seek where death has tried to lay down and bed itself, and command it to pick up its mat and leave.  And let life reign, rule and make decisions.

Plan to live life to the fullest.
“Laugh at death, for that is a mockery of the cross.  But look at the life and the resurrection and accept the life I offer.  For in Me you can be found to be alive.  Choose to become fully alive—to live, to breathe, to move, to experience freedom, truth, liberty in My Spirit, abundant life in My Spirit, for you are My life of the world.


Eileen’s prayer:
Lord, we just lift ourselves before Your cross.  And we ask that the work of the resurrection will come down on each and every one of us, and in our families, and over our life.  And Lord, we turn our back on death, and we say ‘Our Redeemer Lives, and so shall we.  Our Redeemer Lives, and so shall we.’  Lord, redeem what needs to be redeemed, so that life will be the ruler.  For Lord You say in Your Word, ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.’

Lord, we want to taste Your presence and taste Your goodness in the land of the living.  Lord, we want to know Your goodness.  We worship You.  We worship You.  We worship You.  We worship You.  (Just worship Him.)  We worship You, Redeemer.  We worship You, the Resurrected One.  We worship You.  We worship You.   We worship You.
Jesus, we worship You.  Jesus.  Jesus.  We worship You Lord.  We worship You.  We worship You.  We worship you.  Jesus.  Jesus.  We worship You Lord.  We worship You.  We worship you.  We thank You Lord.  We thank You Lord.  We give you glory.  All honor, all glory, to the cross, to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  We give You all glory, all praise.  We worship You.  We worship You Jesus.  We worship You Lord.

February 9, 2016
I keep hearing the Holy Spirit say, “Be still and know that I am God.”
“Seek Me in that still, small, voice.  Come away from the crowd.  Close the doors to noise and distraction, and let My glory fall, for you are the glory and the lifter.  And if I am one who will lift your head with My own glory, how will man see My glory unless they see My reflection on your face?  For have I not called you with a grave responsibility—to carry the glory of the Lord to a dying world?  The hope deferred that has made them sick, will cause them to become still, so that laughter can enter in and they can be healed.
“Rush not from My presence; rush not to and fro accomplishing little.  Do not know Me as the God of leftovers, but know Me as the King of Kings and the Lord of Firstfruits.  Know Me as one who gave you My highest.  And I planted within you deep, My highest, so that what you have presented back to Me will be pure, holy, and high.
“I long to break off discouragement, isolation, and boredom, I have filled you with My Spirit for a purpose.  And never, ever, ever, come to a place in your life, where you despise the beginning of the work of My Spirit, but be willing to lay down all that would cause distraction and grieve Him.  And come apart to that Upper Room for a divine appointment; for a divine encounter, so that when He sends you out into the streets you will come forth bold, but you will also carry a message within you that will burn within you.  ‘Christ has died.  Christ has risen.  Christ will come again.’  Let that burn within you, for I brand that tonight upon your hearts.
“Go back to the simplicity of the gospel.  Go back to the resurrection power of the gospel.  Pull away from programs and distractions, for soulishness merely cries out to soulishness, but deep calls to deep, and it recognizes deep.  And when deep cries to deep, it is because I, the Lord your God, am about to do a deep work upon this earth.  And I am calling My people aside.  And I’m calling My Generals out of the cave, where they have said, ‘Lord, have You forgotten me?
“No I have been pouring and pouring and pouring into you, so that when I bid you to come, you would come out full, vigorous, ready; with a new song, with a new sound, but yet the same gospel, ‘Christ Jesus, Risen.’
“Don’t seek the power, seek the knowing the truth of the resurrection of the King of Kings, for My resurrection holds the power.  It holds the keys to hell, death and the grave.  And I will never, ever, yield that to anyone, for I laid down My life, and I would invite each of you tonight to pick up the life in Me.  Spread My gospel.  Tell My dying world that I am alive.
“You do not sing amiss, nor do you pray amiss, but I will say, ‘Come, be still.  Know that I am God.  Let us reason together, and you will come to fulfillment, to purpose, to destiny.’  For each and every one was created for a plan.
“Do not let distraction pull you out of what I’ve called you to.  I’ve called you to become priests to the Most High God.  I’ve called you first and foremost, and created you for My very own pleasure.  Come and present your bodies, that we can find pleasure, heart within heart.  Know that I am not the God of distance, but I’m the God of intimacy.  And when you realize this, you will long to withdraw to that intimate closet.  And then you will come forth with boldness, filled, spilling over with the gospel, with the power of My Spirit.
“Understand, there will be a move upon your land, and it will cause some to draw back in trembling and fear, but it will cause others to press in and press up, and as they do, ladders of My Spirit will let down to the earth.
And there will be those who will carry answers of glorious prayers.  There will be those who will carry the good reports of the Lord.  They will descend to and fro.  They will go in My Spirit and by My Spirit, and they will know that it is only in My Spirit, for I did not leave you orphans.  But I say, ‘Eagles, spread your wings.  Learn to soar high in the heavenlies.’
“Gather up the good news: ‘Christ!  Christ!  Christ, the Risen One, the Resurrected Lord!’  Lay down all that would hinder and distract.  Come, My people, come.  In stillness you will have revelation after revelation of whom you sing to, for I will reveal Myself to you.  As I tore that curtain, it was forever, for My own to have access to Me.  I have locked Myself within your spirit, now let My Spirit be free to worship Me.  Be free.”

January 19, 2016
    I saw the Lord, and He came with oil in His hands, and He said, “If only My people could grasp the depth, the width and the height of the love of God, in Christ Jesus, they would know that every sin is forgiven, and every moment they breathe is the opportunity to start again, fresh, pure, clean.

“I have not come to disqualify you tonight.  I have come to qualify you and give you My secrets—secrets to the kingdom; secrets to come to the chamber; to come to know the secrets of the King.  For I have come to say, ‘Come and know Me.’ know who I am and know who I am not.  Know that I am your Redeemer, your Friend, your Counselor; that I am for you, not against you.  Know that My blood is alive today as it was on Calvary—pure, holy.  Every sin consumed, washed away, and remembered no more; new identities, new resurrection power.
“I long to take weariness off of My own, I long to strengthen them with My Spirit, to rise up above circumstances.  I long to seal you away, and steal you away, from all temptation and contamination that would put upon you a shunning spirit; to where you would want to shun away and turn away from Me with shame.  I have not come to shame you, but I have come to claim you as My own, fresh, new.
“Did not the veil tear?  Was it not torn that you can forever and always come boldly before the Throne of Grace, presenting your case?  I am far, far, more eager to give you forgiveness, and cancel out all doubt and all fear.
“Let self-doubt die.  Let it not become self-absorbent, for it becomes the enemy of your faith and your soul, but embrace My Word—of who I say you are.  For I invite you tonight to become part of the ‘Who’s Who’ in the heavenlies.  Know who I am so you can become who you are: a child of the King, one who I long to bestow favor on, one that I long to call My own into sweet fellowship.
“Turn not your ear to deafness, and yet do not strain and strain and strain in frustration.  But present yourself to the King, and then wait for the whispers I would put in your spirit.

Wait for the thoughts that I would put in your mind.  Wait for the visitation that I would build My tent in your heart, for I would seal you tonight, fresh, strong, new.
“Let what was become no more, and let what will be consume you, for I am not only the God of the past, but I am the God of the present and of the future.  You are already on the road of eternity.
“My kingdom is not of this world.  And I invite you to come into the land of My Spirit, and to rise up in My Spirit.  Let My Spirit become your guide; understand, old things pass away.  Know that even death is merely the beginning of life; your spirits are already eternal.  Fellowship with Me: Spirit-to-spirit, heart-to-heart.
“Let My love consume you.  Let My love fill you.  Let Me come and break down that wall of rebellion and insecurity, for I’ve not called you to become perfect in your own strength, but I have invited you to become perfect and let My blood have it’s power in your life.  Partake of the living sacrifice of the cross, and let the working of the cross work out in you salvation, Christ Jesus in you, the hope of glory.
“Know who I am, for I know who you are, and I know what and why you were created, for My pleasure.  For I have not come to despise you, to belittle you, to humiliate you.  I have come to enjoy My creation; to fellowship with Me heart-to-heart, hand-to-hand, consumed with one love.  For I seek the highest for you and I invite you to seek the highest in Me.  For in Me all things begin and end, for I am called the Alpha and the Omega.
“Join Me.  Let Me train you and raise you up into fellowship.  Let man’s voice become faint, but let My Spirit become recognized in the whispers, in His presence, in the unction, in the tugging of your heart, in the conviction, but also in the triumphs, for I do not want a defeated militant, but I want a beloved, who can delight themselves in My presence.  For truly I would place over you tonight My banner of love, which is perfect, unconditional, but placed there because love is love.  Know that love.  Make that your aim, for that was My aim when I targeted you, to love you, to be for you.
“Come, Fellowship.  Let Me embrace you.  Embrace Me; together, one-in-one, renewal, established, alignment, heart-to-heart, family-to-family.  Come.”

January 5, 2016
I see the Lord and He is laying hands on your head right now.  And it’s interesting, because He started at the back of your head.  And He said, “Renew your mind with the mind of Christ.”  And then He placed His hand on your shoulders, and He said, “Wear the full armor of God, but know that even when you’re dressed in armor, you carry the glory.  Learn to hold your head level with My glory.”

He said, “Practice casting your eyes upwards, toward the heavens, in expectation, for answers, for fellowship, for communion.  I am not a distant God, but I am known as ‘The God Within.’  I would ask that you would allow Me to come out, to a crying, dying world.
“I choose not to limit nor restrict My glory, for I came to share My glory.  The glory that the Father gave Me, I gave to you.  Do you not understand the responsibility and the awesomeness, of carrying ‘the Glory of Heaven’ upon the earth?  Did I not call it down?  Did I not say I was of another kingdom?  Did I not say that My Kingdom is not of this world?
“Do not restrict My Kingdom.  No matter what the world says, no matter what the eyes of man say—even when they are filled with fear in their eyes and tremble in their heart.  Know that I am not moved, but that I am a steadfast God, ever loving.  My face is toward you for favor.
“Will you bring to Me expectancy, so that we can succeed together?  The new vision, the new plan, the new anointing, the new way.  Understand I have plans for you; plans for success.  But first you must bring your agreement to My Kingdom, for orders only come to those who belong to a kingdom.  Do not take your orders from this world, for you are no more of this world than I was.  Yes, you are in it, but are you not sealed with My Spirit?  You are sealed.  You are eternally sealed.
“Understand, and pray for understanding, for this is a great mystery for those who would not tarry with Me.  For it is merely words that you do not understand.  But if it is ‘Know, that you know, that you know,’ then your spirit has taken hold of a mighty truth.  For I fight, Spirit to spirit.  I do not fight against flesh and blood, because man’s free will is in operation, and I honor their choice.  But in the Spirit, there is freedom, there is victory, there are answers.
“Learn to wield the sword of My Spirit.  Stand apart and yet stand within—apart from the world, but within My glory.  And I promise you, expectation will give birth: to the vision, to the plan, to the anointing.  For I am crying out to My own, ‘Be intimate with your God, and let your God become intimate with you.’  Let us conceive together the Kingdom of God on the face of the earth.
“I long for fellowship.  I would give you understanding of a heart tonight.  With an understanding heart you will grasp the truth.  And the truth will not only set you free, and My people who are longing for truth, but will become a way of life.
“Claim truth, for I promised you, as I have stated, darkness will never, ever, overcome My light.  For I am the Light of the World, and I would say unto you, ‘Flicker, flicker, flicker, for you carry the light within—never, ever, to be put out, for you are already in eternity,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen

October 13, 2015
“Tonight I choose to become that Navigator.  I understand the storm, and I am in that boat with you, in that storm.  And I will show you how to navigate the waters.  I will show you how to turn with the waters, when the waters even try to overtake you.  I will show you how to walk on the waters, even when you see the wind of adversity in your face.
“I will come, and I will come into that ship, and I will take My hand and put it upon the wheel.  And I will speak when it is time for the wind to be calm.  And I will speak when it is time for the waves to roar and give you power, to propel you on to the next level of My glory, for I would invite you to come into another level of glory.
“I would ask you that you would let that which is in the past, become the past.  Let not the past consume you, but let now, and what is before you, become your passion.
“The glory of the Lord your God, the lifter of your head—allow Me to devour you.  And as I devour you, I will place within you My dreams, My visions, My strength, My will.

For tonight, I would take and I would capture, confusion and pain and disillusionment and discouragement and depression and doubt.  And I would put it out of the ship.  And I would command that it would be filled with faith.  And I would have you rest.  Rest in faith, for I would come and I would curse the unbelief that would try to shackle you, as a prisoner of the ship, rather than to come alongside of Me and listen for instructions.

“I will begin to speak louder to you.  And I would ask that you would begin to listen in more stillness of Me.  Write down the vision so it will not perish.  Write down the remembrance of My Presence so that you can go back, and return and know that My Presence not only goes before you, and behind you and around you, but My Presence is upon you, to lift you up and to present you.
“Understand, you truly are walking with the King of Glory, and He, tonight, would put His robe over you, and He would lift you up to a new glory.
“Understand, what is behind is behind, and what is ahead will be unrolled in front of you.

“For understand, I know each and every storm, but let Me become the Commander, the Master of the waters, the Commander of the seas, for I see all that is ahead of you.  For though you may be blind, and though, even at times you have been blindsided, understand, I see.  And tonight I will give you eyes to see, for I will command darkness to become light.  I will command the fogginess of your thinking to cease, so that clarity will be given, and direction will be set before you, for I do not author or dwell in confusion, but I abide as the Commander of peace.  And My peace I give to you.  Receive it.  Rest in it.  Partake in it.  And let My peace consume all that would cause you to tremble.

September 29, 2015
“You are call to be vessels: made, set apart, called to carry the glory; but remember that the heavens and the earth are full of My glory.
“Call down My glory.  Let My glory flow.  When you lay hands, expect the glory of God to flow through your hands, for you have given Me your temples, and My glory has filled your temples.  Let My glory arise and let your enemies be scattered.
“Let My glory be the lifter of your head.  Let My glory send you ahead.  My Presence and My glory are one.  Where the King of Glory is, there His glory is.  In My Presence is glory; glory unspeakable.
“The world cannot understand that you serve a risen, glorious, Savior.  Understand, I want you to serve: in Me, through Me, with Me.  Settle the issues of whose glory it is, for I want to raise you and train you to facilitate My glory, so that you, My glory carriers, will be scattered throughout the earth.  May it be only in prayer, but may it also be in presence.  But be not concerned that My glory goes where I am.
“Ask Me what to do with My own glory, for I will raise you up and I will train you up.  Let My glory rise upon you so that I can lift you above circumstances that would rob My glory away from you and replace it with fear and trembling.  But understand, the glory of the Lord lifts you up, sets you in high places, above all that would be under your feet.

But you must choose: do you serve glory, or do you serve fear?
“Let glory arise out of you, around you and through you, for I would say unto you, people are crying in pain and aloneness, and My glory, in the twinkle of an eye, can bring life where there is death.
“Let go of what was and open your heart to what will be, for I am created in you tonight a new heart” says the Lord your God, “for I’ve given you a transfusion.  For have I not said in My Word, ‘I am taking you from glory to glory in Christ Jesus’?
“Man cannot deposit My glory upon you, but I can rain down My glory upon you and through you.  Do not look for the glory from man, woman, or circumstance, but look to Me, the glorified, risen Lord, and let My glory reign, and let My glory decide and divide.  Let My glory be your guide, for I am calling you to go to a holy, higher ground, glory-to-glory, one voice in one accord.  Let the Lord God be glorified throughout the earth.
“You are My hands, My feet, My voice and My heart.  Carry My glory, for in turn My glory will carry you,” says the Lord your God, in Jesus’ precious name.

September 15, 2015
I hear the Lord saying, “Give Me your petitions right now, for I am looking at your hearts.  What burdens are you carrying?  For I have told you in My Word to cast all your cares upon Me.  For understand, I truly do care for you, and all that concerns you, concerns Me.  For you will come to know Me as a busybody—that I am busy in My body, restoring, renewing, releasing, establishing, aligning, preparing, assigning.
“Lay all that concerns you at the foot of the cross.  For remember, at the foot of the cross when I was taken down, it looked like hope; it looked like all that had been promised was over.  It looked like it was done; it was finished.  It looked like there was no tomorrow; there was no plan, there was no answer.  And yet I promise you, there was a holy seed that touched the ground.  There was a pure blood that touched the ground.  There was a holy sweat that touched the ground.  There was a holy water that touched the ground.
“Understand that you are My holy ground.  For wherever you are, you bring My holiness.
Understand who you are in Me.  And as you understand who you are in Me, your eyes will become open, and your understanding and your revelation of who I am in you will bring back hope, for I will take blinders off of those who cannot see.
“I came once and gave sight, so I shall be spreading over your nation spiritual sight.  For they will begin to see agendas, they will begin to see what is going on behind closed doors, for I’m about to come and start, from the beginning until the end.
“I am bringing with Myself, My holy Word, for I am in covenant with My people of this nation.  I have not broken covenant, nor will I shy away from establishing My covenant, through you and with Me.

“Be not concerned of what lies ahead, but begin to worship Me and thank Me, for I’m about to lift up a standard against the enemy, for he believes that he has secret plants.  He believes that he has seeds that will grow.  My seed will dig his seed with My holy hands, with blood.   And wherever he is planning death, I will deposit the life of the resurrection.
“Claim Me as risen Savior, Redeemer and Restorer, not only in your own life, but for those who cross your path, for I do have a holy people, and you do have a Holy God.  And in My holiness you will find answers, you will find strength, for I have sealed you unto Myself.  So be not concerned, let not the seal or the stamp of another even become a shadow, but let the sunlight of My Presence outshine all darkness.  For have I not said, ‘You are the light of the world’?  Because you are in Me, and your light shall become brighter and brighter.
“Understand, My hand is along the lamp right now.  And I am turning that wick up, higher, and higher, and higher; that others will read My people.   For I have said, ‘you are living epistles.’  Shy not back away, but let the fruit get heavier, and heavier, and heavier, for I’m about to bring a hunger across this nation.  And you will be those that will spread the seeds, as well as others that are hiding in caves and in sanctuaries, in mountaintops and even in tombs.  For they will hear the bugle sound, and it will declare once again, ‘He is Risen’ as He said, indeed.
“Allow Me to rise up strong; allow Me to overtake.  As My Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, allow My Holy Spirit to overshadow you and all that will concern you, for truly, My hand is not too short.  And neither is yours too short, to reach up, to pull down answers.
“Lift up holy hands in the sanctuary, and know that you have a God Almighty extending His Holy hands—hand-to-hand, tip-to-tip, covenant-to-covenant.  Bring Me all that concerns you, for it also concerns Me.

Eileen’s prayer:

Lord, we come tonight, and we lay down at the foot of the cross all that concerns us; Father, those things that concern us, known and unknown.  We just come and we present ourselves at the cross.  And Lord, we thank You for Your Word.  We thank You that You said, You have begun a good work in us, and that You will bring it to completion.  So give us Your grace, Your anointing, and a sound mind of power and might, that we too can go about our Father’s business, without subtraction or attraction.  We ask for this, Father, in the name of our Lord, our Savior, Jesus.  Amen.

September 8, 2015
   I hear the Lord saying, “I am inviting My own to come, for My Son did rip the veil—the very veil that became the bridal veil.  For it was the veil of righteousness that I put upon My Bride, so that My Bride could come to and fro, always in favor; as Esther requesting of the king.
“My body is moving into the hour of Esther; where the scepter of the word must go forth.  And then the favor must come with the word.  And then the timing and the unction will come.  And then the right place at the right time, for such a time as this, will rightly come.
“For My body is moving into a time of appointment.  It is moving out of the valley of discouragement, and it is moving into the mountains, to where there will be plans that will be released through My Generals.  They will hear the whispers of My Spirit, and they will speak to the soldiers that have been trained, and trained, and trained, through prayer and fasting, to show them how to take territory after territory after territory.
“For there will come a darkness, and I do say, a gross darkness.  But I say the light will be so frightfully bright, that it will be a burning bush.  Am I not able again to cause the bushes to burn?  Know that I am sending the fire that will burn those that would try to cause the darkness.  But it will warn those who draw near by My Spirit.  It will either be a time of getting scorched, or a time of getting empowered and infilled with the zeal and the fire of your God.
“I understand the cleansing that you have gone through.  I understand the sacrificial giving that you have given.  I understand the sacrificial time in prayer; that you have persisted with long suffering, lingering, waiting, hoping and dreaming.   But I promise you, it was not in vain, for there is an appointed time and you will receive that appointed time.  And you will receive appointments with those who will be the connection that will go from the ladder to the ladder to the ladder; which will go higher and higher, from glory to glory.  It will not be from rung to rung, but from ladder to ladder.
“For the latter rain will become far, far, greater than the early, and you will linger in My presence, and My Presence will linger upon you—so that where you are, the fragrance of the Rose of Sharon will be, and that fragrance will be healing.
“Be prepared to be used in signs and wonders, for My people are crying out.

Judgment begins with the house of the Lord; so does healing.  Understand, so does healing.
“There was an abuse, and so I caused My hand to bring forth restraint.  But My hands are being opened again, dripping with the oil of healing.  Cry out to the Lord your God.  Claim My Word.  I am still the Lord thy God that heals you.  Position yourself, like Esther, for it is in such a time as this,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.

August 11, 2015
I hear the Lord saying, “With My peace I will lead you.  With My peace I will guide you, and with My peace I will keep you.”
“Lay down your weapons of the soulish realm.  Pull down the strongholds in your thinking.  For when the enemy comes to accuse you, and to condemn you, and to point out where you have lack, look to Me, the Author and the Finisher.
“When the enemy comes to play games in your mind, and in your heart, and in your will, when he comes to deceive you, and to trick you, and to entice you, and to distract you, use the fruit of self-control.
“Grow this fruit strong, and it will be the guard over your mind, it will be the guard over your body, and the guard over your will, and the guard over your life.  For when self-control is developed within you, it carries the seed of life.  For it will cause this to grow, that it would only bear fruit.  And it will not allow anything to be planted or fertilized around it that would cause death or destruction.  For I am calling forth an army of discipline, an army of people who will be so in love with their God, that they will do great and mighty works, because of the love of their God.
“Lay down your own weapons–your own thoughts, your own will, your own ideas and your own plans.  For as you plan, I too have a plan.  So let My plan come and devour your plan, so that in devouring your plan, you will declare, and decree, and bring down the Kingdom.
“For the plan of My Kingdom is already put in place by the Blood of My Son.  The pillars that are to hold the Kingdom of God on the earth are already in place by the Blood of My Son.  The Statutes and the Laws of My Kingdom have already been put in place by the power of My Word.
“Lean not to your own understanding or that of another of the flesh.  Pull not upon each other, but draw from one another, from My Spirit within.

“Stay teachable.  Stay humble, but be willing to be lifted up as the light in a dark world.  Let the flame of salvation and the power of your God burn brightly, for people are seeking the truth.
“For there is a grayness that is over your land; it is a blinding spirit.  There is dust in the eyes of even the saints, but I would come and would have My wind clear their eyes and clear the vision.
“Claim My vision; claim My will; claim that I am more than able.  Submit, surrender, commit, believe, and agree.  And let Me form the plan, for I do have a plan and it is good; plans to do you good, and your household good.

“Pull down the strongholds of those who would come against My will.  Use love as a mighty weapon.
“Rest with My Word, but wrestle with My Word against darkness.  But rest on My Word in the peace.
“Let My Spirit bring down My Kingdom.  Let the Comforter come.  Let the Counselor come, that the King of Glory could enter in.  Let Him prepare the way, for I am calling out from the north, south, east, west, prepared vessels—set apart, sanctified, made holy.
“Say yes, to the King of Kings, and then let Me take care of the details, for the King is the One who attends and knows all of His inventory, for He owns it.
“Understand, I am the Shepherd, and I do carry My own.  Come; let My hand rest upon you.  Let the Shepherd touch you for healing.  Let the Shepherd touch you to guide you.  Let the Shepherd come and pick you up and put you on His shoulders.
“Listen to the heartbeat of the Shepherd, for My sheep do recognize My voice, but they must draw in close, so they can recognize it at the blink of an eye.  Listen for the voice of the Shepherd, for you are Mine, and I am yours.”

July 28, 2015
I heard the Lord say, “I’m going to open the eyes of the blind, because they have settled in; because they got discouraged.  But know that I am the same God of mud today, and of spit.  And know that I would spit on the plans of the enemy, but I would make your vision of mud.
“I would take that, what is of the earth that I have created, and I would prepare for you a vision that would be so tangible that you would not chase to and fro, but you would write down the vision, and you would wait.  And then My Spirit would touch that vision and He would download it into your spirit.  For there are about to be plans and shaking that will go on—the foundations that man have built will begin to crack from the bottom up, for I will simply bring the agreement that has already happened from the top down, and what is flesh will tumble.  But that that will rise down and be touched and blessed by My Spirit—you will understand the hand of God has carved and formed.
“For there is about to be a new birthing on the earth, and it will be a mighty work of My Spirit, and it will be called, ‘Those who walk in signs and wonders; those who walk with the wonderment of the God’—of wondering what He is going to do next.
“Open vessels, open hearts, open minds, and open future, for tonight I would come and break off the shackles of the past.  For I would say, when the enemy would call you and cause you to come, and say, ‘Come, come.  Come and see the vomit of the past,’ you will find that the vomit is no longer there, but I have touched it with the pool of My Blood.   And remember no more the vomit or the pain, for I would carve healing and heal the brokenhearted and put a vision where there was loss and confusion.
“But you must agree.  You must agree that My Kingdom can come, and My Kingdom has come, and My Kingdom is within you.  And as you dwell upon this, and allow My Kingdom to shine through you, you will come to such a depth of understanding of the glory of that Kingdom that you will be known by that glory, because that Kingdom and the King are the King of Glory.
“I am looking for a people who are thirsty.  I am looking for a people who will be willing to let the dead bury the dead, for the establishment will be shaken from the roots, for you will even see decisions in your government that would grieve My Spirit.  And then you will see some of those line up with that, rather than choose the flowing of My Spirit.  But yet there will be those that will not be content, but they will wrestle with My Spirit, but their hearts will win, for He is the Spirit of conquering.
“So understand, when you see shaking, and you shake your head in amazement of this happening?  Remember, I said, ‘For such a time as this.’  Allow My glory to come and cover the earth.  Understand, you are My earth, and I would cover you in My glory.  Understand that you came from the earth, your body will go, but your spirit is already in eternity.  You are merely declaring and pulling down eternity into the now.
“Reach up now.  Let heaven pull you up, and then you pull heaven down, and let My Kingdom come.  Yes, there will be a shaking; there will be a quaking; but more so than that, there will come a phenomenal awakening.  And you will laugh at the plans of the enemies, because you will sing, and you will shout, and you will gather, and you will say, ‘Our God arose, and our enemies are now scattered.’
“So be not shaken when you see tradition shaken, but understand that I have picked up the sheets of tradition on each corner.  And I have shaken the dead works off—back into the ground of the flesh.  But I have put down a new glory—the veil that was torn by the death of My Son, so that heaven could come down to earth and dwell among My people.
“Understand, the tearing of the veil is the opening of your eyes—of your heart, of your spirit—so you can download, and you can receive, as you press in with all of your might, like David did.
“David understood.  Study the Psalms, cry out the same songs that David sang in the night, and understand: In the darkest of night, the Light of the World shall appear,” says the Lord your God.

July 21, 2015
I hear the Lord say, “I am the God of the impossible.  When you come to an end, know that this is where I begin, for I am called the ‘Alpha and the Omega,’ and I join you wherever you are.
“Wherever you are in your journey into salvation, I join you.  I am the Author, but I am also the Finisher of your faith.  I would ask that you would rest in My cross, and let the work of the cross have its work in you.  Let the blood bring healing to your mind, to your bodies, to your relationships.
“Be willing to pick up the cross that you will carry, and know that will let your flesh be crucified.  And as your flesh is crucified, your spirit will be resurrected, for I would not crucify your flesh for no reason.
“I crucify the flesh, that your spirit can be free; free to soar into all eternity; free to soar back and forth, to and fro; from the Alpha to the Omega in your life; from the beginning to the end.
“For I would ask you to open your arms; open your heart; open your spirit, for I am calling My eagles to come forth, out of the nests of rest.  I am calling My eagles to mount up on new wings that have come and been birthed in My Spirit, for I will say, the hour is changing.  The dove is changing.  The dove of peace is changing.
“There is coming forth a shift in the spirit realm, and you will need the wisdom and the exactness, and you will need the detail that only an eagle can see.  Ask for the eyes of the eagle.  Ask for the swiftness of the eagle.  Ask for the strength of the eagle.  And let the eagle train you up to soar—to where you will soar, one with another, bringing the agreement that is needed to do your Father’s business.
“For I would say, ‘What God has put together, let no man put asunder.  What God has brought together in agreement, let no man stand against in disagreement.  For there is no weapon that can stand or stop My kingdom, for My kingdom not only has come, it is here; it is within you.’
“You are kingdom carriers.  Wherever you go, so shall the kingdom rest, learn to rule and reign as kingdom people and know that I am with you always,” says the Lord your God.

July 14, 2015
I want everybody in here to just put your hands in front of you, because I heard the Lord come in, and it was interesting.  Tonight, He brought an alabaster jar, and He broke it, and began to pour it in the hands of people.  And He wants you to hear what He was praying for you.  He was praying that healing would start to come into your body, into your minds, into your souls; that you would come to know Him as ‘the Lord of Interference’—not merely ‘the Lord of Prevention,’ but interference.  For when things come at you, He will interfere in the way.

And He said, “To interfere, means ‘the Fear of the Lord’ is the beginning of wisdom.”  So when He interferes, He comes, and He changes circumstances, and changes all the environment that goes around you, and its so that ‘the Fear of the Lord’ can make way for wisdom to have its place.
And He said, “There is going to be much wisdom that is poured out in the minds and the hearts of My people, for the days ahead are going to become cloudier, and cloudier, and cloudier.  But never be afraid of the cloud, because I first used it to guide My people by day.  So regardless of the cloud, stand up strong, and know that you are in the cloud of glory.  And know that you are surrounded by a cloud of saints, cheering you on.
“Never look at the cloud the world sees, but look at the cloud of My glory and call it in before you.  Call it in upon you.  Call it in to follow you, so that wherever you go, the glory of the Lord will make a way, keep a way, and keep it open for others to find a way.
“For understand, when the shaking gets stronger and stronger, the gift of faith is going to rise up in My people, and they will speak to mountains, and they will be cast into the sea.  For they will go beyond the mustard seed of faith, they will take up faith that will be gigantic faith like David had.  It was gigantic faith that was preparing David for a giant.
“I am about to slay the giants in your land—those things that would come against Me, and My people, and My Word.  I am about to come in as ‘the King,’ as the One who comes and not only saves, but slays.
“And understand, in this understanding, you will have to go beyond your understanding, and into the spirit realm.  For all those could not understand why David was reaching for a rock, for it was beyond man’s understanding.  But he reached in by the Spirit, and he flung it under the direction of the Spirit, and he came in the name of the Lord God.  So shall it be with My people prepared with the slinging of My Word; prepared with the slinging and the spilling over of faith; of My faith, for there will be a refilling of My own.
“Understand, when some fall away, I am not going to let them wander far off, for did I not promise I would leave the ninety-nine and go after My own?  Understand, you too do follow a great and mighty Shepherd,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

July 7, 2015
You know as we were in worship, I kept hearing the Holy Spirit, and it was interesting, because I heard Him say very plainly, “The chickens are beginning to crow.”

And I thought, “What is meaning, the roosters are crowing?”

And He said, “There’s been a spirit of betrayal that has been released into the lives of My people—by circumstances, by people, by all kinds of ways.”  And He said, “I understand betrayal, but I’m going to change betrayal into a trail; a trail that will make a way out of the pain; a trail that will provide a new way; a trail that will cause others to come and pull you by the sleeve and say, ‘Where are we walking, for I want to walk beside you?’
Then I heard the Holy Spirit say, “‘Pray for Denver.’ ”  And I saw the flag of America, and I saw it lifted up from D.C., and I saw it coming, and it was landing and waving back and forth over Denver.  And at the same time, there was an eagle that was carrying the flag, and the eagle that was carrying the flag had his eyes on alert.
Then doves came from all the saints—the Holy Spirit rose up in the voices of the saints, and the saint’s start crying out on behalf of Denver.  And as they were crying out for Denver, a fountain of revival started spreading out from Denver, to where it began to spill, and spill, and spill, and even Denver didn’t know it, because it was an underground spring that had come forth by the Spirit of the Living God.
And I heard the Lord say, “I have a plan for this nation, and yes, the rooster can crow, and yes, betrayal can try to come in and establish its own flags, with its own independence, but this is My nation.
“It is My nation.  It is the voices of My people that are crying out from this nation, and they’re about to hear My voice respond.  And they will know that truly the hand of God has rested upon this nation.
“Yes, there is shaking, and shaking, and shaking, and shaking, but understand, there is a standard in My word, and there is a standard that only My Spirit can lift up.  So I want you to lift up that standard in your households.  Pray that My Holy Spirit can be free to move back in the body of My saints; to where they can come forth and move as one army and one body; to where they will begin to move, marching at the direction of My Spirit.

“Lift up your hands.  Let the Holy Spirit come through you.  Let the Spirit of the Living God use you to intercede, for I would say unto you, you will become part of this beacon.  For a light will come from the very sky, and it will be a light that will be the reflection of the love of God.  For what man would plan for evil, I will turn it so drastically around for good that man will see the goodness of God.  But pray for Denver.  Pray for Denver.  Pray for the protection of My people and all My people.
“Do not let those who would say, ‘Bring down Your wrath,’ accomplish their fleshiness.  But instead, pray down My goodness on broken hearts.  Pray down My kindness, My

gentleness, My forgiveness.  For yes, some would call down judgment and the wrath, and I would say, ‘Mercy and grace are My friends.’
“And I would say, ‘Truth is your flag,’ for your flag was planted in truth for all people, not merely this one or that one, but for all people.  I want you to lift up your flag, for I’m going to lay it across your nation as a protection.  And the stars in your flag, they too will cry out to the stars that are in My sky, and it will be the prayers of the saints that come through the very stars.  And you will stand with starry eyes and know that the hand of God has reached through that star.
“Understand My people; you truly serve a living God.  I do not wink at wickedness, pain, or murder, for My heart has broken.  And I have wept over your nation, as My Son wept over Jerusalem.  I weep over your nation, but the tears that I weep will turn to tears of joy, for understand, the angels are on your behalf; My Holy Spirit is on your behalf; My Word is established on your behalf.
“Do not bow down to idolatry, ideology; to where people would try to place into your mind good ideas, rather than the greatness of your God.  For I say unto you, far greater are the plans I have for your nation.  For I would say unto you, I am allowing My Holy Spirit—because He loves you, His people, this nation—My Word; the recognition of who I am, and Who you have the lifted up in this nation.  Has it been perfect?  Absolutely not, but has there been the voice of the innocent in prayer?  Absolutely.  The perfect prayers have been lifted up.  Out of the mouth of babes they have given Me worship, worship, worship.
“Understand, I am about to extend My hand over your nation, and there will be a sweeping and a cleaning, but there will be a sparkling reflection.  And that will be the reflection of My Bride, knowing that the wedding ring has been placed upon her finger.  And then when she lifts her hand, the wedding ring will blind the plans of the enemy, for it will be liquid gold—the power of My Word, the power of My will, the power of an alignment that is going to be heaven sent.
“Claim this for your nation: a heaven sent alignment.  For you are about to move into a new hour, and you will see the chicken have its neck where it will be totally dismantled.  He will not be allowed to crow again, but you will hear the dove, the turtle dove.  You will hear the small doves.  You will hear the mother dove.  You will hear the father dove.  And you will see the eagle spread his wings high, soaring high, for I say unto you,

‘Watch!’  Watch and pray, and in turn you will be sprayed by the majestic power of the Lord your God.  Yes My children, I decree this tonight.  I declare this tonight, and I say, ‘In the Name of Jesus, My only begotten Son, there is grace, there is forgiveness, and there is also an outpouring that is about to go over the hearts of My people.’


“Claim the springs that are under the ground.  Rise up, call back the prayers and the voices of the saints of old, for they were in obedience; they followed My Word without understanding.


“Cause hidden agendas to be pulled down, for I say, you are My voice of freedom.

You are those that I have entrusted My Word to be at the very foundation.  So let My Word find its bedrock here, and let My Word become the rock that is thrown upon the enemy.  And as you smash all that he would try to raise against your nation, you will come to understand ‘the Rock of Ages’ will send back the fiery darts of the enemy, and you will find instead Pentecostal Fire burning My life into the lives of My saints.


“Call in the army, mobilize the saints.  This is not the hour of dismay.  This is the hour of display.  Display the glory of the God.  Understand, the rings are being prepared; the rings are being polished.  The rings are being sized on the finger of My saints so they will be raised and trained well.  They will learn what it means to be ‘the Bride.’

June 30, 2015
I hear the Lord say; “I’m inviting you to walk on the water with Me.  I’m asking you to get out of the boat of comfort.  I’m asking you to face the storm head-on.  I’m asking you to overtake the storm.  I’m asking you to take command of the water and the wind that would try to drown you; that would try to come against you, to where it would change your perspective and your vision of Me.
“For the water of the storm would come into your eyes, to where you can not see the beauty of who I am; to where it would come between the love that you would understand that I have for you.  Understand the love that goes beyond measure, for no matter how deep it is and how wide it is, it cannot possibly comprehend the depth of the love I have for each and every one of you.  Each of you rooted and grounded in the knowledge of My love.  That’s what would bring joy to My heart; joy to Myself; joy to the great I AM—that all that He has created rejoices in who He is—because who you are, is who He has called you to be.
“I have created you.  I have carved you in the palm of My hand.  Your name is written, for I know each hair on your head.  I know every disappointment.  I hear every laugh.  I hear and I feel every pain.
“I understand your shortcomings and I know your strengths.  I know how you try and measure up against others, and how you even try and measure your own faith.  And I would say, ‘Submit and surrender, and let the King of Glory come in, and let Him complete the work in you that He has begun in you.  Present yourself to Me as a living sacrifice; willing to obey, willing to submit, willing to follow, even through the storm.

For I will command you and you will hear My voice, and you will relay the command to the storm.  And the sea will begin to obey, because you are the sons and the daughters of the Most High God.
“Have I not said in My Word, ‘Greater works you will do’, because My Spirit is upon you; without measure My Spirit is upon you.  Let Him accomplish what He would will.  Let Him flow through you and out of you.  Submit your intellect; submit it to My Spirit.  Let ‘Have the mind of Christ’ rule and reign in you.
“If you desire to be reigning in My Spirit, then submit to My Spirit.  And He will train you, and He will raise you up; to where you will call down all that would come against you; to where you would stand on the water—the water of the river of the life of your Living God.
“Know that the water, many times, comes from the tears of the saints.  The river is made up of the tears of the saints crying out, ‘Why, Lord, why?’  I would say, ‘Let the why’s be put aside, and let the Spirit become your guide.’  As He guides you, you will not be driven, but He will raise you up.  But first, you must step out of the boat of understanding; out of your own control.  And let My Spirit be the One that raises you, guides you, leads you, brings provision where there seems to be no provision, brings guidance where there’s no compass, brings direction when you do not know the way, brings counsel when you’re trying to look to the left and the right.
“Look up to My Spirit for counsel, for He is the Counselor of counsel.  Seek His counsel, and as you seek His counsel and you seek His face, you will understand what it means, that My face and My favor will shine upon you, for I have called each of you to be a light in a dark world.
“Be not afraid of the darkness, but let your light shine; that men will give glory to the God in the highest.  For understand, I now invite you to join the Light of the World, for I will switch on your brightness to where you will become the radiance of the Living God.  Understand, you must behold My likeness, and in doing that, you will behold My glory.  And in that, you in turn will go from glory to glory in Christ Jesus—not beside, not around, but in.  Let Me come through you, that man would be healed, delivered, set free.  Even you, as you submit and surrender.
“Come out of the ship.  Come out upon the storm.  Be not afraid of the water, for did I not say, ‘You must be a tree planted by the river.’  Even though that river can roar and even though the river can dry up because of the sun, understand, ‘The River of Life is within each of you.’  Draw from your well of salvation.  Go back to the remembrance of the joy of your salvation.  Draw out the goodness of God, and draw in the pleasure of the Lord your God.”


June 2, 2015
I heard the Lord say, “You will find Me on the seashore.  You will find Me in the desert.  You will find Me in the mountains.  You will find Me in the cloud.  You will find Me in the fire.  You will find Me in the answer.  You will find Me in the tribulation.  You will find Me all around.
“If you run to the left, if you run to the right, you will only find, and you will be My delight.  And as you open your heart and you open your mind, you will find that I am always on time.
“Time to answer prayers.  Time to bear your burdens.  Time to lift you up and take the cares off your burden.
“Let Me take the answers and present them before your feet, that you can stand on My Word, until the work has become complete.
“Go back to My Word, find the foundation of faith.  Scream at the devil, for he cannot run your race.
“You will run in faith and wisdom.  You will run with power and a sound mind, but you must choose this night.
“Understand Who you have found.  And when you realize who I am, you will realize who you are.  Come and understand, that I am not that far.”

