January 2011 Prophecies

Father I would like to pray this New Year’s blessing for Your people. Lord, I lift each one of them up to You right now by name. Lord, I thank You that You know their names; You know every hair on their head; You know their heart’s desires. Father, You know the areas in their lives that need to be healed. Areas that are known and unknown, that even they don’t know, I ask the Holy Spirit that this will be the year, Father, of restoring broken hearts, broken dreams, broken ministries.

Father I ask that this will be the year of Spiritual ambition for Your people will have the fresh flame of fire for Your Word. Lord I thank You for Your word that says, “Your Word is a lamp unto our feet.” I would ask that You, Father, would release a Spirit of Enlightenment over the hearts, the minds, the souls, the Spirits, and the bodies for healing over Your people. Wherever the enemy is in darkness and trying to trap them or rob them, I ask that the Holy Spirit will turn the light on to where blessings will come upon them and overtake them. Lord I thank You that Your word says, “We are blessed going in and blessed going out.” Father I ask that if any blessing was left in the year 2010 that it would come into double portion into 2011.

Lord I release supernatural blessings, supernatural provisions, supernatural wisdom, supernatural understanding with discernment over Your people. Father, those that are seeking Your way, I ask that You would just begin to open the doors that need to be open and You will close the doors that absolutely need to be kept closed to keep them in Your highest and most perfect will.

Father I would release a new anointing over Your people. Just like 2011 has the two “ones”, I ask that you would double up the anointing this year; double the anointing like double “ones.” As You do pour out the oneness in a two-fold over Your people, that this oneness will be the oneness of Your love and the oneness of Your favor. Father, I thank You for hearts that are being healed, for minds that are receiving peace, for bodies that are receiving healings with direction.

I thank You that You have said in Your word, “The steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord.” I claim that promise over Your people right now. I establish it that their feet are receiving the orders for 2011 that Your name absolutely and totally alone will be lifted up and glorified. Father, I seal this with the blood of Jesus; I clothe them with the blood of Jesus. Lord, over that robe I put the other robe of righteousness of Christ Jesus where they will come to an understanding this year of their right standing and Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Lord, I thank You for a depth of new love for understanding the ability of how deep You love us, and how deep that You have come for us, and now gather us all fresh into Your arms for healing and for destinies and purposes.
I establish this by the Spirit of the Lord’s direction in Jesus’ precious, powerful name. Amen.

January 25, 2011
I heard the Lord say “I am giving new starts; fresh starts; new starts. I am doing a new thing. Can you not tell the things of the old are not working? Can you not tell the weariness of my people, form doing the thing same old thing over and over in a religious way, not seeking Me fresh? Did I not have them go out and gather fresh manna? For I want a people who will walk daily moment by moment, second by second with Me. I want people who will strive to allow Me to be their Lord. To where they will keep their eyes fixed upon Me so that I can direct them, counsel them, and put in their pathways My highest will. For I am looking for a faithful people who will stay faithful in the midst of testing, trials, feast and famine. I am looking for a people who will seek Me, not what they can receive from Me. For have I “not” said in My word, ‘When you seek Me with your whole heart you will find Me.’

For I am seeking My people. I am calling them out and I am saying, ‘Come to the foot of the cross.’ Experience death and resurrection and know you are dead to sin, but alive to grace. As you are alive to grace, my grace will be sufficient, for My grace will carry you and embrace you. It will transform you; it will bring back the joy of your salvation. I would not have a people who would love Me according to the moves of a roller coaster; but I would have a people who will stay on the straight and narrow, who will put their hand in my hand and walk the narrow pathway with Me.

With fellowship to where that they know My true love created them and that’s why they are here: to know Me. I am here to cultivate a love in you; a love for Me, a love for yourself and a love for others. As you learn to love yourself, and as you learn to love Me, then out of this you will reach out to love others that and see My kingdom has come forth. Have I not said, ‘They will know they are Mine by their love.’ I would say love My people; learn to love yourselves; be patient with yourself; be kind to yourself.

Remember, you are loving who I love, and that is “you”. You are loving one who is treasured and that is “you”. You are loving a lamb and I am the shepherd, and that is “you”. Strive not for the approval or disapproval of man, but strive to please and lift the burdens off of man just as I have come to lift the burdens off of you. Have I not said in My Word, ‘Bear one anther’s burdens.’?

There has been a selfishness that has overtaken this land. I have come in to bring forth a spirit of grace. A spirit that would take those who have handicapped their own thinking and would break it down so they will be free to love themselves through My love. For there is about to be an outpouring of grace over your nation that your nation has never experienced. It will start with My house first for grace will lead you; grace will keep you; grace will heal you; grace will propel you into My kingdom. My grace will draw you under Myself. As My grace is at work in you, then you in turn must extend grace to others. As you extend grace, you will come out from under judgment.

As you come out from under judgment, you will come out from under the darkness and you will come into the light of understanding and the light of My love. You will have freedom. You will understand My word that says, ‘Whom the Son sets free, they are free indeed.’ Grace sets My people free; grace keeps My people free; grace allows My people to serve. I say unto you, ‘Do not as unto man, but do as unto Me.’ As you learn to do unto Me, then you will find fulfillment of the commandments and in that the favor of the Lord shall rest upon you,” says the Lord your God.

January 18, 2011
I heard the Lord say, “I have given you a mighty gift of free will. I want you to chose this day who you will serve. I want you to chose this day who will carry your burden. I want you to chose life and not death. I want you to chose blessing and not curse. I want you to chose provision, not poverty.

