November 2010 Prophecies

November 23, 2010
You are releasing Your horses of revival. They are carrying the anointing, Father, in the saddle bags of glory and mercy. Father, we thank You for the horses that are being released by the Spirit tonight. Father, we thank You that they are going to go throughout our land. Their hoofs are going to go in the Spirit and are going to stoEileen Fisher – The release of the horses!mp and crush the plans of the enemy. We thank You that they are coming with fire in their mouth and that they are going to breathe down and melt and dissolve the plans and the schemes of the enemy. We thank You that the saddle is empty because You are putting Your bride on that saddle.

Your bride is going to learn to rule and reign. She is going to be carried on the back of goodness and mercy. Father, I thank You the breath that is coming out of the nostrils of the horses are the anointing of healing and oil and gladness. You are about to burst forth on the seam with joy that the angels are going to start to minister stronger with the wind of healing.

We release the fresh oil over Your people tonight. The oil of healing is being released. As they go forth under Your direction, they will squeeze into the narrow places. Places that have had their doors shut to the moving of the Spirit that they will take their hoofs and command those doors be beaten down. Lord, You are releasing the anointing tonight. They are going to dig in the dirt, the dry dirt where people who are withering, crying out for the water of revival. They are going to start to dig the wells of salvation and revival on the land. We thank You for the horses that You have sent tonight. We thank You for the authority that You are putting into the hand of the bride.

You are showing that she will rise up with the word of God in one hand and with the sword to dismember and disarm the enemy. They are going into households. They are taking back dominion for those who have fallen away and lukewarmness. They are going to send forth the fire upon their head of Pentecost to where they are going to get hungry and thirst in crying out for power. We thank You Your troops are rising up for You are causing Your horses to come from the mountains. You are causing them to come together; together the righteous army that will go forth with the Spirit.

There will be a song in the mouth of the bride. She will sing, “Come, Lord Jesus, come! Come, Lord Jesus, come!”. All of Heaven will cry, “Amen! Hallelujah to the King of Kings!”. Lord, I thank You for the wind that will be under the horses for it will be the Spirit and the wind that come on those horses. I thank You that there will be no blinders on those horses, but their eyes will be that of fire. They will have direction and will have targets for they are being Heaven sent with the assignment. We release the horses of glory over our land this night. We release the glory, Father God.

We release the good news over the gospel over our land tonight. Throughout the world we declare, let the word of God go forth. Let it go around the world stronger and stronger and stronger. Let it point to, let it declare, and let it be settled in Heaven as it is declared that Jesus Christ is Lord. Lord, raise up the army of the bride. Place her in the saddle. Put her in line with righteousness, not small thinking but Kingdom thinking. Put upon her robes of majesty that she will fling her robes that will be Heaven sent to where people will be wrapped in the majesty of God. Healed and sent with a sound mind, with peace, with joy, with prosperity and provision.

I release in the land prosperity, for You are raising Your army up. They will ride. They will ride strong. There will be no horse that limps, but they will be sent forth to march. We thank You. We Thank You. We thank You for the wind. We thank You for the horse. We thank You for the saddle of salvation that will fix your bride, established on high, ruling and reigning in Christ Jesus. We thank You for the veil of the bride that will blow in the wind with signs and wonders and miracles as she declares, “The Salvation of our God draws near.” We thank You for that. We give You praise. Glory to You, Lord.

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