April 14, 2015
The Spirit of the Lord is saying, “Do you not hear the wedding bells ringing; the wedding bells of the Spirit and the Bride?  And they’re crying out, and they’re chiming together, one voice of agreement, ‘Come, Lord Jesus, Come.’
“Do you not hear the wedding bells chiming?  Do you not hear the cling and the clang?  Do you not hear the angels rejoicing in expectancy, as they too are bowing down, crying, ‘Worthy is the Lamb.  Worthy is the Lamb.  Glory and Praise to the Blood of the Lamb.’
“Listen for the wedding bells.  Listen for the still, small voice.  Understand that you and I are in covenant.  I am committed to you, and you committed unto Me.
“Do you not hear our wedding bells chiming?  You saying, ‘I will,’ and I coming back, and singing over you, ‘I have, I shall, and I shall always.’
“Do you not hear our wedding bells?  Because the vow I would speak to you this night of My faithfulness.  Do you not hear the vow I would speak to you, of My banner I have laid over you, owning you, directing you, covering you and counseling you?
“Lift up your arms, strengthen your knees.  Come with expectant faith; lean upon your Beloved.  Let fear find no place.  Let fault find no resting place in you, for I do not come to find fault with you.  I come to enjoy fellowship with you.  I come to enjoy your presence, as you seek My presence.
“Do you not understand?  As you too have said, ‘I will,’ I too have said, ‘I will” over, and over, and over, and over again.  And it shall resound throughout all eternity, for My Word has been established.
“For there is going to be a shaking, and the shaking will shake like you have never experienced, and like you have never seen.  But I will be standing in the storm of every shake, and I will speak, ‘Be still,’ for My Beloved is on My arm.
“And I will not allow My Beloved to stumble and fall, for I will not allow her wedding gown to become wrinkled; for I will have a Bride that will stand tall, with authority and in position.
“Be not concerned of the crashing of the waves.  Be not concerned even of the reports of the wars to and fro.  Be not concerned with what man would see with their natural eye, but be caught up in My Spirit.  Listen in My Spirit.  Have I not said, ‘Seek first My Kingdom and everything will be added unto you?’  And that means, Myself being added unto you.
“Know that together we have become ‘one,’ you in Me; Me in you.  The Father, in, around us, and the Spirit in agreement, sealing.  For yes, there is a witness, the witness of My Spirit.
“I would send a new unction to you this night, an unction that would chasten those who would be around you, that would come.  And they would come against My will around you, for I will send My fire ahead of you, and My Presence with you and upon you.  My Presence will go before you as an all-consuming fire.  And those in back that try to consume you, My fire will devour, that My Name may be glorified, for I will come as a consuming fire, and I will warm those hearts that have turned cold, with indifferent, and with depression, and with discouragement, and with disheartenment.  And I would say, ‘Lift up your hearts to Me this night.
“Do you not understand; this is My resting place in you?  As I rest in your heart, you rest in My arms, for I am causing My own to rise up, to a new level of understanding of glory-to-glory in authority.
“For there will be a wave of humility that will hit My servants.  In that wave of humility, their eyes will be opened to the fear of the Lord that will issue in the new wave of My glory.  A glory that no man will touch or own, but they will stand in awe as they truly see God is with us.  And they will stand back, and say that, ‘If God is for me, no man will be against me.’
“Understand, I’m about to speak to the storms.  You will even hear reports of storm, after storm, after storm, but you will hear of the miraculous, coming in the midst of the storm.

I will even begin in your homes.  Hearts will begin to melt with tenderness, for I say unto you, I am a covenant keeping God, and I am jealous for you.  And I promise; I promise by Myself, for there is no greater.  I am faithful, and forever shall stand for My own.
“And I would say to you tonight, “Will you stand for Me?  Will you stand strong against the wind of adversity?  And understand, the wind of adversity will bow down to the wind of God.  And I command the wind, and the wind will change to the blessing of favor.
“Be not concerned, for I’m about to do a new building among My people.  Hope will come forth; refreshing will ring throughout the world.  There will be a sound of rejoicing in the camp, and they will declare, and they will decree, that God has walked among us.
“Do not go by the world, for the world will be ruled by the world.  But My own are of another kingdom, and you are ruled and governed by another King.
“Listen for the wedding bells.  Understand, I would say, ‘Come, for your Bridegroom seeks fellowship.  Come; allow Me to bring kisses of My Presence.  Come; allow Me to take your hand and embrace it close to My cheek.  Come and allow Me to heal you, and to cover you, and to restore you, for I will take stress, worry and fear.  For as you have given yourself to Me, I have given Myself to you.  And together, One unto one, we look up to the Father, and we say, ‘Amen.  So be it.’  For as I have risen, so shall you,” says the Lord your God.


March 31, 2015
The Lord said, “As you fix your eyes upon My face, upon the cross, now I would challenge you to lift your hands up and take hold of My hand, as we come forth from the grave.  You and I both casting off grave clothes—all that would try to cloak you in sin and hide you from My Presence; all that would leave death and be a deposit of the residue of a dead thing that was over and done.
“Leave the grave clothes, for they will not be needed, for I would invite you to take My hand, and to rise up, and to come and be seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  For I’ve called you My Beloved, I’ve called you sons and daughters of the Most High God.
“I’ve called you My Beloved.  You are hidden in your Beloved, and your Beloved is hidden in you.  There is no time, there is no distance, for the two of us have become one—you in Me, Me in you; the Father in us, and the Spirit sealed all of us in one agreement.
“For I am causing My people to fix their eyes on the finished work of the cross.  But now I would invite you to rise up to a higher position in the Spirit, where you will understand what spiritual warfare truly is, in force in My victory.  Not even entering into battle, but declaring, ‘It is finished.  It is finished.  It is finished.’
“It is written: ‘It is finished.’  It was fulfilled, for the Word did become flesh, and dwelt among you.  But then it did not stay among you, for it left—Christ Jesus, risen, man and God, sealed for all eternity.  It is finished.  It is finished.
“Understand, all that troubles you, you must only declare, ‘It is finished,’ and then come to Me and say, ‘But how Lord?’  And I will show you the how.
“But you must come in faith, and declare, ‘It is finished,’ for I have finished My assignment, and I would challenge you to finish your assignment.  For it is in My Spirit you will live, and move, and have your being.  And you will too declare, and the enemy cannot argue, for he too knows he is the defeated foe.  But you must know that also.  You must know, ‘It is finished,’ for you do rule and reign in heavenly places with Christ Jesus.
“Tonight I would give you the crown, and I would say, ‘Come, be seated in heavenly places, hidden in My robes of glory.  Become My hands, My feet. My mouth, My eyes, My ears, My supplier, My kindness, My gentleness, My love, My understanding, My healing, My virtue.  Become all that I was to My people, for I am called the great I AM, and I would invite you to enter in to the I AM, so that you too will know that as He lives, so shall I.
“Declare ‘It is finished.’  It is finished.  Go beyond it is finished.  Let the dead bury the dead, but come into the life abundant, the resurrection power, so that when you walk in, you walk in peace.  You know in your spirit, ‘It is finished.’  I am merely there to bring the agreement of heaven, for it is finished.
“Leave all in My hands, the plans, the why’s, the how’s, the when’s, and just know, ‘It is finished,’ for I would say unto you, you too must be about your Father’s business.  For again I would remind you, ‘You are sons and daughters of the Most High God, and nothing and no one can ever change that, for it is written, ‘It is finished.’  It is settled, you are complete in Me, and now I choose to complete the work of the cross in you,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.

March 24, 2015
I hear the Lord say, “I am going to raise an army who will dance on the plans of the enemy.  I am going to raise an army that will stomp on the head of the enemy.  I am going to raise an army that will advance the kingdom and stop the enemy.
“I am raising an army who will be willing to shake off all that would be strange upon My uniform, My full armor, to where they will travel in the identity of who they are in Me.  And when they go through this, ‘who they are in Me,’ then they will rise up, and they will begin to pull and destroy the works of the enemy.”
I am saying, “Will you rejoin the army?  Will you commit to My army?  Will you let My army bring forth My glory?  As My army walks in My glory, the flag of salvation will fly ahead.  The flag of salvation will be spread before you, for My Presence will go before you, upon you, and after you.  I am causing you to bring forth My Presence.”
“I heard the Lord say: ‘I want you to open your hands’, because He’s going to put oil in your hands tonight.  You need new oil.  I break off discouragement tonight.

I break off disappointment tonight.  I stand against the discouragement tonight.
“The enemy has tried to separate you, to take you out, to make you non-effective, and the Lord says, “No!  My Spirit is an all-consuming fire.  He will devour that which concerns you, but you must come and be concerned with that which consumes Me.  And then, in the difference, there will be consumption a consumption of all that would come against you; and a consumption of My glory that will come upon the earth.
“I want empty vessels tonight—vessels set aside; vessels of honor; vessels that I will come and even take away the dishonor that man tried to put upon you illegitimately.
He said, “I say tonight, you are legitimately in My army, for you are called soldiers of the Most Living God.  But you are called to impart; you are called to declare; you are called to decree; you are called to fight with My Spirit, not in the flesh.
“The enemy would come, to try and surround your mind, to make you think your mind is not strong; your mind is not willing.  But I say to you, I am going to raise you up.  I am going to unfold the secrets and the mystery of the spirit.  And when you see things in the spirit, you will know how to pull down, spirit-to-spirit.  For even this night the enemy trembles, for I will send him back to the foxhole, and he will be covered once again with the stone that was rolled away from My grave.
“Am I not able to come again?  Was I not once again called the Resurrection?  I am still the resurrection.  I am still the light, but you must understand, you too have been resurrected.  Your spirit has been born again; your spirit has been made new.  I am causing you to become a new creature, to where when you walk; the Glory of the Lord goes with you.
“Let go of the old.  Let go of what man would try to put on you.  Let go of the restrictions: that man would try to consume you, to recreate you in their image.
“You are created in the image of a Living God; live in My image; know My image.  Recognize the mind of Christ, so that you can pray in the mind of Christ.  Know that My kingdom does come, and I am looking for those who will be willing to do My kingdom for My kingdom’s sake.
The Lord says, “Set your faces like flint.  Determine this night, you will not be persuaded to turn to the left or turn to the right.  Set your face like flint, and set your faith like flint, that will not be easily shaken with reports that come to and fro on the wings of strange wind.  But put your faith in the Living God, for the Living God has put His faith in you.”
He says, “Is not faith a gift?  I have given you that gift of faith that you can rise up to be who I have called you to be.  For I am looking for those who will become fire fighters, who will walk in the fire of My Spirit, but who will also become the enlightenment of My Spirit; to where they will come into the Spirit and leave empowered by My Spirit.
“For I am not coming to weaken you, I am coming to strengthen you.  I am coming to abide in you, and I’m going to train you well to abide in Me.  For you have a Commander in Chief who knows the way, for nothing is too difficult for Me.  But I would say, ‘Would you be identified also as one who has come from His Presence?’
“I want you to be identified as one who carries His presence.  Seek My Presence.  Seek My Presence.  Find Me.  Find Me in a deeper revelation.  Let go of all religion.  Pull down the thoughts of man.  Pull off the law that has made you tired.  Lay aside every work that would cause weariness.
“Come into the fruits of My Spirit.  Receive joy this night.  Receive peace this night.  Receive new understanding in your mind this night.  For you do not fight against flesh and blood, you fight in the spirit, and you bring victory in the spirit.
“Let My Spirit become the warrior through you. I want you to claim the spoils, the spoils for the Kingdom of God’s sake, for you are about to see Me move even mightily.  For I am about to spoil the plans of the enemy, for it will be a domino effect.  You will read about it, you will hear about it.  People will say, ‘Truly God is answering the prayers of the saints.’ ”
For I say, “Tonight I invite you to cross over.  Come leave the wilderness; leave the desert.  Come sit in the water.  Come bathe in the river.  Come have your feet bathed by My Spirit.  Drink of the River of Life, for life will call to life.  For death will be cast under your feet, for I say unto you, where the Spirit of God is, there is life; there is joy; there is hope; there is plan; there is direction; there is purpose.
“Open your heart this night and let My Spirit come stronger.  Let Him partake of every secret place where you have been sealed away because of the fear of man.  Let those walls come down.  Let My Spirit come into full habitation with you, for He will rule, He will reign, He will direct, for all is well in the heavens.
“And I would say unto you, ‘All will become the living well of salvation on the earth, but first I want to lift you up, and I want to train you to drink from the well of salvation.  And as you learn to drink from that well of salvation, you will become My echoes on the face of the earth.  For the glory of the Lord will fill these temples.  We’ll fill these temples.’
“Lift your hands.  Let My Glory come.  Let My Glory roll.  Let My Glory take residence.
“You have visiting angels this night.  They too have been waiting.  They too have been waiting, for they will be sent out, and they will become the ministers of the heirs of salvation.  Let My angels go forth.  Let them do the warring.  Call them ‘ones that are sent ahead of you’, for you were born for such a time as this.
“Now let Me take you into your destiny.  For man would say, ‘This is not that.’  I would say unto you, ‘This is that, and you are these.’  You are Mine.  I am yours.  You are your Beloved’s, and the Beloved, truly He is yours.  Rejoice tonight in your Beloved, for your Beloved is hungry for you.  Your Beloved is seeking after you—to devour all that would come against you—but to bless you; to heal you; to set you free.”

March 10, 2015
“I see you at the end of a road, and as you are at the end of this road, you don’t see it’s the beginning of a new road, and that the new road is going to start to open up.  And I see bushes that He’s sending His flames to, and they will become a light unto your path.  And it will be the fire of the Spirit of the Living God.  And when this begins to happen, there’s going to come back in you a rekindling; of His knowledge; of the love He has for you.
“There’s going to come a rekindling, even among the body of Christ, of the true gospel—of God in love, never forsaking His people; that the wrath of God has been appeased by His Son; that we are called sons and daughters of the Most High God; that there’s going to come a new identity, and the identity will be raising people up to rule and reign in Christ Jesus; that when they reign, there will be jewels in their crown, and then that crown will become the weight of His Glory.
“And He’s going to take your hands.”  (Lift out your hands,) “He is saying, ‘Fresh Oil.  Fresh Oil.  Fresh Oil.  Fresh Oil that will carry you to the next leg of the run.’ ”
He said, “I understand the dryness.  I understand the disappointment.  I understand the pull, but I also understand the way.  For, I’m taking off of you a yoke that man would put upon you; that you would beaten down, with not enough faith; that you would be beaten down, to become the image of who they say you should be, rather than raised up and seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus.”
He said, “I want to raise My people up.  I want ashes to stay on the ground, but I want beauty to rise up.  And part of that beauty will be Christ risen; Christ coming again; I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus, for He makes all things new.
“Give Me time to align things that concern you.  For I stayed in My Father’s will, and I said continuously, ‘I must be about My Father’s business.’  There were other businesses, and there were others who were busybodies, but I chose to stay focused, and I said, ‘I must be about My Father’s business.’
“Let go of all businesses; all that causes busyness, and busyness, and busyness.   And even if you own businesses tonight, put them at the foot of the cross.  For My yoke is easy; My business is light.
“I’m going to pour fresh oil on you right now, and I’m going to strengthen your hearts and your weak knees.  I’m going to touch your eyes—where you will see in the spirit like an eagle.  I’m going to touch your ears—that you will feel and sense the whispers of My Spirit.  And I’m going to take your heart, and I’m going to pull every disappointment away that would try to ensnare you, with being disappointed with Me, for many times people get Me confused with My body.  I’ve not come for harm; I’ve come for redemption; for rebuilding; for restoring; for healing.
“Cast your cares upon Me right now, for I’m going to take that oil and I too am going to apply that oil, and it will be the unction of My Spirit.  And then, when man tries to bring something to you, let My seal keep sealed what is about My business.  For it will cause the enemy to run, but it will cause My own to draw near, for it will be the oil of joy, the oil of gladness.
“Turn your back on heaviness.  Understand, heaviness depletes you; joy refills you.  Let the joy of the Lord strengthen you, for in My presence is the fullness of joy.
“I have demanded My people to come into My Presence—not for My necessities, but for their necessities.  For in My presence comes joy, and joy becomes strength, and strength becomes victory; then victory brings forth praise and worship.  And then, it becomes a way of living.  It causes the old things to pass away, for it breaks down strongholds that would rob you of My presence.  Seek My Presence; that My Presence can seek you,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen.


February 24, 2015
I hear the Lord saying, “Call My rain over your household.  Call for the visitation of My Spirit over your households, for the clouds are gathering.  Gather the household in the clouds of My glory, and in that Cloud of Glory there will be protection, for guidance.

“Call the fire into your households, and that fire will warm the hearts that have been wounded and distraught.  Call the rain into your households, for those will simply blend in with the tears of saints that are crying out for more.
“Call in the wind: the wind of forgiveness, and the wind of newness, the wind of building; where all things look fresh.  Call the wind in to dust away the cobwebs in the mind; the cobwebs of the soul of discouragement and despondency.
“Call in the Spirit of Truth to visit, so that truth will be the head, and in truth, decisions will come forth.  And truth will bear good fruit, because truth sets captives free.  For I am calling My own to liberate their households—through prayer, through fasting, through marching on the wall—to where they will be night watchmen.  And they will take that guard, and they will stand with their shields back-to-back, so when the darts come in, there will be no entry place, for the household will have their shields gathered together, guarding one another’s back; guarding one another’s front.
“Be not concerned, but I would say unto you, pick up your shields of faith, and when necessary, cause that shield to go horizontal and let the household come under it.  Let it become a tent meeting place—to where My shield will be that of a tent; to where they will come in to the Tent of Glory, and they will experience Me: My peace, My presence, My truth.
“Be not concerned, was I not able to reach even the one when it wandered away?  Did I not create circumstances, and did I not declare and say, I would leave all and go after one?
“Tonight, cause Me, and call Me forth as the Good Shepherd, for I will begin to move into households to rebuild.  For I will call the flock to come together, and they will be shepherded by the Great Shepherd.  And you will see even those that try to shepherd through the authority of man, they will have the fear of the Lord enter into their hearts.  And I, the Great Shepherd, will show forth My face, and My glory will reign across the earth, and the world will once again see Jesus lifted up as the King of Glory.”
But I would say, “Lift up your shield of faith.  Use that for the roof over your household.  And when the enemy comes in, lift that faith up again, for I promise you, that shield will be more than enough.”  For I say unto you, “I am going over your households and I am sprinkling the Blood of My Son.  And I am marking those who are called by My Name.”

Have I not said, “When you call upon the Lord, your household shall be saved?
“It is a new day My people.  You will rest, and you will see the hand of God create circumstances, to where those who have been wandering to and fro will find truth, and it will come from within.  For I am taking the tombs that need to have the rock rolled away, and I am saying, ‘I am the resurrection.’
“Cause Me to come forth as the resurrected ones in your household, and they in turn will come to see and to tell others, ‘Truly He has risen indeed.’
“And there will be a shaking over your nation, but be not concerned, for you will hear even more, of rumors of wars.  Be not concerned, but understand that I truly will bless this nation, for this is the bedrock of My Word.  And as you plant, in sending My Word forth, I will guard My Word, and it will stand on its own, for it too is alive and active,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.

February 17, 2015
The Lord is saying, “I invite you to come, and be still before Me.  I invite you to come and present yourselves daily—daily before the King of Kings.  And then allow Me to cause you to rise up and be a ‘sent one.’  One who is sent by the Lord; one who is sent to represent, to speak, to listen, to pray, to partake of the Kingdom of God, and decree and declare on the face of the earth.

“My Word shall cover the earth, but My glory also shall cover the earth.  You are earth, and I am your covering.  I cover you with My glory, and I call you to rise up and go from glory to glory in My Son, Christ Jesus.  And as you take on this identity, the identity of My Son; as you take on who you are called to represent, understand what is required: a life of holiness; a life set aside; a life that is called; to live unto Me and to serve Me.
“Present yourself before Me, and I will present Myself to you, for I am with you forever in times of trouble.  I will pick you up, and I will rescue you, and I will redeem.  I will speak to the troubled waters and command them to be still.  I will speak to the cattle on the hill and cause them to come unto you; that you will be fed, and feed those that are hungry.
“Understand: Seek Me first, and I will add unto you all that I put into your heart to desire.  Present your heart to Me.  Let Me place My desires in you.  The first desire is Me above all else, and when you seek Me with your whole heart, you will find Me.  And you will walk through the crowd and there will be a secret just between you and Me—you in love, Me being loved—One in one; hand in hand; and heart in heart; Spirit to spirit; voice to voice; ear to ear.
“Understand, I am causing My own to come apart.  I am causing My own not to be filled with busyness, busyness, for I do not drive you to the marketplace, I guide you; I establish you.
“And now I say, ‘Will you become a sent one?’  That means you must learn to say, ‘No’ to other voices.  That means that you must say, ‘No’ to that which is good, and even appears great, because you have not been commissioned by the Most High God.
“Ask Me for your commission, and then ask Me for My permission.  And then I will send you, anointed, highly presented, and you will become a commissioner sent from on high.  And then other things will pass away and you will understand what it means to have an assignment; to be a ‘sent one;’ to have a destiny that has been fulfilled as only could be fulfilled by the one I created to fulfill it, for I created you for a plan; for a purpose.  A good plan, a good purpose, a destiny.
“You are a people of destiny.  Ask Me to present the destination in front of you, for I would not have you walk on strange roads, but I would have you walk upon the path of righteousness.  And as we come, close-to-close, as we go through the eye, even of a camel, you will understand with Me, ‘All things are possible.’  But first, present yourselves.
“Present your bodies as the living sacrifice.  Be committed to the King of Kings first and foremost, and then watch My commitment begin to flourish all around you, for I am causing some things to come to an end.  But My people, I am opening the window of opportunities, so strong over your heads tonight, that I would say: the new anointing for new call, I would release on you.  Fresh oil I would put upon your head, and I would have it poured through your heart, down unto your feet; out of your hands; to where when you walk, you will spread the oil of healing, and the oil of gladness, and the oil of joy.
“I am looking for a people who will laugh at the plans of the enemy and yet will also laugh in the hand of an Almighty God.  For understand, nothing is too difficult for Me.

Will you present yourselves to Me and allow Me to present My glory to you, again and again and again?
“Seek Me in secret and truly I say unto you, ‘What is done in secret, you will declare it from the rooftops.’  For I say, I am about to move into household after household after household, for My own are lost and confused and abandoned.  They feel so rejected because they have turned their back and they have been pushed out, and they have asked My Spirit to step aside.  I say unto you, ‘I have sent My Spirit to you.  Will you receive Him, and in turn let Him send you out?’  For were they not sent out rejoicing in the goodness of God?  Be a sent saint, commissioned with permission, to show that you represent the commission on earth,” says the Lord your God.

January 27, 2015
The Lord kept saying, “If only My saints understood the river. ‘the river,’ the well of salvation that they can tap into.”
He said, “I’m going to raise you up, to train you to tap into the well of salvation.  The well of salvation is within you.”
“You are My people.  You are My chosen vessels.  You have living water in you—Living Water In You.  Let it flow!  Let it flow, and then when you sing and you let it flow, you are standing under living waters.  For I have said it will come through you, for I have breathed My Spirit within you.
“My Spirit is within you!  Let the breath of My Spirit come forth in song, in worship, in sound, in praise.  And out of that will come healing; out of that will come direction; out of that will come counsel.
“Let My Spirit flow.  For I said to them: ‘Let My people go,’ in Egypt.  Now I say unto you, My people: ‘Let My Spirit flow!’
“Let My Spirit flow.  Bring your agreement.  Be willing vessels.  You are His temple; let the gates of the temple be swung open with worship.  Take off the hinges.  Open the doors.  Open the windows, and let the King of Glory come out of you.  Let the ‘Throne of Grace’ come flow through you.
“Let the ‘River of Life’ bubble out of you, and then swim in that ‘River of Life,’ until life begins to consume death that would rob you.
“Let the life come so you can swim in the life, for I have set life in this room tonight.  You brought the agreement, and you brought life from your spirits, by My Spirit.  Accept life.  Learn the lesson of life, and let My Spirit flow, for this is a dwelling place.  You have declared the sanctuary, the dwelling place.
“Let My Spirit flow.  I agree with your agreement.  When you agree, I will agree, and My Spirit already has sent His agreement.  Now I would say unto you again, ‘Set your faces like flint.’  Be determined within your spirit to let My Spirit flow.  And let My Spirit glow within you, the warmth of healing.  Let Him pour over you, rivers of life.  Let Him bring back visions and dreams.
“Let Him come and refresh My people—pouring over them a baptism of fire and refinement; to where they will walk into the fire of baptism.  But they will come out not burned, but a flame, for they will catch the spark from My Spirit.  They will catch Pentecost.  They will catch the understanding, for I would put a flame over your head this night, and I would say, ‘Let My flame be enlightening to you.  Let My Spirit flow!’

”Eileen’s Prayer:
“Lord, we agree.  We agree.  Lord, we declare.  We set this place aside tonight,

Father.  We dedicate it as a place where the Spirit of the Living God will come and have His way.   He will come and He will not only be welcomed, but He will be able to flow however He chooses to flow.
“Lord, set us free.  Set us free, Lord, inch-by-inch, day-by-day, that we will come into the new depth of understanding of who the Holy Spirit is and how He wants to flow and give life.  He is the Spirit of life.

“Lord, we choose tonight, to reach out and take life and turn our backs on death.  We say no to death, Father, and we say yes to life.  And we say yes: that You have come to give us abundant life.  We take hold of the abundant life in Your Spirit.  And we say, ‘Holy Spirit, welcome, welcome, welcome.
“Use these temples!  Use these temples!  Use these temples!  Fill these temples.  Renew these temples.  Fill them over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, until they spill into the world, to heal the brokenhearted.  To where they can heal the lame; to where they can come forth, Father God, as fire in a dark world, and speak truth with love and kindness.  And Lord, we accept, we accept, we accept, the working of the Spirit.  And we say, ‘Come precious Friend,’ in Jesus’ precious, powerful name.  Amen”

January 13, 2015

I hear the Lord saying, “I am taking My Bride out of negotiating.  I’m calling My own out from where they have had struggles and gained no victories.  I’m going to call them to My feet, and I’m going to download into their spirit instructions, instructions that will bring victory.  And they will come to realize that I am called ‘Victorious One.’
“For I am calling you to become a people of victory, a people who will decree and declare the victory is the Lord’s.  And as you speak this, and as you declare this—whatever is put before you, before your eyes, raised up in your heart, brought forth into your understanding—cast down vain imaginations and lift Me up.  Lift Me up as the ‘Victorious Lord,’ for as I was lifted up, I brought healing to My people.
“I want to bring healing, healing, healing, healing, to My people.  Look not to the left, to the right; look not backwards, but look up, for truly redemption does draw near.
“I am your Redeemer, your Salvation, your Healer, your Deliverer, your Bright and Morning Star.  You have no need to be lost and hiding in the darkness, but come out into the light of the Son of Glory, and be healed in My Presence.  For you cannot escape My Presence, for I go before you and I go after you, and I have set you as a seal on My heart,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

December 16, 2014
The Spirit of the Lord is speaking, “Disappointment has robbed My people of the gift of listening, for they have walked out of My presence disappointed, because it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.  And yet if only they had tarried.
“If you would have tarried longer in My presence; if you would have drawn closer into Me, you would have drawn out of Me: strength, healing, virtue.  You would have sensed and you would have known, spirit-to-spirit, what the Spirit of the Living God wants to do within you.
“I understand the weakness in the outer man falling away.  But I understand, stronger and stronger, will the inner man grow.  And so, the outer man will be wrapped into the inner man, and the two will become one, melted into each other; to where that when they stand, they will no longer stand in the flesh, but I, the King of kings, the Lord of lords will stand-up within them, and command authority, and command answers to prayer, and command that heaven has come down.
“I am seeking ‘Commanders of My Word.’  I am seeking ‘Commanders of My power.’  I am seeking those that will command all to come from the north, south, east, and west; even for the finances of the wicked to fall back into the hands of the righteous.

“Understand, even commanders get weak, get wearisome, but they understand they are called to a journey.  They are called to a destination.
“Understand you are people of destiny, set apart, called, consecrated, anointed.  Yield to My Spirit and He will yield to you.  And you will be refurbished of strength, for you will understand, He has redesigned, redecorated.  He has taken away the old and has placed in the new, and you will know My Spirit has taken over dominion in His temple.
“Yield His temple back to Him.”

December 9, 2014
I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “Yes, and you too are awesome, for you are the reflection of an ‘Awesome God.’  You are made in the image of an ‘Awesome God;’ therefore you are My ‘awesome people.’  And I’m about to break forth on the north, south, east, west.  I’m about to circle My own, all about them, for the Glory of the Lord will be the lifter of your heads.
“Be not concerned of the dark cloud, for yes, I too see it in the distance.  But understand, My Son can break through any dark cloud, for He is called, ‘the Bright and Morning Star.’  So be not concerned of the reports that you hear.
“Do not go seeking to and fro for signs, but present your bodies as living sacrifices; available, Available, Available.  And as you become available, I will make you able.
“I will make you so able, for I will take those who are trying to enable you, and I will bring you out.”  And I will say, “Come and be made able, by an able-making God, for you were created to be presented.  You were created to be lifted up, to rule and reign in high places, with Christ Jesus, My Son.
“Understand who you are.  When I say you are awesome, you are the reflection of an Awesome Maker.  Understand all that concerns you, concerns Me.  Not in part, but all sums, everything, everything, your past, even before you were created.  Your present:  where you are going, where you have come from, and where I am sending you.
“Be not concerned of the clouds that are gathering, for they are merely going to be clapped away by the hands of the angels, for angels will be released, and angels will dance among you.  And angels will join you in worship; angels will prepare the way.  Understand, I am releasing angels of good reports; angels of good news, and that in turn will turn back the bad news.  For you will have ears to hear what the Spirit of God is speaking.  And you will hear the report of the Lord.
“Listen for the report of the Lord, for nothing is too difficult for Me.   And in you I will shine.  I will rise up, and I will cause you to rise up, to carry forth signs and wonders and miracles, because of who you are connected with.
“Understand, I have chosen you, by a divine connection.  For I would say to you, I want the agreement to flow, like an energy—one to another, one to another.  And those who stand between, they in turn will be touched by the agreement that is sent back and forth.  As you cry out Holy, as you cry out ‘Awesome.’
“Be prepared for new, divine, connections, for I am moving My clouds of glory, in alignment.  And those who choose to walk with their eyes cast down; for those who choose to lack and walk back, lingering in anger and bitterness and depression; I will say unto them, ‘Let the Holy Spirit comfort them, where they are.’  For they do not seek My Presence, they seek fellowship with strangers.
“But those who choose to go on, even through the wilderness and out of the wilderness, they will come to find that My Presence will go before them like with Moses, and rest upon them, and then cause them to come out.  But they will be changed from glory to glory.  For as Moses had to veil his face, so will others veil their face, for I am lifting veils, where you will see, the hand of the Lord your God restore favor over His own.
“I have called you this night to impart instruction.  Come forth and reconstruct.  Start again fresh.  Let things die that need to die.  Leave the grave clothes in the tomb, but come forth in the resurrection power of the Glory of the Lamb of God.”

December 2, 2014

The Lord said, “I would long to take you each in My arms, and cradle you and rock you to and fro, until every fear is gone and broken.  For I would gather you under Myself and not even let you walk or toddle, but gather you close, so very, very, close, that fear could not find any landing place in your heart, or your mind, or your body.  For I would cover you with My glory, I would cover you with My holiness, for I would bid you.

“Listen well My people, for there was an invitation to come to the mountaintop.  Some said, ‘Amen.’  So Moses boldly went forth, not knowing what he was walking into, and even to whom he was to see.  But he was willing; he was obedient.  He broke through the fear of man and the fear even that he carried in himself.  But he came off of the mountain with the fear of the Lord deeply grounded and rooted in him; till it was so rooted within him, that when test, after test, after test, came to My people, the fear of the Lord met that test.

“For the fear of the man was left upon that mountaintop, but the fear of the Lord became his guide.  And the fear of the Lord became the very wisdom that caused him to go against all odds.  Moses no longer had his faith in man.  Moses no longer had faith in Moses.  Moses had withdrawn, to be pulled in, deep within Me hidden.

“For even when he came back, his face shown with My face, for My wisdom covered him. That was the veil: the veil of wisdom, the veil of the fear of the Lord.  And where was Moses?  He was behind, and hidden in, the fear of the Lord.

“And the fear of the Lord became the guide, and the fear of the Lord took off all restrictions and limitations, and the law lost its power.  But the power, in the flow of the holiness of the Lord your God, made a way in the wilderness, through the wilderness, even to where it was repeated, time and time again, until even in Joshua’s heart it was planted.

“It was so encompassing over Moses that it encompassed Joshua, and Joshua became the man of war.  Joshua took the battle, for he knew that it was not him that would fight the battle.  For the fear of man was broken, but the fear of the Lord went before him, and word spread about, so that the fear of the Lord made a path where there was no path, and the fear of the Lord kept them safe.  Because even those around, heard of the fear of the Lord, and what He had done to protect His own.

“Would I do less for you, when My Son paid for you?  No, My people!  The fear of the Lord surrounds you this night.  Your battle is My battle, and My fear will bring the victory.  The fear of the Lord and the wisdom of the Lord, I have imparted over you tonight.  I have wrapped you, and blanketed you, with My glory.  Be not quick to leave My Presence, but carry it.  Bundle it, with the wisdom and the fear of the Lord and the fear of man will find no landing place.
“Understand: if I be for you, nothing, and no one, can be against you.  But you must choose this day, who will you fully bow your knee to?  Bow to My holiness bow to the King of Kings.  Wise men bowed to Me when I was yet a babe, Bow, but then stand up with wisdom, knowing that you have encountered a Living God.”

November 25, 2014

I hear the Lord say, “I am calling My people to come into alignment.  You are going to see My body move into the hour of choice.  And it will be not a small choice; it will be a gigantic choice that will shift even the direction of your nation.  It will be a choice that will cause this nation to be ‘Under God;’ to where it will cause this nation to call Me, ‘the LORD.’

“It will first start at My house.  I am going to shake My house into alignment.  And those who refuse to bow down to the submission of My Spirit, who I have sent to align and build up My church; you will see things begin to fall away.

“And in the falling away, you will see room being made in the Inn, and I mean, in the Inn of My Spirit.  Just as there was a place that was made in the Inn for My Son, so there will become a place that will be made as the Inn for My Spirit.

“I say that in My Spirit there will come a strengthening.  There will come a building; there will come an issue of supplies, there will come an alignment, by the light of My Word.  There will come a season of signs and wonder and miracles, but first My Spirit must be in charge.  Is that not what happened in the Book of Acts?  First My Spirit, and then the signs and wonders followed through My own.

“Choose this day who will be your Lord.  Choose this day under what spirit you will walk.  Choose this day under what spirit you will align your allegiance—with your yes and your Amen.

“Invite My Holy Spirit fresh; strong.  Renew the contract tonight, spirit to Spirit, and let Him work out the details.  Let Him come in the alignment of the covenant, through My Blood.  Let Him show you the promises that are in My Blood, so that you can come, and you can come legally, because you are aligned in the spirit of heaven.  And then let all of heaven begin to start to come forth: to bring forth those breakthroughs that you need, to bring forth those finances that you need, to bring forth healing, signs and wonders, but above all else, to bring forth salvation through the cross of My Son.

“Come into alignment with My Spirit; be not lukewarm.  Ask for the fresh fire; carry the fresh fire, for My Spirit is going to be poured out, and it will be a refining fire.  But for My own who have already said, ‘Yes and Amen, it will be a defining fire; one that will define: this is the way, therefore walk in it.

“Come to My Spirit, with My Spirit fellowship one with another, with My Spirit.  Invite Him to be in the midst of you.”

November 4, 2014

As we were singing, ‘I Am The God That Healeth Thee,’ by Don Moen, I heard the Lord say, “Did I heal you at the cross, or did I heal you at the resurrection?  At the cross was death; coming out of the grave was life.

“I am rising up a people who are coming out of the grave, for there’s been dry bones, there’s been broken dreams; disappointments.  It’s been the grave where visions, positions, titles, anointings, so much disappointment, discouragement, fear.  And I would ask you this night to leave it all in the grave.

“Put it in the grave where I was.  Where I was, not where I am, for I am the Lord thy God that healeth thee.  I want to bring My people into a mighty, mighty, mighty, move of healing—where there will be such a wave of healing, that I will win the glory for My own self; by My own self; in My own self; through My own self—to where men will fear and tremble at My name.

“For I am looking for a people hidden within Me, who will be so willing to stay hidden within Me, that they make that their home, their dwelling.  And they will be called ‘sent ones of the Lord,’ but they will be ones who live in the temple of My Spirit, just as My Spirit lives within their temple.

“For I am looking for a co-habitation with My people, but, I am not walking with the dead.  I am walking with the resurrected, and I’m calling My people to let the dead bury the dead.  And I’m causing My people to rise up in the resurrection, for I’ve promised you life abundantly.

“I am not a liar, nor do I tease or torment My own.  For have I not promised I would give you joy unspeakable that would give you strength?  Never, ever, lose the joy of your salvation, but find that salvation in the resurrection.

“Know that through Me you were crucified, and all that needed to die, died.  So that when I called you to come forth, like Lazarus, everything that stunk was taken away; only life was left as a deposit.  That which I had spoken—that My Word had decreed—that I said: ‘Come forth,’ and then I said, ‘unbind him,’ for I say that death cannot co-mingle with life.  That is merely an existence among the dead, but I want a resurrected people who will come back to their first love with a holy passion.

“Passion out of the grave; passion out of the hearts of My own; passion downloaded through My Word; passion in prayer; passion in worship; passion in the things of My Spirit; passion with My Spirit, for He is a passionate Person.  He guards My Kingdom; He is the Overseer and He is passionate about My passion, for He witnesses.  He wants to bring it forth: the revelation knowledge.

“Receive tonight fresh power.  Receive tonight an impartation of My glory.  Receive tonight strength to live, for I have come to take death off of My Bride.  I break the chains of death, and I place the robe of righteousness of life upon you, for I have crowned you with life.

“Be not quick to take away the crown that I have given you, but use it as the son who came home, and receive the King.  The authority of his father—for his father was his father, but he was prodigal.  But he understood ‘kingship,’ he understood that his father had the authority to restore him, and all that was meant to be.

“Call Me King.  Come from the footstool.  Come to the throne of grace.  Let grace and love do the work, and then you in turn, will put feet and hands to My work.

“Be healed by My Spirit.  Be drawn by My Spirit.  Let Me quench the thirst of questions and doubt.  Let Thomas die, but let John live, for he beloved, and you too are My Beloved.  For Thomas grew, and Thomas was transformed, and he went from glory to glory, for My grace is sufficient.

“But let My glory be the lifter of your heads.  Let the King of Glory enter in.  Do not choose grave clothes, but claim the robe of righteousness, for I would fasten the shield of faith over your heart.

“Take up the sword of My Word.  Know that it is alive.  You do not have a weapon of death, but you have a weapon of life.  Use it accordingly, by and through, My Spirit,” says the Lord your God.

October 14, 2014

The Lord keeps giving me this vision, and the vision is a wonderful garden.  And it’s raining all over the garden—thunder and lightning.  But then there’s a pathway that is totally golden.  And He shows me the word that says, “My Word is a lamp unto your feet.”  (Psalm 119:105)

He’s walking ahead of His own, and He’s got a lamp.  And you’re not in the rain, because the Son is causing the rain to clear away.  So when you’re close to the Son, the ‘Son of God,’ the rain starts to fall away.  But His Word starts to lighten the path.  And as you get in that path, you start to get placed, and answers start to come and your prayer life changes.  And you start to see Him in new ways, because the light has been turned on.

He said, “I am calling a people.  A people who will come after Me, regardless of all circumstances.  That no matter what they hear, no matter what they see, they will continue to tarry with Me, and walk deeply beside Me.

“I am calling My own to rise up now; that they too can be the light; that they too can be the sun; that they too can shine, and be that lamp in a dark world.

“Tonight, I would give to each of you, a warm light.  I would pour into your souls, the warmth of My love.  I would pour over your mind, the warmth of the acceptable year of the Lord.  I would pour into your hearts, a determination of intimacy; that all that would try and enter in, to the secret place where you and I will dwell, will be cast down and cast out.

“Tonight I would come unto you as the ‘Lover of your soul’, to restore your soul.  To restore you to what you were called to be, and to restore you to who you are called to be.  For tonight I am stripping you of man’s identity; even that which you have chosen to label yourself; I’m stripping that.  And I’m putting back upon you, ‘Sons and Daughters of the Most High God.  Those highly favored of the Father, those who will enter in to the acceptable year of the Lord.’

“My people speak of Jubilee, and yet they hide in shabbiness.”  I say, “Decree and declare, ‘Jubilee.’  Because I want a people who are free—to be jubilant, and to dance, and worship, and sing, and experience Me—like at the Wedding Feast, when I began the year of miracles.  Dance with Me.  Eat of the Banquet table.

“Let the enemy, let the mockery that he is sending you fall back on his ears.  Pray that I cover your ears this night; where you will be deaf to the mocking of the enemy; where you will be deaf to the lies that are within—that there is no future.  Of course there is a future, because I AM.  And so are you.   And because we are one, we are now, and we are forever.  For I am your future, and you are Mine,” says the Lord your God in Jesus Name.

October 7, 2014

The Lord is waking His Bride up, and if you are tired, He is saying “Rest in My Presence.

I’m opening doors; doors that no man can close—doors of wisdom, doors of counsel, and doors of understanding.  I am opening doors.”

Now I heard Him say, “I’m closing doors—doors of frustration, doors of sorrow, doors of robbery.  I’m closing doors.