I want you to receive healing; My divine healing, My divine presence. Seek not isolation; seek My face and you will find Me. Have I not said in My word, ‘When you seek Me with your whole heart, you will find Me’? I am like the Father who obviously places Himself in the middle of the room and says, ‘Come children and let the Father embrace His own household.’ For you are Mine,” says the Lord God. “My son paid for you on that cross.”

January 11, 2011
As we were singing, I kept hearing the Lord say, “If only My people understood the depth of My love.” He said, “If only My people could grasp the depth of My love, In this knowledge fear is broken, doubt is broken, abandonment and rejection is crushed. Purpose, destiny, appointment, commission is released. When they come to grasp the depth of My love, they come to understand who I am and who I am not.

For when you understand who I am, then you will recognize who the Devil is. I have not come to condemn. I have come to save, to heal, to release, to reestablish, to realign, to bring man to My Father’s heart by placing them within My own heart. Have I not said, ‘You are within Me’? You are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. When you have placed your faith, your heart, and your will in My hands, then you will come to understand what it means to believe and to be seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Now understand the positioning and the authority I have given you, to rule and reign with Christ Jesus, this is the hour of authority.

For My Kingdom has come. You are My people; people of My Kingdom and not that of another. I have called you to be My people. Have I not said in My Word, ‘Seek My Kingdom first and My righteousness and everything will be added unto you.’ Let go of your righteousness; claim My righteousness. Claim right standing with My Father.

Do not let the enemy rob you of the position I have placed you in by My death and My resurrection. Learn to dwell in My presence. My presence will cause you to dwell and then will compel you to go about Our Father’s business, just as I did,” says the Lord your God.

January 4, 2011
I heard the Lord say, “Lift your hands.” So I want you just to lift your hands up. He said, “I’m going to place new gifts in your hands right now. Tonight I have called you here for the equipping of the Saints. I am going to begin to equip, equip, equip, equip, equip. Even when you think you cannot carry anymore, I will change the equipment and lighten it. I am causing you to rise up. I am calling a single voice to rise from the Earth. I am calling My people to stand on holy ground. All ground that is unholy is fallow ground. I will break up the fallow ground and I will declare the holy ground where you stand holy. As you stand in My sight on that holy ground, you will make declarations that My Spirit will yell, scream and cry through you. They will be declarations of praise, declarations of worship. They will be of one voice: all the Saints crying together. They will no longer be the single Saints separated into solitude. I am pulling down the walls of isolation even over your city this night. I will go from house to house and I will melt down the gates of isolation.

I will say I am pulling down vain imaginations. Where one is trapped in limited thinking and limited understanding. Tonight I will put within each of you the mind of Christ. You will think as I thought about My Father’s business. You will retain as I retained the wisdom My Father gave. You will have My heart one for another, one for My Kingdom. Be not afraid nor shaken for I am declaring this night, ‘Man’s kingdom is crumbling. Fallow ground is being broken. My Kingdom not only has come, but you will literally see it build up in the hearts of My Saints. My temples will gather; they will take hand, and hand and there will be a Holy march across this land. It will gain momentum for it will go across the World and people will declare, ‘Jesus Christ alone is Lord.’ You will see every knee bow.

You will see that I will do shakings in the Heavenlies. People will talk about the sky. They will say, ‘What has been shaken in the sky?’ I want you to know before it is shaken. My glory will shake for the Earth is My footstool and I will dust my feet of the works of man on that footstool and I will shake My feet and I will stand as your Father. You will come to understand that you are under the Wings of the Almighty. When one will try to snatch you, I will bring the fire of the sword of My Saints and they will touch that hand. It will be burned for you have been engraved on My hand.

I say unto you tonight I am releasing Angels on assignment. There will be Angels around you. There will be Angels around your household. You will understand this so plain. Within 90 days you will come to realize you have had visitations. You have had moments to where you could not breathe because My Presence took the very breath out of you. I say be not concerned over the shaking in the Heavenlies for it is just the Father shaking the dust of the work of man off of His feet. Father has Holy feet and He calls children to have Holy feet. I say unto you tonight, I will bless your feet. Your feet will be made Holy tonight for this is a necessity. As you walk with your Holy feet, as you talk with your Holy mouth, others will look and say, ‘Where have you been?’ You will say, ‘I have come from the Sanctuary of the Lord My God. I have come from the face of the King of Kings.’

As Esther entered boldly after she came through grace, after she received grace. Afterwards she came boldly and she declared all that was within her heart, all that was within her heart for her people, who were My people, so it will be for you. You shall come before Me. First there shall be a season of grace upon grace upon grace. Then you will understand that I have stood strong and you have now come under a new authority. I am removing many, many from the authority of man. For I never intended that man would bow to man, only to the Lord their God. Do you not recall how Daniel would not bow to a strange God? I will say unto you, ‘You are entering into the sphere of Daniel.’ The sphere when the lions prowl, but Daniel was safe because the man of fire was with him also in that Den. Be not concerned when you hear of the shaking, but know that it has been shaken so, the works of man will be cast down. You will see within this shaking the very fire of My Spirit.

I will say unto you, ‘Are your hearts not burning?’ You will come to understand My burning love. My love will burn out of you and burn into you the brand of Heaven. You will come to understand, not only have you been branded, but you have been saved, and delivered. You will march. You will march to the heartbeat of Heaven and Heaven will march to the heartbeat of My Bride,” says the Lord your God. “Cry out, ‘Father!’ Stand for Me. As I stand for you, did Jesus not say He will declare you before His Father when you stood before man declaring Me?’ This is that hour. Declare and stand for Me. Do not tremble back for My Father is smiling. He is standing for you. If I am for you, be not concerned what would come against you. First it must come against My hand and you are hidden in the Shadow of the Almighty,” says the Lord your God

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