February 2012 Prophecies

 February 21, 2012
The Lord would say, “I will send My rain on the dry land. I will send the rain in the dryness of your spirit. I will send the rain in the dryness of your prayers. I will send the rain in the dryness of the absense of My presence in your life. I would send My dew, the dew of My presence, in the very midst of you. I will say unto you, ‘I will do what I will do’ according to My word, with, through and to you. Go back to My word. Go back to My promises. Go back to reach hold of the promise I have given you to stand on. Allow Me time to perform My word. Take what is hindering you, bring it to Me and allow Me to break it. I am shifting you, to learn to rule and reign in a higher position. I am breaking off the shackles man has put over your mind, over your prayers, over your spirit and over the vision I have given you. I am saying come and dwell in My presence. I chose you for Me. When I chose you, I mingled among others, but I came and I chose you. I chose you to come out, out from among those who would come and would pull you down to join them. Yet, I will call you to come out and join those who fly in My spirit. I am calling My own to rise up with an eagle mentality. I want a soaring people, not a sorrowing people. I want people who will soar in the spirit, who will learn to fly in the voice and the breath of My spirit. I have called you to dance tonight: dance in your heart, dance in your mind, dance in your understanding. As you are dancing, I was twirl about your business. I am causing things to line up that have been out of balance. I am causing things to bow down and be broken off, that have hindered you. I am causing healing to come and take up residence within these temples. I call you aside, I call you out, I call you apart to dance in My spirit co-mingle in My Spirit with Me,” says the Lord your God.

February 14, 2012
The Lord said, “ I am the Lord of persuasion. I am so easily persuaded by the cries of My children because of My love for My children. I am the God of grace, the God of mercy, the God of long suffering and the God of love. Know and understand nothing, absolutely nothing, can stop Me from loving My people. Not only do I love My people, I own My people. I take the responsibility of My people. I am not a husband who deserts, I am a husband who stays fixed with his eyes on the eyes of His Beloved. I am a husband who is committed when all others would run away, I stand and guard and fight and stay devoted.

I am the Father almighty. The Father almighty sent Me, and as the Father almighty sent Me, so I send you. I will send you to the high-places. High places in the spirit where you will go in and you will take down principalities, and you will take down all strongholds that would come against My name and My Father’s name. My Father’s kingdom has come. I am calling a people to come forth and decree and declare and display my banners. Yes, my banner is called love and under that banner of love there is protection. I am clothing you tonight in My supernatural protection. I am causing you to grow up in areas you have not allowed My touch before. But as a good Father, every gift that is in you, I am going to complete, and bring it to adulthood to maturity, to where it will mature and as you mature, you will come to understand the Father Himself has chastened you to raise you up.

I am going to raise you up to understand what it means to rule and to reign. I have become weary of seeing My saints with heads bent down and shoulders slumped, crying out, ‘God, where are you?’” Do you not understand I am in the midst of you? I am in the midst of you for I AM. As you come to Me and acknowledge Me, and worship Me, and become aware of My presence, then My presence will permeate your very being. You in turn will become My present people. I am looking for a people strong in My spirit, strong in My word, strong in purity and obedience. I am looking for a people who will live sacrificially, but yet will live bountifully also. They will come to understand that I am a God of the highways, the byways, the valleys and the mountains.

Do not limit Me. Do not restrict Me, but ask Me to take limitations off of you so you can serve Me unhindered by the fear of man. So you can run, even when the wind is in your face, and you will cause the wind to become a propeller that will cause you to propel yourself to where I am causing you to fly into the spirit.

Do not listen to strange voices. Do not be distracted by promises to come to the wilderness, to find me, I am already with you. I am looking for a Bride to come to the bridal chamber. I am looking for a Bride to come to the banquet table. I am looking for a Bride who will come and sit, and lean her head upon My chest. She will feel My heartbeat and know My mind. I am looking for a Bride of intimacy.

I am not a distant God. I sent My Son to walk among you. Now I will challenge you to learn to walk among those who do not know My Son, and carry Him and share Him well. Cause them to be jealous of your God. Cause them to come for hunger and thirst for your God. I am about to bestow upon My people a magnificent gift so they know it is My goodness,” says the Lord your God.I have seen a weary people, and they have said, ‘Where is our breakthrough? Where is ours?’ I say unto you I AM the God of Breakthrough. When you come to Me and come in Me, not only will you become one who breaks through, but you will become one who breaks out laughing and rejoicing in the glory and in the knowledge and the power of the Lord your God.”

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