“I am calling a people who will be a sent people.  Not a ‘spent’ people, but a ‘sent’ people.  I am going to show you that redemption draws near.  I’m going to show you that I’m a Redeemer, a Redeemer, a Redeemer, a Redeemer.  Claim personal redemption.”

He said, “What the enemy has meant for evil, I am going to turn it into good.  What the enemy has meant for evil, I promise, I will turn it around for good.”

He said, “Some of you are working out a testimony.  But understand, the test will bring forth the victory, because it is just a testimony in the making.”

He said, “I’m assigning angels around you tonight, angels of instruction, angels of construction; constructing a future.  Angels of assignment, angels of messengers are visiting My people.

He said, “Make the devil bow down.    He said, “You do not dare bow down to him.  He is the defeated foe.  You are truly more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.  Wear that understanding well.  Wear that authority well.  Understand you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.  Believe it!  Dwell on it!  Change your name!  Change your understanding, that My Name be glorified,” says the Lord.

September 23, 2014

I heard the Lord talking about our nation, and He showed me the sun beginning to set.  And as the sun was setting, the sky was changing colors and giving off a radiance that He said, was the Bride of Christ with her jewels.  As the Bride was getting brighter and stronger, the authority on the church was coming forth on people who didn’t even understand the philosophy of the ‘Church’ (not religion); people who are hidden in Christ Jesus; the followers of Christ Jesus.

I heard the Lord say, “That’s right, the Son ‘set’ down by the right hand of the Father after He finished His work.”  And when He sat down, the earth went into a transition, because the authority and victory that Jesus won on Calvary started to be downloaded onto the earth.  An outpouring began, and things could not go back to ‘normal’, because the cross had changed everything.  The disciples couldn’t go back under the Law, so they were waiting in the Upper Room not knowing what would be, only that there was ‘something in the wind.’

Then I saw coal being chipped away.  As the dust was removed, diamonds were being exposed, and it was so bright that I had to close my eyes, because it was like the aurora borealis (or Northern Lights) twinkling.  And the Lord said, “It is the Church becoming more and more radiant.  The gifts, the offices, and the anointing, are going to move into a ‘quadruple anointing.’  That happens when the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Bride, all come into agreement.”

Then a Holy awesomeness covered the earth.  And it was like when the Lord was bringing His people out of Egypt.  The ‘Fear of the Lord’ went ahead of them, and the people said, “We’ve heard about you.  We’ve heard about your God, and we’re not going to cause you any trouble, because your God will kill us.”

Then the Bride began to have such a ‘Fear of the Lord,’ that she began moving in the power of the Lord.  She wasn’t fearful of the Lord, but she had taken off the restrictions she had placed on Him, and was seeing a true manifestation of who He really is.  And the ‘soulishness of man’ came into submission, because it says, “The flesh will profit nothing.” (John 6:63)

The ‘Fear of the Lord’ brought forth the ‘Glory of the Lord,’ and the Bride was radiant.  The Lord said, “The whole earth will be filled with the Glory of the Lord.” (Habakkuk 2:14)  And He showed me the ‘Word of God’ coming alive and covering the earth, because the Word is alive and active, and everything was created through the spoken word.

Now everything started to be shaken, but the Bride was standing in such absolute security, that she couldn’t understand why other people were shaking.  But it was because their houses were not in order.  The Bride had only to enjoy the fragrance of the visitation.  She was secure, because she was looking at her Betrothed, and knew that all of heaven was behind her.  It was like when Jesus said, “I can call legions of angels,” (Matthew 26:53) and “My kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:36)

The Bride became so aware of this revelation that she said, “My kingdom is not of this world.”  And she began to walk, act, and know, the world she is truly in.

Now the Glory of the Lord was covering the earth, and the Bride was in this glory.  It was like in the Song of Solomon, the searching had come to an end, and there was rest.  The Bride now had such security and such authority, that she wasn’t backing down.  She was fixing her eyes on the ‘Author and the Finisher’ only.  She had come out of the trials, and the transition was so great, that she was looking back and saying, “Look what You have done.”

And then, the ‘Kingdom of God’ literally came out of her and began to change things in the miraculous.  And it wasn’t hype.  It was because of the agreement between the Bride and the Godhead.  She was so at ease with the love and fellowship of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that those things that previously had her shackled, especially the ‘fear of man’, was broken off, and freedom entered the house.

Now when the sun set, the Son began to rise up, and it was blinding, because the darkness had gotten so dark.  The Bride began to get nervous at the degree of darkness, but it was the darkness that was used to turn the light on.

The Bride had grown tired and fallen asleep while waiting, but now she was like a sleeping giant that was coming awake and delighting herself in the Groom.  The weariness that had been on her was being converted to energy.  She began shaking off things that were insignificant, because every need was met, and she began walking in the authority that she had been downloaded with.  She wasn’t looking for someone to grant her authority, she was moving in it, like in the Book of Acts.  It was a sovereign move of the Godhead.

First her household was shaken into alignment.  They started coming to her for answers, because they were looking for someone to give them a light to see, and she had the candle.

And her eyes were so bright that she began seeing the enemy’s plans, but she was so aware of the magnitude of her God, that she was declaring, “Giant God minus devil!

Then as the rhema started rising, she began moving in such authority that people were provoked by jealousy and wanted what she had.  And America started rising up out of the ashes.

There was such a mixture in our nation that people were confused.  They would look at the nation and say, “This isn’t what it was.”  And it wasn’t the same nation, and it wasn’t the same people.  But those who were the ‘Bride of Christ’ were not the same either.  They had gone through a ‘Mount Transfiguration.’  And as they went through this ‘Mount Transfiguration,’ the saints began to rise up, and the light in them started shining over this nation again.

Then I saw the Lord stand up.  And He took our nation and hugged it, and He said, “Mine!  Mine!  Mine!  And it will remain so, now and forever.”  And He was reclaiming what man had ‘tried’ to take from Him.  But it couldn’t happen, because the devil’s power had been broken.  Deception had been broken, and the Light had risen.

The Word says, “Those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)  He said, “When the eagle was put over this nation, it was symbolic for all time.  It wasn’t a dove with a leaf hanging out of its mouth.  It was an eagle that had come through the storm, riding on the very wind and turbulence of that storm.”

He said, “I own America.  I allowed Columbus to bump into My nation.  It is still the bedrock of My Word.”  And He showed me that the Word in our nation is alive and shaking.  It’s shaking off things that would try and pull us out from under God, but He is about to reverse things in this nation and give it a facelift.  Our faces will be lifted up to behold the cross

If you are going through a rough time, the Lord is challenging you to rise up.  It’s not time to sit down.  It is time to put your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith.  Submit, Surrender, and Commit.  Stop struggling.  He brought us here for an assignment, but we have to shake off the old way of thinking.  It’s time to rise up, get mad, stomp your feet, throw a fit, and take back what the Lord told you!

“Look up, for your redemption draws near.” (Luke 21:28)

September 2, 2014 Part 1

The Lord says, “Continue to practice to be open to My Presence.  For in stillness comes revelation, and revelation brings forth knowledge, and knowledge brings understanding, and understanding brings forth revelation, and revelation brings forth the power, the glory.  Because the more that you come into My Presence, the more you will come to understand whose presence you are in.

“And as you come into My Presence and experience My Presence, you will recognize where My Presence is not.  And you will discern within your spirit: ‘The Presence of the Lord is not in this place.’  And you will discern in your spirit: ‘The Presence of the Lord has taken residence in my heart, in my body, in my mind, in my hands, in my feet.  For I am the temple of the Holy Spirit, and because I am the temple of the Holy Spirit, then I am the residence of the Presence of the Lord.’

“And as the residence of the Presence comes forth—the revelation of whose Presence you are in—then you will go from glory to glory with deeper revelation.  You will become hungrier and hungrier.  You will not become thirstier and thirstier because I have already filled you, but yes, you will become hungry, for you will want to feast upon the fresh manna of My Presence.  For with fresh manna will come, the revelation of who I am.  And as you seek to know who I am, you will find even more and more knowledge of who you are in Me, and My plan, and what you were created for.

“But it is in My Presence that you will come to understand there is the fullness of joy; there is the revelation of fellowship.  Then comes the understanding of intimacy: when you bring to Me your broken heart, your broken dreams, your broken promises.  And you will bring them, and you will submit them, and you will surrender.  And I will lay My hands upon them, and I will speak, ‘Be healed and rise up.’

“And I will call forth your spirit, to come out of the miry clay of disappointment.  And I will cause your mind to come into submission to My Word.  Where revelation knowledge of My Word is, that knowledge will grow, and as it grows, it will pull down the strongholds that hold you back, of misunderstanding who you are, and who others have told you you are.

“You will become unstoppable, because you will begin to move in the internal flow of the Spirit of the Living God.  And you will come to the revelation knowledge: that My Spirit is a flowing Spirit: He hovers, He flows, He lifts up, He heals, He restores.  He comes to those who have a broken heart, and He heals them with My Presence.  He comes to those who have lack, and He becomes the Multiplier, that My Name be glorified.

“He comes to those that are sick in their body, their mind, even in their thought life.  And He comes to the subconscious—to where things that have been buried that are disbeliefs and that are lies, that the world has taught you and told you.  And He will come as the Spirit of Truth and take command of those places.  And He will come forth, and He will come with such power and such truth, that it will break off the strongholds of deception.

“And you will come stronger and stronger and stronger into the season of having your mind renewed, your body renewed, your heart renewed, your vision renewed.  The vision of what I’ve called for you comes to a higher level.  All this will come from My Presence, for I am calling My own to learn to live in My Presence.  And then, wherever you walk, the Presence of the Almighty God is upon you.

“Did not Moses say, ‘I will not go unless You go before Me’?  I would say that unto you. ‘Be afraid to go unless My Presence goes before you.’  But I would say to you, ‘Understand it is far greater, even today, for My Presence is upon you, within you, in front of you, and behind you.  For I surround you with My Presence, and in My Presence will come hope, healing, and the future of the promises of the written Word of God,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen


September 16, 2014 Part 2

The Lord said, “I would invite you, but I would not invite you with an invitation that be written on paper.  But I would write an invitation, and I will write it on your heart, as you have been written and placed in My heart.  For it will be a reminder to you, to come, experience My heart.

“And let My heart come and devour your heart—where you have been rejected with pain, with misunderstanding; where you have been stoned and been forgotten.  You will not be forgotten, but you will begin to have the heartbeat of your Father.  For as Jesus said, ‘I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me’, so I would say unto you, ‘I am in you and you are in Me.’

“Let your heart be captivated fresh.  Let your loyalty be set like flint on your face.  To where you sit so strong, that no man can persuade, you of who you are or who you aren’t, but that it’s settled forever in the eternity, and in the heaven.

“To where you can look into the mirror and you will see My eyes shining back; to where your eyes will become My eyes to a dying world; to where your heart will be so permeated by My love, that you want to captivate other hearts that are broken and torn—not to judge, not to tear, but to encompass them with an all consuming fire of love.

“For I am looking for ‘Rescuers’ who will go on the highways and byways, I am looking for those that will not be found in the churches that are indifferent to my Spirit, but I am looking to those that will carry the fire and the flame of My love, for I weep over a dying world.  I weep over a lost generation that has been lost unto itself.

“Reclaim My kingdom.  Reclaim My creation.  Reclaim those that are lost, that were created for My pleasure.  They were created to be sons and daughters of the Most High God.  They were created for relationship.

“There are no bastards in My kingdom.  There are only those who are blessed and highly favored—who have a Father that wants to own them, who have a Father who wants to bless them, who have a Father that will stand beside them, and put His name upon their heart.  Till they will not be searching for fathers, but they will understand they have been adopted by the Eternal Father, and that I merely used man to create them, but that I am their Father from the beginning and till the end.

“For truly I say unto you, this is not a ‘fatherless generation,’ it is simply a misplaced generation.  That I long to have them placed into My heart—the heart of a Father, carved in the palm of My Son’s hand; loved throughout eternity; signed, sealed and delivered, through the cross.

“Understand, in Me there is no indifference.  There is only commitment for eternity,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen


August 12, 2014, Part 1

I hear the Lord say. “I’m lifting up an army, and there will be a new sound in that army.  You will hear the battle cry, for it has been declared and spoken, ‘He has risen!’  But the new battle cry will declare, and it will say, ‘He has come again!’ ”

“And My own will say, ‘Yes, He has come again.  He has come again, and again, and again, and again, and again.  And I have breakthrough, after breakthrough, after breakthrough, after breakthrough, because He has come through again, and again, and again, and again.’ ”

And He said, “I am lifting up an army that will look for Me, that will have their eyes so fixed upon Me, that they will lock their eyes with My eyes.  And I will merely blink in a direction, and they will say, ‘I must go there, for that is where my Savior is.’  ‘I must go there, for that is where my Savior is tarrying.’  ‘I must go there, for my Savior is visiting there, and I must, by His Spirit, dwell in His Presence.’ ”

He said, “Be not concerned over your hunger.  Be not concerned over your thirst, but know that it is My Spirit creating a new work within you.  For I have said, ‘All who are thirsty, Come.  All who are thirsty; drink of Me, ‘the Well of Salvation.’  Come.  Drink fresh.  Let the water of renewal spill out—spill out upon you, spill into your homes, spill into your communities spill all around you.

“For I would fill you tonight with revival, to where you will be revived in your mind, and your heart, and your eyes, and your ears; to where you will be revived in the strength of My Spirit.  But I say, ‘Are you ready?’

“Are you ready?  Are you ready to line up with My Word?  Are you ready to put ‘Amen’ to what I have spoken?  Are you ready to say, ‘Lord, I will follow You, only open the door’?

“Are you ready?  For I wait upon you, as you have waited upon Me.  But as you have waited upon Me, know I was filling you.  I am filling you to where when I would send you out, you will not return empty, but you will come back rejoicing in the goodness of your God.

“Understand, you are called, you are sent.  You are to be released to do the good things that I have called you to do.  Look not to others.  Listen not to others, but press into My Spirit.  And as you press into Him, He will press you out.  For did I not walk through the crowd?  And I said, ‘It is not yet My time.’

“Understand, I will press you in, and I will press you through the crowd, but it will be a different battle cry.  You will say, ‘It is my time, because truly the King of Kings has

come again, and again, and again.  And because He has come again, and again, and again, the battle cry will be, ‘He has risen!’

“He has answered, ‘Yes,’ and ‘Amen.’  And truly He has proven truth with His Word.  And His Word has proven truth; that ‘He is the King of Kings!’

“Do not be concerned over wars.  Be not concerned over all that you hear, but understand this: ‘I am in control,’ and, ‘the battle is Mine,’ ” says the Lord your God.
August 26, 2014, Part 2

I hear the Lord saying, “I am calling My own unto Myself.  I’m calling them into a secret chamber, where We will go and We will seek out all that is hidden in secret.  And We will bring the light of My Spirit and deposit healing and freedom—to where fear will not find a place to hide, but there will be strength where there has been weakness.  There will be grace where there has been lack.  There will be joy where there has been sorrow.  There will be hope where it has been deferred.  There will be a plan and an assignment deposit where there has been occupancy of vacancy.  There will come forth-new understanding; there will come forth the spirit of revelation.  And as revelation comes, glory-to-glory will follow.  And as glory-to-glory follows, you will come into the understanding of who you are in that glory.  And you will come to understand that where you are, so I am also, for I have chosen, I have called, and I have commanded.  And where My Spirit is, there is freedom,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.  Amen.



July 29, 2014

The Lord said, “Those who are dry and those who are thirsty, I want you to lift up your hands.  I’ve sent the early rain, but I’m on the very edge of sending the later rain, and it will be greater, and it will be more glorious.  And people will encounter My glory in such a magnificent way that there will be no doubt; there will be no unbelief; for they will look like Paul looked: stunned, speechless, confused and wandering.”

“Lift up your hands, and let the rain of My glory come and fill My own temples fresh, new, and strong.

“How I love that you have given Me your bodies.  How I love that you are My temples.

I look at your feet tonight, and I say, ‘How beautiful are the feet of My own.’

“My temple, your feet, the foundation of spreading My gospel.  How beautiful are the feet of My own who spread the good news: ‘Christ died,’  ‘Christ resurrected,’ ‘Christ coming again.’

“How beautiful are the feet of My own who live in obedience and purity and holiness; who come and say, ‘Search me, O Lord, and try me.’

“How beautiful are those who come and present the temple and say, ‘Lord, let my body be a living sacrifice for Your glory.’

“For tonight I would take the keys to the temple, and I would begin to open doors that you have closed away with pain, and fear, and disappointment, and rejection, and even with your own wisdom and lack of wisdom.

“And I would very, very, gently open those doors and pour the healing oil of My Presence.  And as I pour the oil of My Presence, you will experience the healing of My Presence, for truly I have come to heal the broken hearted.  And truly I have come with the good Gospel: God spilling his love on the earth, upon His people.  God spilling His Blood to make a way where His people could enter in too the Holy of Holies, face to face—God’s people experiencing the voice and the presence of a risen Savior; God’s people having fellowship and communion with the Spirit of the Living God.  God’s people being lifted up, healed, delivered, set aside, and called apart, to be poured into, to be poured out upon a dying world.

“Do not limit Me.  Take off the restrictions of your own understanding.  Take off the restrictions of what man has said you must do and you must not do.  Be led by My Spirit into the land of freedom.  For if you obey My Word, you will know what you must do.  If you obey My Word, you will know what you must not do.

“Let My Word become alive.  Let My Word become your guide.  Let My Spirit fill you to such over-flowing peace, that you know, really know, fully know, and understand it is
finished, it is settled, I am the soon coming King—Glorious, Majesty, Risen Savior, Lord, Prince of Peace.

“All that you would declare, all that you would call Me—I am,  and more, for even your language does not contain the words to rightly describe Me.  For how could man explain God?

“The Creator understands His creation, but the creation must wait for the revelation of the Creator.  Know I am a creating God, and I am creating futures, plans, positions, not only for you, but for this nation.

“Be not quick to hand this nation over to the persuasion of another, but stand on My Word—back on the bedrock of My Word.  For My Word is buried in this ground,” says the Lord your God.  “The Word, My written Word, cries out to Me from this ground.  For My own Word will not return empty and void, for I have planted it into the foundation, of this nation it will cry out like My people did in slavery in Egypt.  Did I not answer them in the fullness of time?

“Decree, declare!  Fill this world with My Word, because ‘The Word became flesh and dwelt among you.’  Now take the flesh, and let it become the Word and dwell among you fresh and new,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ Name.  Amen


July 22, 2014

It’s interesting, as we were worshipping, and we were singing, “Majesty,” I heard the Father say, “Let the breath of God renew you.  Let the breath of God refill you.  Let the breath of God move you.

“Let the breath of God breathe back into you what man has taken away.  For I have come that you might have life abundantly.  Might have life, the ‘might’ is the breath of My Spirit—the ‘might’ of My Spirit, the breath of My Spirit.

“Let Me breathe fresh on you tonight.  Let Me come and dispel darkness, discouragement, fear, worry, stress, for I am with you now.  I am behind you, and I am ahead of you.  I will be with you, forever, forever, forever.

“Are you with Me?  Are you aware of who is holding your hand?  Are you aware of who is hovering over you?  Long for My breath too refresh you.

“Let the breath of the Spirit of God rise up in you.  Let the breath of the Spirit of God come through you in worship, in thanksgiving, and praise.

“Let the breath of God renew you.  Let the breath of God go into those situations of sickness and disease and discouragement, and blow away the deposit.  Let Me come and breathe life.

“Let Me roll away the stone.  Let Me take you out of the graves.  Let Me train you to live resurrection.  Let Me raise you up into the knowledge; the knowing beyond—beyond your spirit, in My Spirit, by My Spirit.  For I have called My people and commanded them to wait for My Spirit.  For I knew it would be impossible to walk this out without My Spirit.

“Tonight I would say, ‘Lift your hands up.  Let Me breathe on you.  Let My Breath refresh.  Let My Breath change you from the inside out; for I am not the oppressor, I am the Resurrector.  Let My Resurrection breathe life into you.

“Breathe in the air of My Presence.  Take notice.  Understand.  The Breath of God is life eternal.  You are sealed with that, even as you stand.  You are sealed by My Spirit.  Now let Him break that seal, and refill and seal you, over and over and over, until you are safe and secure in the knowledge that I am with you always,” says the Lord your God, in Jesus’ name.

“Take a deep breath.  Take another breath, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.    Let the breath of God breathe on you.”

July 15, 2014

I hear the Lord say, “As I opened the eyes of the blind man, and as I opened the ears of those who needed to hear, I would release My Spirit tonight, to touch your spirits, and to pull down everything that would cause a deception; where you would not be able to see the real Jesus, the true Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, the Bright and Morning Star.

“Allow Me to open your eyes.  Allow Me to come to your spirits, and to touch your spirits, and heal them, and place the seed of hope, and joy, and expectation, so that you can see Me freely, fresh, for who I am, and not for who you think, or have been told that I am.

“Ask to see Me as I am, for know that I see you as you are.  Do not hide in the shadow, thinking that I do not know where you are.  For did I not know that Mary was in the tomb, in the Garden, waiting, looking, weeping?  Did I not appear to her because her heart was crying out?

“Did I not seek those who sought Me?  Did I not decree and declare to Thomas that I would take his unbelief—where he could not believe, and could not see, and let him see, because I read his heart?

“Know that even tonight, I read your hearts—where you have built walls, pain has been the brick, rejection has been the brick, and abandonment has been the brick.

“Let Me come this night and let My Spirit come and burn a way through the destruction of your life and give you a new plan for construction.  For am I not a carpenter?  Am I not able to build?  Let the King of Kings, the Cornerstone, rebuild what you thought was lost, because My Spirit is a moving Spirit,” says the Lord your God.

July 8, 2014

The Lord said, “As you hear My Psalmist sing, and as you hear My Psalmist declare and decree in the prophetic: ‘I, the Lord thy God, take delight in you.’

“As you heard My Psalmist sing, she declared and she decrees My heart to your heart this night, for I take no delight in you carrying shame.  I delight in bringing over you the Glory of the Lord, the Lifter of your head.

“I would say, ‘Stand up now,’ for I am going to come this night, and I’m going to remove shame from your face.  Shame that man would place upon you and activity would place upon you.

“Let Me remove the veil of shame, for I take no delight in shaming My people, for I did not die so you would be shamed; for I was shamed, that you could claim the victory—the victory of being approved by the love and the blood of a King.

“Understand, I do take delight in you.  And I would say, ‘I want to ‘de-lighten’ you tonight; take the heaviness off of you.  And I want to put upon you the lightness of joy, the lightness of life, the lightness of freedom with My Spirit, the lightness of who you are called to be in Christ Jesus.

“Understand, the enemy would bring shame, and condemnation.  Let go of what was, and make room for the King of Glory to enter in.  For as I’ve opened the door and opened the veil. The King would say, ‘Come.  I bid you to come.  Come boldly to My Throne of Grace.’

“Allow Me to place My hands of healing on your face, to where shame will be melted by My Blood; to where condemnation will be just melted away with My Blood, for I want to melt you, I want to mold you.

“I want to melt you into the glory I died for so I may place it upon you.  I want to mold you with My hand of grace, and the anointing that I would place on you, for what you are called to do.  I will not bring shame, but will bring freedom.  For you will regain a new understanding of who owns you, of who you belong to.

“Lift your heads high.  Shame would say, ‘Cast your eyes down.  You are not worthy.’  But I would say, ‘My Blood is priceless, eternal.  Enter into My gates, boldly.  Boldly!


(EF)  I want you to lift your hands out.  And I see the Lord coming right now, and I see Him washing your hands—to where everything your hand has ever done that did not bring glory to God, He’s washing it with His Blood.  And where death has been spoken, He puts resurrection.

“I see Him taking your other hand, and I see Him placing a ring on your hand.  And I see Him putting a seal that is heaven sent, like a gold coin, that if you were to read it, it would say, ‘He Is Risen!’  Then you would understand that you are no longer the old dead man that belonged to sin and corruption.  Now look at the palm of your hand, and say, ‘He is raised!  And I am in Him, and I too rose from the grave, and I too am seated in Him.’

“In Him—whole, holy, presented to the Father, acceptable in His sight, set aside, called, ordained for good works—for I am of another kingdom, and I must be about my Father’s business also.’

The Father would say, “And I too must be about your business.  I understand the business of my children.  I understand the business of your finances, and families I understand the business of your health, for we are in business together.  For I too dwell in your temple.  For as you dwell in Me, I dwell in you.  Together we are one.

“Understand the ‘oneness’ of My Spirit.  The flesh profits nothing.  My Spirit contains everything.  For He will show you what is to come, and bring to your remembrance all that I have done, so you will reclaim and regain the position in Christ Jesus.”

But He said, “I would ask of you tonight: would you recommit, you realign, and that you would purpose in your heart to no longer be a repeated offender, and would grieve My Spirit.  But understand this you cannot escape My Presence, and where you are, so is My Spirit.  Honor Him.  Guard Him.  Cherish Him, for I sent Him to you as a Gift.  Receive Him well, and He in turn shall serve and reign with you in wellness; that My Name alone be glorified.

“Co-habit the temple.  Understand truth upon truth, upon truth, upon truth.  You truly are the feet and the temple of My Spirit.  So choose to walk in wisdom.  Choose to speak in grace.  Choose to live in love.  And above all else, My peace I give to you, for My peace will lead you,” says the Lord your God.  Amen.




July 1, 2014

I hear the Lord saying, “In all things, ‘Give Thanks!’ ”

And then I see people sitting down at the table with Him, and they negotiate what to thank Him for, and what to withhold thanks for.

And I see Him coming in.  And I see, as He’s sitting down, He’s saying, “Look into My eyes.  Let My eyes penetrate the pain, the unbelief, the fear, the withholding.

“Let My eyes go into your heart and read the desires that are of My will.

“Let My eyes look into your soul and see the scars, from the words of man, from woman, from organization; from the past, from even the present.

“Let My eyes look into your soul and bring healing; with fire in My eyes.  And let My eyes come, and let My eyes stare into your spirit and rekindle a holy zeal, a holy zeal that will cause you to rise up in faith, and believe for what looks impossible.  But know that with Me, I am the God of all possibility.  And know that My hand and My arm—are not too short.  And yes, they can certainly save, heal, deliver, and set free.

“I would speak to you tonight and I would say, ‘Ask me for heaven sent strategy: how to pray for your beloveds, how to pray for My body, My kingdom coming to the earth.

“Ask Me for your assignment, for as you sang and placed your crowns at My feet, know that I came.  And I took those crowns and I placed them back on your heads.  And I decreed over you, sons and daughters of the Most High God, and I released the ‘Crown of Authority.’  I took My very own hand, and I laid it on each head, and I said, ‘Be filled and be fresh and be renewed by My Spirit.’

“I would say, ‘Rise up—the part that is crippled.  Where there’s crippling faith, with pain, with disappointment.  Call this part whole.

“Let My Spirit let you run with the good news.  Let My Spirit sovereignly heal you, deliver you, and set you free.”

“I would say, ‘Rise up in the Name of Jesus!’  Let all crutches be cast down, but rise up in My Name.  And My Name will rise up, for I am about to bring fame to My own Name.

“And you will even hear people come and report, and they will say, ‘Truly in His Name I was healed.’ ”

“Be not afraid of My Name, but use My Name with the authority of the crown that I would place upon you this night,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ Name.  Amen

June 17, 2014

I keep hearing the Holy Spirit saying, “Get ready for the new wind, and in the wind, there will be many, many, facets of packages.  And in those packages will be a download of a quickening of answered prayer, for I have seen the struggles of My people.

Just as I heard the cries of My own in Egypt, so now I hear the cries of My own on the earth.  And I’m going to start to break out, and break loose, over the lives of My people—those who have been cast down, and pressed down, and pushed down—with oppression.

“There is a tilting that is coming right now.  You will even hear people reporting on the new circumstances, even in the weather, where they will say, ‘There’s been a tilting of the wind.  There’s been a tilting of the rain.  There’s been a tilting of the drought.’  You will hear them say, ‘We do not understand.’ ”

And the Lord will say, “You will know that it is My hand that is tilting the evil down and the good to rise up.

“Keep in a place of expectancy.  Seek My face, knowing the goodness in My heart toward you.  Do not come with a heart expecting the wrath of an angry god, or the disappointment of a god who’s disappointed with his people, for I am not disappointed with My people.  I own My own, cherish, and love them.

“I have a victorious Bride in the making.  And if you were to walk in and see a bride being prepared hours before the service; she would not look at the peak of her beauty; as she would when she was presented to her beloved.  You are going to see the bride fine-tuned now, and in this fine-tuning; there will be a quickening of a quick work, for I am bringing My own out of a season of loss.

“Many are going through transfers right now, and the transferring from one place to another place; one position to another position.  Some have been transferred even by their health reasons.  But it’s been My Spirit using what is meant for evil.  Some are being transferred because of financial situations; even in that be not concerned, for I promised you, “the wealth of the wicked has been stored up for the righteous.’

“But, I am about to release My hand of accountability, and those who are watering down My gospel will find that they are about to enter into a desert, because they themselves have chosen not to drink of the Living Water; so they themselves have chosen to become dry.  I want a Bride who is thirsty, so that I, Myself, can have her drink of the Cup of Salvation.  So be not concerned of thirst, but see it as a gift, and a drawing of My Spirit to come to the Well of Salvation.

When you’re in isolation, do not see it as a season of abandonment, but see it as the season of being prepared, behind closed doors, for presentation.  This may not mean a platform in this world, but it will be a platform higher in the heavenlies, for I have promised you in My Word, ‘I am taking My own from glory to glory in Christ Jesus.’

“I would present this to you tonight, and I would say, ‘Are you ready to graduate to a new level of glory?’  In graduation, that which you thought you could hold onto may not make the cut, because I am going to have a glorious Bride.  And even the glory that man would try to put upon you will not mix with heaven sent glory, because heaven sent glory is a holy, pure, glory; paid for by the Blood of My Son.  Remember the price of the Blood of My Son.  Know it is costly, it is priceless, and it is eternal,” says the Lord Your God.

Father, I claim this, in Jesus’ precious, powerful name.  To bring to my remembrance the costly price paid for by Jesus, so I can know all that Jesus paid for with His Blood and death, so I can live like He planned. To bring all glory unto Him amen.

June 10, 2014

I heard the Lord say,

“Be ready My people to be blanketed with My love; to be blanketed fresh with My blood; to be blanketed in the blessedness of the Lord your God.  For I am looking for a people who will be planted by the River of Life, rooted in the River of Life, and out of My people will come with healing in their leaves, and then they become plantings of their Lord.

“Know that, yes, you are in Me, the branches, and the life that I will deposit in you, you then will deposit into withered trees; to those who are dry and say, ‘Lord, where are You?’

“The water that will be drawn up out of the root of their pain, you will merely pump it into the vein of their hopelessness; My hope will be a new deposit in the hearts of My people.

“I am aware of despondency in those that are drawing closer and closer and closer, while waiting upon me.

“Be not afraid of weariness, but see it as a season of wateringness; to where I will water you and water you and water you and water you.  I am training up a militant army that will have been taught well, by the Spirit, how to draw out of the well of salvation.  And when they run, they will carry the Rivers of Life to and fro, but they will also have learned well how to swim upstream, against adversity.  But they will know and recognize the current of My Spirit, and they will learn, and they will recognize, how to flow with the flowing of My Spirit.  And yes, they will swim against, the drowning currents, and find Me as their personal life guard.

“But you will understand, the current from under will cause you to rise up, to walk on the water, with the faith that I have been grooming in you for years.

“For tonight I say to you, ‘Great is your faithfulness.  How pleased and how pleasant is your faithfulness.  I do not come to condemn unbelief, but to kiss faith, for it brings Me great pleasure’,” says the Lord your God, in Jesus’ name.  Amen

June 3, 2014

The Lord would say, “I would pour strength on you tonight.”  I would say, “Those who are faint in their heart, ‘Be of good cheer, for I have overcome all that surrounds you.’  Be of good cheer.  For over and over I said, ‘Fear not for lo, I am with you always, even until the end of time.’

“Draw Me into the situation that is trying to draw you into the valley of fear.  Draw Me in, and as My faith within you rises up, fear will bow down and diminish.

“Let the faith that I have given you, let that gift be opened to a greater degree.  Release the faith that is within you.  Allow Me to take that faith, even that tiny mustard seed, and speak multiplication, for I have not come to judge your unbelief.  I have come this night to celebrate your mustard seed.  I have come tonight to say how pleased I am with your fragrance of praise and of worship; for I know that you came in obedience.  For I know deep in your heart you came and you said, ‘But Lord, when?  When?  When?’

“Call Me in as the One who brings the breakthrough.  Call Me in as the One who holds time in His hand.  Call Me in as the beginning, the Alpha and the Omega.  Call Me in to be the One who stands as the Good Shepherd, and takes His staff and hits the ground, and takes His rod and beats back all that would come to oppose you.
“Let My Word rise up, mixed with faith.  Let praise be the crown that you would send on the wings of an angel back to Me; says the Lord.

“And as you bring forth honor and glory to My Name, I will turn the tide that wants to drown you and rob you of your faith, for I have come tonight as the Multiplier.  I have come to multiply faith, to multiply hope—to take My hand and take your broken hearts, and to hold them in My hands and bring healing and wholeness.

“Command the waves to be still.  Command the storms to cease.  Command the Peace of Understanding to penetrate the situations, to where you are not driven by the storms, but that you stand in the center of peace.  I am going to bring to your understanding revelation knowledge, for I would crown you this night with favor.

“I would celebrate your faith, and celebrate with you, for as you cried out My name, you began to have your eyes opened to the largeness of your Mighty God.
“I want to celebrate you, as you celebrate Me.  Was it not My idea to come to the wedding?  Come to the Wedding of the Lamb.  Seek the wedding.  Seek the groom.  Become the bride, full of authority; knowing who she is on the Wedding Day of the Feast.  Wait not until that day, for have I not spoken in My Word?  Have I not decreed and declared, ‘All power on heaven and earth is given to you’?  Walk in it well.

“Use the authority of My name.  Cease to tremble.  Let the demons flee.  Let the demons tremble.  Practice My name.  Use My name, and watch the game change, because the Player has come in.  And I am not the God who toys with the hearts of His people, but I am the God of Placement.  And for such a time as this, I am lifting up a people who will decree, and who will declare, that Jesus is not only Lord, but that they will say also in one accord, ‘It is Finished it is Written.’ ” Thus says the Lord your God.

May 27, 2014

* This was the song that we sang before the Lord gave the Word.
“Awesome In This Place”
Lyrics by Dave Billingham
As I come into Your presence
Past the gates of praise
Into Your sanctuary
‘Til we’re standing face to face
I look upon Your countenance
I see the fullness of Your grace
And I can only bow down and say
You are awesome in this place Mighty God
You are awesome in this place Abba Father
You are worthy of all praise
To You our lives we raise
You are awesome in this place Mighty God

I heard the Lord say, “Get ready for Me to bring you new understanding of the knowledge, “I am awesome in this place.”  For My Spirit would desire that you would call out, you would decree that, you would claim, and then revelation will come; with knowledge.  And then with knowledge will come, understanding after understanding will be manifestation, because you will mix that with faith, hope and love. I long for you to understand more fully.

“Understand how awesome I am in your place, and know that wherever you go so do I.

You place Me.  And wherever I lead you, I go before you, and I go behind you.

“Know that you cannot escape My Presence, but you carry My Presence.  Ask for knowledge of this revelation, for I want you not only transformed, but I want you to be performing the good works that I have set before you, and it will be through the power of the gospel coming through you.  And as you let the power of the gospel come through you, then you will be the gospel spilling out.  Good news spilled, for it will come spilling out of you, for it has been placed in you, not only for yourself, but for others.

“Ask for revelation, for I cry back to you ‘Give Me a platform for manifestation, for I choose to declare My own glory.’  And in this, a hungry, dying world will come to the revelation that not only am I alive and well, but that they are Mine, and I too long to be theirs,” says the Lord your God.

 May 13, 2014
I keep hearing the Lord say the same thing, over and over again.

“If only you understood how I long to have you grounded and rooted in My love.  If you knew that you were so grounded and rooted in My love, that when the enemy comes as the accuser of Me, and as the accuser of circumstances, and as the accuser of things in your own life, and as the accuser of you and of others, you would declare, ‘I am in Holy ground, therefore, he can not enter in legally.’

For the Lord would say, “Tonight, I would give to you the knowledge of the authority I have released over you.  Some of you will come into new depths of understanding, to where you will know, you will believe, and you too will become a people who will declare and say, ‘It is written.’  And when you declare, and you say, over and over, ‘It is written,’ you are declaring My Word, and I am My Word, and We are one.

“And as you take hold of My Word, and you cause the enemy to back out and bow down, and break the assignment, you will come to exalt My Word even stronger.  For you will know, I am as great as My Word, and My Word is as great as the great I AM, for We are One and the same, for I am the Word that became the flesh, and walked among you.

“Let My Word come and walk with you.  Let My Word come and walk in you.  Let My Word rise up out of you; then mountains well be cast into the sea.  For I am looking for a people who will say, and will declare, ‘It is written.’  ‘It is written.’  ‘It is written.’  ‘It is written.’

“I am looking for a people who will overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb, and the word of their testimony, when they too become a people of, ‘It is written.

“Tonight, I will write on your hearts: Strong, Fresh, a Love for My Word, a Knowledge of My Word, a Power of My Word over you.

“Let My Word devour what ever is trying to devour you, for I’ll wrap you in My Word.  I’ll take you and wrap you fresh—fresh to My Word, hot manna from heaven—where when the enemy comes, or when you yourself become your own worst enemy, you will go to My Word.  And you will let My Word come, and you will let it reign, and rule, and be established.

“For My yoke truly is not heavy.  It is easy.  But it will only be found easy with the anointing in My Word.  For when it is not in My Word, and it is not in the anointing, then it is of the soulish of man, and the flesh of man, and it becomes the law, and it becomes heavy.  And it becomes a taskmaster that deposits guilt, and shame, and imprisonment.

“But when you come—and let My Word captivate your mind, and captivate your heart, and captivate your flesh, and circumstances, and your household, and your finances—Decree and declare My Word, and then watch Me stand and perform My Word.

“For tonight I would say unto you, ‘It was spoken, and then it was written.’  And once again I say unto you, ‘You must speak it, “For it is written,” ’ and together we shall start strong, fresh, new.  And you will come to be known as My overcomers by My blood and the word of your testimony,” says the Lord your God in Jesus precious, powerful, name.

April 22, 2014
Part 1

I hear the Lord Say, “I have called you, and I’m calling My vessels, those that are even empty. I am calling them to come and drink of My Spirit; to come to be filled fresh; strong.
“For My wind will blow away the staleness, the familiar, the comfortable, but it will blow in a new thing. You will even find My own scratching their head, wondering, ‘is this, that?’
“You will know it by My peace that will be in the midst of it. You will know it by the instructions of truth from My Word that will establish it. You will know it by the presence of My Spirit that will hover and instill it; write it on your hearts. You will know it by the quickening of My Spirit to your spirit; for truth cries out to truth, just as deep cries out to deep.
“For there is a cry of My people, and it is ‘Lord, we are thirsty.’
“And I would say: ‘Come. Come. Come,’ for I am here, but you must choose to come.
For I have given you the river of life already. Now I would say, ‘Will you drink from the cup of salvation? Will you swim in the river of My glory? Will you bathe in the river of My cleansing stream?
“Will you allow My water to over rule your thinking, and wash away unclean thoughts, negative thoughts; thoughts of anger, rage, disappointment and fear? Will you allow My water to come, and to take down all that would cause your thoughts to come against My highest plan for you? For I am a pure and Holy God, and I am wanting a pure and holy people; filled, spilling over, with the river of God.
“Come. Do not despise thirst, but come, for thirst is a calling card of My Spirit to come.
“Come. Be not content to linger and wander in the desert of brokenness and disappointment, but set your face like flint, and come to the river. For I will part the Red Sea for you too, for the Blood of My Son has already won all that concerns you, but you must come.”

May 6, 2014
Part 2
And I hear the Lord saying to you back, as we worshp.
“My people, how pleasant it is to dwell in the praises of My beloved. For as you sing, even out of pain, even out of fear, even out of joy, weakness and strength, it touches My heart. For I long to commune, and to fellowship with who are My own.
“I bid you to press through the thorns. I bid you to press through the fires of the enemy. And know that I will come, just like I did for My own, and open the Red Sea.
“Yes, I call it the ‘Red Sea’, because My Son’s blood was red. And when you cross through My ‘Red Sea’, you will see what My Son has done. And you will say, ‘truly, the Lord—the King of Kings—Jesus Christ, has parted my Red Sea.’
“You will understand, only the enemy was swallowed up. I am the same ‘Living God’ who parts the Seas of today, yesterday and tomorrow.
“Let Me part all that is contentions against you. And let Me come and fight your battle. Invite Me in, as the Man of War. Allow Me to bring My battle-ax. And let Me go forth and bring up to the top, truth; that you can rest on the truth of My Word.
“Trust in My goodness, fresh tonight. Trust in My faithfulness tonight. For as you sang out, to be used for My glory, I say back to you, I too long to be used for your glory. For you alone are My glory, for have I not decreed, and have I not declared, ‘The glory of the Lord is the lifter of your heads.’ And there is no turning of darkness, but there is a turning away of darkness.
“Let Me come, ‘The King of Glory’, and turn situations of impossibility, the miraculous, for ‘The King of Glory’ has entered in,” says the Lord of lords.

