November 2011 Prophecies

 November 29, 2011
The Father said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega. All that you need will be found in Me from the beginning, the middle and to the end. I am about to move in the lives of My saints. When I come I will bring an eraser. I will erase the pain of rejection, of sorrow, of regret and disappointment. Instead I will take a pen and I will dip that pen in the blood of My son and I will write life where there has been death. I will write life where there has been lack. I will write life where there has been despair. I will write laugh, and I will laugh with My children and you will laugh with Me. We will laugh at My promises as we do them and watch them be performed together. You will speak them through My spirit and My spirit will empower them. You will watch Me come and part the Red Seas in your life. You will watch Me come and cause a wall of fire to come around you, to protect you, to bring you out from where you have been.

I am preparing a pillar and it will be unique, one like the world has never seen. It will be a pillar that will have an open Heaven for you are in a ground of open Heaven,” said the Lord. “I am about to open the Heavens even greater over you. You will come to be known as those who speak as they have heard for your listening will be quickened by My spirit. I am about to move and I will release upon this earth the gift of listening and the gift of speaking. Both unctioned by My spirit. There will be a move of declaration like this world has not seen. The reason the world has not seen this, is because, it will be the masses that will declare the amen to what My spirit will birth. It will be My spirit that will declare it. It will be My spirit that will breathe into it. It will be My spirit that will put an exclamation point of the fire of His unction. When this happens, you will stand back in awe. You will understand all of your struggles have been for not. You will come to understand the flesh profits nothing. You will laugh and you will laugh and you will laugh and you will laugh. You will gain strength after strength after strength after strength. You will run through My word and you will leap into high places in the spirit with My word, and My word will come upon you and clothe you with a supernatural hope as you become the declarers of fire,” says the Lord your God.

November 22, 2011
The Lord said, “Listen for the wind. You will hear more and more about the wind than you have ever heard about it before. I am going to cause My wind to turn things upside down. I will cause My wind to go into vacant places to where I have not been found before. I am looking for a people who will be hungry enough to devour My word and then in turn be sent out as Devourers to devour all that has been set up against My word. My word is forever settled in Heaven. Within you is the power of My word because within you is the breath of God. Declare My word, take off restrictions from My word. Present My word before Me. Take council from My spirit first and he will counsel you with wisdom; he will quicken to you the word that you are to present; and then he will breathe on the promise. It will become an ‘Amen Word,’ so be it. You have the agreement already: My word, My spirit and your will.

Be not concerned of the seasons that are coming across this land. Understand there is a new wind that is coming across this land. It willcause things to turn upside down, but when it does it will also cause the filling of My glory to cover your nation,” says the Lord your God.

 November 15, 2011
I heard the Lord say, “Get ready for Me to teach you a new math. It will be the math that is Heaven sent. It will be math that will be taught by My spirit to where it will make no sense how I bring supernatural provision. You will see I am not only the God of multiplication, but I am the God of the cattle on the hill. I am about to send forth herdsmen and they will begin to send forth cattle toward you. You will hear the hoofs of those cattle as they come. They will be assigned to go to different homes. They will be assigned to feast upon, and to bring provision. There is coming upon your land a blessing, not a curse. I am blessing this land because this land is going to bless Me. I tell you this before it happens. I have put it in the hearts of those I am raising up. You will see saints of old and you will see the unknown come forth with banners. Those banners will be planted. Where they are planted, there will be decrees that will be ring forth throughout the Earth. The decrees will go from one place to another proclaiming, ‘The King is coming. The King is coming.’ I will come into homes and I will come into hospitals. I will come to places of plenteous. I will still come. I will come as the Prince of Peace and the Lord of Lords. I will come also, one who watches over his word to perform it because I am the word.

Get ready to get so deep in My word. As you become swallowed up in My word and My word swallows you up, it will start to come out of your bellies words after word after word of miraculous provision, of miraculous answers to prayer. You are about to go on the edge of the greatest miracle your country has ever seen. You are going to begin to see witness after witness hearts that have been hardened by pride and arrogance crumble and fall. You are about to see those who have been humbled. They will extend their hands to those who used to be full of pride, and they will bless them. You will come to understand I am the one who exalts. Be ready to be exalted in the spirit by My spirit. Let not man push you into My spirit. Let not man demand you into My spirit. Let My spirit in you pull spirit to spirit as deep cries unto deep.