April 15, 2014

“It’s the cross, and it’s on fire.”
And the Lord said, “When the cross is working, it burns up the flesh. When the cross is alive, it burns up the flesh. When the cross is allowed to do what it was told to do, it burns up the flesh—dreams of the flesh, ambitions of the flesh—all of the flesh.
“All of the flesh it consumes. It consumed man’s flesh beyond recognition, and so it is with My own. It is consuming the flesh beyond recognition. So when the Father looks down, He sees the reflection of His Son, and then there becomes recognition.
“Let the cross have its work. Let the grave contain what is causing death, but let the Spirit quicken what is life.
“Let the cross have its work. It is only used to let the spirit and become purified.
“Thank Me for the cross; for the work of the cross. For you are a people of My cross, and in turn, I am not cross with My people. For I carry your cross, as you are marked by My cross.
“Cast not away the blood of Jesus. Let the blood consume. Let the blood be the fuel for the fire of the cross.
“Let the Spirit of the Living God consume the flesh, so that in My Spirit you will live and move and have your being, but first there must be the working of the cross.
“And as My cross becomes your cross, know I too have hidden you in My cross. For your cross is within My cross, and the enemy cannot beat you with your cross when you bow down and let the working of My cross take precedence.
“Feel My cross. Feel My blood. It is real. It is truth. I am alive, forevermore, and so are you. Your spirit is eternal. Let your spirit be free to mature through the working of the cross. For yes, there is death, but more importantly, there is the life of the cross.
“Let My cross consume you. Let My grave clothes transform you. Let My robes of righteousness transfuse you, through the blood of the cross,” says the Lord your God, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

April 8, 2014
I hear the Father say, “I am looking for a child.”
“I am looking for children who will bring the agreement. And the child I am looking for is a child who is innocent and pure. A child who believes, because they know from experience: of the faithfulness and the safety that has been represented in the love of a Father.
I am looking for children who will come and sing praise to their heavenly Father. And as they recognize their heavenly Father, they will find that their heavenly Father has brought recognition to them. For have I not said in My Word, ‘That if you declare Me before man, I will declare you before My Father who is in heaven.’
“Tonight I took you to a place, to reposition you; to open your mind, and open your eyes, and open your ears, and open your understanding; to take you out of the land of snares, and traps.
“For I am coming tonight, Myself, with a shovel in My hand, and I am filling the graves of broken dreams, broken promises, broken relationships—those who have been raped in their mind, their bodies, and their spirit; to where they have felt shame, humiliation; to where they have had the pain of others for their grave clothes.
“I will not have My own wrapped in death. For I want My own to be wrapped in My ‘Robes of Righteousness’ that bore life and that come with life that present life; that represent life.
“For I want My own to become a people fully alive and equipped. For I want My people to be strong in body, mind, will, and determination. But first, you must turn around, and turn back with choices. You must turn around with your eyes and say, ‘I cannot look there.’ You must turn around and plug your ears, and say, ‘I will not be a part of that, for it will grieve the Spirit of God in me. But instead I will become a planting of life with the very mouth that I will use to worship.’
“I am going to put the seed of hope into your hearts tonight. So hope will rise up and take root. And in that will become branches, and they will become other ‘hope seeds’ that will plant in the hearts of other people. For I am looking for a ‘hopeful’ people, and I, Myself, will create a hope among My own people. Just as faith is a gift of God, so is hope, a gift from God.
“Tonight, I have come as the King of Hope. And I would ask you to come forth as children—to let the King of Glory, with hope in His hand and hope in His heart; breathe hope into the hopelessness, and then to release it to Me.
“Give Me the keys. I do hold the keys to hell, death, and the grave, in that I hold the keys to brokenness, to the ending of pain. I also want to place you in a position of a receiver of My life, for I am looking for a people who are weak, and yet are pure in heart. For in your weakness, My strength will become stronger.
“Try not to get weak in the flesh of yourself. In fact, know the arm of flesh, whether it is yours or that of another, merely blocks the mighty arm of valor of your King. For I too honor man’s free will. I ask you too recognize that. You to must recognize man’s free will—you must let man, woman, child, or situations—choice stand. Do not carry the responsibility, for it makes you weary and downtrodden.
“I want to lie upon you, My robes of righteousness, My vision, My relationship. I am pulling you out of places that would cause death. And I am pulling you inside of Myself, where you will live, and move, and have your being. You learn this, you will come to know you are my Beloved, created, and dwelling in the hand of a mighty God,” says the Lord your God.

March 18, 2014
I hear the Lord say: “Command those doors to open that have been closed.” Because some of you, literally, have been promised by the Word, by prophetic, by desire of your heart, and those doors just stay closed.” (And I see relationships that have just faltered with disappointment, and it left you confused and spinning.)

And I hear the Lord saying, “I am the Lord thy God that healeth thee. I am the Lord who has come for the brokenhearted. For I desire that they draw near to Me in spirit and in truth. Know as they draw near to Me in spirit and in truth, then My Spirit of Truth will confirm, and will remove, and let captives go free.”
Now I see the Lord coming, and it’s interesting, because I see Him handing some of you erasers. And you’re looking at this blackboard of dreams and promises, and the chalk is faded, and so has been the hope. Now He puts His arm around you, and says, “You erase what causes pain, and let Me write down, with the new chalk of My anointing, what will cause you to begin to gain—gain hope, gain position.” (Because, I see tops that are spinning out of control and it is His people whose lives are out of control.)
Now I hear the Lord say, “But I am the Master of the universe, and nothing is too difficult for Me.” So I see Him laying His hand upon these tops and saying, “Be still and know that I am God.”
And then I hear Him singing over you tonight and saying, “Let My peace resonate so strong into your soul that clarification comes, and confusion must leave. For decisions that are made on the bed of confusion, only bring confusion; wherever it lands. And decisions that are made on the bed of rest and peace are made with a deposit of peace attached to them.
“Be prepared for new visions, for there are going to be new visions that come across this whole world. And be prepared for a shaking that is coming. For there is going to be a shaking, with a ripple effect, that will come across even your nation. But understand, I have made you the plantings of the Lord, rooted deep, founded on My Word. Shaken, but not broken; but placed, positioned; and in proportion to your faith, to do what I have call you to do. So do not be concerned.”
For He brings me this Scripture in the Word of God where it says,

Matthew 24:6
And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all[a] these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet

“And don’t go chasing things when you hear of rumors of wars.” For He said, “Let the wars go. I can come as the Man of War and stop wars, but I’m going to come as the Prince of Peace to you tonight, and stop the warring in your soul, and the warring in your spirit. And even the war in your bodies, to where things are out of balance. For, I am not a God who plays ‘tug of war’, nor dangles a carrot in front of the bride. But I am the King of Kings who positions His bride to wear the crown of My glory, with dignity and honor and respect.
“So be not concerned with the shaking. In fact, know that the shaking will be a quaking, and a waking up of My Spirit in the lives of My people that have fallen asleep. And who’s been lured to sleep.” (And I see them, literally sleeping, not even aware of the hour of His return, and not even aware of the hour of where they are in their life.)
“Know that I am ‘the Man of the Hour,’ and that you will be a people prepared; instant with My Word. And you will be a people set aside—hidden in the palm of My hand.
“And My bride will have a battle cry. And it will not be fearful. It will be one that says, ‘The King of Glory has entered in.’
“Know that I’m about to download such knowledge of My glory, and such rhema of My glory, that to the world, it will even become more foolish. But to My own who have been waiting in a famine, it will become the food of life.
“For I am going to come for a plump bride, plump, to where she will be literally pumped up with My power—positioned, radiant, complete. She will not have terror. She will not have fear, but she will have the final word, by My Spirit, and be wrapped in My glory.
“Understand what it means to rule and reign in Christ Jesus, for this will be done by My Spirit,” says the Lord your God in Jesus’ Name.

February 18, 2014
I heard the Lord Say, “Come to Me and present your bodies.  Ask Me for a new beginning, for I am called ‘the Alpha and the Omega,’ ‘the Beginning and the End.’

“Ask Me to start new beginnings where things have come and closed down; where My Spirit has been cast aside, and man has chosen: the flesh or the soul.
“I would ask that you would reach out by your hand, and you would grip the hand of My Spirit, and you would embrace the hand of My Spirit.  And you would let My Spirit hover over you in the temple; so He can dwell in the temple, and He can also move throughout the temple, freely, unhindered.  To where He can flow into circulation, where He can flow into nerves, where He can flow into joints, where He can flow into muscles, where He can flow against any tide of disease.
“Present your bodies.  Swim with My Spirit, and let My Spirit swim within you.  And as He swims, He will go deep and find what needs to be brought to the top and healed, and what needs to die and go down.  He will declare what needs to die and wither and be cast out.  Now swim with My Spirit, and in doing so; wave after wave, after wave, of healing will consume your body, to renew you, to restore you.
“Call the moving of My Spirit into your households, for I long to see My families restored.  I long to see the identity of those I created, reborn and reconnected.
“You place the seed within them by My Word spoken in prayer.  Let My Spirit water My Word, and as this seed is watered, you will come to understand, ‘Nothing is too difficult for Me,’ for some seeds must die, but then some plants grow, and then healing grows.  And then creativity of identity—of which they were called to be—grows and rises up within them, and causes them to be who I have called them to be.
“Cancel what man has said.  Place upon them what I have called them to be,” says the Lord your God, in Jesus’ precious name.  Amen

February 11, 2014
I heard the Lord say, “Open your hands.  Present your hands to Me this night that I may fill them with good gifts, for I do not offer you a snake, a scorpion, or a rock.
   I have sent you My Holy Spirit, to adopt you, to envelope you and wrap you, to cover you, to empower you, to comfort you, to teach you, to instruct you, to guide you.

“I have not left you as an orphan, even though those upon the earth would abandon you.  Even if your own mother and father would abandon you, I would never, ever, forsake you, for I have sealed you in My heart.  And I have sent My Spirit to seal your heart.
“Come with a hungry heart.  Come with a pure heart.  Come with no motive and no ambition of the flesh, but come to present your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and sanctified; set apart.
“Allow Me to bring you revelation of Christ Jesus in you, your hope of glory.  Your hope of glory, for that very glory will be the lifter of your head, and it is wrapped in hope.
“For hopelessness brings: sickness, disease, a downcast heart, eyes that are weeping, voices that are weak.  Hope builds.  Hope presents itself as life.  Hope makes possible the impossible. Hope presents you onto a different level, and places you in the arena of faith.
“Hope is your friend.  Hope would wrap you—your dreams, the promises, the purpose and the strategy you were created for—wrapped in hope.  Christ Jesus, your hope of glory.  Allow Me to place hope in your hearts this night.   “How sorrowful it would be, to look into a future with only hopelessness before you; defeated before even on the field.  No hope. “But I would present to you tonight, the hope of glory, the King of kings. That where hope that would put you back on the track, and will begin to bind up the brokenhearted, and set captives free, and proclaim liberty to those that are so lost.  “For I have come to give you a good news, a good gospel; the goodness of God upon My people; the goodness of God in the living with you.
 “Claim My goodness.  Claim the goodness of God; God in hope, God in goodness and ‘God-ness’ in you; to lift you up, to hope.
   “For you are not a ‘Godless’ people, but you are a people of a God who would place hope in you, to where whatever trouble comes and knocks, you would run to Me, and understand, that I understand.  Even though others may not, I understand.  Even before one word crosses your lips, I know your mind.  I know your heart.  I know your thoughts, and I also know My plans—good plans for a future and a hope,” says the Lord your God.

January 28, 2014
The Lord said, “Be aware, for the enemy would come with distraction, after distraction, after distraction, and only to deposit subtraction—subtraction from who I am. From whom you are, subtraction of strength, faith and, to rob you, and deposit within you despondency and numbness. Put you in a sense of shock, and an aftershock, and for longing, not knowing which way to go—to the left or to the right.
But I am not a God who died for His people, and abandoned them. I am with you forever. I’ve said, ‘forever.’
“In times of trouble, call in My Presence, for where you are, My Presence is. Do you not understand ‘The Hope of Glory’ that is within you? Do not look exterior. Do not look outward. Don’t look around. Look in. Let My Presence, let My strength, roll out of you.
“Be carriers of praise and thanksgiving. Be carriers of: ‘Amen’, ‘So Be It’, ‘It is Written’. Be carriers of ‘Command’; that command My Word to be alive and active, where it’s dormant and dead.
“Take up your position for the King of Glory longs to come in and walk among you. But will you recognize Him? How will you recognize Him? What if you’re asleep in your spirit? Wake up! Wake up!
“Let the shaking that you’re going through, become the shaking of the breakthrough. Be not shook for any reason, but be shook awake: to make a stand. And then the enemy will tremble and flee. But first, you must shake.
“Shake off the negative words. Let them drop off of you. Do not let him live in the darkness of your words. Do not cover him with words of unbelief, for he hides and brings torment, with fear, and aggravation, and regret, and remorse.
“Expose him, by the light of My Word and My Presence. You are My mouthpieces. But how can you speak what I tell you to speak, unless you have come with praise and thanksgiving, and receive that which I would give to you.
“Ponder this well, for this is the key and the secret to the kingdom. Let My Holy Spirit quicken this to you. Let this be a foundation, a cornerstone, for you are the temple. My presence dwells in your temples.
“Claim My ever-filling. Claim My ever-presence. Claim and remember the days of old, of My faithfulness.
“Allow time for me to come and rebuild what the enemy has come to destroy. Know that I am a gather, and it takes time to gather. Know that I am a multiplier, but it takes time to multiply. But will you be willing?
“Uncover the enemy with praise and thanksgiving, for he comes under the umbrella of murmuring against Me. For is he not called the ‘Accuser of the Brethren?’ He accuses, and accuses, and accuses, until you stand with your heads down, as one who’s been accused and condemned. That is not for My people. My people are resurrected. My people are strong. My people are called to arise, and to shine. My people are not called to hide in the darkness, but My people are called ‘the light’.
“You are living epistles. If only My people would become living epistles. No man would even need to read My Word, but they would look at My own and see My Word lived.
“Will you be My people—alive in My Word and My Word alive in you? Do not take this lightly. For I have called a few here this night. I have given them the keys to a kingdom. Apply this. I await your reply.
“Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, but not unto death; but unto life, for I have not called you to suffer. For the fruit of longsuffering is produced just being in the world.
But I’ve called a people to be joyful, so that they will be strong, and do great exploits, in My name.
“Shake off the darkness. Shake off the negative agreement. Tell the enemy, ‘No, get behind you.’
“Do not hide behind him, with murmuring and accusing, one to another, for My Spirit grieves in murmuring, for He is truly connected with the Father, and with Me.
“We have connected you with Us. We have sealed you. You are sealed by My Spirit. Do not take that lightly. Own it. Live in it. And let My Word do what it was sent to do—set captives free,” says the Lord your God.

January 21, 2014
Understand that you truly were created for My pleasure. And those days when you say, ‘Lord, nothing’s going right.’ Smile inside and know this truth, you were created for your pleasure, in spite of anything, find comfort in knowing your purpose.
“The Spirit within me is saying:
“Because sometimes when things are going a different direction, we have to know that is our identity; that is our purpose. Our purpose isn’t what we’re called to do; our purpose is relationship—to fellowship with the Living God.
“We were created to fellowship with Him, and that is so to be intimate, that wherever we are, we feel His breath, His hand, His pleasure. We feel the brush of angel’s wings. We’re so aware of Him, that that’s why we go some places, and that’s why we don’t go other places, because we’re aware that He would not be comfortable there, and it would not bring Him pleasure.”)
And I hear the Lord say, “Many, many, times, you face choices. In fact, everyday you face hundreds of choices—choice, after choice, after choice. And with each choice, just as with each step, it could draw you closer to Me, or away from Me. For the enemy would come and sow seeds of doubt, unbelief. He would put work, after work, after work—of failure, of discouragement, of disappointment—to where you begin to say, ‘Where are You?’ ”
He said, “I would say back to you, ‘Where are you?’ Is that not what I said to Adam and Eve? Where are you?
“Where are you with Me this night? Are you in the fold of My arms?
Are you where My hand can rest upon your head, and give you right thinking and right understanding? Are you so close that I need only to whisper, and you feel My breath, and know exactly what I am sending you to do, and the message I will send you to carry?
“Let the distance cause you to come closer and closer and closer. Learn to run into My arms. Learn to acknowledge My Presence, in every hour of the day, until you become so aware that you too cannot escape My Presence; just like David. Because if you too were locked in the pits of hell, I would come and get you, for you are My property.
“You were created by a Creator who wanted you. Perhaps the circumstances of your birth were not the highest on this earth, but I promise you, on My side there was dancing. There was rejoicing, for another one—another one of us—We could love. Part of our family had come to the earth, made in the image of God, for fellowship, for identity.
“Know that you were created for a purpose. And after you know that purpose, then begin to pray. Seek My face for strategy; for what were you placed on the earth for? And know that you too must come to the point in your life, that man cannot persuade you to take a left, or a right, to stop or to run. But you too will have a song in your heart, and that song will be the same song that I sang. ‘I must be about My Father’s business. I only do what the Father shows Me. But you must be very close, to see when I direct you, when I whisper, when I nudge, when I restrain you, and I say, ‘Wait. Rest.’
“Be not concerned about pride, of always being right. But be more concerned about becoming righteous in My sight, because you serve, and you dwell in the presence of an Everlasting, Righteous, Lord, your God. Seek righteousness. Seek first the Kingdom of God and My righteousness, and everything will be added unto you,” says the Lord your God.

January 14, 2014
I hear the Lord, and He has His hands extended out tonight. And it’s interesting, in one hand He holds the wind, and in the other hand, He has the fire.
And He says, “Choose this night, where you would command My hand, for I will burn away the dross—which is the grief, the regret, the sorrow, and the pain, in the lives of My own. And it is the sin, the disappointment, the rejection—all that would cause him to stumble. But then call forth My wind, that it can blow away the residue, and leave space for what I would put in that area.
“Call My wind to come into your spirit. For yes, wind and fire, they can work together. They can spread forth, and they together can come and destroy disease. But they can also come together, and they can destroy what is good, and what is evil. So be careful what you pray for.
“Pray for My highest. Pray for My kingdom’s sake, not for that of your own. For when you pray, and you declare My kingdom come, you are asking for My fire, and My wind to be activated. For you are asking in My name, that My Father’s name be glorified.
“I would say again, ‘Which do you desire, the wind or the fire?’ Call them to come together. Command them to be still, where they need to be still.
“Command the fire that would spread pain and gossip, and destroy—command that to stop. Command the wildfires to be cast into the sea. But command the fire to bring warmth, to heal, to restore, to refine, to come forth and prepare a bride who is shiny and alive.
“Call My wind to come in, and to lift My bride up out of the murky clay, and to lift My bride’s gown up, to where she can fly into high places and that the veil will come away from her face, to where she will feel the breeze of the touch of My hand upon her face.
“Command this, this night,” says the Lord your God, “and then present yourself available. For in Me, and through Me, all things are possible. But remember first, seek My kingdom, and then everything will be added unto you. And when you seek My kingdom, seek My face.
“I saw your hearts tonight. I saw the troubles. I saw the disappointment. I saw where you were choosing to come in, and you would try, and you would try, and you would try. And yet part of you lingering outside of the gates, because you did not want to be disappointed one more time.
“Leave disappointment outside the gate. Come boldly to My throne of grace, and let My grace be placed upon you, and let My grace be sufficient to carry you.
“I’ve not come to judge you. I’ve come to train you, to raise you up; that you would be Me upon the face of the earth. For you truly are My living epistles. Let Me use your hands, feet, and your mouth.
“Understand the responsibility that you carry. The enemy would come, and he would try to put a barricade, and have you barricade yourself away from My Presence, and from one another. But I would say, ‘Let grace be the door that opens the way.’ For when you come in grace, and you bestow grace upon others, then grace will let the impossible become possible.
“For you will love, you will laugh, you will learn, and you will learn to rise up on the wings of an eagle. But it must first be done through My grace,” says the Lord your God.
January 8, 2014
The Lord says, “This is the year where I am going to open doors. Some will be doors expected; that have been pounded on for years. Others will be doors that will have upon them a tag that reads, ‘The unexpected.’ ”
“But,” He said, “My people have been in a holding pattern. They have been in a valley of just trying to decide—to go to the left, to the right, to go forward, or go backwards. Some have even sat down, because they knew not the way to go. But, it is not going to be that way this year. There’s going to be an acceleration of moving with My Spirit. For those who would draw in and come alongside, they will see Him start to pull things into order around them.
“Be not dismayed when those who you have put your trust in, and your faith in, that they too slow down, because if it has been of the flesh—I am going to open the eyes of those who have been operating in the flesh, because I’m going to accelerate them in My Spirit.
For I am going to take My bride, and she will be a soaring bride. She will soar up on the wings of an eagle, but she will also be in the peace of the gentleness of the Spirit.
“For there will be a sweetness this year in My Spirit,” says the Lord. “There will be a sweetness of fellowship; a sweetness of beloved holding on to the Beloved. But it will not be with fingers that are simply crimping on for life, but it will be hand in hand, eye upon eye. A gazing of the eyes of acknowledgement; reading hearts—you My heart, Me, your heart.
“For it will be a year of intimacy, where I’m going to call My Bride into Myself, for the veil is going to be lifted, and she will start to experience the kisses of answered prayers that I, the Lord her God, will bestow upon her. But this is not without condition, for have I not said, ‘I want a pure, holy bride; set aside.’
“I am not going to come and pull, and pull, upon the bridesmaids, and give forth engagement rings lightly. But I’m going to be bringing forth the rings of ‘Authority of the Bride.’ And when I place it upon her finger, I will show her the power I have bestowed on the bride—My bride, My beloved.
“For I am going to bring My people into the sweetness of My intimacy, for the winter is gone past, and you will know that. For things that have put chills of unanswered prayers and isolation; I will take those blankets off of you, and instead I will wrap you in the warmth of My love. And there will come a re-knitting together—of heart to heart, hand in hand.
“For you are about to start to understand what it means to dance with My Spirit, for He will show you how to dance to a new step. It will be the step of ‘Bringing down My Kingdom’, when others have gotten disheartened and have pulled themselves away from Me.
“I am going to cause those who have been clinging to Me, to feel that I am clinging to them also. Know that I am drawing My bride closer and closer and closer.
“And know that I am taking weapons out of the arsenal of the enemy. Where he is coming with ignorance and with persuasion, I am going to shut his mouth down.
“And My bride will sleep with sweet, sweet, sleep. She will hear the whispers of My Spirit. She will sense the fragrance of the visiting of My Spirit. She will feel the gentle touch upon a weary brow. She will experience water being poured over her feet, for healing—to prepare her to go with a gospel, with power and might, but mostly a sound mind.
“For I am going to bring My people out of captivity of their own thoughts, for have I not said, ‘I am the Author and the Finisher.’
“I am going to cause your thoughts to bow down to Me. For I am going to anoint you with fresh oil of authority, and it is the anointing that will break that yoke that causes your mind to wander; to where you will be diddling away and passing time, not understanding the urgency of the hour.
“And it is the hour—the hour of the Lord your God—where I am calling My people to wake up. Watch, and pray with Me. For there will come an awakening, but first there will come a shaking. But it will not be a shaking that will deposit fear. It will be a shaking of seeing that truly the stone has been rolled away, and the King of Glory has come forth with power and might,” says the Lord your God.

December 17, 2013
I kept hearing the Lord say, “I want you to present to Me tonight, broken spirits.”
You know, it talks in the Word of God, about a broken spirit. And it’s a spirit that has been tested, it’s been tried, it’s been tired, it’s been broke. It’s not quite sure what to do, or what not to do. And so, it’s not 100 percent disabled, it’s just broken.
So I want you to put your hands in front of you. And I want you to picture your hands as giving your spirit to the Lord tonight.
You know, Jesus said, “Father, I commend My spirit to You,” because He knew that was the safest place for His spirit to be.
And so many times, down here, because of circumstances, our spirit gets pulled on. All kinds of places, people pulling and pulling on our spirit—to pull us away, to pull us out, to pull us into distraction.
So as we lift our spirits up tonight, I felt like the Lord was just precious—that He was kissing each and every spirit. And He was saying, “Mine, Mine, Mine. Mine, Mine, Mine.” And over each one of them, like in the word “mine” is the word, ‘I’. So He was going, “M ‘I’ NE, M ‘I’ NE, M ‘I’ NE.” In doing so He was declaring “I Am the owner.
And then as He did this, I saw Him take His people spirits, and He cupped them in His hands. And He looked up at the Father, and He said, “Ours.” And so there was a two-fold covering. There was the Father, and there was the Son, and the spirits of everyone were cupped in this, and covered in their love from top to bottom.
And then the Holy Spirit came, and He went between both hands, and He took dominion. And then, the voice changed, and it said, “Us, Us, Us’; to where it became The Trinity, all wrapped around—in us, and around us, for us, not against us.
And then I heard, “No weapon formed against us will prosper. For how could it happen when the Spirit of God is within you, the Father is hovering over you, and the Son is uplifting you?” He said, “No. Nothing, nothing at all could prosper. No evil that man would conceive, perceive, or deceive, could prosper.”
He said, “Man could present it, they’d try to plant it, they’d try to press it in, to try to press you and force you out. But as long as you remain in the stillness, and know that He is God, you will not be driven. You will be the planting of the Lord. And as you’re planted of the Lord, your roots will go deep—and deep, in knowledge, in grace, in understanding, and in all the fruits of the Spirit, because the seed that was put within you was of salvation.”
And I heard the Father say, “I have planted a good seed within My children, the seed of My Son; an incorruptible seed—a seed that cannot ever, ever, be corrupted, because it is heaven sent; a heavenly seed, an eternal seed.”
And He said, “Take and recognize Who is within you, and guard the seed of purity. And guard the seed that is heaven sent. But even more so, let the seed rise up, and produce the fruit, to cover you in the shadow of My wings. For under the shadow of My wings is our secret place, to where you can come and tell us each and every secret. And we can download into your spirit the secrets of our heart.
And He said once again, “I own you, but you in turn own Me”, says the Lord your God.

December 10, 2013
I hear the Lord say, “Wear the crown of glory that I would have you wear uprightly. Lay down any identity that man would come with. Man would come, and try to push My crown off your head, and put upon it a counterfeit identity.
“Lay down all these things that rush into your mind—to where you cannot even come into My presence, because your mind, your spirit, is somewhere else.
“Press it aside. Press forward in the run of faith. And know, as you run in faith, you will meet Me, face to face, for in My Presence are the answers that you seek. For every circumstance you are in, I hold the answer in My Presence.
“You do not understand what is available to you. The King of the universe comes and bows down to serve you.
“When you cry unto Me, I answer you. And I bring forth that would birth life around you
“Call everything that would command you to die—to give up dreams and visions and hope. Command it to be cast behind you, for it is of Satan. Tell him to get behind you. Tell him that he cannot hinder the call that I have placed upon you.
“Understand who I call you to be. I call you to be more than conquerors in Me, through Me, and with Me, and by My Spirit through you.
“Let My Spirit rule, reign. Let Him begin to flow out of you—with discernment, with knowledge, with worship. Practice this when you’re alone.
“Let all of your might come before My throne. And I promise you this; My might will prepare you for when you leave My throne. For you do not come to My throne and walk away empty, but you come and present a petition to the King of Kings. And I take your petition, and I hold it close, and I begin to move and process on your behalf.
“Know I intercede for you. Know that I have come to serve you strongly; not with a weak heart, not with regret, but with all of My might it is for you.
“And I long, to baptize you in the full mightiness of My Spirit. But I would say, ‘What would you do with the might of My Spirit?’ Would you allow it to flow out of you? Would you allow it to change you, and raise you up in My own glory?
“Do not let man cause you to fall, to slumber, or to come half-heartedly before My throne. But press forward, and come in boldly, for you have an appointment through My Blood,” says the Lord.
“The curtain shall never be hung again by the sin of man, for the Blood of your Master, your Lord, your King, your Savior, touched the fallen earth, the fallen man, the fallen situation, or whatever is causing you to fall.
“Let My Blood come and bring life. For have I not said in My Word, there is life in My Blood? Let My Blood come and transfuse back to you the might of My Spirit, so you too can do signs and wonders, and come to the understanding of who you are, and who I am.
“I am the great ‘I AM’. And I ask, well you use your might towards Me; that My might will not only flow out of you, but will flow to you. For I come to be with you, not against you. And as I come to be with you, I invite you to come forth in humility, but also in confidence, knowing that no man is turned away, because My blood has already parted the way.
“Come boldly. Come, allow Me to let My hand rest upon you, and give peace to your mind, peace to your heart, multiplication to your finances, answers to those who need answers, and healing to those who need healing.
“Come unto Me all that are heavily laden. Let Me alone be the one that gives you rest,” says the Lord your God.

December 3, 2013
The Lord said, “There is a new season the body is going to go into.  They are crossing the Red Sea.  But some will be too tired to cross the Red Sea, because they have exalted themselves, and they have left themselves weary.  Others will run across the Red Sea, because they have exalted Me, and have refreshed themselves by My Spirit.

“Others will be on the shoulders, and ride on the back of others, because they’re weary, and they’re tired, from trials.  But others are strong, and standing in faith, will be so overcome with love, that they will reach down and carry them across the Red Sea.
“There will be a Red Sea crossing, and it will be very distinct in My body.  You will see some who will sit down, and they will prefer eating, even in the fat of that land, for they were accustomed to being a slave, and they kept the slave mentality—the familiarity. They did not want to know what was ahead, and because they did not know the unknown, they chose not to enter in to the unknown. But it will be a year of ‘unknowingness’, to where you will see that faith that has been tested by fire, after fire, after fire, will be the very faith that you will walk upon and with, and it will carry you out.
“You will see other’s who have been in the fire, and they will come out of the fire, but they will not come out weak.  They will come out hot, fresh, burning flames; ready to devour the works of the enemy, and take back that, that they knew was promised unto them and their household.
“It will be a year where My people will come, and they will enter in to the Promised Land of My Word.  Many have forsaken the promises, in My Word, and have taken the word of man, and it has not profited anything.  For they have looked to man to fulfill man’s word, and so they have tried to gain knowledge, they’ve tried to gain insight they’ve tried to gain influence, power.  But it has all been of a soulish mentality.  And yet I’ve said in My Word, ‘I have come to restore the souls.’
“But there will be others whose spirit will come out, and they will be so in tune with My Spirit that they will not merely walk beside Him, they will walk in Him.  And He in turn will walk in them.
“Get ready to see this move that will happen,” He said.  “Yes, the world is going to have a shaking.  And yes, you have been shaken. And yes, your nation has been through a shaking, and it will be shaken again, but only to remove what man would try to cross and put upon you.  For it is a new hour.  It is a new day.
“Call My Word to come forth.  Command My Word to become alive and active, let My Word devour your flesh, so that you can be so devouring with My Word, that all that will not obey, will have to bend, because My Word is eternal,” says the Lord your God.

Lord, what’s in Your heart?  What do You want for Your people?

And He kept talking about the Blood.
He said, “My people have gotten away from the true knowledge of the power of My Blood, and yet they wonder where the power is. And” He said, “the power is in My Blood.
“Much used to be done about My Blood in My Blood.  It was a Bloody Gospel, but was full of life.  But the ‘Bloody Gospel’ has been put aside; to pat the hand of others and give sympathy.  And really what happened was that it became a counterfeit compassion that really encouraged the flesh; rather than bringing the flesh into obedience to the Word.  And there is going to be a flipping of that, that you are going to see happen.
“There have been many who have prophesied in My name, and they prophesied wonderful things.  And they left many of My saints disappointed because they didn’t happen.  So as a result of that, we are going to go through the next year picking up the pieces of disappointment; things that should have happened, but things went another direction because of the power of someone’s mouth. Because many times people go into the things, and they think they’re in the Spirit, but they’re merely exalting the soul.
The Lord said, “I do not have to obey your words, but you have to obey My Word.
“I am not bound by things that are brought up through the flesh. In fact I have nothing that is bound to the flesh of man.
And He said, “The enemy has come so well, and has planted seeds in man’s flesh to cause disappointment, discouragement, depression—to where they would in turn pull away from Me, and start to sit down in anguish, like Job did.”
There has been, the last three years, a demonic setup of strategicness that has been going on in the body of Christ.  But yet people have just merely gone along as if everything would change.  Well it did.  It got worse.

October 22, 2013

I hear the Lord say “I am able to make a way where there is no way.  But you must be willing to follow when I make the way.  For many times, even when the that says ‘Stop’, ‘Wait’, ‘Tarry with Me’; My people merely brush through it, not realizing the anointing they need to receive, to continue on the journey, is about to be poured upon their heads.
For it is now the hour of coming into My presence stronger and stronger, so that where you do go, My Presence goes before you, and rests among you, and follows after you.
How can you gain My Presence unless you have come and presented yourself before Me?
Some come broken; some come strong, within their own understanding.  Others come merely out of duty.  Others come out of a cherished love, even without understanding.
I would ask you to present your bodies, and present your minds, your hearts, your will, even your understanding; present it to Me.
Allow Me to become Lord.  Allow Me to become Ruler.  Allow Me to become the King of Kings, so I can command things that concern you to bow down; I can part the waves you too will walk upon—the promises of the Word of God—upon My Word, upon My path, with My grace, and with My anointing.
But first you must draw near, and then I will draw you out.  For I will present you, then the enemy will tremble, and he will flee, for he knows the Blood of Jesus.
He recognizes the fragrance of My Presence, so when you go, carrying My anointing, it is the anointing that breaks the yoke.  He may try to yoke you, but the anointing upon you will cause that yoke to be broken.
But first, you must humble yourself in My sight, and allow Me to lift you up to rule and reign in heavenly places with Me.  And understand that you can do all things through Me, for I have placed not only within you My Spirit, but My faith, My hope, My love, My strength, My Spirit and My understanding; My wisdom and My knowledge.  But you must learn to recognize, to yield, and add your ‘Amen’ to what I would present to you,” says the Lord your God.

October 1, 2013

The Lord kept giving me a vision of how many times we try to reach through to Him—we pray, we fast, we read His word, we worship.

And He said, “If only you knew how hard the enemy tries to block you, but how easy it is to come into My presence when you declare, I am Lord; because he must bow down. For greater is He that is within you, than he that is in the world.”
And He said, “It’s a very, very, short trip, because when you live in holiness, you’re living in My presence.   For Holy cries out to holy, and holiness cries out to wholeness.”
What you need right now, whether it be your children, your spouse, your finances, your health.  Lift it up to Me right now, for I can make all things whole.
Like the woman with the issue of blood, she pressed through, and I made her whole.  Not only did I heal them in the physical, I made them whole.
“The man who had the legion—he was insane, and he couldn’t even reach out; other than to recognize Me.  But he cried out with what little bit he could, and I made Him whole.
“The man who couldn’t walk; even his parents were afraid. But, I go beyond circumstances.  And I establish wholeness, for I am the God of wholeness—the Alpha, the Omega.  I understand every heart; every wall that has been put up for protection—because of woundedness, or simply because of just not knowing.
“I want you to open your hands right now, and allow Me to come in and take down any wall; any kind of hindrance—whether it be a large wall that you’ve been hitting your head against for years, or whether it be a teeny, tiny, picket fence—anything that would block My Presence from just devouring you—to where you could be swallowed up in the goodness of God.  To where fear could not find a landing place, but faith would be the landing place.
“Faith conquers all fear.”  For I would say, “In whom do you believe?  Don’t make Me small.  Understand, the King of the universe came to serve, to set free, to save and to heal, and to bring the good news that the Kingdom of God is not only around you, but is within you.  Let My kingdom come forth.”
“But I also made a command to you, to seek first My kingdom, and then everything will be added unto you. “Seek it.”
“And even the word ‘seek’ starts out with ‘see’, and then it ends with a ‘k’ for kingdom.  So see My kingdom; seek My kingdom; become kingdom minded saints.
“Continue to pray, ‘My kingdom come.’  Continue to pray, ‘My will be done.’  For yes, I brought My kingdom to earth—for you are of another kingdom; as well as you are of another spirit.
“Let My Spirit lift you up, from glory to glory—then you can look down and come to understand who you were called to be.  For I am looking for a hungry people; a trustworthy people; overseers in My kingdom; overseers in My vineyard—whether they have pain or whether they have strength; whether they have fame, or whether they be hidden; it makes no difference.  I look at the hearts of My own.”
For I say, “Seek first the kingdom of God.  Let My righteousness do rightness all around you.  For understand, when those come to oppose you—lift up My right hand, My Word against that.  For My left hand will sustain you, and My right hand will give you the direction of counsel, by My Spirit.
“For I am raising up a people who are hungry to seek My kingdom, hungry to taste of the kingdom, and hungry to rule in the kingdom.  Understand and meditate; dwell upon My Word.
“Seek My face, for when you seek Me with your whole heart, absolutely, positively, unconditionally, you will find Me.  For you must realize, I present Myself to you, for My kingdom is among you, and My kingdom is within you. Change citizenships.  Think of My kingdom.  Understand, as My kingdom people.
“Demand the rights of My kingdom, but be humble enough to understand, you serve a King—the King of kings, who came and walked among His own as a carpenter.
“I work in the trade of the object I would die upon.  Do you not realize how many times I touched the wood; how many times I understood what nails would do; how many times I heard the sound of pounding?  And then, as I hung on the cross, once again My identity on earth was meshed with the Kingdom of God.
“Strive to become citizens of My kingdom—knowing My knowledge; knowing the authority I have given you in My name.  Use it with My Spirit, for He will not leave you alone, but He will direct, lead, counsel and anoint you.  For I have called you to do the works of My kingdom,” says the Lord your God.

August 27, 2013
I hear the Lord saying, “Come between My Word like you sleep between sheets.”

He said, “Let those sheets be full of My blood, for there is life in My blood, for healing.
“Let Me wrap you, into the new robes of righteousness.  Allow Me to place upon you, My robes of righteousness.  For was it not spoken, ‘He has risen, indeed.’ ”
I say, “Let every part that needs to rise up, be presented to Me. Let My Word come and press healing, into whatever you need, send forth my word.  Establish My Word.  Use My Word as a sword.
“Take My Word; place it upon your body.  Know that it is alive and active, for it is Me; the Word became flesh and dwelt among you.
“Let My Word be active.  Let My Word prepare your body to be sanctified, touched, healed and made whole.  Let My Word cut away.  Let My Word replace.  Let My Word repair.  Let My Word renew.  Let My Word speak life where death was presented.  Let My Word activate that which has quit being activated.
“Let My Word go forth.  Stay; dictate My Word.  Declare My Word. Let My Word bear fruit over you.
“Place your body under My Word.  Let My Word reign in every cell of your body.  Let My Word come and consume every organ in your body.  Let My Word come and devour you in this temple, so that My Word will reign.
“Let My Word reign upon you, as you learn to reign in the power and the authority of My Word,” says the Lord your God.

August 20, 2013
    I hear the Lord say. “I am asking you to lay down all of the hindrances—all that you have been holding on to, and all that man would try to wrap you in; for I am a collector of grave clothes.  They are leftovers.  And I want to take them off of you.  I’ll take off all reproach, so that you will only experience approaching My Throne of Grace, in full assurance.

“For I have not come to condemn, but I have come with a drawing heart—a heart to draw you deeper, and deeper, and deeper, into the things of My Spirit.  For as Jonah was swallowed up in the big fish, for disobedience, so I desire to swallow you up in pure obedience; and to hide you inside me, for protection; to have you hidden from the storm.  So you will ride through the storm, provided in what I have provided for you to ride in.
For know I am the God of provision.
“I am the God of the beginning, the end, and the middle.  There is not one thing in your life that I cannot use, whether it be pain, whether it is a testimony of a sin forgiven and forgotten, whether it be a vision, or a dream, or a prompting of My Spirit.  For I hear even the sighs in your heart, as well as I hear the cries in the night.
“Understand this, I am near you.  If only you could see in the spirit, you would never, ever, have fear—fear of man, or fear of any circumstance.  For you would understand, there is nothing to fear.
“Bring your faith to Me, and let Me increase your faith into My goodness.  And as you grow in your own understanding, the knowledge of the goodness of God toward you and for you, you will learn to recognize what is of Me, of My Spirit, and what the demonic would send against you.
“I will show you the arrows I send, arrows that would be of the heart of a cupid.  To cause you to fall deeper in love with Me; to heal you, to release you, to let the arrow come and pierce only the ropes and the chains that hold you bound, for I send forth all goodness to you.
“For I am not the God who would harm you, but I am the Creator, who created you for My pleasure—to come and understand the fellowship of My goodness, and be lost in the kindness and the gentleness of the Lord your God.  For I said, ‘Render to Caesar what belonged to Caesar.’  Now I say, ‘Render to Me what belongs to Me.’
“All that you are, I love.  All that you will be, I love.  All that you were, I love.  And I am bringing all that you are, into the fullness of what you were called to be, for I am the God of completion.
“Have I not said, ‘I am the beginning and the end’?  Have I not said, ‘even the steps of the righteous are ordered unto death’? Understand My people, I am a God of goodness, who does not dangle things to tease you, and to torment you.  But I present presents to you; gifts of Myself, gifts of My Spirit, gifts of answered prayers, gifts of My anointing to break off yokes, and to draw you closer into My anointing.  I call you, ‘My Anointed Ones’, for I too was called, ‘The Anointed One.’
“Allow Me to capture your hearts, to capture your minds, to renew your vision and your understanding, so distraught ness will be far, far, away.
“Allow Me to bury what was.  I ask you tonight, will you accept who I have called you to be: ‘Sons and Daughters of the Most High God.’  Wear this title with humility, authority, with dignity, and with a grateful heart.  For truly you have been labeled, and marked; marked by My love, marked by My compassion, set aside, consecrated, made holy.
“Leave all disappointment.  Take off all that was rendered from the mouth of Caesar, which is the flesh of another man, and let it fall, null and void.  Let My label, ‘Of the Beloved’, be placed upon your brow, so it will penetrate your understanding; then you will become, and have the understanding of the knowledge, of who you are, ‘Beloved of the Lord.’ ”

August 13, 2013
I hear the Lord say “Lift Me up.  When I am lifted up and when I am exalted, then everything else will rest under My feet.  For I said in My Word that the earth is My footstool.“Know I can change all things in an instant.  I change evil to good, weakness to strength, sickness to health, death to life fear to faith sorrow to joy.  For with Me all things are possible.

“Allow My Spirit to hover.  Allow My Spirit to go into your heart, to where there has been pain, rejection, abandonment and fear; where there is such confusion, that you are exhausted from trying to figure your own way out of the jungle.

“For I am not only the God that makes a way where there is no way, but I am the way.  I will come with the sword of My Spirit when you are too tired, and I will cut a pathway.  I will say, ‘Rise up on the wings of an eagle.’  And let My Spirit come and rise under the eagle, for you will have the peace of My Spirit, and you will have the strength of an eagle.  You will have the sight of the eagle, but the gentleness of a dove.  I am not the author of confusion, or pain, but I am the author of love and gain.
“Forgive those who have wronged you.  Let no man, and I say again, no man, no organization, no past, no present, no future, hold the key that would hold you back.  Give me back the key.  And do not return to the prison of shame, or regret, or the what if’s, but hold your head in dignity.  Practice this.  Learn to walk as I’ve created you to walk, with your head held high, with respect, with dignity, with honor.  For tonight I put upon your head dignity, honor, strength, and for some, understanding.   You don’t even know the questions, for the answers I what to give you.
“Let My peace come.  Let My peace settle down the storm.  Let My peace draw you unto Myself, and let My peace be the covering over you.  For did I not say I have sent you, and left you, My Comforter.  He is My blanket.  Let Him comfort you.  Let Him comfort you.  Let Him cover you.  Let Him be the One that fluffs the pillows and gives you the dreams of My Spirit.  Let Him be the One that sits with you to be the Comforter, so you feel warm and safe and secure.  And let Him be the One that causes you to rise up; and tells you when to rise.
“For as you learn to rest, you will watch the test pass away, and you will watch the rest sustain you.  For in My rest, there is strength,” says the Lord your God, “Rest in My way.”

July 30, 2013
I hear the Lord saying, “My peace I give unto you.  I give it to you.  Will you receive it?  Will you let it melt away every worry, every fear, and every stress?  Will you let My peace come in, to pour over you oil of healing—into your mind, into your bodies, into your spirits, into your souls?
“Will you let My peace open and close doors?  For even when a door is slammed in your face, will you step back in grace, and say, ‘I thank You Lord, for Your peace that leads me.’
“Will you let My peace have its work?   Will you let My peace complete what it was told to do?  For I am called the ‘Prince of Peace,’ and when you encounter the peace, you are encountering the ‘Prince of Peace’.
“Ask Me to come into turbulent situations.  Let Me come and still those storms, just as I brought My peace in the middle of the night, when there were storms bringing a tossing about.  One was tossed this way; one was tossed the other way; one was fearful, crying out.  And yet I slept, for I knew that I was in my Father’s arms, resting on His lap.
“I would ask you to learn this lesson well.  When turbulence is all around you, and when the no’s become the yes’s, that you do not want to hear, and the yes’s become the no’s, that you do not want to hear, you stand in peace and say, ‘I surrender unto You Lord.’
“Have a heart of submission.  Have the will of submission.  Learn not to be at war with My will, nor My timing, nor with My ways.  But live with peace, and let no man rob your peace.  Let them not enter in to your territory, and steal your peace, and bring their turbulence.  Instead, let your peace conquer their turbulence.
“For many of you are like My ships that I send out among the waters that are turning, and twisting, and casting My people this way and that way.  And there is no direction, and the night is dark, and they do not see the stars, even for guidance.  And I send you in with My peace—to speak My stillness—to where they can hear My Spirit.
“You cannot hear My Spirit in turbulence, only if you strain, but I do not want you to strain.  I want you to be still, and become familiar with My peace.  For the enemy knows not peace.  He cannot counterfeit My peace.  He cannot touch My peace, for I took the victory over peace.
“When I was declared the ‘Prince of Peace’, I own peace.  Let My peace own you.  Speak it into your household. Speak it against fear, and stress, and worry.  Speak it over your bodies, into your minds.  Let My peace be the ruler of your soul.  Let My peace be the ruler of decisions
“Be not fearful when I give you a check in your spirit.  See that as, I have sent a storm to say, ‘Be still and wait’.  Do not fight My peace, but let My peace embrace you.
“Understand, every time My peace takes more territory in your life, you become more in My territory.  Let Me own your turbulence.  And I want you to own My peace.
“Claim peace—peace with those around you, but even far greater, peace within yourself.  Make peace with yourself, so that you can recognize the visitation of My peace that is upon you.  For My Son was the peacemaker, My Son was the offering of eternal peace.  Enter in to His work on the cross.  Partake of the peace that He died for.  He died that you could live in His peace.
“Once again I say, ‘My peace I offer to you.’  I extend My hand of peace.  Not flippantly, not without realizing the value and the cost.  For within that hand, I offer you back My Son.  And I say, ‘Take My Son.  Embrace My Son, the Prince of Peace.’
“Be not fearful, but let Him embrace you fully, just as I embraced My own in the storm.  Let Him embrace you in your storm.  And you will come to know Him too, not only as Redeemer, as Savior, as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Healer, and Deliverer.  But you will come to know Him, and claim His dominion as, ‘The Prince of Peace, He is who you bow your knee to, and He is who holds my hand within His hand.  And He in turn will devour my turbulence, and in exchange, I will be melted away in His peace,’ ” “Chose My peace” says the Lord your God.

July 23, 2013
    The Lord said, “Learn to linger with Me.  For the enemy would set up snare, after snare, after snare, to captivate your soul in pain, and imprison you, to where you can not seek My face.

“But know that I hear.  Know that I know.  Know that I have not come to harm you, nor have I set My hand against you, Nor have I set My face against you.  But I have extended My goodness, and My love, and My mercy, and My arms open to you.
“Let Me embrace your tears.  Let Me embrace your temple.  Let Me become known to you as the ‘Embraceable Savior.’  I am going to brace you, and brace you, and brace you up.  And I am going to erase the fingerprints of man. For man has been sent in for destruction, after destruction.  It has not been My hand of destruction.”
So I would say, “Ask Me to restrain all warfare against you.  Learn to rest and sleep upon My Word, and let My Word become active.  And as it does, let Me captivate your mind, your heart, your body, and your soul, until you are so devoured in the knowledge of the goodness and the love of God.
“I would baptize you tonight, fresh, and strong, in the fire of the warmth of My love.  I would take hearts that have grown cold from pain and rejection, and say, ‘Beat again unto life.’
“Pick up the rhythm of My Spirit.  Cast down death, and pain, and begin to jump.  Begin to clap.  Begin to set your spirit free, to press through, so I can press out of you, and bring forth the report of the Lord.
“Know that many things will be changed, for I am for you, not against you,” says the Lord your God.

July 16 2013
I’ve had a vision of Jesus walking in here tonight with His arms loaded down with gifts—just loaded down with gifts—longing to give gifts to His Bride, to His people.  Like how He laid down His life—the gift for salvation.  Of how He said, “I will send you the gift of My Holy Spirit.”
Gift, after gift after gift, but it is interesting, because they’re all wrapped in white tissue, representing His Robes of Righteousness, but the ribbons are red, because of His blood.  But they’re all different sizes, and the ribbons are all different styles.
And I hear Him singing over you tonight, like a bridegroom would sing over his bride: This song
“I lay My gifts upon My bride, and I delight Myself in My bride.  And so, as she delights herself in her Bridegroom, so we find sweetness—longing heart to heart—beyond understanding, beyond pain, beyond joy; but pure ecstasy of our presence together, for all else is insignificant.
“For as I set My face as flint, and went toward the cross, and at the cross, and on the cross, so I set My face as flint to draw My Bride into the bridal chamber, fresh and strong and new.  To where she will understand what it means to have the sweet kisses of a bridegroom; the acceptance of her Beloved, the unconditional love and understanding, when no one else understands.
“I look at the heart with complete understanding.  Not in judgment, not in condemnation, but with grace, with mercy, and through the eyes of love.  For I have made My own acceptable in My sight, by My blood.  For I have covered My own, in My glory, and in My robes of righteousness.  For I am lifting up My own, into glory-to-glory, if they only will say, ‘Come.  Come, Lord Jesus, come.’ ”
For He said, “And I ended My Word with the Spirit and the Bride saying. ‘Come Lord Jesus, come.’  So I long to hear this out of the hearts of My own, ‘Come, Lord Jesus, come.  Take over all circumstances.  Heal my unbelief.  Heal my doubt.  Heal my misunderstanding, and my fears.  Take me, just as I am.’ ”
He said, “Not only will I take you as you are, but I love you so much, that I will not leave you as you are, for I will cause you to be hungry for My Word.  For I will remove competition from around you; for your eyes will be fixed upon Me, and not upon another.
“For I have no delight when you stumble.  For when you weep, I weep, when you laugh, I laugh; for I am not a distant God.  I am not a foreign God; I am not an idol, made by the hands of man.  But I am the Lord, your God, who came to earth with a plan, before the earth was even formed.  There was a plan for salvation put in place, for I knew man would sin.  But I also knew man would make choices, to become Mine; to enter into sweet fellowship.
“How I long to answer prayers.  How I long to call My own out of the valley of discouragement and despair.  How I long to take My Bride to the mountain, and to refresh her, and to place upon her lips, sweet, sweet kisses of My presence, for I am not a God of insignificant, but I am the God of significant.
“To Me, all that concerns you is important to Me.  For you were created for My pleasure, and outside of the arena of grace you cannot have your understanding.  But when you come into the arena of grace, and of knowledge, and of acceptance, you become the Bride that owns the wedding party.  For you have become part of the family—My Father’s hand of acceptance, the Spirit sealing you for eternal salvation, Myself dwelling within you—no distance, heart to heart, ear to ear, whispers to whispers.
“For I am not looking for a people to be left alone, to feel abandoned.  For I saw My own in the upper room, trembling in fear.  And then My Spirit came, and all was changed, for I made good My promise.  I told them, I would not leave them as an orphan.  I told them, I would send My Spirit, who would lead, direct, and guide them, and keep them in all truth.  I told them, I would not abandon them, to where they would feel like an orphan, but that He would be the seal upon their heart.  For there is fellowship—sweetness in His presence—the Bride and the Spirit, both crying out in song, and in worship, in praise, and in stillness, ‘Come, Lord Jesus, come.’
“Lift up My name.  Lift up your hearts.  Allow Me to take the scales of disappointment and fear away from you.  Draw close, and I promise you, I will draw closer to you.
“Draw close in stillness.  Listen for My voice.  Be trained to hear.  Be in season—ready to listen, ready to speak, ready to laugh, ready to weep, ready to run, and to be still.
“Be willing to become all things within Me, so that I can bring you through all things, for I will strengthen you.  For have I not promised you in My Word, you can do all things through Christ Jesus who will strengthen you?  I am your Strengthener,” says the Lord, your God.

July 9, 2013
I hear the Lord say, “There’s going to come a multitude of changes in the lives of His own, and as these changes start to come, He wants you to be aware—keenly aware—that it is the ‘Kingliness’ that is coming upon situations.”
He said, “I say, awake, and arise My sleeping bride, for you have slumbered on the bed of disappointment, rejection, pain and abandonment.  But I am coming, and I am going to pull forth the blankets from you.  And I’m going to release over you the Spirit of Comfort, that will deposit healing into your mind, and hope back into your hearts.  And I will cause you to want to live, to declare the glory of the Lord your God in the land of this living.
“Cast aside everything that holds you back, whether it is a broken dream, a broken vision, a broken promise.  Let it come, and let it be as smoke, coming forth to My Holy Altar.  For I have seen the sacrifices, I have seen the tears, the pain, and the confusion, but I have promised you in My Word, I will make a way where there seems to be no way.
“Watch Me part the sea in front of you.  Be alert, to see Me when I come and part the sea, for I have a particular place you to cross over.  It will be a place of safety, a place of position, a place of authority.  It will be known as ‘a Blessed Path of the Highway of Holiness’.
“You will be called a holy people; set apart.  For others will not want to draw near Me, for they will want to keep both feet in the world, but their hands raised up in mockery; for it will not be in agreement with their heart.  But I want all to come out, for truth to be seen.
“Come out of the world.  Come in to My Spirit.  For I long to talk to you, Spirit to spirit, Heart to heart, so you will learn, to rise up on hind feet, to high mountains; to the new vision, to the new pathway, to the new purposes, blessings, and provisions.
“Provision is so at hand, but you must be close enough to receive it.  Draw near to Me, and I have promised, I will draw near to you.
“Wake up.  Cast off busyness, discouragement.  Do not try to make your own way through the storm of life, but let Me give you My eyes to see, and let Me give you My ears to hear.  Soon you will recognize what is of My Spirit, and what is of man, and you will soon draw closer to My Spirit, and man,s will, will fall, always, always, to the side.
“I will have a humble people who will run the race of holiness, and in the land of blessings.  I am going to bless you, and bless you, and bless you, and bless you.  For this night I speak against any curse that has been spoken against you, whether it is in secret, or whether it is out of your own mouths.  I break that curse, and I say, ‘Blessed are those who come in the name of the Lord.’
“I bless you tonight, for you have come in My name.  You have stood and worshiped in My name.  Now let My name rise up in you, to open doors that seem only to appear closed, because I am the way, the truth, and the life,” says the Lord your God.

June 25, 2013
I hear the Lord say, “I’m calling My people unto Myself.  I am going before you, and I am going behind you.  I’m overshadowing you with My Presence; and you will come into a new understanding, and a revelation of the power of My Spirit that is within you.  For it grieves My Spirit when you walk below your calling, and it brings pleasantry into My camp when you walk into the height of the knowledge of what you are created for.

“For first you were created for My pleasure, and then you were created for heavenly works; works of My kingdom; works worthy of My cross; works to where man will look and know that you are the light of the world, because I first was the light of the world.
“Know I am placing My light upon you fresh.  I am placing My fire upon you fresh.  Be not concerned of all that surrounds you, but know I have surrounded you.  I surround you with My goodness, with My mercy, with My gentleness, and with My understanding.
“Now I invite you to continuously fix your eyes upon Me.  And as you fix your eyes upon Me, I promise you, for there is no greater to understand you, then My Father, and My Spirit, and Myself, will be about your business.  For truly you have more for you than against you.
“So put your eyes upon Me and let Me be Lord, and let you be my beloved.”

June 18, 2013
The Lord says, “I walk among My people.”  He said, “I am called ‘The Rose of Sharon’.  For I want My fragrance to be upon you. And I want the ointment of My healing to rest upon you, and upon your nation.

“I want My Presence to visit you in your homes.  I want My Presence to take residence in your bodies.  I want your bodies to become moving vessels for My Spirit.  I want your bodies to become temples—full, clean, pure, set aside, sanctified and holy—waiting for the Master to give the command.
“I am looking for a Holy people; I have healed their hearts to such wholeness, that it is no longer about their brokenness, but it is about the brokenness of the sinner, and the lost, and the unsaved.
“But first, I will heal the hearts of My Bride, for I will take My Bride unto Myself, and I will put My kisses of healing upon her lips.  And I will make My declarations of loveliness, and holiness, and wholeness over her, for I am a jealous God and will have no other beloved ahead of Me.
“For I am the ‘KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS’, I rule and I reign in the highest and upon the earth.  And I want to rule upon the earth in your earthen vessels.  I want your bodies to be so in control of My Spirit, that My Spirit has absolute control of your bodies.
“Yield to My Spirit, so My Spirit can yield to you.  He will raise you up and train you.  He will train you how to do warfare and will bring a victory, and you will not be weary in longsuffering.
“The season of suffering will come to an end.  It will not be a long season of saying, ‘Lord, why?  Why? Why?’  But it will be a season of sharpening—iron upon iron; word upon word.  Where you will take My Word and stand upon it, and rest upon it.  Now let My Word become alive and active in you, so you will become My living epistles who walk the earth.
“People will look upon you and they will see My light shinning out of your eyes.  You will lay your hands on the sick, and My power will flow through you unhindered, and there will be a rejoicing in Me.  For you will find delight in knowing I am more than able to meet every need.  I understand rejection, I understand pain, affliction, suffering, sorrow; I understand stress, worry and fear.  I understand anger, revenge; I understand hatred.  But above all else, I gave you the command of love, for this is far stronger and far greater.  There is no greater thing than my love.
“Your God is the God of love.  For I have said they will know My disciples and how they love one another.  Love yourself, and then love others.  Even the unlovable; love them as I love them.  Some you will love from afar, some you will hold in brokenness.”
I say, “Decide for love, and let love make decisions for you, for I am not the God of hindrance, but I am the God of the hungry, who will feed those who will be open to fresh manna.
“Ask for fresh manna, I Myself, will become the Bread of Life, and you will partake of Me, the Living Bread.  In Me, you will find resurrection power, healing, answers, provision, companionship, relationship.  For I am splitting apart all that causes adultery in the hearts of My own.  I do not want idolatry, I do not want betrayal.  I want a whole Bride—whole in mind, body, soul, and spirit.
“Come, let Me heal you, and set you apart, so My name will be glorified,” says the Lord your God.

June 11, 2013
The Lord said, “I have not called you to walk this walk alone.  I have not called you to walk through testing, trials, and triumphs, alone.  I have not caused you pain that was unnecessary.  I’ve not given you more than you’re able to carry.  Perhaps within yourself, but you must learn, ‘Lean upon Me.’

“For tonight I am going to pour fresh oil into your understanding. For I spoke, and I said, ‘I understand.’  I do not want you left to your own understanding.  I want My understanding to bring you under Me, to stand up in Me.  So that no matter what happens—on your left, on your right, below or above—you are standing under Me.
“For I come as a jealous husband this night, and I place My mantle over you.  As Boaz threw his cloak over Ruth, I throw over you My glory.”  I say, “I will be the lifter of your head—My glory—what I have done on the cross, your glorified, risen, Savior.
“The mantle I put upon you will be grace; will be a sound mind. For I devour all that devour you, and I come against all that comes against you.  For I have not left you to stand alone.
“Detach from your understanding.  Learn to soar high in My understanding.  Let My understanding bring you into a higher way of thinking, into a higher way of living, on the highway of holiness, for I cause you to walk in peace, and in power, and in a sound mind.
“Bring down imaginations.  Bring down fear, and break its assignment.
“Do not shake hands with the snake of deception, but extend your hands in glory.  For know as Moses lifted up his hands, so the battle changed.  Lift your hands, so the battle will change.  For when you lift your hands, you are signaling to hell you are in the resurrection power.
“Lift your hands, even though they may be weary, lift them.  Let My Spirit come, and let Him lift your hands high into the Spirit, so that He can cause you to soar above circumstances, through the midst of circumstances—untouched by fire, but coming forth in a sound mind.  Knowing I am not only walking with you, but I am guiding you through and I am establishing a people who will establish My kingdom.  For I call you, ‘My establishers,’ but I wait for your yes, and your amen.  You say, ‘So be it’, so it shall be done to you, according to My word,” says the Lord, your God.

June 4, 2013
   The Lord says, “I would and I decree that you re-open your hearts to Me.  For tonight I come, and I knock fresh on your hearts.  For I have come to take away disappointments, shame, grief, humiliation.  I have come to cover you in My robes of righteousness.  For I declare, and I decree over you, you are perfect in the sight of the Almighty God; you are a holy people set aside—peculiar and strange. Holy Holy.
“Come into My Presence boldly.  Be not ashamed of what man put upon you.  Do not accept the words of man, for flesh profits nothing.  But come boldly into My Presence.
“Let us reason together.  Say what I say.  Do not repeat what man says.  For I would say man is deaf.  Man is dumb.  Man has no understanding in their flesh.  For I have set My Spirit of Truth upon My people.  Embrace truth, and let truth embrace you.
“Let My truth embrace you, know I am the Father—a loving, kind, gentle, Father.  I do not reject.  I do not cast out.  I sit.  I watch.  I wait.  I listen.  I hear.  I speak.  I take action.  For I am not a Father who is distant, but I am a God who is always with you.”
For I say, “The floodgates of hell will come against you,” but I say, “The Glory of God has blocked it.
“Be not fearful of the future, for I have already walked ahead of you.  Be not fearful of the past, for it is over.  It is closed.  It is sealed.  It is remembered only as the days of ancient.
“Come.  Present your bodies as living sacrifices.  Even though you may not understand, do not lean to your own understanding.  Cling to the work of My cross.  And let My cross cling to you.
“For man stirs up the battle,” but I say, “I am not a man of war who becomes defeated.  I am ‘The Man of War’ who cried out, ‘It is finished!’
“Let My finished work prosper you, heal you, position you, re-instate you, draw you with loving kindness to Myself.  Let My loving kindness come upon you.
“Be not lonely.  Seek not isolation seek stillness to listen for My voice.  Present yourself before Me.
“Let My Spirit hover over you.  For when He hovers, He creates life.  Let Him hover.  Let Him create.  Let Him make a way where there is no way.
“Let Him be the Guide.  Place yourself firmly, determinedly, with no anxiety, behind Him.  Let Him lead, and be willing to follow in humility.  For I will lift man’s hand, then
favor will come.  I will command another man’s hands to come forth, and positions will be created.
“Look not to man; for flesh that cries to flesh, and only mixes flesh.  Spirit crying to man’s spirit produces life of My Spirit.
“Let your spirits be free.  Become detangled.  Let Me come with My fire, and let Me come with the sword of My Word.  Let Me put My lamp unto your feet.  For I would not have you stumble about in the darkness, guessing to or fro for direction. But I would have you in relationship; to where you would hear My voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way.  Therefore, walk in it.’
“Rest My people.  Rest…. Rest…. Rest…. Rest….  For in rest, you will find peace.  You will find healing.  You will find so much that washes over you; and would passes you by, because you are to busy.
“Martha missed so much.  But Mary sat still, and received. Have a heart like Mary, but have the servant willingness like Martha.  For I want a complete Bride, wooed by My Spirit, moving in My Spirit.
“Be not afraid of the shaking that is going on around you; for I too hear the reports.  The value of life is so insignificant through man’s eyes.  And yet every spirit has been created for My pleasure.
“Despise not small beginnings, but gather dreams, gather hopes.  Re-gather the vision.  For I call you a people who I long to strengthen; then My joy will forever be upon you,” says the Lord, your God.

May 21, 2013
     I hear the Lord saying, “Are you willing to be emptied, to be made full?”  For He said, “So much loss; so much loss in the life of My saints; so many tears in the life of My saints.  So much pain placed in My saints and upon My saints.”  But He said, “There will be so much gain given to My saints.  For I am going to lift up a militant army, and they will be so disciplined, they will not look to the left, nor to the right.  But their ears will be on such high alert, that when the Spirit begins to breathe, they will breathe in agreement.  And when He is not breathing, they will stand still and wait for His breath.  But know that My wind is going to start to blow in behalf of favor upon My saints.

“I see the battle fatigue, So much warfare and so little gain.”  And yet I say unto you, “You will look back, and you will realize, you have triumphed in Me, and through Me.  For as you have walked through your cross, and through My cross, you have gained all My cross was meant to do.  For I am the God of containment, and when all is contained, I pour out.  I pour out blessings from on high.  I pour out provisions.  I pour out the miraculous.  I pour out patience.  I also pour out long-suffering.  I pour out discipline, and I pour out strength.

“Understand I am looking for a people I can call ‘blessable’; that will be able to be walked in the midst of blessings, and stay true.  For I am looking for hearts that are pure, who carry no guile and no ambition.  For I have come to esteem you not in your flesh, but to redeem you with My Spirit, for within redemption, all that you need is included.  Call Me forth so I can redeem what you thought was lost; even health reports that man gave.  Lay them at the throne.

“Let Me show you a high way, where there seems to be no way; where the finances seem like the well has dried up, and the rocks have echoed as they hit the bottom of the dry well.

“Ask Me fresh to bring the river of abundance; so you will experience blessings, because you walk with a ‘Blessable’ God.  Draw close to Me, and allow My glory to be the lifter of your head.

“Let My Presence around you make the decisions for you, in spite of you.  Call My Presence in the midst of discussions, so I will become the One of revelation to you.

“For I am looking for a wise people the enemy is about to overplay his hand.  And blinders will fall so quickly off of the eyes of My own, and then off of the eyes of others.”   For I say, “You are about to enter into the season of where the blind will see, and the deaf will hear.  And those who are dead to sin will be resurrected through My blood.

“Stay close to Me, and allow Me to draw close to you; for truly in My presence is the fullness of joy.  And My joy will bring back the strength that you have cried out for.  Let My joy renew you, for I have chosen to take you from glory to glory.  Will you come?  Be not afraid of stumbling.  Be not afraid, but know, I will take you from glory to glory.  I would only bid you to agree, and allow Me to take you.  Not forcefully, but with gentleness, with kindness, and with authority, for in the eye of a storm, I can still speak peace, and My peace I give to you.  And My peace you will recognize—in the guidance I speak in you, and over you, for I will not drive you, but I delight in guiding you. Be still.  Know that I am God, and that with Me all things are possible.

“Call back faith, and place it in Me.  Come to know Me in My resurrection, for you too shall see resurrection.”  For I say, “It is the hour of Lazarus to be called forth.  What you thought was dead—speak and call in life.  Let My Spirit whisper to your heart, for in the still whispers you will find strength and truth,” says the Lord, your God.

May 14, 2013
I heard the Lord say, “I am the Good Shepherd.  I do know My sheep, and I call them by name.  I am not the shepherd that comes and leads his sheep into confusion and doubt.  I am not the shepherd that puts barbed wire in their thought life, nor upon their feet, to where they are misled.  But I am the Shepherd of their soul; that heals their mind, their body, their soul, their spirit.  I am the Shepherd that goes before them, but I am also the Shepherd that encircles them, and captivates their heart with My love.”

For He said, “I am going to pour out My love upon you with renewness—renewness of your mind—my renewness to where I come and renew you.  The newness of faith, the newness of a thought life, newness in you, to where I said even in My Word, ‘I have come that you ma have abundant life.’  And ‘I make all things new.’

“Some of you have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  And you have cried out, and you have said ‘Lord, where are You?  Where are You?’

He said, “As I was about My Father’s business, so I am about your business.  Do not think that I have left you alone, to mind your own business.  I have not left you alone.  I am bringing you unto Myself.  I am taking the thorns off of you, to where I will put over you a crown of favor.  To where the favor you will need, will be the favor you will receive. To where you will walk, and you will walk with dignity, and security.  And you will walk with hope that will no longer be deferred so that your heart becomes sick, but that you will walk in My hope, My new hope.  For I will not have a hopeless people who will think they have a God of abandonment.  For I have not abandoned My own; I have adopted My own.

“Learn to rest in My goodness.  Learn My facets: I am good.  I am kind.  I am gentle.  And I am long-suffering.  For I have allowed some circumstances, even around you.  And it has to cause others to grow.  It is not to punish you.  It is to test you—to show your own heart before Me, to where you could come closer and closer, because you will be drawn to Me out of necessity.

“I will take you anyway I can get you.  I will take you out of necessity, and I will take you out of abandonment.  For I have taken you unto Myself.  I have locked you away into My heart.  And I will not allow the enemy to come, to badger, to torment—to accuse you, and to accuse Me.

“Command Me to come in as the Lion of Judah, to call those voices to be still and naught.  Allow Me to come in as the Resurrected One; to where death would try to come in and set up housekeeping, but My resurrection will come and turn over the tables, because of My Glory.

“Call Me to come in as the one who multiplied the fishes and the loaves of bread.  I am the One who will be a financer and multiplier for all of your needs.  Know that I’m about to move upon My people.  For My people are coming out of a season of dryness.  For they have been in the wilderness; because I have been dealing with hidden sin.  Not only in My own, but in hidden places in the hearts of others.

“Honor the free will of man, as I too have chosen to honor the free will of man.  For I say to you, your free will, will cause you to come closer to Me; just as other’s free will, will cause them to turn away and run.

“Choose Me.  Lay down at My feet, right now, what you are carrying.

“Lay it down.

“Lay it down.

“As you have laid it down, I have picked it up.  It will become My business.  Give Me time.  My ways are not your ways.  Yes, they are higher.  But I have seen your tears; I have seen your pain; I have seen the betrayal, and the hurt.  But I am also the Eternal One who heals the hearts of His own.

“Give Me your heart, so I can start from the inside out.  For I will take a stony heart—for it’s been hardened and hardened by the world; by disappointment.  It became hard to protect itself from pain.  Let Me take your heart.  Let Me cause it to become flesh; where it can beat again in My presence with love.

April 30, 2013
The Lord says, “Breathe in My Presence.”

He said,  “Breathe in’ My Presence!”

He said, “Let My Presence breathe over you.”  For He said, “Just as I blew over My own, I caused the Spirit of the Lord to come upon them.  He made a way where there seemed to be no way, and so today.

“He will make a way where there is no way, for I am going to do a new thing.  My body is going to go through a radical change—Radical Change.”  “It will be so radical, that the world will know it is My body, for mine will be so set apart from the world, they will seem peculiar.  For I am calling My own to come into holiness.  I am calling My own to let go of the past, for what was, was.

“Many of My own are living as if I have not risen, and they are tarrying in the garden, in the tomb.  For have they not yet heard the good news: I am seated in heavenly places interceding for My own; I have sent My Spirit to empower them; that I have sent My Spirit so that you would be sent out with power that would be fresh from on high; for I am about to bring down the old works of man.

“You will hear of crumble, after crumble, after crumble, for man is reaching from soul to soul.  But My Spirit draws from spirit to Spirit.

“Cling to My Spirit, and let My Spirit cling to you.  For in this you will find the fullness of joy.  You will come to know who you were called to be, and why you are here.  For My Spirit is wooing you into a new assignment.  Assignments of the old let go, Let men go about men’s business.  The assignments of the new—My Spirit will bring them forth in a fresh wind, for I am going to cause My wind to blow staleness off of My Bride.  For she has been slumbered, and as she has been slumbering, there has been wave after wave after wave of apathy that has been causing her to slumber.

“I am going to address apathy in My body, and I’m going to command it to bow its knee.  I’m going to cause a holy zeal to rise up in the hearts of My own—to where their hearts will burn within them with a fresh fire.  They will not look to one another, but they will look to Me, and only to Me, for they will come forth with contagious fire in their eyes; contagious fire in their hearts; contagious fire in their feet and their hands.  And what they put their hand to, so My fire shall set ablaze, for I am calling My own to be fire starters.

“For I will say the world is going to become colder and colder toward the good news, but My people are going to become the burning bush.  They will be ablaze with the presence of My Spirit.  They will be ablaze with the warmth of My love.  They will be ablaze with the vision that I will plant deep within their spirit, when they look at man’s vision, it will be something of the past; for they will come out of Egypt, and they will come to the mountain.  And I will download their assignments, Spirit to spirit, and they will know it has been given by the hand of the Lord their God, for it will be written by My finger,” says the Lord your God.

April 23,2013
I heard the Lord say, “That is My desire also; to fall fresh on you.”

“I don’t bring stale manna.”  “I want to give you freshness—fresh visions, fresh dreams, fresh anointing, fresh strength.”  “I am not the day-old God.  I’m the God of the Bread of Life.  Fresh.  Fresh.  Fresh.  Fresh.

“I’m throwing away stale visions.  I’m throwing away stale dreams.”

He said, “Fresh anointings; fresh visions; fresh work; fresh ideas; fresh of My Presence; fresh provision; fresh understanding; fresh wisdom—freshness in My Word; freshness in My Presence.  Fresh.  Fresh.”

He said, “In My freshness, there is joy; there is strength; there is health; there is understanding; freshness of wind upon the gifts.  Fresh—fresh relationships; fresh alignments; fresh agreement—fresh.”

He said, “I am taking off the old that would pull you down, and I’m giving you the ‘fresh’ this will bring you the strength to lift you up.”

“I am causing circumstances to come down and freshness to arise.”

He said, “Fresh bread rises up trying to reach its full potential.”  “I am putting the yeast in you tonight—the anointing of My Presence.  And I’m going to cause you to come to the heat of My Spirit, and the fire of My Spirit, and bring forth fresh manna.  For you have baked in My Presence, and My Presence will come forth from a fresh heart,” says the Lord your God.

The Lord said “I’m going to release a cloud over you right now.”  “I’m going to dry your tears.”  For He said, “I have seen your tears in secret.”  And, “I want to heal your heart.”  “Pain would bring torment; disappointment would bring depression.  My Spirit bears life.  Let My Spirit bare witness to your spirit that I have come to give you a new life.  Old things have passed away, let them go.  Let them go, so the freshness can come forth by My Spirit.  For in Me there is life.”

April 2, 2013
     I heard the Lord say, “I am going to start to move in secret places, where I have not moved in before.  You’re about to see exposure in higher places that you’ve never seen happen before.  You’re also going to see a spirit of humility adopted by My Bride, because she is going to be in such a place of submission. You will recognize her obedience, by watching her wash the feet of the saints in servant hood.

“She will not be looking to be looked upon.  In fact, her eyes will be so fixed upon Me, she won’t even know who’s looking upon her, because she will not care, because she will only have her eyes fixed on her Beloved.”

He said, “I am looking for a people who will fix their eyes upon Me, and in the process of fixing their eyes upon Me, I am going to start to fix their eyes.”  “In the literal, in the natural, you will begin to hear of people whose eyes have been touched and healed.”  “You will begin to hear of people who have been trying to listen and listen, and you will hear their hearing has been given back to them.  As they were growing to listen on the inside, it was an overflow to the outside.”

He said, “You will recognize the cloud that is going to descend, because I am going to start to bring in clouds, they will be filled with the rain of My Presence.”

“So be not concerned when you hear the thunder, and you hear of lightning striking things quickly, but know I am about to bring forth a quick work.  My people I am going to have ready.  My people I will have positioned.  My people will have provision.  My people will have dreams and visions.  My people will not be left without a vision, but they will partake of My vision.”

He said, “I am calling many of My people out of still, dead, works.  And I am calling them to come in, to where there is action of My Spirit.”  “When there is action there will bring a reaction.”  “It will be a reaction of healing, of salvation, of the baptism of My Spirit.”  “Get ready to be a people who look for the ‘reactor’ of the Lord your God.”

He said, “And in this process, many of you are going to be compelled in the midnight hours to fall upon your knees and ask for the fresh calling.”  “I’m going to start shutting down doors to places where you have become to be comfortable in.  I’m going to close single doors; but I’m going to open double doors.  The reason single doors will close, is because it will be the singleness of man’s thinking, that I will be closing down.  The double doors I am going to open, is going to be ‘the double door’ that will cause the waters to part for My Spirit to come in and visit fresh upon My people to fill them.”

“Get ready for a move that will humble My people.”  “They’ve tried to humble themselves, but,” He said, “true humility comes when you rejoice in Me, and acknowledge My greatness.”  For He said, “You cannot “but” be humble when you are in the presence of an awesome God.”

“I will humble My own, and it will not be with prayer and fasting, as days of old, but it will be with laughter, and healing, and hope.  For I’m about to put up the trumpet, and you will hear an angel that will be sent forth, and it will not be the angel of longsuffering, but it will be the angel of provision, and the angel of gathering.

“And you will hear a new sound that will go forth, but you will recognize it because of the discernment I have put into your spirit this night.  You will recognize the right call with the right note.  And you will jump, and your spirit will leap, with acknowledgement of My Spirit.  I am reawakening My Generals who have gotten discouraged and thought the cloud had passed them over.”  He said, “No!  I’m shaking them to awakeness, and I’m going to start to put heaviness upon their heart.  It will be a heaviness that will be of My Presence, to where they will weep at My goodness, as Moses wept, and as I wept over Jerusalem.  They will weep, but it will not be unto death, but it will be the weeping that will be unto the new birthing of revival.

“So be not concerned for changes, but keep your eyes fixed upon Me, for assignments will overtake you, and you will know they are by My Spirit.  For there will come forth one voice, one battle cry, one agreement, and one provision, and it will be done by My Spirit,” says the Lord your God, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

March 26, 2013
Lord, we say, Jesus is our King.

The Lord said ‘King’.

He said, “Even the word ‘King’ starts with a ‘K’, for My Kingdom.

“And then you find the word ‘in’ – in Me.    My King.

“And then it ends with a ‘g’ – God.

“In Me, the King, the Lord God Almighty.”

“Be in Me.  In Me you live, and move, and have your being.  In Me, you find healing; you find direction.  You find mates that I’ve created for your pleasure, just as I created you for My pleasure.  For I am the Lord thy God, that created you.

“Bow down to none other, for I do not have strange gods before Me, for I am a jealous God—a jealous God who is jealous for the love of His people.  But I’m also a lavishing God, who is lavishing His people with His presence; that would lavish His people with purposes, with plans, with healing.

“Come under the shadow of My wings.  Find healing under the shadow of My wings.

Let Me dip you in My Blood.

“Let Me invite you to dine at My table.  Become My Bride.  Dine with Me, even in the presence of your enemies, for this is where I have positioned the banquet table.  But the enemy cannot join in the banquet; he can only look on, for I have you covered; for I am your buckler and your shield.  And you are in the shadow of the wings of the Almighty.

“The destroyer may come.  And yes, he will destroy, and he will leave destruction; but to Me it becomes a pathway of construction.

“Ask Me for the unction for the new beginnings.  For I have called you here tonight, each one of you by name, to say, ‘Will you take a new way?’  Will you take the way of worship?   Will you take the way of plenty—plenty of My goodness in the land of the living?  Will you take My presence?  For I empower you with My presence so you can also empower the weak.

“Am I enough?

“Am I enough?

“Am I enough?

“For I am!  And because I am, so are you.

“Be not afraid of the faces of man.  Be not fearful of changes that would come quickly upon your life.  Be not like Peter, and look at the troubled water.  For I left you a lesson:

“Set your face like flint, and look into My face.  All other faces will fade.  All other agendas will fall away, but you will begin to carry in your eyes the fire of My Spirit.  For My Spirit is embodied in your temples.  So make choices of wisdom that bring glory to My name, and in doing so, the joy you seek will overtake you.  For My joy is not from the world, but My joy comes from your salvation, and in it you will gain strength.

“For when you feel weak, laugh out loud with Me—the King, and say, ‘But truly You are One who is risen and has saved me.’  We will laugh down the oppression.  We will laugh back the assault of the enemy. We will laugh the curses, and the rejection of man away.  And we will begin to experience, the truth, I am the God of love.  And where I am, I bring victory,” says the Lord your God.

March 19, 2013
I heard the Lord say, “You invite Me to fall afresh on you, and on them.”

He said, “I would invite you, to fall afresh on Me.”  And He said, “Come and fall afresh on Me—fresh revelation of how deeply you are loved; of how I am not against you, but how I am for you; of how whatever happens to you, happens to Me.  For all that concerns you, concerns Me.  For I would invite you to freshly, cast all of your cares upon Me, for I care for you.”

He said, “I want to take you into refreshment.  But I also want to take you into refreshment that will cause refinement—refinement of giftings, refinement of relationships, refinement of definitions of what you are called to do, and who you are called to be.  I want to refine the rough edges on the bride, to where I will become her reflection.”

“For I say, ‘Fall afresh on Me.’ Let Me allow a fresh touch upon you.  Please, freshly, press in to be touched by Me.  In doing so, you will find rest from weariness.  You will find understanding where confusion has taken up residence.  You will find guidance, and not be driven.  You will not listen to the voices of those that cannot find a harbor, but instead you will be standing strong, in a lighthouse of knowledge, for I am called the ‘Light of the World’.

“Be lit by My Spirit fresh, so My fire can be spread fresh.  Invite Me, as I invite you—two becoming one, in understanding, and love, and in truth.

“Cling to My Word, and let My Word cling to. If you cling to it, it will cling to you.  And when you need it, it will merely melt off of you into circumstances where I will send it, to perform and do what I have sent it to do,” says the Lord your God.

March 12, 2013
The Lord said, “I’ve heard you.  I have witnessed your hearts tonight.  I have witnessed the tears: those inward and those outward.  I tell you this night—by Myself, for there is no greater—I capture your tears.  I capture your heart.  I capture your dreams.  Now I say, ‘Capture Mine.’

“When you capture My dream, and when you capture My heart, and when you capture My vision, then you become all, I have called you—to be.  Me walking upon the earth—not alone, not isolated, not forgotten, not abandoned.  You will have no need to be understood, but instead you choose to understand.  You have no need for recognition, and yet you will choose and want Me recognized.

“Become My hands, become My feet, become My voice, wherever you are.  Listen for the stillness of My Spirit.  Recognize the unction of My Spirit, for you are being lifted up and trained in a high level.

“Do not be afraid of the purification I’m allowing you to go through.  You too will become a people of joy, inside out; because you will know it was only for a short season. Then you will obtain the joy for everlasting, for it is already within you.

“Know I purified My people.  I am purifying motives.  I am pulling down self-ambition, and self-appointed.  I am calling My own to come and lay before Me in stillness, but yet in alertness; recognizing My hand upon their heart; recognizing the prompting of My Spirit.  I am looking for a people who will move for Me upon the earth.  They will not be asking Me to move, but I will be looking and commanding them to move.