  “Tonight I am placing in your hearts new visions and new assignments. I have been tarrying, waiting for My people to carry out what I am about to do. Some have come and they have filled their buckets, but their buckets have had holes because it was of the flesh. Others have come and their buckets have been of their flesh. There was no room for My spirit’s provision. I will say you are moving into the hour to what I will not only be the one who gives you the bucket, but the one who fills the bucket for you. You are about to see a new well spring over your nation. It will be the well of well-being. It will be the well of salvation. I am about to do a new thing and a new revelation of My work on the cross. People again will declare the workings of My cross. It will not be used to gain selfishness nor fame. It will be used to proclaim and to demand. The enemy will have to draw back because have I not said in My word “when I be lifted up, I draw all men unto Myself?” Not unto man, not under even a religion, but unto Myself. For the hour is coming when I will put it in the hearts of the leaders in this nation to bring forth alter calls of purpose, of conviction and of conversion. My people have not been converted, they have had their ears tickled and yet on the inside they are like dried up wells. This shall not stand before a holy God because I am the Lord of the Red Sea. I am the Lord of the rivers and the mountains. I promise you this by My word, out of your bellies shall come rivers of life. Those very bellies you walk upon on this earth will be carrying the river of My well. Where you walk, you will dwell. You will command the river and it will come out of you to start to bear forth fruit and will produce new fruit of new life. There is going to come, yes, not only merely an awakening but a shaking and a quaking like you have not seen nor heard. Be not concerned when you hear about quakes in places where they have never heard of quakes. This is an awakening and it will be growing pains and the growing pains will cause the legs of My saints to become strong. It will cause knees of My saints to become strong to where they will come on bended knee, but with a heart of proclamation. When they proclaim, they will come to understand that I alone can handle the fame,” says the Lord your God.

 November 8, 2011
The Lord says, “I am making you into the image of who I have created you to be. Anything that is not in this image, I am pulling it away and out of you. I have come this night to search your hearts. I have come this night to search your understanding. I have come this night to test your will. I have come this night to call you aside in stillness, to raise you up aware of My presence. I bid you, tarry with me. As you tarry with me I will carry you from mountain to mountain. I will take you out of the valley of destruction, of disappointment, of rejection; to a new season into your life. I will begin to present to you the flower of the Rose of Sharon. You will come to understand and My fragrance will overtake you. You will come to understand I am a jealous God and I will have nothing or anyone before Me. This is also a two-fold love for there will be nothing and no one before you. I will cherish you, I’ve committed to you. I will stand guard over you. I will cover you with My angel wings. You will find healing under My wings. You will find hope under My wings. You will come to know the Strengthener has strengthened your inner man.

Be not weary. Be not discouraged. Did not My own fish all night and then did they not have to wait until I came to tell them where to throw the net. Then I commanded the fish to go into the net. Because they sought Me, even in disappointment, even in darkness, even in discouragement. I looked at their hearts. How could I turn away hearts that were open, hearts that were calling out, hearts of discouragement and despair? I could not turn away. Have I not said, ‘I have come to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free?’ You do not understand what it means to be held in captive to the lust of the world and the lust of the flesh and the lust of man. I promise you this; you will be held captive by My love. It will be a love that enlarges you. It will not suffocate nor will it smother. It will cause you to rise up like an eagle, high above circumstances. It will cause you to reach high levels in the spirit you have only heard the saints of old talk and write about. I tell you, be ready to see Me roll back the sky. Be ready to see Me roll back the clouds and you will come to understand the King of glory within you is going to stand in front, behind, and upon you. As you are declaring, let My glory cover your face, I put a veil over each face to where when you cover your face in My presence, that veil will cause you to look inward. As you look inward because of the veil, you will come to understand the Kingdom of God is within you.

You will not go to and fro. You will not run to hear this voice in the wilderness. You will not run to hear a song sung on a mountain. Instead you will be content to sit at the feet of your beloved for My hand will rest upon you. All that concerns you, I will bring forth for My own glory. I am going to put an awakening within you, an awakening over your nation, an awakening over My bride. My bride has become weary. She has taken off her shoes and is saying, ‘I will nap for this is not yet the hour.’ I will say unto you, put back on your shoes. Stand in prayer: stand, stand. As you stand, I will be the one who will command your hand and what it will do. Let me have your hands, and as you give Me your hands I will give you the command,” says the Lord your God.

  1. #1 by Nancy Phiri on November 18, 2011 - 3:47 pm

    Thank-you for such challenging and encouraging prophetic words WOG.

  2. #2 by Irine Solangon on November 30, 2011 - 2:44 pm

    wow!! GOD is so good!! GOD is also dealing with me these words!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!

  3. #3 by E.Allen on January 2, 2012 - 7:10 am

    I received a prophetic word from my pastor that I would be given the strength of Sampson. He said you will understand its meaning only after private time with God and He will show you. After that, the scriptures were opened up to me and I found revelation. There are more layers, but I got distracted in the business of life. I will have to lay aside hindrances and dig deeper if I want to go further into the gift to the place where it finally manifests will take focus. If I want to walk in it, I will have to water and let the seed of the Word germinate and take root.

    Then, I read a Word from Eileen Fisher about the horses in battle. This is what the Lord showed to me in my private time with God, relating to strength of Sampson. So, I see that with the prophecies we have to really study it, chew and mediate in it… to get it so deep into our hearts that it comes out as a Declarative Praise. I sense that with the prophecies given, we must take the time to go before the Lord in prayer, and in seeking earnest and fervent, so he can pour into our hearts, lest the seed be stolen. Write the vision, and make it plain, keep it so deeply inside that we start to run with it. Then it will take its course and manifest.

    MANY ARE CALLED. FEW RESPOND TO THE CALL. I know what I must do. There have many many distractions. My New Year’s Resolution is to remove those hindrances and contend to hear His voice for myself. My heart’s cry. And by the way, I want to live in abundance, and that’s it. I don’t worry about my purpose. To walk with Him….That is my only Purpose.

    Elizabeth A.

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