“Be not called into isolation, for the enemy would lead you there.  For he would make you feel forsaken and abandoned.  I do not forsake you, I do not abandon you; but I cherish you, and I treasure you.

“I sent Mine out two by two, for at times one would be up and one would be down.  But when I was with them, they were three in agreement.  Know that I am looking for a people who will come to be in agreement with the Father, with the Spirit, and with Me.

“The Spirit is going to move in a miraculous way, and I am looking for those I can trust to move in signs and wonders, and miracles.  Who will not look for the glory, in fact they will have the ‘Fear of the Lord’ so in front of them they will tremble in awe at My goodness.  For My goodness is about to capture you.  My goodness is about to unroll over your nation.  And you will know it is the goodness of God that has been holding back the darkness.

“I say, be not afraid, but watch, wait, recognize the cloud of My goodness, and know when the cloud of my goodness is rolling, you too will be rolled-up, protected and sheltered, in the cloud of the goodness of your God,” says the Lord your God.

March 5, 2013
“I am rising up a people who will press through the veil—the veil of depression, unbelief, fear, doubt, and man-pleasing.  I am rising up an army who will become radical lovers with their beloved, who will fix their eyes only upon Me.  When they fix their eyes upon Me, they will realize I am fixing so many things that pertain to them and their households.  So listen, ‘Fix your eyes upon Me.’

“Did I not tell Peter, ‘Look, fix your eyes’?  And as you learn to fix your eyes upon Me, you will walk upon the water.  I am called, ‘Waters of Life, Rivers of Life”.   Out of your bellies come rivers.

“You will learn to walk in the water, and you will not drown, but you will become those who learn to swim.  You will swim, and you will be strong swimmers.  You will swim through tribulation; you will swim out of isolation, for I am not calling mine to be isolated.  I’m calling them to be connected, one to another.  For have I not said, ‘Carry each others burdens’?

“How pleased I was tonight when you sang over each other, for as you were singing over each other, I was singing over you.  For as you were praying, one for another, I was praying for you.  I am bringing My body together in oneness, for there are splinters about, that are trying to come into the hearts of My people.  I would say, do not let splinters come, but cling to the cross of agreement.

“Let My cross be established strong.  Bow down to My cross, not to man.  For man would come and would offer you a cross, but it would be his cross, not Mine.  Come and bow to My cross, and when you bow down to My cross, I promise you, I will bow down and help you carry your cross.  For I’ve not asked you to walk alone.

“I’ve called you to come into submission, submission to Me; and to My word.  I’ve asked you to submit to My Spirit for one reason: so you too can lift Me up, as He in you shall lift Me up.  I am looking for a militant people who will come aside.  They will not be concerned about the demonic, for the demonic has already been dealt with, when I was on the cross.  For I said in My Word, and I say it again, loud and clear, ‘When I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Myself.’  For I have commanded you this night, ‘Lift Me up!  Lift Me up, and I promise you, as you lift Me up, I will draw everything into order.

“Do not chase demons, for they will distract you, for I have not caused you to chase demons.  I’ve caused you and commanded you to lift Me up.  And when you lift Me up and you draw near to Me; demons flee.  You do not chase them.  They depart from you, because I am in you.  Learn to understand the authority I have given you.

“Do not seek for authority, but exercise the authority of who you are in Me.  Let Me be exalted.  Lift Me up: in worship, in conversation, in praise, in My Word; acknowledging My Presence wherever you are.  Whisper My name throughout the day, and this will be a reminder that I am with you always.  I am with you always!  And you are the I AM who is locked away in the heart of the great I AM hidden in Me, for I said “Greater is He who is with in you then him who is in the world.”

“Seek not to and fro for a strange gospel of power, but stand in the gospel of My written word commanding you tonight, again: ‘Lift Me up and I will draw all men unto Myself.’  Why?  Because you are lifting Me up, and it is Me they seek.  And when they see Me, and they seek Me, then you will understand, you have sought Me, and demons have lost.

“I am not causing a defeated army.  I am educating, and I am saying, ‘Be ready to enforce the authority you already have.’  But let My Spirit show you where, when, and how.

“Do not chase demons, but chase and cling to the cross, for demons cannot stand redemption.  You have been redeemed by My Blood.  Tonight, I mark you fresh in the fragrance of My Blood, for I am called, ‘The Rose of Sharon’.  Tonight I would visit you with the sweetness of My Spirit, and a new, strength will come to you.

“I ask you, will you lift Me up?  Will you lift Me high above all circumstances?  Let the foolishness, and the soulishness of man, chase demons, for this keeps them occupied in the work of the world.  You are called to be a people who follow a risen Savior.  Understand revelation knowledge: I am the resurrection.

“Lift Me up, and in turn, I will lift you up.  Cling to Me, cling to My Word; cling to the promises in My Word.  Understand, the devil is defeated, and he knows it.  You need not remind him.  You need only to enforce it, by lifting Me up.  And when you do, My shadow will change circumstances, because My Presence will enter the place,” says the Lord your God.

February 19, 2013
The Lord said, “I am calling My Generals out of the wilderness.”  “I am calling My officers out of the wilderness.”  “I am calling My leaders out of the wilderness.  For,” “in the wilderness many, many lessons have been taught.  And,” “they were lessons that could not be taught in the mountains, but they had to be taught in the wilderness.

“You are about to witness a moving of My Spirit.  And,” “you will see Him hover over all four corners of your nation.  But,” “you will see Him come, and come and stand in the midst of your nation.  And you will feel the ripple effects.  The ripple of the wind will come as He comes, and He touches down, for I’m about to burst forth on all sides in your nation.

“For, “I have sanctuaries that have been in the making.  And” “people have been looking and looking for My Presence.” He said “come to the sanctuary and bring a sacrifice of praise.  And know that I wait, and I bid you to come to the sanctuary.”

“You have sung, ‘Lord, make me a sanctuary.’ ”

“I have answered that prayer.  I am calling the sanctified ones to come together, to lift up My name, and then I can lift them up.  Know I’m about to move in households where there has been deadness and staleness.  I’m about to pour out My Spirit on hearts that have been crying out.”  “I have not honored their unbelief, but I have honored their sincerity and hearts for truth.”

“Know I am going to start answering the questions that lay dormant over your land.  And I’m going to answer the questions that are in the hearts of My own.  For I have heard My own say, ‘Lord, where are You?  Where are You?’ ”

“I am in the sanctuary of My people.  And I am going to draw My people to come to the river of salvation, fresh and new, and be renewed in My river.  And when they are renewed, they will come up strong, not weak.  They will come up with a testimony of faith, of healing.  They will come up with a testimony of faith of My Word.

“They will come out of the wilderness, but they will not come out leaning on their Beloved.  They will come out running with their Beloved, because My Spirit will come upon them, and He will run with them.  And they will begin to take the prisoner, and they will capture those who have been held in captivity.  And they will speak words of life and freedom.

“Do you not hear, even now the shackles that are being broken off of the hearts of My people?  For many have been shackled with unbelief and pain, and I’m speaking tonight:   ‘Let your heart be set free in Me, so I can heal every area.  And in turn you will run in the wind of My Spirit,’ ” says the Lord your God.

Lord we give You praise, we give You glory.  Lord we ask that right now every shackle to be broken.  We ask every heart be released.  And we ask that we would run in the knowledge, stronger who we are in You, because of Your goodness and mercy, in Jesus’ precious name.  Amen.

February 12, 2013
The Lord said, “I am causing you to come aside with Me.  I am inviting you to come into the secret place of My chambers.  I am petitioning you to come before the King, for I will bring holiness and wholeness to you.  For I am inviting you to come and allow Me to touch theses areas of your heart, to where you have closed it off because of fear.

Allow Me to go into the secret places—to where doubt would hide, to where unbelief would hide, to where you pull away from Me and hide behind the curtain of disbelief.  Let Me pull the curtain down.  Let Me come in to the secret places.

“Let Me walk back with you, to when you were a child and you were fearful of rejection.  Know I covered you.

“Know when I created you. There was a plan that was prepared before you were prepared.  Know I have instructions for you, constructions for you, where I will construct your life so it will become a temple where I will dwell in.  For you will become a habitation for the holiness of your God.

“Know I am pulling down vain imaginations.  Know I am pulling down imaginations that portray Me as a God; and portray Me as a God of anger and rage.

I am a God of love, mercy, grace, goodness, kindness, gentleness, self-control, and long-suffering.  I am a God of persuasion.  I persuade My people to come unto Me, and humble themselves.  So they will cry out and allow Me to become Ruler, that My lordship can declare what I have planned; so I can cause you to become who you were created to be.

“Look not to man’s faces for answers.  Turn away from the shunning of man.  Turn away from the flattery of man.  Behold the face of your King, and in His face you will find every answer,” says the Lord your God.

January 29, 2013
“Place all in My hands.”  For He said, “I have a plan—a plan for a future, and a plan for good.  I do not have plans to harm you, but to give you a future.”

“Lift your hand up in surrender.”  “Lift your other hand up in submission.” “Let submission and let surrender, become a tent over you.”  “I am a Holy God who requires obedience, in the small things, as well as in the large things.”

“As you come and you surrender,” “know I have begun to do the work to become a conquering King.”  He said, “All that would come against you, comes against Me.”  “Take up your shield of faith.” “Stand against the fiery darts of the enemy.”  “I have come to take off of you battle fatigue.”  For He said, “I am going to make decrees and I’m going to make declarations.  And I will go forth and declare, ‘It is written!’  And when I say, ‘It is written,’ then the enemy bows; for he knows, I am the Word that has become flesh, and I am the Word that has become the resurrected word.”

“Let My resurrected word do the work it is called forth to do.  Let My Spirit resurrect My word of life to you.”  For “I have come, and I have spoken to death this night.  And I have broken it off.  I will break off the assignments it has against you.

“I have come and I have said, ‘Let My people go—death of dreams, death of visions, death of faith, death of hope, and death of joy.” I say, “I have come to bring you life.  You are in the resurrection, but the resurrection is also in you.  Let the Resurrected One come out of you.

“Become strong in resurrection knowledge.  Do not merely set aside a day, but decree it everyday.  You are resurrected in Me, and because you are resurrected in Me, you can do all things through Me.  And I will strengthen you in the process of doing all things.

For I see the valleys, and I see the mountains, but know they are the same to Me, for I am the Lord of the valley and the mountains.  I will pick you up and carry you under My wing.  For no harm will come near you or come against you, for I have plans.

“Learn to rest in My plans.  Even when you see man-made plans, know that the sovereignty of God can rule and change the plans of man.  Pharaoh had a plan; Moses had a God.  You have a Pharaoh; you also have a God.”

I, “Declare and decree, ‘Let God arise and my enemies be scattered.’  Declare: Let God arise and my enemies be scattered.’  Yes, scattered to the north, south, east and west, for I am not a distant God.  I am the resurrected, and I choose to resurrect all that is good, that is around you.  Death will not have its sting, for I have taken the keys from death and I have dissolved them.  And I carry the authority of the resurrection.

“Submit.  Commit.  Live in obedience to My word, to My will.  And as you submit, and as you surrender, you will gain strength, with knowledge and wisdom, for I do not want you to be without.  But I want you to be filled to overflowing, for I am the God of abundance.

“Bring Me your seed, so My wind can touch it—the seed of faith, the seed of hope—every seed, that there be no lack in your house, every seed.

“Confess a sin, and let Me forgive it.  Let Me multiply the seed that is in you and around you.  I speak not merely of finances, but I say, the seed of faith, for I want a harvest to come—the crop of your faith.  I want a harvest.

“Bring Me your seed of faith.  Bring Me your seed of finances.  Bring Me your seed of doubt.  Bring Me your seed of disease.  Let Me send My harvest over all your seeds good and bad.  I am the Lord of Harvest,” says the Lord your God.  I am a loving God.

January 15, 2013
I hear the Lord and He said, “I would invite you in, and I would also invite you out.  I would invite you into My presence, and then I would send you out.  I would send you out to a crying world has no answers.  I would send you out to a world that is looking for purpose.  For many of My own are looking for position, when I would say, ‘My children, don’t look for position, but look for My power.’  For in My power is the power from the cross, and as you flow in the power of My cross, you will see I have touched those that are wounded, and those that are seeking Me.

Sing of My blood.  Declare My blood.  Declare My Holiness this will turn into wholeness over broken saints, over the sinner who is looking for hope and looking for an answer.

Offer them My blood, offer them purity, offer them a sound mind.  Offer them a presence that they can run to any time they are in trouble—to come into My presence and find help.

Offer them the boldness of My gospel.  Offer them My presence, where they can turn to Me, and not to man.  And after they turn to Me, then as they seek man, I will place the right man in front of them.

For they are a wounded people, and I see on earth My people are a wounded army.  Some are hiding because of shame.  Some are hiding because of confusion.  Some are hiding because of disappointment and rejection.  And yet I say, ‘Come boldly to the throne of grace,’ Experience healing: body, mind, soul and spirit.  For I have sent My anointing to break the yoke of oppression.  I have sent My anointing to set the captives free.  I have sent My anointing to seal you for the day of salvation.

Cling to the cross.  Draw in My Spirit, and let My Spirit draw from within you.  And as the two of you go forth, you will have hand in hand as you walk.  And as He directs you to the broken—your hand you will hold the broken, and with the other hand you will hold My healing.

Know I am looking for an army who will become militant in power.  That they will walk in wisdom.  They will not seek the signs and wonders, nor will they seek a name, nor a title.  But they will seek that My name be lifted up and My name be glorified.

Pray this year that you will come to the full understanding of the power in My name.  And if you grasp this, and if you understand this, you will not find fear even near you.   For you will stand boldly in the name of Jesus.  And you will see the same power that My disciples saw, for they stood out of the way, so My power could flow.  Even their shadow brought forth healing.  They needed not to be present, but the shadow from being in My presence brought forth healing.

I am looking for those who will shadow My thoughts.  I am looking for those who will shadow Me, and learn My heart, and learn My mind, and learn My word.  And as a result of this, you will become the shadows of heaven that cover the earth.

Know that I am looking for those who will come and be sent by My Spirit, says the Lord your God.

January 8, 2013
I heard the Lord say, “I’ll hide you in the fold of My garments.” I Am taking off battle fatigue. There has been so much battle fatigue.

I heard the Holy Spirit, and He said, “If you ask Me gently, ask Me quietly.” He said, “Let Me come and dwell among you. Let Me come and flow through you. Let Me flow out of you, in streams of living waters in stillness.

Jesus said, “I’ve sent Him, the Holy Spirit as your comforter, as your interceder, as your friend, as your counselor, as your teacher, as your guide. So let Him come through to pray for you right now the perfect will of the Father in heaven.

He said, “Breathe in the air.” “Breathe in My presence; just breathe in My presence.” “Let My peace come, just invite My peace.”  “My peace I give to you; not as the world. My peace, I give it to you. Receive My peace.

He said, “I want to make a deposit in you. I want to make a deposit of an assignment, of a plan, of a purpose.” For “My ways are not man’s ways, nor are man’s ways My ways.” “Submit and surrender.” “I am the God of the all-consuming fire, and I devour that that would try to devour you, and I will arrest what tries to hold you in captivity. I will take off all the fears of the enemy. I will stand against the adversary, and I say, ‘Let My people go’.  For it is by My Spirit that they are set free.

And I heard the Lord say, “There’s been a band of confusion around your head,” “I’m going to put the crown of authority in that place. You’re literally going to feel confusion lift.

I heard Him say, “There is a spirit of depression, and He’s rebuking it. It is literally a demon, and every time you try to run you get, but you run into it again.” And He said, “I’m going to compress the depression and make it go.” And He said, “The disappointment—even some of you have had disappointment with Me.”  He said, “I understand.”

He said, “Be not afraid, but know that I am the God of all-knowing, and I read your hearts.”

He said, “Be more fearful of giving Me lip service than exposing your broken heart to Me.” For He said, “I have come to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free.” “I want My people free.”  “I did not die so you would be held a captive to fear. But I died so you could in turn set other captives free.”

“Some of you battle anger. And,” He said, “you try and try to get rid of this anger, but” He said, “it’s really fear of losing control.  That’s why you have outbursts of anger.” “Give anger to Me right now, and let Me go to the root—to the core, to take it out.”  For He said, “This night I have come with My axe to cut off the root; so anger cannot grow.”

He said, “Never think it is too late for answered prayers. Never, ever, ever, think I am late.” “My apostles thought that as they beheld Me on the cross. They thought they had been tricked, deceived, and that I died, and everything was too late. But then three days later, they saw the fullness of the truth. For I spoke to them of My Father’s kingdom; and they tried to take the kingdom of My Father and then plant it on the earth. But,” He said, “Knowledge of the flesh cannot co-mingle with knowledge of the Spirit.  Knowledge of the Spirit is pure and higher, and it is spirit to spirit.”

“Open your spirits up right now.  Be not afraid, for,” “I’m going to pour oil in your spirits right now for strength.”

“Some of you have been hiding, hiding from fear, hiding from failure, hiding from people, hiding from lack of finances, hiding, hiding, hiding, “do not hide.”

“Glide in My Spirit.  For I want you to rise up and ride on the wings of an eagle.  And I want the dove of My Spirit to be your companion overhead. I want you sandwiched in My spiritual knowledge and My spiritual truth,” says the Lord your God.

“Ask for rhema revelation.” “Do not take leftovers, but ask for rhema revelation. And My Spirit will deliver it, for you are co-laborers with My Spirit,” says the Lord your God.

“And” He says, “thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your faithfulness. As you have faithfully yielded to My Spirit, My Spirit has been gleefully yielding to you.”

“The wise men brought silver and gold, and,” “I realize many of you stress and worry about silver and gold. But,” “learn the lesson they learned. Present it to Me, and then in turn let Me take care of the business. And the myrrh of My presence—present that to Me.  For as you present the myrrh of My presence, My presence will present the myrrh of My Spirit back over you, which will be a fresh anointing with the fragrance of My Spirit.

December 18, 2012
He said, “Again I look at the hearts of My people. And I say, where is the joyful noise? Let the joyful noise of the Lord come, because you have been strengthened in My presence. And as you come into My presence, My joy will fill you. I will begin to open your eyes to things of great value—eternal value. I will pull you out of circumstances that would be perishable. But I will place you in the imperishable, that which I say is worthy, and I declare is of value.

“For I will have you adopt the unsaved. I will have you take those who are weak, weak in spirit, and they will come forth, and My Spirit will pour out a fresh power from on high.

“For I am calling forth a people filled with power. Do not let man claim to put power upon you. In fact shy away from man’s power. Shun man’s power. Shun flattery, shun criticism, but run into My presence and let My hand of approval rest on your brow, and then you will find rest.  You will find peace, you will find contentment, and you will find where you belong. For in My presence is the fullness of joy. And tonight I tell you, you are my fullness of joy. When I come, and I stand in the midst of you, I too experience your joy, because you come to seek Me. As you seek Me, know the seeker of all has sought after you, to bring you in to the presence of My joy. Know that I’m going to fill you, know that I am going to send forth the revival I have promised you over this land, over My people.

“But.” He said, “why would I bring the unsaved to a weary people? I am looking for a people to revive, to inspire, to lift up, to comfort, to fill where they will be strong, so they can hold on to the weak babies as they cry. They will not be afraid of who throws up on them, but in fact, the opposite.  They will be willing to throw up their arms to say, ‘Come, let us adore Him.’ And in turn My adoration will come back upon My people,” says the Lord your God.

The Lord says, “This next year is going to be the year where there will be a reformation. I will call things, so that man cannot make decisions. I will be the one who will cast the vote. I will be the one that pulls down the law of decision. For I am about to come forth and cast My lot where man would not cast the lot. Do not be surprised when you hear there is a changing of the guards. But stand in wisdom and expectation and know that Lord your God has stood among the midst of His people. And He has decreed and He has declared, “Let My people go, so they will be free to come and worship me. You will see this.  You will know this.

“And this next year will be a year of provision that will come; that will provide it into the hearts of My own. Look not to the gold, from the north, south, east, and west. Look not for the silver from the north, south, east, and west.  Look for the anointing of My Spirit that will come from within; that will come from without; that will come from above. And then truly you will come to understand; it is the anointing that breaks the yoke. And you will know My anointing is not limited. For I have no restrictions upon My anointing, that man would try to put upon it. But I say. I will anoint what I have called anointed—what is holy, what is pure, and what is set aside. And if you come and sit with Me, know soon you will be known as one who has been set aside. We are going to send out, only to send them out by My Spirit,” says the Lord your God.

December 4, 2012
The Lord says, “I see what you have pushed through. Through the valley of pain, you pushed through. Understand, I, too pushed through, through the cross of pain I push through.” He said, “Lift up your hearts. Let Me heal your hearts. I chose to come and heal the broken-hearted. Do you understand what I meant when I cried out, it is finished? I meant for you, too: it is finished. Call forth the finished work of the cross. Look not to the flesh for glory, but look to My blood to bring forth victory. Declare the victory of My blood. Dead man walking: that will be the battle cry. Resurrected man ruling: that will be Heaven’s respond.  Understand resurrected, resurrected, rulers, over takers, over comers, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. Understand the testimonies that you are walking through will strengthen the brethren. Understand the testimonies that you have walked through will strengthen the saints. Be not discouraged, be not dismayed. Know I am not asleep. Know I am alert that I am your guard. Ask Me for wisdom. Do not step into the snare of unbelief. Do not let the enemy use your understanding. Do not let the enemy use your strength. Do not let the enemy use your unbelief. Stomp your feet and put him under your feet. Know that the good news will cover your feet. I will crown you with fresh strength tonight. I would strip you naked before Me. Tonight I will take every false accusation of man off of you. I say run, run put on the new skin of resurrection and run in the identity of resurrection. Run in the power of My Spirit. Limp in the power of My Spirit. However you come, move in the power of My Spirit,” says the Lord.

November 27, 2012
I hear the Lord say, “I want My people to start to live as if they are a point man, so they can point the way for others. So many are like a compass, they are playing with a compass, and they themselves know not which way to go: to the North, to the South, the East or the West. They stay spinning and spinning and spinning and not going forward. My Spirit is forever a leader. My Spirit is called guide for a reason. He is also called Holy Spirit for this is who He is: He is holy. Because He is holy. He dwells in the lives of My people for as much as they allow Him to take control, He controls. As much as they submit and commit and they obey, He comes and does all that He can coming forth from Heaven’s throne. Unless man yields to My Spirit, My Spirit pulls away and waits. My Spirit can be grieved. My Spirit can be grieved to the point where He withdraws, after man has made a choice, and man has set their will and hardened their heart. My Spirit still stays near, but He does not become a part. I say allow Him to become a part of your moment by moment existence. Allow Him to come into those areas of your heart that are raw, where there’s rejection, where there’s frustration, where there’s anger, where there’s rage and there’s unforgiveness, bitterness doubt and yes where there is faith. My Spirit is also called a Spirit of faith. He places faith where there is no faith. He woos My people to the cross. He calls My people to experience the cross. He calls My people to live in the cross, and to not settle for a life apart from the cross. Draw to the cross by the wooing of My Spirit. When you turn to the cross, you will come to freedom. You will come to know My word that says, “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” Where He is, there is freedom. I say unto you, will you allow Him to set the captives free? If you are in captivity, it is because you yourself have made choices. He will say come, let Me make you free. He is looking for freedom fighters, those who stand in the blood and stand upon My word and stand in the authority of My word and take back all the enemy comes to rob, to kill and to destroy. My Spirit longs to be poured out. My Spirit longs to have fellowship. Will you chose Him to fellowship with? Speak to Him, make Him a part of your life and allow Him to become a greater part of your life,” says the Lord.

November 13, 2012
The Lord says, “Be still and let Me walk among you. Let Me lay My hand upon your heart. Let Me lay My other hand upon your head. Let Me break confusion off of you and disappointment for My ways are not your ways. Your ways, My children, are not My ways. That’s why I said submit to Me. Submit to Me, let the enemy flee. Be not afraid of the world you stand in the midst of. Know when I stood upon the very same Earth, the Earth was full of turbulence, and yet it did not enter into My spirit. I stayed in My spirit, connected to My Father heart to heart. I want you to choose who you will connect your heart with. Will it be to My Father? Will it be to Me? Will it be to My Holy Spirit? We three agree to come and intertwine in your heart and bring our agreement. Hasn’t My word said, ‘anything where two or three touch and agree upon, it will be done by our Father in Heaven’? Do you not understand we offer you this night our agreement? Join your agreement to our agreement. Let our agreement come and pull down everything that is disagreeing with our will in your life. I am looking for a people who will stand apart and yet who will stand strong. Do not look to the world for comfort. Do not look to the world for direction. Do not look to the world for acceptance, but be a light in the world. Be salty in the world. Be not in the world, but walk through the world. Let the world’s plans part as you stand to block the way and you stand in the path of every plan and every scheme of the enemy. When you stand on My word, he does tremble and he does flee. Do not look at circumstances, but look to My word. Allow Me to exalt you above circumstances. I would bid you like Peter, come. Step out of the boat of turbulence. Step into the storm of turbulence, but know I control the water. Know I control the wind. Know I control all things at all times. There is nothing, absolutely nothing too difficult for Me. You sing this, you dance to this, you clap to this, but do you believe and establish this truth? Tonight I have come seeking your will to come into agreement. Let your agreement be linked in to ours. You will understand what it means to be connected in a three strand cord that cannot be broken. We will intertwine you around us, and we in turn will hide you within us. Be not afraid of circumstances but know that we are not surprised about circumstances. Know I have walked ahead of you. Know when My wind is at your back it is because My hand is compelling the wind to pull you after Me. Know that I am pulling you into secret places. Know that you will have dominance to where man will think they will gain dominance, but you will be as one who has a secret inside. I have My own a secret place and it is not of the world. It is of My Kingdom. Keep your eyes upon My kingdom. Let other kingdom be shaken. Let it fall and let it be shaken, but only as it shakes at My command. Let it not be shaken by man’s plan. Command My voice to go forth to shake truth down. You are about to enter in the shaking like you have never entered in to. Be not afraid of the shaking. Only the rotten fruit will fall off of the tree. The fruit that is good and that has been produced by My spirit will stay attached because it will be the tree of life. It will be the tree of the cross of My Son and it will only bear the fruit of Heaven. The fruit that falls to the ground and becomes rotten will be of the flesh of man. Know I am able to conquer flesh. Know that I am about to do something new even in your land. Be not surprised when you hear the reports of those falling to the left to the right from on top from below. Be not surprised for I state tonight for My own. Be only concerned with this: that you continue to walk on the water with Me. Know My hand is reaching out and I will command you to walk onto smooth waters. The wind will die down as My word comes forth and speaks forth to the wind. I will use your breath as My wind. You will breathe and it will be the Spirit of the Lord breathing to you. Breathe to Me, through you in prayer. Let My spirit rise up on high. As you let My spirit rise up, so shall your heart be. I would say tonight, and I want you to rest well, let not your hearts be troubled. I am eternally established on the throne of Amen and so be it,” says the Lord your God.

November 6, 2012
I have asked some of you to pick up your cross and follow Me. Yet you have not understood. You have thought I have been cross with you. That is not why I have asked you to pick up your cross and follow Me. I have asked you to pick up your cross and follow Me so I can help you carry your cross; so your strength will fall, but My strength will enter in. I am going to strengthen you by My Spirit this night. You have come and you have presented your brokenness to Me. I will not turn My back on a broken vessel, nor will I turn My back on a broken heart. I have come to heal the broken-hearted and to set the captives free. I say, begin to act like one who has been set free. Begin to act it out in faith, receiving your freedom. Knowing I am not a task masker, but I am One who comes and stands beside you. When your cross seems heavy, allow Me to carry it and carry you also. What dies upon your cross is the flesh, and the same time it resurrects your spirit. Your spirit becomes free and your spirit becomes alive and your spirit comes to know it can do all things through Me who strengthens your spirit. Know I will strengthen your spirit this night. I have not brought confusion, I have not brought condemnation. I have not brought harsh correction. I have not come to you and said, pull yourself up! That is not My spirit, nor My heart, nor My intent. I have sent you My Strengthener. I have sent you My Friend. I have sent you My Counselor. I will sent you My Truth for I will not have a army bent over in terror. I will have an army bent over in awe. In awe of the King of Kings, who has entered in. When He enters in, he is pulling His own into Himself and taking them and presenting them to the Father, so the Father can seal them with His love of approval. I have not brought you a spirit of fear. I have not brought you the spirit of disappointment. I have not brought you, to allow you to be confused and lost. I have brought you into Myself to protect you, to heal you, to have you come to understand I have died so that you may have life abundantly. Chose the abundant life in My spirit. Look not to man. Look not to man for your answer. Look not to man for strength, from the army of man, but look to the hand of the Lord your God. It is not too weak to where it cannot come against the weakness of the hand of man. I want you to understand My hand can become gentle when it needs to become gentle. My hand can be so strong when it needs to lead My own out. I am able to be all things for my all people. I take a child and I gently, very gently, lift that child up to My Father and will speak forth blessings and a future. I take those of all ages and I place them under Myself and hold, and sing over My saints so I can bless them. I cause the young men who are weak and weary to rise up and to run fresh and in My strength. I take My women and place dignity, honor, and respect upon them to where their names will be called blessed because I call them, blessed woman.

“Understand I am the God of gentleness. I am the God of power and might. I can be all things necessary to rescue and save My own. Look not to man, but look to Me, the Lord your God, for My hand is moving across your nation in a miraculous way,” says the Lord your God. “You will hear a miraculous report of the Lord. You will dance in the streets and you will sing and you will declare, ‘All is Well!’ I will say until you, sing it in faith, sing it when you are alone, declare it, decree it, and so it shall be: All shall be well because the well of salvation is going to be poured out fresh over your nation. I am causing places that have been dry to open up to My reign, I will come down and you will hear, ‘Let us go to the sanctuary of the Lord our God and be dipped in the well of our own salvation, says the Lord your God.

October 30, 2012
The Lord said, “I am looking for weary warriors. Warriors who have already laid down their own swards. Warriors who have taken off their boots, removed their armor and they have layed it aside. They stand before Me with only nakedness waiting to be clothed in My power from on high. I invite you in to be clothed with My power. Know I understand your heart for all of your thoughts are bare before Me, your heart is bare before Me, your plans are bare before Me.

Know I prepared skins for Adam and Eve; it was for their security, not for Mine. Know I have prepared a robe of glory, a mantel of holiness, a sound mind to clothe you in, and it is for your security. It is for your safety for I am looking for a people to become whole, to become safe, to become known of Me and to be known by Me. Will you become My people? New and fresh in Me? Will you lay aside what man would try to add to My gospel and come into the purity of My word. Be clothed in the purity of My word. Let My word clothe you with power from on high. Eat My word. Sleep with My word. Understand My word. Consume My word and let My word consume you. Let it consume doubt, fear, insecurity, unbelief, even guilt and shame; let My word become a flame, let My word become a sword, let it devour all that would try to devour you for I am an all-consuming God. I consume all that consumes you. I come with a concerned heart, for I am not a distant God, but I am an ever present God in time of trouble,” says the Lord your God.

October 23, 2012
The Holy Spirit saying, “I have called you each by name. I have called you each by name. I desire you. I created you in your mother’s womb for a purpose, for a plan, for an assignment. I have designed you for My purposes, My plans, and My assignments. Do not compare who you are to others, but look to Me, the maker, your creator for not only who you are but for who you are called to be. When you come into this understanding, you will rest in what you were created for and who you are. Do not get these mixed up. What is what you may do; who is who you belong to. Identity comes from Me and identity stays in Me. I have created a people for fellowship. I have created a people so I could prove to them, not only am I their best friend, their Lord, their Savior; their shepherd and, I am the guardian of their souls who guards over them to protect them, to lead, to guide, to direct. I cause circumstances to come into their lives, to come towards you and away from you. Bow not to strange circumstances. Bow down not to one and another, but bow down before Me and then honor one another for I am within My own. As you come to the realization of who you are in Me, and who others are in Me, you will come to find the fellowship of Me through each other. I say it is a new day and it is a new hour. You will hear others say, ‘Come! Follow me to the wilderness,’ but I would say test the heart of the shepherds. You will say others who would say, “Come! Sit at my feet and I will speak sweet words to you,” and I would say taste of their fruit and see if it is of My spirit. Then you will hear others say, ‘Come away with me,’ and I will show you the secrets of secrets that only I carry. I would say run from them for My spirit is a spirit of truth. He is a spirit of freedom. He is not the spirit of flesh opportunity. He is the spirit who comes in and creates the opportunity. He has no need of using one, and to disregard others with less honor, but instead he honors the vessels, he uses, and the vessels that He fellowships with. You are His vessels. He treasures the time with you and in you. Dwell in My spirit and let My spirit be poured out through you and upon you. The hour of the world is crying for truth, and is knocking at my door. I will send My message of hope, but, will you be My vessels of power? I lay before you tonight as a petition: take up the assignment; pick up the mantle to carry My power. Listen not to the voice of strangers, but follow your good shepherd, the Lord your God. Seek Me in stillness. Seek Me in quiet. Long to hear My still, small voice and know with My peace I will lead you. I do not drive you, but I lead you with My peace, and I also leave My peace with you,” says the Lord your God.

October 16, 2012
The Spirit of the Lord says, “Let Me refill you to pour you out.”  “Let Me refill you to boil over. Let Me partake stronger of you so that the light of My kingdom will shine through you. My love will shine upon you. I am coming to place oil upon you this night. The oil of joy against the robbery that has come into your lives. With oil I will break sorrow off of you and I will come and place a new anointing and making you clean and new. I will take the blood from Calvary and I will touch you on the brow. I say be not weary, but let Me come and crown you. Understand My crown of thorns: they were beaten and beaten and beaten into My head to where I was blind from my very own blood. Because I was blinded by My blood, My blood gives you sight,” says the Lord. “I will give you insight by My spirit. I will give you a seeing spirit where you can see what My spirit is doing and bring your agreement to Him. He really goes to and fro, looking those who have a pure heart and clean hands. He passes over who that a have hidden agendas. He moves around to check hearts. He comes and He hovers over my own to watch, and to hear what they speak, and what they sing, and what they declare. Then He comes and He makes a nest in the heart of those who are seeking Him. Know He is seeking you, as you are seeking Him. He wants to pour out My glory, in an abundance amount. He wants to cause the rivers of my Spirit to flow out of your belly, and cause life in the bellies of others. Some of you have been living with dry bones. I say, bring the dry bones and lay them at the foot of my cross. Let Me resurrect what I wont to resurrect. Let Me take away what causes death. Let Me place My blood and cause life.

“Tonight, I would invite you to extend your hands towards My throne. Look not to the throne of man, but look to the throne of your King. I have called you My beloved and My friend. Be loved by Me, friend of God. Come before My throne. Come not with your head held down. Come boldly as one who is rushing to meet their beloved. How I long for My people. How I long for their hearts, and their presence, and their wills. If My people were to set their wills like flint, in obedience to My will, then My kingdom would be further advanced. But man is always, always with the spirit of persuasion after your will. Let your will be one with Mine. Have the same cry I cry out: I have come to do the Father’s will and I only do that what the Father shows Me. Let this be the cry of your heart. Let obedience be your spirit to My spirit. He will bring witness. As He bears witness to your spirit, it will leap. With the leaping of the recognition of he soon coming King. So it shall be in you. Your spirit will leap with recognition. Your spirit will pull away from those who pull you in, when I am ready to send you out. I send you by My spirit, through My spirit, in My spirit. Be not listening to voices, those not of My spirit, ask Me to cleanse your hearing, cleanse your ears, cleanse your heart, and cleanse your soul. You are truly in the hour of deliberation. It is a very serious hour for My kingdom’s sake,” says the Lord. “Soon you will see there will be a change and the change will cause greatness upon your land. Yes, it will be Me who will bring a change upon your land. You will be humbled by My the goodness and I will dance with you, the dance of appreciation because you have obeyed Me. Bring Me the sacrifice of obedience and I promise I will not disappoint you. Please Me and then check with Me and then see if I would have you bow to man.

First bow to Me, submit to Me. Have I not given each of you My Spirit to dwell with? Let Him not be alone, but dwell with Him, parttake of Him and let Him guide, let Him lead. Be quick to follow My spirit and be slow to listen to man. The flesh profits nothing, but My spirit multiplies the miraculous,” says the Lord your God.

October 9, 2012
Sometimes when we are over whelmed we ask, how can I do it?  He said, “You do it through My spirit by waiting upon Me.” He said, “You do it with My grace. You do it with Me. You do it in My presence. You do it in obedience even when you don’t want to. You obey. You bring forth obedience of sacrifice. You present your body as a living sacrifice. You say, ‘How can I do it?’ Through me,” says the Lord. “Through Me. By Me. With Me. Allow Me to come and to come upon you in a new way. Allow Me to come and read your heart this night. You come and you sing and yet in your heart, you say, ‘How can I do it?’ By My spirit,” said the Lord. He said, “Know My apostles were in the upper room and they too were thinking, ‘How can we do it?’ Then My spirit came,” said the Lord. “Then My spirit opens their eyes and touched their hearts. Then boldness overtook them to such a point they were no longer desperate, but they were dispensed by My spirit. They were sent forth by My spirit. They were sent out in My spirit.

“I will pour My spirit out upon you this night. Bring your heart, present it at the banquet table. Allow Me to pour fresh oil into your heart. Allow Me to take those broken dreams, allow Me to take those questions. You have come with praise, you come with holiness in your heart. Yet you come with a heart of heaviness at the same time. Know I am grateful you trust Me with your secrets of heaviness. I am the God who takes heaviness and takes it and returns it back over you into praise and thanksgiving. A garment of praise is what you will wear.

“Tonight I will place on your shoulders a garment of praise so when you praise Me, heaviness will not find a landing place, but you will be covered under the cloak of praise. Know as you praise, I will raise you up into My presence. Practice praise. Let praise become perfect in you, and then you in turn will become perfect in Me,” said the Lord your God.

The Lord said, “Tonight I give you, GPS’s: God’s Present Spirit to lead and guide you..

October 2, 2012
He said, “Remember My children I am the God of a righteous anger.” “Remember I am known as the lion of Judah.” “Call Me to roar over the circumstances that are roaring at you. I will gather you under Myself this night and I will cover you under My wings for healing and protection,” says the Lord. He said, “The enemy will come and will put in your heart a deceptive spirit, it will have you withdraw and pull away and accuse Me for what he has planted in your heart. Tonight I would come as a harvester and I will go into the field of your heart. I will pull out those weeds of unbelief, of pain, regret, and sorrow. The accuser will come to condemn. He will come and bring a wrong reflection of who I am within your heart, to make you think and feel that you are in isolation. I am not the God of abandonment; I am the God of adoption. I have adopted you fresh and new through the blood of My son. It is legal, it is written, and it is finished. You need only to enforce it and stand upon it; it is the hour of enriching My own. I am going to enrich you in faith; I am going to enrich you in faith to such a point to when unbelief comes and knocks at your door there will not be even a handle for him to push on,” says the Lord your God. “I will be on the inside of the door with you and the two of us will stand together against unbelief. You will know what it means to rise up on the wings of an eagle. I will send you fresh power of My spirit this night, in renewal and refreshment. Do not get caught up in intellectualism. Man will start to battle one way and another. Do not join arguments, arguments that lead to division, but stand in and upon My word and let My word rule and reign. My word is established and is eternal. Let My word reign. Bring it in right now into your hearts. See it active, and alive into your hearts. Take it and shake My word around your household. Let the dust fall to the ground. What is death let it stay dead, but let the resurrection of My word start to come. Let it take the very dust of remembrance of unbelief and turn it to the gold of remembrance of My spirit. I will remind you this night I am the God of passion; I am the God of forgiveness; I am the God of purpose, planning and provision. Look not to man, let go. Let go of what man would place into your hands for I want open hands and open hearts so I can place into your hands what I have called you to do. I will take out of your hands the work of the flesh of another. Even the soul of another man can become idolatry when it is in your heart against My will. I am coming this night and I am cleansing your hearts fresh. I will set My throne fresh. Then you will learn to rest on My throne established within you.  You will come to understand to rule My throne within you, My word. You will declare it, you will decree it, and you will let it fall into the very cracks that your faith has been leaking out. You will see Me seal your faith tonight with the blood of My Son. I promised you I have come to heal the brokenhearted. Bring Me broken hearts. Bring Me broken minds. Bring Me confusion. Bring Me doubt. All that hinders present into My hands. I am going to lift you on high, high in My spirit, and your feet will be on the Earth. You will do the work of the man, but you will rule by My spirit. Have a grateful heart and this will bring healing to your mind. Have thoughts of blessings and present yourself as bless able. Have a thanksgiving spirit this will bring celebration over your heart. Have truth for freedom this will perfect truthful work in and around you. I am yours and you are mine. I will not present you nor give you away to another. I will honor you; I will treasure you; I will cherish you; I will rescue you. Never ever will I betray you for you belong to Me. Whatsoever state you are in, you are My property. I stamp you fresh with My seal of My spirit,” says the Lord your God.

September 11, 2012
I heard the Lord say, “I was waiting upon you tonight. I was waiting for you tonight. I was waiting for you to pour out your hearts before Me so I can pour myself into your hearts. I was waiting for you tonight to present your bodies as living sacrifices to Me, so I can pour fresh oil upon your heads. I have called you by name, and have called you aside. I have called you out of the valley and out of the wilderness. I have called you even from the mountaintops to come and sit at My feet and allow My hand to rest upon your heart and head this night. I will take disappointment, I will take the rejection of man, and I will put within you the seed of My promise and love. My spirit hovers here,” says the Lord. “I have called you here to hover over you. I have called you here to fill you up fresh and strong. I say, do not go to your own understanding, but seek My spirit of truth, go deeper, deeper and deeper into my Spirit. Have I not said in My word, ‘Deep calls to deep’? If you want to go deep, call out to deep and let deep come and rest upon you, this is My presence placed deeply into your hearts.

“I am calling you into a new season. I am calling you into a new day. I’m asking you to begin to understand the power you carry in My name. I ask you to come and understand the power of My spirit that longs to pour through you. My will is not for you to take dips in my Spirit but, My will is that all tarry in it to carry it out to a broken world. Do not look to those who call themselves the anointed and the appointed, but look to me the Author and the Finisher of your faith. I have called you. I have appointed you. I have anointed you. I will send you. Man will not send you. I will not send you out brokenhearted and discouraged and weak, but instead I will send you out fresh with fire from on high. Know My fire comes from being in My presence. Yes, different vessels have long been in My fire, and many vessels carry My fire, it is because they have been in the fire,” says the Lord your God. “You, too, have been in my fires. You have had personal fires of testing and trials, but understand I am the Lord the God of your understanding. I understand My own,” says the Lord your God. “Seek to let things be into My hand. Be not angry and be not confused, but come under the kindness of a loving savior and know all things truly, truly do work out together for the good. I am calling My own into My presence. I have designated this place as a place of My presence. I have called you here to bring my presence that you carry within you. As you present your presence to Me, I promise you My presence will grow stronger as it tarries over you in this place,” says the Lord your God.

September 4, 2012
The Lord said, “I call you to stillness. I call you to stillness. As I call you to stillness, I say begin to command My will, begin to start to move into My will, begin to be positioned by My spirit into My will. As you are being positioned in My will, My will will become light upon you. My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” He said, “I call you into stillness. I take the veil from you, the veil that man has place over you, to where it has been the plans of the flesh of man. I say let not the flesh profit, but let My spirit rise up and bring you to new heights, into new victories, into a new vision, into a new positioning. There is about to come forth a mighty wind,” says the Lord. “You will be caught up in the wind and you will be caught up in the cloud with My spirit. You will be caught in to an understanding of who I am.” says the Lord, “then will come My glory and it will enfold you and take you from glory to glory,” says the Lord your God.

August 28, 2012
I hear the Lord saying, “I am about to reveal My secrets to you. Tonight I am pouring oil into your hearts and I am settling issues: issues you have battled with for years; issues to that would build a stronghold of shame or rejection or abandonment. I am coming against a lying Spirit tonight and I am releasing the spirit of adoption fresh and new. I am releasing a spirit for a vision of life. I am pulling down those visions of death, of counterfeit, of whom I am and who man would say I am. I am making a rich deposit in you this night. Give your hands to Me right now. Have I not said in My word, ‘What your hand is put to it will prosper’? Let Me take your hands this night. Let Me place your hands where I will have you prosper for My kingdom sake. Take not My word  and put it as subject to your flesh. Let not your flesh, try to perform and fulfill My word, but let it come in subjection to My spirit. As your flesh becomes in subjection to My spirit, then your hand will be the hand extended by My spirit. You can sense even in the heavenlies the battle is growing fierce. Understand I am about to release My angelic host and you will hear of the miraculous like you have never have heard before. You will know angels of hosts have come from My presence. They will host the word of the Lord your God upon the Earth.

“Be not afraid of man’s face, but serve Me with fear and trembling. Understand you are loved beyond your comprehension, beyond your limited knowledge for I am love. I will go into your spirit tonight and I will deposit this truth and seer it into your spirit to where when the enemy comes, I will allow a mirror of My love to be the reflection of what is behind the work I have called you to do. You will see where your hand belongs and where your hand is being lifted. I am taking hands that are cold with dead works and I am saying, ‘Take your hands off the work of a holy God.’ Place your hands in the fire of the sanctuary of My presence. As you do this, you will be sent out with hands of flame and your hearts will burn within you. It will be My presence and My command. More than that, it will be Christ Jesus in you the hope of glory. I am about to release over your nation a spirit of hope which will dispel the spirit of hopelessness. The enemy has tried to spread it like a net and a snare over this nation. I will send angels and they will come with a sword of My spirit and they will cut holes in the snare. You will see they will come as roaring angels, and you will hear of reports more and more and more of how what was planned for evil was defeated by a Holy God. You are about to understand I do not lie, I am the God of truth and the God of mercy and also the God of understanding. I will grant to your hearts the gift of understanding to where you will be able to understand yourself, and accept yourself through grace; where you will understand the past and let it go into My hand of grace; you will understand it is My hand that will lead you out by My grace. You will understand I want you to rest in my hand of grace. You rest in My hand of grace,” says the Lord your God.

August 21, 2012
The Lord said, “Just press in. Press in.” He said, “I know you’re tired. Press in.” He said, “Let Me restore your soul as your spirit overrides your soul. Press in.”

The Lord said, “Angels are dancing among you.” He said, “Angels are dancing among you.” He said, “They’re taking the desires in your heart, bringing your petitions.” He said, “I am taking your petitions. The angels are taking them from you to me. You are offering up fragrance of worship. You are bringing Me a sacrificial, a sacrificial offering.” He said, “Angels are walking among you. They will strengthen you. They will bring you the fresh manna. They will strengthen your soul. I know the wilderness. I know the desert. I know the river. I know the mountains. Most of all, I know the way. Lay before Me right now all that hinders you from following your King. Cast off all cares. Cast them upon Me, because truly I do care for you. I said I have not called for you to walk alone. I’ve called to visit you in the wilderness. I’ve called you to give you strategy in the wilderness. I’ve called you to bear fruit in the wilderness. I’ve called you to be available to empower you in the wilderness. Only those who had unbelief could not enter into the promise. You are not a people of unbelief. You are a people of the word. You are a people of faith. You are a people of a meek spirit and a humble heart. I, too, walk among you and I see humility. I see doubt and I see fear, but I also see strength. I see potential. I see those with a tender heart and a tender spirit. They are not ambition for their name be glorified. Be ambitious for My name. Be ambitious for My kingdom for My kingdom will come to you in the wilderness. As you come forth out of the wilderness, you will have come from My kingdom, and you will take My kingdom into the world. Others will say, ‘For where have you been?’ and you will say, ‘I have been in the meeting with My king.’ I meet My own in the wilderness. When they chose to come into the tent of holiness; when they chose to come into the tent of worship; when they chose to come to this place of a sanctuary I have called and set aside, I’m about to pour out My spirit. I am about to roll down the clouds of glory. In those clouds I will roll up your worries, your fears, and your doubts. I will leave within you the deposit of My glory.

“Come to My sanctuary for you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Dwell in My sanctuary. In My sanctuary I will take out weariness and I will pour in you a vision, a plan, a strategy. I will not have you run to and fro, but I will have you become still so that I can deposit within you. You will become to be known as those who deposit from what has been deposited with them. Now I would say unto you, yes you will come forth from the wilderness, but it will not be with a hung head, it will be with a head held high. Upon your head will be a crown of authority. In your hand will be My word like the flaming fire. In your heart will be a determination of faith. Be not dismayed when you look around. Be not discouraged when you hear reports, but understand this: I have My people and My people have a God. When you dwell in My sanctuary, you go to and fro but never do you depart from My presence,” says the Lord your God.

August 7, 2012
Take new steps even how you dance with me.” He said, “There will be new events that I will begin to initiate to come toward you.” He said, “Some of the steps will be steps you’ve never taken before. They will require your faith to step out into a new place. “People who never danced before are so afraid they’ll get out there and will look foolish.” He said, “My glory will cover you if you walk in obedience to my new steps.”

I want you to pick your feet up and down right now where you are standing and just walk in place where you are right now. I heard the Lord say, “I’m going to give you new steps. I’m going to give you new instructions where to walk, how to walk, what to walk away from, and what to walk forward.” He said, “Some of you will be limping and some of you will be running but you will be moving. I work in moving vessels. Did my people not have to wait for the rain, and the cloud to move? Then the cloud became bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and then so did the rain. Some of you have been in a spiritual drought.” He said, “Step. Step to a new sound. Step to new steps and let My spirit order your feet to step in the place I have prepared for you.”

I want you to step into the cloud right now. He said, “Move to the Spirit.” If it seems strange, don’t worry about it. Move to the Spirit! Move it out! Get in the Spirit! C’mon, into the dance and flow with my spirit.

Carry my power and glory. Make your feet the foundation of this vessel of honor. He said, “In My word I said how beautiful are the feet of them who spread good news. How beautiful are your feet, My saints, who spread My good news.”

July 31, 2012
Lord you are coming tonight among your people and you are laying your hands upon their heads just as you blessed the children who came to you when you walked the earth. Lord, they were little ones with little understanding, and you reached out to their level of understanding. You didn’t judge them nor reject them, but you held onto them to plant your seeds of faith within them. Lord, I ask tonight by Your spirit, for you to plant new seeds of faith into the hearts of your people, as you go into their minds that are tired, confused, and who have no understanding. Will but you go beyond their understanding and deposit a knowledge of how deeply they are loved. Let them understand your word to know the depth, the bredth, and the height of the love of God in Christ Jesus. Lord we ask for the knowledge of your love because you are a God of love.

“Lord, heal your people tonight. Father, heal rejection. Heal anger and disappointment. Heal abandonment. Heal misunderstanding. Take disappointment and crush it into the ground. Lord, destroy hopelessness in this room tonight. Lord, raise the people’s faith to encounter your love, your compassion, and your heart. Take the scales off of their eyes in the Spirit and pull them deep, deep, deep into the knowledge of who you are: that you are a sovereign God who is in love with His creation. Father, baptize your people in true knowledge tonight. Baptize their enlightenment with the water and dew of your Spirit. Father, let weariness and well-doing be broken off. Lord, let hope arise. Let it not be deferred any longer, but let your gift of hope be deposited and sealed by your Spirit. Lord, we take off all restrictions: we submit, we surrender, and we commit. Father, we ask that we do not fight your will, but we declare and we decree like Mary did, ‘Let it be done unto me according to your word.’ Lord, we declare in this room and those who are not with us tonight that Your word be done according to Your will. We stand on Your word tonight. We rest on Your word tonight. We take hope in Your word tonight. We turn our eyes onto You and Your word. We thank You that You are the God of all knowing: the known and the unknown. Every hair in this room is counted; every hair. Every secret of the heart; every prayer answered and unanswered that You are in charge, Lord, because we declare and we decree that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is our Lord and our God, we bow our knees to you alone, our mouth, nor our bodies, nor our minds, nor our faith to no other god. We break idolatry even of self, and we ask for humility and submission so we can surrender into the arms of a loving and a trustworthy God. We thank you Father. In Jesus’ precious, powerful name, Amen.”

July 24, 2012
I am calling my people; I am training them to walk in the midst of the storm.” “Rain will be in their face. Rain will be upon their backs. My reigning of My glory will be upon them and rest upon their head. My reign of glory will lift them out of despair and confusion. I do not bring confusion, I bring counsel, I bring truth, I bring direction. When confusion enters in: stop! Stop immediately and know My Spirit goes straight away with direction, goes straight away with peace, goes straight away as Counselor, and goes straight away with truth. He does not bring you into confusion and close the door. He brings you out into the light of My goodness. Understand in Me there is no darkness. When darkness comes upon you, shake it off like dust upon your feet. Your feet were prepared to spread a gospel of good news, not of despair and hopelessness; but learn, know, rest. I am rising up a people who will understand what it means to do all things through Me. Not with Me and not by Me, but through Me. A people who have learned to rest in the midst of My presence. They have learned to recognize My voice. They have learned to recognize the stillness and the silence. They will feel My breath as when I breathed upon My apostles; My breath, the eternal breath of Heaven, came to Earth to breathe into man supernatural life.  You are supernatural beings, even from birth. Understand I am raising you up. As I lift you up, you will begin to gain understanding the why: why I have said rest, why I have said wait, and why I said come. Many of you are going to experience a coming away with your beloved. In this place, and in this season, I will download into your spirit the strategy of life. Yes, you were created for My pleasure, for My purposes. I am about to reveal much upon this Earth. You will recognize what is of Me for My fruit and My handprint will be upon it. You will also recognize what is of the flesh. Flesh will not bear eternal fruit, but it will bear empty promises. Cling to Me: I am the vine. Cling, cling: I am the branch also. Cling: I am the root. Cling: come to understand in Me all things are possible,” says the Lord your God.

July 17, 2012
I have hared you cries, I have seen your tears, I hared you laughter, through each and ever year, I have watch so very close, but I didn’t have to draw near. I sealed you in My heart so you can never escape from here. I have called you to have intimacy with your King, to know I will sing and dance over you, and I will change all you bring. As you bring to Me your sorrow, your pain, your fear, your doubt, I will come. I will make a path where there seems to be no way out. You must learn to yield to My spirit. You must learn to hear his voice and the whisper of his breeze. You must learn to listen in gentleness and in strength and know that I am about to move in the mighty, mighty breeze. It will start from the ground and you will hear of the tornados and the wind. Must understand the sun will break through and the people will scream, but they will run into My healing stream, they will run into My Son and they will find peace, and joy, and strength. Then they will know He has bowed down and pick them up, and shown them the way. I am calling you to come closer, to hear of no other voice, but drown out the sorrow in the world and chose Me, make Me, your only choice. When you have chosen to follow with all of your strength your might, and your fear, you will come to understand I have always been beside you when you have dwelled down here.”

The Lord said, “You have seen the fire of the enemy. You have seen and been reminded of the ashes of broken dreams. You have seen the ashes of other peoples, where it was their tomorrows but now it is their yesterdays. They know not where to turn. I say to you this night, My wind does not destroy, My fire only transforms My people into a pure and a holy core. I do not send the fire of destruction, nor have I cursed this holy land, but I have called this land of My people for I have declared My word in the soil. The soil carries the blood of the saints who died willingly for My name. Do you not understand the soil will cry out once again, then saints will come and reign.”

July 10, 2012
The Lord would say, “There is nothing too hard for Me.” He said, “There is nothing that is too hard for Me. With Me, all things are possible. I would say present the impossible before Me this night. I have invited you to come boldly before My throne of grace. I have invited you to come before the alter of holiness. I have invited you to come and to let yourself rest in My presence. I have invited you to come and partake of My presence. In turn, I am partaking of you. Where there is doubt, I would come and I would put hope and faith. Where this is pain and rejection, I would build you up and appoint you. When man brings disappointment, and when life brings disappointment, I come and I stand before you. I say I present to you an opportunity to receive My appointment. I have called you forth to be appointed. I have called you forth to be a point man for Me, to where I will show you where you are to point your prayers. I will show you where you are to point My word. I will show you where you are to point your strength. To where I will point you and say make a deposit of the anointing I have deposited within you. Those I call, I appoint. Those who say, ‘Yes Lord! Send me,’ I come and I clothe them with power from on high. I do not come and strip My own and leave them naked. That’s how sin left Me. My glory is your cover. My anointing by My spirit is your seal. I have come to build you up and to strengthen you. I wish tonight for you to breathe in the very essence of My love for each of you. If you could understand the depth of My love, fear would find no landing place. Fear of  life nor fear of death, fear of success nor fear of failure, fear would find no landing place for faith would open the door. I would invite you tonight; let me seal your faith fresh.”

June 19, 2012
The Lord said, “Open your hands wide.” He said, “I have come to strengthen you. I have seen your hands and I have seen the work of your hands. Some of you have grown so weary in the work of your hands.” He said, “Let Me fill your hands with My grace, My power, My healing and My virtue. Did I not extend My hand to Peter? Did I not pull Peter out of the water? Did I not tell Peter to walk. Then when he began to fall, did I not extend My hand to Peter? Peter was unable to reach My hand, but My hand was ever-ready and able to reach Peter. So it is with each of you and your households, and even your nation. My hand is not short that it can’t save.

My hand is going to move in the miraculous. My hand is going to move in stillness and in celebration. My hand is going to move over hearts that have become so disappointed they have moved into despondency, despair, and depression. My hand is going to be laid upon hearts. My hand is going to be laid upon heads that have been seeking a fresh touch of My spirit. My hand is going to be laid gently upon your back. My hand will propel you and compel you to go and do what I would say in My name. My hands are going to be laid upon your feet and they will become more beautiful because they have been touched by the hand of the Creator. Understand My hand recreates and creates. Know that My hand is about to move.  You will hear, you will see and you will know the hand of God is moving fresh, strong, pure, holy and with purpose. This night I would commission your hands. I would commission your hands to receive fresh orders. Orders of assignment not so much in the natural, but to pull down the strongholds I will show you in the spirit. I say be not quick to move, but be quick to listen. Listen and stand. Stand and let your hands become My hands. As you lift them up and you bring one voice, you will come to understand that I am a proclaiming God. I do proclaim with your voice by my Spirit. Now lay your hands to claim, what I would have you claim for My glory,” says the Lord your God.

June 12, 2012
The Lord says, “Ask Me to show you the way.” He said, “Ask Me to command the crooked way to become straight.” He said, “Ask Me to calm the sea that seems to be overtaking you. Ask Me to position you in My peace. I would ask you, are you willing to learn to walk on the water of the storm? Are you willing to put your face against the wind of adversity and have Me put you on My shoulders and carry you above the wind, above the storm? I am lifting up a people to rule and reign in high places. I am lifting up a people who know how to take My word and command My word, for It does not return void nor empty. I am looking for a people who will bow down to Me and yet who would also stand for Me. I am looking for a people who will make My word the yes and the amen. I am looking for a people who will be clean, open vessels yielded to My spirit. Listen to the stillness of My spirit. Let him pull on your hearts. Let him come into the midst of the whirlwind, of all that seems to have overtaken you. Ask him to touch down like a tornado to cause the things to scatter that need to scatter, to bring things into order and into balance. I do hold the wind in My hand. I command the wind to go the direction of My kingdom. I see your hearts, and I see disappointment. I see longing. I see how the enemy would come and plant the seed in the doubt of abandonment. Know he is a liar. Know I will never ever, ever, leave you nor forsake you. I have not called you nor asked you to walk this walk alone. I’ve asked you to lean upon My arm, to lean into My understanding, and to rest and stand in My word. Know what I have begun, I will bring to completion. I ask you to give your will to Me, so I can mold your will to fit My will. Then the two of us shall become one: one in will, one in mind, one in agreement, one in victory,” says the Lord your God.

June 5, 2012
I will ask you to invite Me to become your shepherd; the shepherd of your soul; the shepherd that will lead you to green pasture to restore your souls; a shepherd who will pour oil into your wounds  healinh disappointment, rejection, and abandonment, to where you well allow Me to come into your hearts and take down the walls and the veils you have placed to protect yourself from Me. Allow My spirit to melt these with His fire, to where you can experience, and receive true love unhindered, unconditional love; this love will allow you to become who I created you to be. My love that will cause you to think of yourself as I think of you: beloved, cherished, treasured, one who I have paid for with My blood. Begin to identify with the value I have stamped you with. Take not your value from man, look not for man’s validation but be free in My validation to value all man. As you value all man, you will value Me in man. Know I have come so you may have life abundantly. I place it before you. Chose this day, life abundantly? Draw into My presence. Seek My heart. When you are too weary and too tired, let My heart seek after you. I am the good shepherd. I do leave ninety nine and go after one. I have come to gather you unto Myself, to bring hope, healing, restoration and the promises of My word to become a covenant of fire of eternal fire: eternal fire of My spirit to seal you, to have you know who you belong to, and then be free to follow. As you follow Me, be willing to serve all knowing that I too came as a servant: to serve, to be lifted up. I would invite you also to bow down, and in Me to be lifted up,” says the Lord your God.

May 29, 2012
The Lord said, “I am going to circumcise your hearts this night. I am going to circumcise them fresh and new. I shall use the spear, the sword of My word, to where all that has been within you that has caused pain and poison I will drain out of you. I will allow to flow out of you the abundant life I have promised you. I see within you tears: tears of remorse, tears of regret. I desire to see tears of laughter, tears of joy, tears of dancing, tears of knowing   you are accepted in the beloved. I desire to hear you laugh in My presence. I desire  you to come joyfully, determined to come into My presence casting aside all other distractions, as you come to press yourself against Me. As you press yourself against Me heart to heart, there well be a heart transplant. I will pull up the weeds of poison man has planted. I will put in the seed of hope and healing, the seed of the fresh move and the seed of the fresh anointing. I am calling you to open your hearts this night. Let Me come with My spear. Let Me trim away the excess of brokenness. Let Me seal you with My spirit fresh,” said the Lord. “I have called you by My Spirit. I have filled you with My Spirit and I will pour you out with My Spirit. It will not be conditional. It will be through, love, compassion, and understanding. I will enhance the love you have for Me back over you. You will dance as one at a wedding: one that has found a ravishing love. There shall be nothing you will lack, but you will find passion in Me you’ve never even known. I am a passionate God and I give passionate words; I give passionate answers to prayer. When I see My own wounded, My heart hurts when your heart hurts. I am a righteous God and I become angry with those who become angry with My own and wound them. I am a protective Father, I am not a distant God. I am within you to heal you, to take away from you the plans of man and to place in you the plans of My Spirit. I say to you, ‘do you say amen?’ If you say amen to My Spirit, My Spirit will say Amen to you. We shall dance to a new tune and that will be the tune of My Spirit. It will be a tune of life, it will not be the tune of death. I will be the tune of resurrection for I will resurrect so many things around you that you will walk up the valley of dry bones. You will walk to the mountaintop and experience the dew of My presence, I will put the mist of the oil of My Spirit upon you. I will open your eyes in the Spirit. I will open your ears in the Spirit. You will go spirit to spirit with understanding. You will not be led down the path of disappointment, but you will be led down the path and up the path of determination. My Spirit has a plan; My Spirit has an assignment. My Spirit gives direction. My Spirit gives guidance. Say amen to My spirit for My Spirit has said amen to you this night,” says the Lord your God.

May 22, 2012
I invite you to celebrate. I call out to you, come celebrate. I bid you, come celebrate. I invite you to come to the wedding feast, celebrate. Come to understand your position as My bride, celebrate. Celebrate, celebrate and dance with Me. Lift up My word and dance with My word for My word and Myself are one. Dance with My word. Place it like a wedding band on your finger of authority. Dance with My word. Cling to My word. Rejoice with My word. Declare the Psalms of praise in My word. Celebrate My word. As you come to understand that I am a celebrating God, your personality will start to experience the joy of My celebration. Many of My own are weak for lack of celebration. They are weary in a season of declaration. Now I say, celebrate the season. Celebrate the reason of the season. Understand I am worthy to be celebrated. I alone am worthy to be praised declared and let forth My praises ring. My praises ring and as you sing songs in celebration, you will come to understand My joy is sufficient. My strength is sufficient. Some I will say, come back to your first love. I would say come to the wedding, I have set the table of the banquet in the midst of all of your enemies. Dance in front of the enemies. Bring confusion into the camp of the enemy. Let confusion be broken off of you. He will be confounded and leave because you will leap, you will dance, you will decree, you will declare, you will laugh, and you will drink of My presence. In the midst of your enemies, you will find My joy, you will find My presence, you will find the enemy bows down. Why? Because I am about to crown My own. Crown My own. Come to the coronation of your King. Come, celebrate. Celebrate the declaration of who I say I am, but celebrate who I say you are also. Reach out.”

I want you to lift out your left hand. I heard the Lord say, “Bethroth, now become bewed. Go from the bethroth of the promise, come to the authority of the wed. As you come into the wedding chamber of My word, let not strangers come, but come with those who have come from My presence. I am gathering in the midst of the enemies My own to celebrate. Celebrate before the wedding; celebrate during the wedding; celebrate after the wedding. Come, dance in front and upon the enemies and you will rise up in the authority of My name,” says the Lord your God.

May 15, 2012
I am raising up a people who will seek My face in the midst of all circumstances. I am strengthening my people. Even though weak, they stand in the midst of all circumstances: standing on My word, standing in My presence, standing in My might, standing in My glory, leaning on Me, and upon no one else, trusting upon Me and upon no one else, believing in Me and in no one else. Those who have been hungry, who sought Me, and who have partaken of Me, who know My heart and recognize My ways, who know Me, and know Me well. Mine know what is not of Me and touch not what is not of Me, but cling, hold and, cherish what is of Me. Know this brings life. I will cancel death: death of dreams, death of visions, death that comes and robs My people of their faith, of their joy, of even their call. I will release back over them faith, unruly faith. It is unruly for it will be ruled by My Spirit under Him. It will be controlled, but it will be positioned. It will become a weapon of warfare, not a pillow of comfort. It will become an object used to bring conquering victory for My name sake. I am lifting up an army that will be strong in Me. Even though they may be weak in  their knees, they will be strong in My knowledge, strong in My power, strong in My glory for they will have left what is of the flesh. They will have turned their back on all that grieves Me and declare ‘No for it is unclean and I belongs to a holy God.’

“I am looking for a people who will belong to Me for I am a God who belongs to a people. How close will you come? How close will you draw in? How much will you learn of Me? Do not look to one another. Seek Me and seek My word. Learn who I am in spirit and in truth. Let the world’s opinion fall by the wayside for they know not Me. I have come, the Word made flesh, dwelling among you. I say let Me abide in your heart, in your mind, in your will. Have I not decreed and declared “Become temples of My Holy Spirit.  Come, dwell, be with Me,” says the Lord your God.

May 8, 2012
The Lord says, “Come under the wings of the Almighty.” He said, “Under My wings and merely under the shadow of My wings there is healing, there is hope, there is provision, there is promise. There also must be obedience. When you chose to come under My wings, you are choosing to come under My protection. When you chose to come and dwell under My wings, you dwell nestled under My heart, allowing My love to heal your wounds, your disappointments, your rejection, your fear and your doubt. Come, I would say, come under My wings. Let My wings come and envelop you and devour you to be wrapped around you to become the very comfort you need. You will find comfort under My wings from the wind of adversity, from the wind of confusion, from the wind of tongues that waggle and have no understanding or truth. I say in the hour of the appointed time of the Father, My wings will rise up. When they rise up, you will have risen up too, for you have risen up on top of My wings. I will come and I will cause the wind to blow you from under My wings to ride on top of My wings. As you learn to ride on top of My wings, you will learn to glide in My spirit like an eagle. You will not struggle and you will not flap and flap and flap and gain nothing, but merely lose strength and hope. Instead you will soar and I will show you things through My eyes. I will show you things that are in My heart stored up for you and for My people.

“It is a lonely hour. In this loneliness, there is coming purity: purity of heart, purity of mind, purity of  purpose. I say loneliness but not alone for how can you run from My spirit? Have I not promised you in My word I am with you always? I say loneliness for you will be saying goodbye to some things that have been with you, but they have held you down and held you back. You will watch them burn before your eyes as My spirit comes and lights the fire of purification and lights the fire of zeal and lights the fire of sight to where you can see to soar.

“Be not be discouraged when I cause you to go a new way. It will be a new way in your understanding. I do not speak to you to change the direction, but I say change your thinking; think the mind of Christ, dwell in the mind of Christ. Think upon Me until I have made you come to truth to understand how I think upon you, My beloved, My chosen, My over comers, My deliverers. Mine who I will send out to the uttermost parts of the earth: Mine, Mine, Mine. Tonight I would say unto you I transfer ownership, I would no longer say, ‘Mine, Mine.’ I would say, ‘Ours and ours.’ Did I not say I would teach you to pray ‘Our Father’? Now I say, I’ll teach you to pray this: Our kingdom. Our Kingdom, our people who are dying and going to hell, our people that are crying out for help. Our people, who have become Mine and I want you to make them yours. First, pick it up in the spirit and rush not out into the flesh. Rush not out into the soulish realm and the arena to hear the applause of man to cause distraction, but seek under My wings and find stillness, find direction, and find understanding. Under My wings is the most secret high place. I promise you I will cause you to rise up on the wings of an eagle after you have nestled under My wings,” says the Lord your God.

May 1, 2012
I keep hearing the Lord say, “I know some of you are too weary to come to where I am. That’s why I remind you I AM with you always. Even in your weariness when you cannot come to Me, I AM with you. The only thing that changes is your awareness. The awareness that I AM with you. Allow Me to open your eyes, the eyes of your spirit man, so you can see Me working even when you do not see in the physical the manifestation. Know in the spirit I AM working. Know that I do not sleep, I do not become weary with My own, I do not worry over My own. I war for My own. I would offer Myself to you tonight as your warrior, as the man of war. The man of war, who takes on the battle that has caused fatigue and strife all around you. It has not been of My spirit, but it has been of another to distract you to pull you away and to pull you down to where you are weary in body, mind, soul and spirit. The enemy tries to place between you and Me a curtain of worry, fear, doubt, unbelief and despair. I tore the curtain once and I am tearing it down again. The curtain I desire to tear down is how you think, how you receive, how you respond. I say, do not receive in your soul, but receive unhindered in your spirit. Your spirit bears witness to truth. Your soul becomes distracted with wants and needs. Have I not said, ‘Worship Me in spirit and in truth’? Keep your spirit free.

“Chose not to walk in the low mindset to where you would try to bring Me, instead chose to walk lowly with humility knowing that you serve and you dwell with an almighty God. Come to know Me as a warrior. Warring over MY own, protecting My own, plans in place for MY own. Man can throw up blueprints, man can throw up barriers, plans, assignments, but My spirit can come with the wind and the fire and destroy every weapon that comes against you. You must pull down your thoughts. You must lift up your spirit. When you lean to your own understanding you become weak, but when you pray with My spirit and rest in My Spirit in stillness, you gain strength. Know I am a God of strength and that I strengthen My own. Even if now you have chosen isolation, I have not chosen this for you. I have chosen fellowship, This is why I have sent My blood upon the Earth, so you could partake in fellowship with Me, spirit to spirit.

“Ask Me for My ways and then expect My ways. Be not afraid of the word ‘wait’. Be not afraid of the word ‘no’. Be not afraid of the word ‘occupy’. Know this is Me telling you I am aligning things in the spirit, and you must wait until My alignment is established. I do not want you out of line. I want to be the plumb line of love that is Heaven sent, Heaven dropped, Heaven marked to where you will not miss the mark. I am causing you and calling you to separate unto me. Yes, I say come away, My beloved. I’ve said, ‘Come away with Me.’ Allow Me to be your beloved. Allow Me to be your friend, your counselor, your teacher, your guide. Know through Me all things are possible. Wait upon My timing and let My ways unfold.”

April 24, 2012
“I walk among My people,” said the Lord. “I dwell among My people. I want you to become ever, ever mindful of Me. In your thoughts, in your words, in your actions, in all that you do become mindful of Me first. You sing, ‘I am Lord’. You declare, ‘I am Lord.’ Am I? Am I? In every area am I Lord? Be ever mindful of Me. Take not of the wine of drunkenness, but take of the new wine of My spirit. In the wine of My spirit there is life, true life, that brings you into true eternity. Eternal life.

Take not of the world for you are not of the world. You are merely in the world, but not of it. Come apart from the world. Am I Lord? Am I? Have I not said when you seek Me with your whole heart, you will find Me. How I long for your whole heart. I am not content to dwell in half of your heart or a quarter of your heart. I want to devour your whole heart. I want to consume your heart with My eternal love; My eternal passion of purity, of power, of healing, of restoration. Apply My blood to what was in your past. Apply My blood to what has happened.

Take back all that is not under lordship and lay it at the feet of your Lord. Am I your Lord? If I am Lord, then allow Me to rule. Allow Me to reign. Reign down blessings, reign down fellowships. I am a jealous God and I will have nothing before Me. Nothing between Me and My own. Did I not tear down the curtain? Did I not shed My blood to break every barrier? Am I truly your Lord? The Lord of secret, the Lord of public, the Lord of your thoughts. Am I Lord? Dwell with Me, My beloved. Come away with Me, My beloved. In Me you will find the fullness of life. The warmth of My Spirit, the fire of My passion and love, the light of My yoke. Come. Declare My Lordship.”

April 17, 2012
The Lord said lay aside everything, place it on the alter of sacrifice, every fear, every doubt, every sickness, every diseases, all worries, every stress, every person, and every place. Everything. Lay it down on the altar of sacrifice. Let Me send the fire of My spirit to consume whatever you have placed on the altar of sacrifice. I have seen your sacrifice in public as well as in private. I have seen the choices you have made in public as well as in private. Know I am not a distant God, but I have placed Myself within you, so we can come to know each other. Knowing one anther’s heart, where you would pick up My heartbeat and I would pick up your heartbeat, to where our hearts will beat as one for Heaven’s sake. Lay everything that concerns you upon that altar of sacrifice. Let My spirit hover and consume what has been placed upon that alter of sacrifice. No tears wasted. No prayers unheard. No hearts unhealed. Place everything upon the altar of sacrifice. Give up yourself. Give up your strength. Give up your time. Give up your will. Give up your choosing. Place your mind in Me so My thoughts will consume you. Together we will go to the altar of sacrifice and I will take what has been burned on the altar of sacrifice with My presence, and present it back to you as a stone: a precious stone. A stone that has been sanctified to where unbelief, doubt and fear that were ugly and hard and cold, now consumed into the reflection of a ruby, The reflection of My blood in you, around you and upon you. Place all that would concern you upon My altar of sacrifice. Not any altar, but My altar of sacrifice. I did not die in vain for no reason. It was not in vain. My death had purpose, plan, provision and preparation. Know whatever you present will be presented back. Only after it too has been burned and touched by My hand, by My will, by My love, by My power. All that what concerns you, concerns Me,” says the Lord your God.

April 10, 2012
I hear the Lord say, “I invite you to join Me, to dance on the advance of the enemy. I called you to dance above the plans of the enemy. I called you to dance in the plans of heavenly. I called you to come and dance with My Father at the wedding feast. I invited you to dance with My spirit as he twirl you. As he twirls you, he takes you to high places. He is going to continue to draw you in glory to glory. I bid you to dance with Me, your Savior, your risen Lord so you can understand I have rose. As I have risen, so shall you above all circumstances. I will pull you out of the ashes. The ashes will be blown away by My spirit. My Father will command things to back up where peace reigns in your hearts; where peace reigns in your minds, where peace guides you, directs you and keeps you. My own are called peacemakers. My own are called warriors. My own are called beloved: beloved by Me, beloved by others. Above all else, I call you beloved. Come. Come. Come. Dine with Me. Let no one else enter in and come between us in the Holy of Holies. Come face to face, heart to heart, eyes to eyes, lips to lips, hand to hand to where I can take out of you brokenness. I can take out of you fear and disappointment. I can take off of you curses and a bad reports. I’ll bring forth the blessed reports of the Lord. You will come to know Me as redeemer. Did not Ruth come back from Boaz bringing good reports? Will not My own come back from My presence bringing good reports? Draw from My presence and let My presence draw from you. I am lifting up a mighty army. Listen for the wind. Watch for the fire. Come, dance in My word and let My word twirl around you like a sword. Pick up My word. Pick up the battle, but dance in the battle. Do not lay down the weapon, but dance with the weapon. As you dance with My sword, the enemy will be confused for he knows and he recognizes and he understands murmuring and complaining. He comes to accuse the brethren and to accuse Me. When you dance with My word and you dance in My presence he must leave in confusion because of the anointing. He cannot stand in the anointing. The anointing breaks the yoke,” says the Lord your God.


March 2012 Prophecies

March 27, 2012
The Lord said. I have come to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. I want you to become those who feel and claim what I have come for. I am looking upon the Earth. My eyes go to and fro looking for those who will become proclaimers. They will be for Me and they will claim for Me. As they proclaim and go forth, others will stand still and know that I am real. My heart weeps for My own. My heart weeps for those who are crying out for Me, and don’t even know who they are crying for. If only they knew My arms are everlasting, and I can pick them up, hold them and comfort them. My arms can also restrain them from damage that would harm them. My arms can point the direction, that I would have them walk in to where they would experience liberty, freedom and happiness, prosperity, blessings. I am looking for a people who will proclaim, ‘This is the day of the Lord. This is the hour of the Lord. This is the season of the Lord.’ Know I am taking My own into a time of intimacy. I am calling for vessels to come forth: vessels who will become clean, body, mind, soul and spirit. Vessels who will be called aside, yet they will only be called aside to be refilled. Then they will be led out by My spirit. I will not point them in the way of the wilderness of disappointment, but I will point them to the sea of a broken people. Where My own are crying out, they curse Me and yet they do not know Me. They disbelieve and yet they do not know Me. They call My name and yet they do not know Me. Who will go? Who will heal the brokenhearted in My name? Who will set the captives free in My name? Who will understand the authority of My name? Who will stand in the power of My name? I am looking for proclaimers, but first they must become seekers: seekers who seek Me with their whole heart. Then they will find Me, and show others. They will be able to point to the cross, but not from their head, not even from their soul, but from their brokenheart that I have healed and have made whole. I am seeking a brokenhearted people. A people who walk in humility, whose pride has been broken. I am looking to walk among those who are of no reputation and yet chose to spread My reputation: Christ died, Christ risen, Christ coming again, the King, the hope of glory. Who will go forth and proclaim? I am looking for seekers. Seek Me in My word, but seek Me far greater in your heart. I long to cohabitate with you. I long for you to begin to have My thoughts. I long for you begin to understand My ways are higher than that of man. Man has limits, man has restrictions. I am the eternal living God. I will call My own each by name. Come to My kingdom, learn of My kingdom, declare My kingdom has come and let My kingdom be establish among you,” says the Lord your God.

March 20, 2012
The Lord says, “I am leading my people to still waters, to still waters to restore their soul; to restore their vision; to restore their strength; to show the reflection of who they think they are and to touch the water for healing, to make them become who they are in Me. I am the One who can strengthen them, the One who could lead them, the One who can raise them up to overcome. Know you are moving into a season. It is going to be a season to where My own, will be seeking and will be searching. They will be seeking and searching more and more. As they are seeking and searching for more and more, I am going to have My own receive the answers quick, quick, quick. Like a sword, My answers will go into the hearts, and it will pierce their hearts. It will pierce their own understanding. My answers will pull down strongholds for you are about to see a mighty, mighty, mighty wind overtake this land. When this wind comes, I do not want My own to tremble. I want to hear ‘Amen’ to the Father of Wind. In this wind I will uproot many, many things. Things that have not been grounded in Me, I will uproot. Things that have been grounded in Me, I will send the rain and it will cause those roots to go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. Understand the principle of the tree. I have planted you by the river of life. Out of your belly comes the river of life.

I am taking off of you the heaviness of man. Some will weep, some will mourn. They will say, ‘That was the vision, that was My vision.’ The Lord would say, ‘Yes.’ There is not time for your vision. It is now the time of My vision: My vision that would open your eyes to things that have never seen before. You will see man’s works and they will fall dead at your feet. You will see other works and they will spring up at your feet. It will be the dew of My spirit that will come upon this work. You will know that I am not trimming, I am multiplying. I am not trimming, I am merely pruning. You will understand the reason I am pruning because I want rich, rich anointed fruit. I want converted people. I do not want lukewarm saints that sit in the seats. I want converted people who converse about Me, one with another. Who converse to Me and I converse to them, one with another. I am looking for a people to be so converted that other things will look perverted to them. They will turn their back on perversion. They will say, ‘I can not touch that for that is an unclean idol.’ Instead, they will come and they will lay at My feet. My presence will swallow them up. They will say, ‘Truly I have touched the King of King and He has touched Me.’ I am going to start to heal My people miraculously in a new way. You will get report after report after report of how I touched minds, how I touched bodies, how I purified the visions and the dreams. Know that I am not only stripping away the overcoat of works. I am fastening upon you My robes of righteousness. In these robes of righteousness, there will be an anointing of oil. Where you walk, the oil will drop. This will be the oil of My spirit. The hour is moving quickly. You will see the enemy begin to propel evil upon the earth. You will understand when hell comes forth, Heaven comes down. You will come to understand My kingdom has come. You will come to understand greater works will you do because of Me.

Extend your hands for the new work,” says the Lord. “I will put in your hands this night, Heaven sent strategy. Do not weep for the stripping but lift your hands in expectancy for the clothing. Have I not said in My word: wait until you have received power from on high. I have called you to release over you new waves of power from on high. Power that man will be dumbfounded at. They will not mock nor will they joke, but in seeing My power, the fear of the Lord will come forth. It will come forth with signs and wonders and fire.

Understand you will see many, many things pulled aside. Understand this: I am making a highway through the mountains. My own will walk on this highway with Me. There will be a requirement: when you walk in the Highway of My spirit. HIGH thoughts of Me; HIGH thoughts of purity, honesty, integrity and truth; not high-mindedness. I am pulling down high-mindedness and I am releasing instead the Highness of the holiness of My Spirit. Receive Him. You are standing on Holy ground,” says the Lord your God. 

March 13, 2012
In My word, I have said “I will order the steps of the righteous.” Now I am releasing orders into your spirit. I am canceling man’s orders and I am releasing My orders. In my orders there will be power; there will be truth; there will be provision; and there will be purpose. In My orders there will be a plan that I will set before you. You will hear Me when I say ‘wait.’ As you are waiting, it will not be a time of waste nor is it a time of want, but it is a time of tarrying in My presence. As you do, understand this: it is crucial that My presence tarries over you. Where you go then My presence will be upon you.

I am calling a people to be in the now, the now of My word, the now of My obedience, the now of My plan, and My understanding. Now is the hour of deliverance. Deliverance to where I will deliberately send you into places. Some will be short assignments. You will merely go there to speak a word and it won’t even make sense to your natural man, your flesh, but it will be at My expense that I have sent my word forth. At other times I will send you to follow another and you will intercede and bring that agreement as one who would hold up My will in My temple. I will send you in for agreement. I will have others who will stand and be the pillars. Pillars who will come and tear through men’s plans and make a deposit of My Glory upon the hearts and the minds of men over this city and over this nation. My nation will be reclaimed for My own glory,” said the Lord. “Households will be reclaimed for My glory,” said the Lord.

Do not get tangled in the battle. Do not get tangled in the battlement warfare or even what you wear in the battle. Do not wear strife. Do not wear competition. Do not wear being driven. Understand I cause you to withdraw. As you withdraw as I withdrew to My Father, you will be withdrawing into Us to be empowered, to be released, to be sent forth but to be brought back. Always remember the anchor. The anchor is My presence. The anchor is Me being with you. The anchor is you being with Me. I would not send you forth, but I would say learn to tarry in My presence. Be not concerned whether you run to or fro, north, south, east west, but learn to tarry in the midst wherever you are standing. Where you are is where you are appointed,” says the Lord your God.

March 6, 2012
“I’m going to stretch you by the fire of My spirit to refine you into an arrow. I will shoot you out like a flaming arrow. You will land on the target where My Spirit will send you,” says the Lord your God. “I am priming the pump in you this night. I am causing My spirit to break through you so that you will able to be in the marketplace and recognize My voice. To where you will be before Me, the King of Kings, and recognize My voice. I say to worship Me in spirit and in truth. Now I want you to worship Me will all of your might beyond your understanding. As you worship Me with the might of My spirit, My spirit will flow through you. He will flow through you as rivers,” says the Lord your God. “Rivers that will come out of your bellies; rivers that will cause even the wilderness to have the bubbly brook of My presence.

“Come, My children. Press in and know you shall not be disappointed. Have I not said in My word, ‘When you seek Me with your whole heart, you will find Me.’ Obey, respond, release, refresh, receive My Spirit for I have come to dance among you. I have come to dwell among you. Take off the shackles of knowledge. Fly with My Spirit to the unknown. Come to those holy places. Come into My Holies of Holies and receive the kiss and the favor of your Father,” says the Lord your God.


February 2012 Prophecies

 February 21, 2012
The Lord would say, “I will send My rain on the dry land. I will send the rain in the dryness of your spirit. I will send the rain in the dryness of your prayers. I will send the rain in the dryness of the absense of My presence in your life. I would send My dew, the dew of My presence, in the very midst of you. I will say unto you, ‘I will do what I will do’ according to My word, with, through and to you. Go back to My word. Go back to My promises. Go back to reach hold of the promise I have given you to stand on. Allow Me time to perform My word. Take what is hindering you, bring it to Me and allow Me to break it. I am shifting you, to learn to rule and reign in a higher position. I am breaking off the shackles man has put over your mind, over your prayers, over your spirit and over the vision I have given you. I am saying come and dwell in My presence. I chose you for Me. When I chose you, I mingled among others, but I came and I chose you. I chose you to come out, out from among those who would come and would pull you down to join them. Yet, I will call you to come out and join those who fly in My spirit. I am calling My own to rise up with an eagle mentality. I want a soaring people, not a sorrowing people. I want people who will soar in the spirit, who will learn to fly in the voice and the breath of My spirit. I have called you to dance tonight: dance in your heart, dance in your mind, dance in your understanding. As you are dancing, I was twirl about your business. I am causing things to line up that have been out of balance. I am causing things to bow down and be broken off, that have hindered you. I am causing healing to come and take up residence within these temples. I call you aside, I call you out, I call you apart to dance in My spirit co-mingle in My Spirit with Me,” says the Lord your God.

February 14, 2012
The Lord said, “ I am the Lord of persuasion. I am so easily persuaded by the cries of My children because of My love for My children. I am the God of grace, the God of mercy, the God of long suffering and the God of love. Know and understand nothing, absolutely nothing, can stop Me from loving My people. Not only do I love My people, I own My people. I take the responsibility of My people. I am not a husband who deserts, I am a husband who stays fixed with his eyes on the eyes of His Beloved. I am a husband who is committed when all others would run away, I stand and guard and fight and stay devoted.

I am the Father almighty. The Father almighty sent Me, and as the Father almighty sent Me, so I send you. I will send you to the high-places. High places in the spirit where you will go in and you will take down principalities, and you will take down all strongholds that would come against My name and My Father’s name. My Father’s kingdom has come. I am calling a people to come forth and decree and declare and display my banners. Yes, my banner is called love and under that banner of love there is protection. I am clothing you tonight in My supernatural protection. I am causing you to grow up in areas you have not allowed My touch before. But as a good Father, every gift that is in you, I am going to complete, and bring it to adulthood to maturity, to where it will mature and as you mature, you will come to understand the Father Himself has chastened you to raise you up.

I am going to raise you up to understand what it means to rule and to reign. I have become weary of seeing My saints with heads bent down and shoulders slumped, crying out, ‘God, where are you?’” Do you not understand I am in the midst of you? I am in the midst of you for I AM. As you come to Me and acknowledge Me, and worship Me, and become aware of My presence, then My presence will permeate your very being. You in turn will become My present people. I am looking for a people strong in My spirit, strong in My word, strong in purity and obedience. I am looking for a people who will live sacrificially, but yet will live bountifully also. They will come to understand that I am a God of the highways, the byways, the valleys and the mountains.

Do not limit Me. Do not restrict Me, but ask Me to take limitations off of you so you can serve Me unhindered by the fear of man. So you can run, even when the wind is in your face, and you will cause the wind to become a propeller that will cause you to propel yourself to where I am causing you to fly into the spirit.

Do not listen to strange voices. Do not be distracted by promises to come to the wilderness, to find me, I am already with you. I am looking for a Bride to come to the bridal chamber. I am looking for a Bride to come to the banquet table. I am looking for a Bride who will come and sit, and lean her head upon My chest. She will feel My heartbeat and know My mind. I am looking for a Bride of intimacy.

I am not a distant God. I sent My Son to walk among you. Now I will challenge you to learn to walk among those who do not know My Son, and carry Him and share Him well. Cause them to be jealous of your God. Cause them to come for hunger and thirst for your God. I am about to bestow upon My people a magnificent gift so they know it is My goodness,” says the Lord your God.I have seen a weary people, and they have said, ‘Where is our breakthrough? Where is ours?’ I say unto you I AM the God of Breakthrough. When you come to Me and come in Me, not only will you become one who breaks through, but you will become one who breaks out laughing and rejoicing in the glory and in the knowledge and the power of the Lord your God.”

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January 2012 Prophecies

Corporate word January 31, 2012
The Lord would say, “I am a God of new beginnings. I make all things new. Old things have passed away. Let old things pass away. Do not hang on so tightly to what was and what is. Let everything pass away. As everything passes away, I will bring to you what is needed now. I will let you understand I am a God of the now. When people needed miracles, I came then. I am the God of the then and you will come to understand when you need Me, then I will be there. Do not call me before the fullness of time; walk with me moment by moment. Be in the now. Be in the ever knowledge of the presence of My glory. Let old things pass away. Pull down strongholds, thinking in your mind of limitations of running to meet me, but come into the realization lo I am with you always. If I am with you always and always beside you, how can you run to Me when I am always with you?

Be aware of Me, turn to Me, keep your eyes upon Me, the author and the finisher of your faith. Not only have I begun your faith, not only have I authored your faith, but I am going to finish your faith with My faith. My faith I will put into you this night, so you will begin to flow in a new level of faith. You will begin to flow in My belief system, not in the system of the world nor of your own limited knowledge.

Turn your minds and your thoughts down. Cast away vain imaginations for the enemy would have you live way in the distant. He would have you live way in the past. He would not want you to bring forth the remembrance of My visitations when I answered your prayers. He would have you think I am a long distant God. I am with you always. Be aware of My presence. As you become even more aware of My presence, then you will be become more aware of who I am.

Do not look for man. Do not look for child or woman, or the things of the world to fulfill you, but come to know the longing in My heart for you. Truly I am your groom. You are My beloved bride. I long for kisses of My people and I long to kiss My people. I long to answer prayers. I long to bring wisdom, knowledge, favor, strength, and understanding. I want My people to know I am with them always and there is no other God besides Me,” says the Lord your God.

January 24, 2012
As we were in worship, I kept hearing the Holy Spirit say, “I am coming to you in newness. I am taking off of you robes that no longer fit you, robes that cause heaviness upon you, robes of disappointment, of shame, of confusion, of doubt and of fear. The that has been placed upon your head, and man has straightened it on your head, has been man’s opinion to where it has caused you to hold your head down low rather than put on the crown of righteousness I purchased for you. I want you to learn how to walk with your heads held high, to set your faces like flint towards My face. As you set your faces, looking deep into My eyes, searching into My eyes, you will not find condemnation, judgment, doubt nor fear. You and your eyes will become a mirror of what is in My eyes: My love for you, My love for My people, My understanding for you, My understanding for My people, My compassion for you, My compassion for My people, My long-suffering for you, My long-suffering for My people, My wisdom for you, My wisdom for My people. I would ask that you would allow Me to become a mirror. As you reflect upon me and in Me, I will reflect upon you. As the world sees you, they will see My reflection: the goodness of God that has kept you, has directed you, has strengthened you, has dressed you, and that has clothed you from on high.

I am pulling down your understanding. I am pulling down the ways of the world, but I am establishing within you My kingdom. I want a dwelling place. You will come to understand My word. You will come to live and you will come to receive and you will come to believe that My kingdom is truly, truly within you. When this realization and this understanding comes to you and unfolds to you and around you, you will not feel isolated nor abandoned nor alone. You may feel at times separated, because I will separate you unto Myself. I have said you are merely walking through this world. You are travelers, but you are packed with the things of Heaven. I have caused things within you to be the storehouses of My goodness. Out of you will come good prayers for My people who are hurting. Out of you will come good words that will reflect the goodness of God towards them and bring them to repentance. Out of you will come My mercy and My goodness. You will become epistles, the living word, the gospel, that man can see tangible before them because you will share the fruit of My kingdom. Thy will know what I taste like for you well tell them this “I have tasted and now I know He is good.” Declare this says the Lord your God.

January 17, 2012
I hear the Lord saying, “Why do you go to the wilderness to hear My voice when My spirit is within you? Why do you run to and fro to hear the voice of man when My spirit would instruct you in the night? Why would you try to escape from My presence when My presence is all consuming of all fear, all doubt and all unbelief? Why would you turn your face toward man and need the approval of man’s hand and man’s heart when you have only to know the kisses of a Father, who is not only with you, but who is for you? Why would you allow man to position you when I have created you for a position? Why would you allow man to have a voice louder than that of My spirit? For man thinks with his own understanding, and leans not to his own understanding. I want you to lean into My love and find understanding. Why would you let man form who you are, who were called to be and who you were when I have claimed you to make you in My image; to groom you, to raise you up, to break off what man would put upon you as restrictions and limitations, cast down titles, cast down thrones, cast down ambitions. This will lead to spiritual pride that would cause you to stumble, but I will be the Father who will pick up my child and begin to heal their knees.

Many of you have stumbled, not with understanding, but because of man trying to place you into a position that My spirit has not fit you into. Come and be fitted into My hand. Have I not said I hold you in the palm of My hand? Know the palm of My hand is able to lift you, to sustain you and to lift you out of and through all circumstances. Do not go after the hand of man, but go after the heart of your Father. In doing this, you will come to understand I am a jealous God, and I come as an all consuming fire. I consume all that would come against you. I would consume all that would try to have you bend your knee, cause you to be distracted from what I am calling you and causing you to become. You were created for My pleasure. You were created for My purpose. You were created and I alone know the plans I have for you: plans for a future and a hope. I have not come with distruction. I have come with a Heavenly sent plan. Each man I have called by name. I have called you each by name and I claim you as my name has claimed you over and over again. Come to understand you are My name sake. Take My name for My sake and yours,” says the Lord your God.

January 10, 2012
The Lord said, “Take off restrictions. Take off the restrictions man has placed upon you. Take off constrictions the world has you tied in knots and with allowing you to run free. Throw off heaviness. Throw off sin. Throw off depression and discouragement. Stand on My word. Dwell in My word. Let My word dwell in you. You are going to see My hand. When it comes down, you will know it is My hand. Even now My hand is moving. Can you not hear the spirit of mockery rising up in the world? Do you not understand that I was mocked upon the cross, My own, too, will be mocked? Know in the mocking, there is also a marking of My glory. Learn to accept My glory. Learn to be marked and set aside. Do not let the world mark you. I have marked you with the blood of My Son. I have paid costly for you. I have paid a great price for you. Live expensively. Live abundantly. Live in the blood of My Son. Have I not said, ‘There is life in My blood?’

Take life. Let death be defeated. Let depression be defeated. Let hope rise up where despair has become a place to lay. Take authority. Stand in the goodness of your God, for there is no where else to stand. Stand in My goodness. Stand in My favor. Stand in My understanding. Ask for the mind of Christ to be placed in you, so you will be able to comprehend, and to think the thoughts of Christ. Pull down vain imaginations. Whatever the enemy comes and takes up residency, you have allowed him to take what My kingdom has come to claim. Declare off limits to the demonic; let surrendering to My kingdom and let My glory reign,” says the Lord your God.

January 3, 2012
I hear the Lord say, “Hear the mixture of the sounds. Did you not hear the thunder? Did you not hear the horses? Did you not hear them pounding the earth as they are preparing to move about? Did you not hear the rain of refreshment that is about to fall upon the Earth? Did you not hear this tingle of hope, hope that causes people to look up to know redemption is drawing near? Did you not come to an understanding that I move in a multitude of ways? Sometimes I come in the thunder; sometimes I come in the whisper; sometimes I come in the stillness and sometimes I come as a King of Glory on a mighty white steed preparing His people. Preparing His people to go forth with the gospel of power. I am looking for a people who will submit, who will surrender, who will abandon themselves to Me, who will take back their will from one another and place their will and allegiance to Me and to Me alone. My will is about to be revealed. In this will, you will come to understand why I have had you lay aside, and why I have had you called out. I have called you aside so you could recognize My whispers. I have called you out from other things that would pull on you, to be cut away from you,for your good.

I am preparing runners; runners with My word, runners with My power, runners who are able to leap over mountains with Me with hinds feet. I am causing My own to come apart, to come into the bridal chamber where I can whisper to them My will and they can come forth with authority of knowing who has sent them. For the time you are entering into, the bridal chamber thrown open. But it will be different for there will be a party in this bridal chamber. It will be the wedding party that I am preparing for My own. Others will come and those who are not dressed properly, but with their own good works or with all that man has place upon them, I will take it off of them. I will place My robes of grace, My robes of righteousness, and robes of My power with My works, with My name, for My sake.

Come now and realize there is going to be a mighty, gigantic move that will come across your land. It will be known not only as a Jesus movement, King of King movement, for I alone has stripped away religion, and has stripped away any alliance with the world. It will cause everything that makes you stumble to be stripped away. There will come fire on the feet of My own to spread the gospel of love, the good news of forgiveness, the good news of healing, the good news that God is for you and not against you. I am about to speak to people who are preaching a gospel of harshness and I am going to remove them and I am going to bring forth a grace message. But it will be a message balanced with grace and righteousness in purity and holiness and in power for they cannot go independent, but they must flow in the same river of love, protection, and authority,” says the Lord your God.


May 2011 Prophecies

May 31, 2011

The Lord says, “I am looking for a people who are hungry. I am looking for a people who will be open to receive. I am looking for a people who will lay down their lives and follow Me. I am looking for a people who will pick up My power and spread my power and bring Me all praise and bring Me all glory. I am looking for a people who will humble themselves and exalt Me, so I can bring forth My glory upon My broken people.

I am looking for a people who will call upon My Name and as they call upon My Name, they will be identified within My Name. I am looking for a people who will come in My Name, and who will be sent in My Name, and who will receive in My Name and who will bid others to go in My Name. I am looking for a people who will proclaim My Name. I am looking for a people who feel even at times their name has been stripped away, that My Name will never be stripped away. I am looking for a people who will be loyal through testing, through trials, through triumph.”

I am looking for a people who will lay down all and follow Me. Ambition, pride, fear, disappointment, unbelief, doubt, and discouragement. I am looking for a people who will have the heart of Job, for I understand how painful it is to be slain. Now I want to raise up stronger people who will understand, the gain of My resurrection, and, this knowledge of the gain of My resurrection and heal the pain of My people. I am looking for a people to carry all that Heaven has gained, and spread it forth and proclaim, I have not only died, but I have rose again. I am looking for a people to carry the power of My resurrection with humility, with a contrite and a broken heart and a broken spirit so where they can have My heart, My heartbeat, and My heart desire. I am looking for a people to exchange their heart for My heart, their power for My power. I am looking for a people powerless within themselves, but powerful in My Spirit,” says the Lord your God.”

May 24, 2011
I hear the Lord say, “I have come to you tonight and I will offer you to come before that throne of grace, My throne of grace. Boldly come declaring my Holiness, declaring My glory, declaring who I am and then allow Me to declare back over you who you are.

Do not take who you are from the world, but take who you are from My Word. When you take who you are from My Word, My Word takes you. It takes you, it covers you, it heals you and it makes you alive. My Word is alive and you are My living Epistles. I will send you to the North, South, East and West; and in doing so I say be the living Word of God. Live My Word, breathe My Word, endure My Word through hardship, and let My Word endure through you through the hardship. You in turn will understand the power of My Word. Do you not understand the Word became flesh and dwelt among you? Now I say, let My Word dwell in your flesh and you become My Word.

Lay before Me. Present a living sacrifice before Me. Bring Me Isaac and let Me provide. I shall provide the sacrifice for it was provided. Now I want you to understand how to partake of the sacrifice. When you learn to understand how to partake of My sacrifice, then My sacrifice will burn within you. You will come to understand My Word will burn in you and burn out of you and burn around you. It will burn up the very thing that will come to torment you for My Word will become an all consuming fire. I, the Lord your God, am an all consuming fire. That which would come in contact with My living Word, My Word will devour in the fire of the power of the activeness of My Word.

Lay down stress. I command you, lay down fear. Pick up faith: choose faith it will devour unbelief; faith that would cause you to rise up; faith that would cause you to lift your head high and fix your eyes upon the Author of your faith. Know that I am faithful. I have called you tonight to worship Me, to present yourself before Me so I could present Myself before you. Lay before Me petitions right now,” says the Lord your God. “What has bound your heart to worry? What has bound your heart to fear? What has bound your heart to disappointment and rejection? What has bound you? Bring it to Me.

Together we will partake of the meal of sacrifice: that which you have given and that what I have given. My sacrifice shall devour yours. Where death would try to enter in, life will overcome. Where defeat would cause discouragement, courage will rise up for victory. I would request that you would cross over from the flesh, from the soul, through your heart into My Spirit that I can raise you and train you to go from glory to glory. It must be done Spirit to Spirit, life to life, breath to breath. Partake of life over your households, over sickness, over disease, over fear, over pain.

I am training My own to wait in My presence, sense My presence, but let My presence sense you. It will sense fear, unbelief, doubt. It will transform your heart for healing and preparation because it is a new day. It is a day that My Spirit will devour your Spirit. In turn, we shall become one: you in me and me in you. This is My heart,” says the Lord your God. “I do not sin and I invite you to join Me in sinlessness, in purity, in heart, mind, soul and body. I am a Holy God and I call you holy.”

May 17, 2011
The Lord said, “I am the good Shepherd and you are My sheep. Each sheep I know by name; each sheep I know by pain; each sheep that has been faithful, each sheep that is trying to hide in the bush. I am the good Shepherd. Mine know Me, but more importantly I know mine. I say ‘more importantly’ because I am the One who rescues.

I am the One who cuts a pathway. When there seems to be no way, I come in as the Shepherd. I am the one who chooses where you will lay down by still waters. I am the One who will hand feed you when you are too weak to rise up. I am the one who will come and anoint your head with oil which will cause the enemies around you to leave because of the scent of My fragrance.

I am anointing your heads with oil tonight,” says the Lord your God. “For as you have sent up to Me sweet fragrance of praise, and of worship, and adoration and celebration, I send down to you the anointing: the anointing of a sound mind, the anointing of healing in your body, the anointing of forgiveness and strength, the anointing will break every yoke, that does cause you to have a downcast heart, mind and spirit.

Listen for the wind. Listen for the rustle and you will know it is Me. You will know it is Me because it will be the rustling of the robes of Heaven that have entered into the battle for even your nation. You will know it is Me that has taken up the sword. You will know it is Me that has ridden to and fro to the four corners declaring My Lordship. This is why I have directed My own to release and get out of all symbol or shadow of sin. I am about to bring a wave over your nation. In this wave, there will be a searchlight like you have never experienced. I will search the ones that are in hiding, and I will search those that stand openly. I will be the searcher. When I search them out, I will deposit what is holy and where there is place to deposit more power. I will also take away where there has been a responsibility that was wasted like the steward that hid the talent.

You are moving into a serious, serious time,” says the Lord your God. “It is the hour of the Kingdom. Be not afraid of the warfare, but run to the warfare and demand IT to give up the ground. I will not send you into the battle unprepared, but I will have you stand in the midst with victory, with oil, with rejoicing. Be not concerned for I am about to bring exposure in your homes, in your nation. I am bringing exposure after exposure after exposure. But with each exposure, the enemy will have to give up where he is hiding. I am not exposing to bring pain; I am exposing to bring gain: gain of My presence, gain of My power, gain of My Kingdom. I will have a gainful people full of My power,” says the Lord your God.

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January 2011 Prophecies

Father I would like to pray this New Year’s blessing for Your people. Lord, I lift each one of them up to You right now by name. Lord, I thank You that You know their names; You know every hair on their head; You know their heart’s desires. Father, You know the areas in their lives that need to be healed. Areas that are known and unknown, that even they don’t know, I ask the Holy Spirit that this will be the year, Father, of restoring broken hearts, broken dreams, broken ministries.

Father I ask that this will be the year of Spiritual ambition for Your people will have the fresh flame of fire for Your Word. Lord I thank You for Your word that says, “Your Word is a lamp unto our feet.” I would ask that You, Father, would release a Spirit of Enlightenment over the hearts, the minds, the souls, the Spirits, and the bodies for healing over Your people. Wherever the enemy is in darkness and trying to trap them or rob them, I ask that the Holy Spirit will turn the light on to where blessings will come upon them and overtake them. Lord I thank You that Your word says, “We are blessed going in and blessed going out.” Father I ask that if any blessing was left in the year 2010 that it would come into double portion into 2011.

Lord I release supernatural blessings, supernatural provisions, supernatural wisdom, supernatural understanding with discernment over Your people. Father, those that are seeking Your way, I ask that You would just begin to open the doors that need to be open and You will close the doors that absolutely need to be kept closed to keep them in Your highest and most perfect will.

Father I would release a new anointing over Your people. Just like 2011 has the two “ones”, I ask that you would double up the anointing this year; double the anointing like double “ones.” As You do pour out the oneness in a two-fold over Your people, that this oneness will be the oneness of Your love and the oneness of Your favor. Father, I thank You for hearts that are being healed, for minds that are receiving peace, for bodies that are receiving healings with direction.

I thank You that You have said in Your word, “The steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord.” I claim that promise over Your people right now. I establish it that their feet are receiving the orders for 2011 that Your name absolutely and totally alone will be lifted up and glorified. Father, I seal this with the blood of Jesus; I clothe them with the blood of Jesus. Lord, over that robe I put the other robe of righteousness of Christ Jesus where they will come to an understanding this year of their right standing and Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Lord, I thank You for a depth of new love for understanding the ability of how deep You love us, and how deep that You have come for us, and now gather us all fresh into Your arms for healing and for destinies and purposes.
I establish this by the Spirit of the Lord’s direction in Jesus’ precious, powerful name. Amen.

January 25, 2011
I heard the Lord say “I am giving new starts; fresh starts; new starts. I am doing a new thing. Can you not tell the things of the old are not working? Can you not tell the weariness of my people, form doing the thing same old thing over and over in a religious way, not seeking Me fresh? Did I not have them go out and gather fresh manna? For I want a people who will walk daily moment by moment, second by second with Me. I want people who will strive to allow Me to be their Lord. To where they will keep their eyes fixed upon Me so that I can direct them, counsel them, and put in their pathways My highest will. For I am looking for a faithful people who will stay faithful in the midst of testing, trials, feast and famine. I am looking for a people who will seek Me, not what they can receive from Me. For have I “not” said in My word, ‘When you seek Me with your whole heart you will find Me.’

For I am seeking My people. I am calling them out and I am saying, ‘Come to the foot of the cross.’ Experience death and resurrection and know you are dead to sin, but alive to grace. As you are alive to grace, my grace will be sufficient, for My grace will carry you and embrace you. It will transform you; it will bring back the joy of your salvation. I would not have a people who would love Me according to the moves of a roller coaster; but I would have a people who will stay on the straight and narrow, who will put their hand in my hand and walk the narrow pathway with Me.

With fellowship to where that they know My true love created them and that’s why they are here: to know Me. I am here to cultivate a love in you; a love for Me, a love for yourself and a love for others. As you learn to love yourself, and as you learn to love Me, then out of this you will reach out to love others that and see My kingdom has come forth. Have I not said, ‘They will know they are Mine by their love.’ I would say love My people; learn to love yourselves; be patient with yourself; be kind to yourself.

Remember, you are loving who I love, and that is “you”. You are loving one who is treasured and that is “you”. You are loving a lamb and I am the shepherd, and that is “you”. Strive not for the approval or disapproval of man, but strive to please and lift the burdens off of man just as I have come to lift the burdens off of you. Have I not said in My Word, ‘Bear one anther’s burdens.’?

There has been a selfishness that has overtaken this land. I have come in to bring forth a spirit of grace. A spirit that would take those who have handicapped their own thinking and would break it down so they will be free to love themselves through My love. For there is about to be an outpouring of grace over your nation that your nation has never experienced. It will start with My house first for grace will lead you; grace will keep you; grace will heal you; grace will propel you into My kingdom. My grace will draw you under Myself. As My grace is at work in you, then you in turn must extend grace to others. As you extend grace, you will come out from under judgment.

As you come out from under judgment, you will come out from under the darkness and you will come into the light of understanding and the light of My love. You will have freedom. You will understand My word that says, ‘Whom the Son sets free, they are free indeed.’ Grace sets My people free; grace keeps My people free; grace allows My people to serve. I say unto you, ‘Do not as unto man, but do as unto Me.’ As you learn to do unto Me, then you will find fulfillment of the commandments and in that the favor of the Lord shall rest upon you,” says the Lord your God.

January 18, 2011
I heard the Lord say, “I have given you a mighty gift of free will. I want you to chose this day who you will serve. I want you to chose this day who will carry your burden. I want you to chose life and not death. I want you to chose blessing and not curse. I want you to chose provision, not poverty.

I want you to receive healing; My divine healing, My divine presence. Seek not isolation; seek My face and you will find Me. Have I not said in My word, ‘When you seek Me with your whole heart, you will find Me’? I am like the Father who obviously places Himself in the middle of the room and says, ‘Come children and let the Father embrace His own household.’ For you are Mine,” says the Lord God. “My son paid for you on that cross.”

January 11, 2011
As we were singing, I kept hearing the Lord say, “If only My people understood the depth of My love.” He said, “If only My people could grasp the depth of My love, In this knowledge fear is broken, doubt is broken, abandonment and rejection is crushed. Purpose, destiny, appointment, commission is released. When they come to grasp the depth of My love, they come to understand who I am and who I am not.

For when you understand who I am, then you will recognize who the Devil is. I have not come to condemn. I have come to save, to heal, to release, to reestablish, to realign, to bring man to My Father’s heart by placing them within My own heart. Have I not said, ‘You are within Me’? You are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. When you have placed your faith, your heart, and your will in My hands, then you will come to understand what it means to believe and to be seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Now understand the positioning and the authority I have given you, to rule and reign with Christ Jesus, this is the hour of authority.

For My Kingdom has come. You are My people; people of My Kingdom and not that of another. I have called you to be My people. Have I not said in My Word, ‘Seek My Kingdom first and My righteousness and everything will be added unto you.’ Let go of your righteousness; claim My righteousness. Claim right standing with My Father.

Do not let the enemy rob you of the position I have placed you in by My death and My resurrection. Learn to dwell in My presence. My presence will cause you to dwell and then will compel you to go about Our Father’s business, just as I did,” says the Lord your God.

January 4, 2011
I heard the Lord say, “Lift your hands.” So I want you just to lift your hands up. He said, “I’m going to place new gifts in your hands right now. Tonight I have called you here for the equipping of the Saints. I am going to begin to equip, equip, equip, equip, equip. Even when you think you cannot carry anymore, I will change the equipment and lighten it. I am causing you to rise up. I am calling a single voice to rise from the Earth. I am calling My people to stand on holy ground. All ground that is unholy is fallow ground. I will break up the fallow ground and I will declare the holy ground where you stand holy. As you stand in My sight on that holy ground, you will make declarations that My Spirit will yell, scream and cry through you. They will be declarations of praise, declarations of worship. They will be of one voice: all the Saints crying together. They will no longer be the single Saints separated into solitude. I am pulling down the walls of isolation even over your city this night. I will go from house to house and I will melt down the gates of isolation.

I will say I am pulling down vain imaginations. Where one is trapped in limited thinking and limited understanding. Tonight I will put within each of you the mind of Christ. You will think as I thought about My Father’s business. You will retain as I retained the wisdom My Father gave. You will have My heart one for another, one for My Kingdom. Be not afraid nor shaken for I am declaring this night, ‘Man’s kingdom is crumbling. Fallow ground is being broken. My Kingdom not only has come, but you will literally see it build up in the hearts of My Saints. My temples will gather; they will take hand, and hand and there will be a Holy march across this land. It will gain momentum for it will go across the World and people will declare, ‘Jesus Christ alone is Lord.’ You will see every knee bow.

You will see that I will do shakings in the Heavenlies. People will talk about the sky. They will say, ‘What has been shaken in the sky?’ I want you to know before it is shaken. My glory will shake for the Earth is My footstool and I will dust my feet of the works of man on that footstool and I will shake My feet and I will stand as your Father. You will come to understand that you are under the Wings of the Almighty. When one will try to snatch you, I will bring the fire of the sword of My Saints and they will touch that hand. It will be burned for you have been engraved on My hand.

I say unto you tonight I am releasing Angels on assignment. There will be Angels around you. There will be Angels around your household. You will understand this so plain. Within 90 days you will come to realize you have had visitations. You have had moments to where you could not breathe because My Presence took the very breath out of you. I say be not concerned over the shaking in the Heavenlies for it is just the Father shaking the dust of the work of man off of His feet. Father has Holy feet and He calls children to have Holy feet. I say unto you tonight, I will bless your feet. Your feet will be made Holy tonight for this is a necessity. As you walk with your Holy feet, as you talk with your Holy mouth, others will look and say, ‘Where have you been?’ You will say, ‘I have come from the Sanctuary of the Lord My God. I have come from the face of the King of Kings.’

As Esther entered boldly after she came through grace, after she received grace. Afterwards she came boldly and she declared all that was within her heart, all that was within her heart for her people, who were My people, so it will be for you. You shall come before Me. First there shall be a season of grace upon grace upon grace. Then you will understand that I have stood strong and you have now come under a new authority. I am removing many, many from the authority of man. For I never intended that man would bow to man, only to the Lord their God. Do you not recall how Daniel would not bow to a strange God? I will say unto you, ‘You are entering into the sphere of Daniel.’ The sphere when the lions prowl, but Daniel was safe because the man of fire was with him also in that Den. Be not concerned when you hear of the shaking, but know that it has been shaken so, the works of man will be cast down. You will see within this shaking the very fire of My Spirit.

I will say unto you, ‘Are your hearts not burning?’ You will come to understand My burning love. My love will burn out of you and burn into you the brand of Heaven. You will come to understand, not only have you been branded, but you have been saved, and delivered. You will march. You will march to the heartbeat of Heaven and Heaven will march to the heartbeat of My Bride,” says the Lord your God. “Cry out, ‘Father!’ Stand for Me. As I stand for you, did Jesus not say He will declare you before His Father when you stood before man declaring Me?’ This is that hour. Declare and stand for Me. Do not tremble back for My Father is smiling. He is standing for you. If I am for you, be not concerned what would come against you. First it must come against My hand and you are hidden in the Shadow of the Almighty,” says the Lord your God

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December 2010 Prophecies

 December 14, 2010

I heard the Lord say, “Like a wave I am going to wash over My people. Like a wave that goes out and goes back to the shore. I’m going to take my people out on a new wave. I’m going to call them and command them to learn to walk on the water. The water will require faith that you’ve not yet known. The water will require tribulation battles that you have not yet known. The wave will also carry in that water of victory that you have not yet known.

I am driving My own out into the deep. I am training an army that will not be a silent army; it will be an army that comes forth. As it comes forth with a battle cry, it will be, “Holiness to the Lord God! Holiness to the Lord God! Holiness to the Lord God!” As they declare this, My holiness will go before them. As they declare this, My holiness will rest upon them. As they declare this, My holiness will be their rear guard. My holiness is going to work like it has never worked upon the Earth before. I am going to move into a season of holiness and wholeness; wholeness of the saints, body, mind, souls and spirits.

You are about to see the healing burst forth in the healing waters. Just as they were told to go and bathe into the pool, it is the hour of bathing in the pool of My presence and to be healed. I would bid you: open your mouth and drink. Open your mouth and drink, drink of the living water. In that water is life; life more abundantly. Healing for the cells in your body. Healings for the DNA in your body. Healing against disease that has taken up residency in your body. You must drink from the well of salvation.

As you draw from that well of salvation, you will understand what it makes in My word, what I say taste and see that the Lord is good. You are coming into an understanding where deep will command deep to call back. I am looking over the Earth for the echo of My own Spirit. As My Spirit cries, “Holy,” there will be an echoing in the hearts of My saints. Then there will come into a oneness that I prayed to My Father for. Oneness in the Spirit, echo in agreement. Be not afraid as I command you to press in deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper for all who are thirsty, come. They shall not be disappointed for I am the living water,” says the Lord your God.

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November 2010 Prophecies

November 23, 2010
You are releasing Your horses of revival. They are carrying the anointing, Father, in the saddle bags of glory and mercy. Father, we thank You for the horses that are being released by the Spirit tonight. Father, we thank You that they are going to go throughout our land. Their hoofs are going to go in the Spirit and are going to stoEileen Fisher – The release of the horses!mp and crush the plans of the enemy. We thank You that they are coming with fire in their mouth and that they are going to breathe down and melt and dissolve the plans and the schemes of the enemy. We thank You that the saddle is empty because You are putting Your bride on that saddle.

Your bride is going to learn to rule and reign. She is going to be carried on the back of goodness and mercy. Father, I thank You the breath that is coming out of the nostrils of the horses are the anointing of healing and oil and gladness. You are about to burst forth on the seam with joy that the angels are going to start to minister stronger with the wind of healing.

We release the fresh oil over Your people tonight. The oil of healing is being released. As they go forth under Your direction, they will squeeze into the narrow places. Places that have had their doors shut to the moving of the Spirit that they will take their hoofs and command those doors be beaten down. Lord, You are releasing the anointing tonight. They are going to dig in the dirt, the dry dirt where people who are withering, crying out for the water of revival. They are going to start to dig the wells of salvation and revival on the land. We thank You for the horses that You have sent tonight. We thank You for the authority that You are putting into the hand of the bride.

You are showing that she will rise up with the word of God in one hand and with the sword to dismember and disarm the enemy. They are going into households. They are taking back dominion for those who have fallen away and lukewarmness. They are going to send forth the fire upon their head of Pentecost to where they are going to get hungry and thirst in crying out for power. We thank You Your troops are rising up for You are causing Your horses to come from the mountains. You are causing them to come together; together the righteous army that will go forth with the Spirit.

There will be a song in the mouth of the bride. She will sing, “Come, Lord Jesus, come! Come, Lord Jesus, come!”. All of Heaven will cry, “Amen! Hallelujah to the King of Kings!”. Lord, I thank You for the wind that will be under the horses for it will be the Spirit and the wind that come on those horses. I thank You that there will be no blinders on those horses, but their eyes will be that of fire. They will have direction and will have targets for they are being Heaven sent with the assignment. We release the horses of glory over our land this night. We release the glory, Father God.

We release the good news over the gospel over our land tonight. Throughout the world we declare, let the word of God go forth. Let it go around the world stronger and stronger and stronger. Let it point to, let it declare, and let it be settled in Heaven as it is declared that Jesus Christ is Lord. Lord, raise up the army of the bride. Place her in the saddle. Put her in line with righteousness, not small thinking but Kingdom thinking. Put upon her robes of majesty that she will fling her robes that will be Heaven sent to where people will be wrapped in the majesty of God. Healed and sent with a sound mind, with peace, with joy, with prosperity and provision.

I release in the land prosperity, for You are raising Your army up. They will ride. They will ride strong. There will be no horse that limps, but they will be sent forth to march. We thank You. We Thank You. We thank You for the wind. We thank You for the horse. We thank You for the saddle of salvation that will fix your bride, established on high, ruling and reigning in Christ Jesus. We thank You for the veil of the bride that will blow in the wind with signs and wonders and miracles as she declares, “The Salvation of our God draws near.” We thank You for that. We give You praise. Glory to You, Lord.

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February 2011 Prophecies

February 23 2011

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “I am looking for a hungry heart. A heart that will come and sit at my feet. A heart that will come and partake of the banquet that I will spread before that heart. That heart is a heart, I am looking to own. That heart is a heart, I am wanting to call My very own. For I am saying I want to take your heart and melt it into my heart to where the pain, the fears, the doubts, the unbelief will melt and dissolve away, “because” greater are you because you have found yourself in Me.

Have I not said in My word, “Greater is He within you than he that is in the world?” I say unto you he (Satan) may be in this world, but he is not among you in greatness. You are to take the devil and put him where he belongs: under your feet. He has become a distraction to you. As he has become a distraction to you, you retract from my goodness and My love. You begin to believe the accusations that he would speak of Me. I am a God of goodness. I am a God of truth. I am a God of justice, but I am also a God of order.

I am going to bring My own into position to where they will know that when they are inside Me, they are greater than anything the world or anything else that can be cast upon them, for it must first come through Me. I am putting a net over your hearts tonight to where your hearts will be so captivated that pieces of your heart that have been robbed and stolen, I am calling, and commanding them to come back to make your hearts whole to where you can feel the pulse of Heaven; to where you can come to understand the depth of My love; to where you can come to grasp the depth of My love; to where you can come to exercise my love in a world that is starving and alone.

For I will say the hour of isolation is being broken off of this nation. You will see where others who have locked their selves away for years, literally for years because of bruises and pains received in and out of My body are going to start to come forth into the flood of the streets of My presence. There will be an outpouring upon My people. In this outpouring, there will come a realization of how great I am in them. But it will be a twofold outpouring. They will come to a realization of how great they are in Me, because I have made them to become great within Me. There is going to come over people’s eyes: truth, for the veils of deception will be ripped away. They will see things clearly for My Spirit will come and bathe their eyes with My word. My word will stand on it’s own. Those that have come into the sunlight of My presence will not become blinded by the sun, but will have the eyes to see what they have never saw before.

There is going to be a move among your nation,” says the Lord your God, “that will cause others to pull you by the sleeve and say, ‘Tell me of the greatness of your God that answers when you cry unto Him.’ For I say unto you, get ready to hear the outcries of My people, but get ready to hear the replies of your God. I am not a distant God who is not touched by the cries of His people, but I am a God that walks among His own. Now I say I am training My own to walk among My presence. As they have learned to walk, dwell and carry My presence, they will see signs and wonders and know My kingdom has not only come, but has now taken dominance over other things that would threaten My word,” says the Lord your God. “My word is about to burst forth. It will burst forth with fire. It will burst forth with Re-fire-ment. It will burst forth as alive and active as it has been sent to do. People will take the sword of My Spirit and you will see the enemy cut away from territories where he has been taking rest. I say unto you, you will arrest the enemy. You will set the captives free because I am within you and I say truly unto you: mark this, dance to this, sing to this, write this and meditate upon this: Greater is He within you than he that is in the world,” says the Lord your God.

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August 2010 Prophecies

August 31, 2010
As we were singing “Holy, Holy,” the Lord kept giving me this word over and over again. And He said, “I have a people who have been in waiting. They have watched trains, buses, airplanes come in and take off and they find themselves still in that station of waiting.”

He said, “That station of waiting is a holy time. It’s a time of downloading. It’s a time of receiving. It’s a time of being still and knowing that He is God. It is a time of knowing that when everything else is changing, God does not change.

“For I am about to do new things—new things in a multitude of ways. You will hear repeatedly over and over again, I have never heard of that before. That will become a phrase that will be repeated throughout your nation. Over and over and over, they will say it once again and shake their heads in dismay and in confusion. And they will say once again, I have never heard of that before.

“You will know that it is me who has downloaded. For I am about to download over your nation, I am about to download within your homes, I am about to download over my people.” And He said, “I have called people aside, and yet they have found themselves lonely. They have found themselves in a lone spot; they have found themselves in isolation. And the enemy comes in to make them feel forgotten and forsaken.

“No!” He said, “It is not that season. It is not the season of abandonment. It is not the season of stripping my people. It is a season of equipping and pouring out and imparting to my people, so I can pull out of them what I have placed in them.

“For,” He said, “I say unto you. Be still to be downloaded into. Be still and allow me to whisper to you. Be still and allow me to give you visions and dreams and purpose. For in stillness not only will you come to know that I am God, but you will come to know me in a way you have never been able to know me before,” says the Lord your God.

Father, we thank you. We give you praise and glory.
We thank you, Father. In Jesus name, Amen.