October 2011

October 25, 2011
As we were singing, I kept hearing the Holy Spirit say, “stand.” So many of my people are so tired at getting punched at, they’re army crawling. My bride has been walking bent over and not standing. He said “stand.”

I heard the Lord say, “My people have grown weary in waiting upon answers. My people have grown weary in waiting upon predictions. My people have grown weary upon waiting on promises. My people have grown weary waiting on promotions. My people have grown weary; weary, weary weary until they have laid down. They have tried to use the pillow of unbelief over their ears and heads trying to suffocate the voice of the enemy. My Spirit is coming to you, to take away the pillow of unbelief so you will be able to suffocate discouragement and become strong, rising up standing in faith. You will go fourth advancing with what My word has promised. I have come to vindicate My own. I have come to send My word to heal, to release, to establish, to provide, to promote and to persevere. I am calling a people to persevere among tribulation. I am calling My people to persevere in the midst of trials, in the midst of disappointment, in the midst of accusation. I am calling My people to persevere. When others have laid down, I would say unto you, I will cause My own to rise up, to rise up in, by and through My spirit. I have caused Him to come upon you to strengthen you, to fellowship with you, to come into intimacy of relationship with you. Then in my presence there will become a mixture of a cohabitation of a fresh anointing. What is about to happen is not yet here, and what is over is over. Learn to be in the present, the now. When you dwell in the present, you dwell in My presence. Know My presence is forever with you,” says the Lord your God.


October 11, 2011
The Lord would say, “In My Word, have I not said I have commanded angels to be in charge over thee least you hit your foot against a stone. I know the stone you are hitting with your foot. I know those things in your life that you are tripping over. I know those people in your life that seem to block the path where you desire, where you want your heart to walk. Remember there was a stone that tried to hold Me in the grave. But I came forth. Remember the same spirit that raised Me from the dead will quicken life into your mortal bodies. Be aware of My spirit. Be aware of My angels. Be aware you too are called to minister grace, hope, healing and love. Man may call, but God equips, God calls, God anoints.

I am pouring oil upon you right now: the oil to anoint you. I was anointed for burial, I anoint you to rise up. Place your hands in front. Surrender, submit. Let My oil come into your hands. Let My oil come into your understanding to where those things that have been causing you to toss to and fro in torment can slip away because of the oil of My anointing. Let those things in your hands that have brought torment slip out of your hands because I am anointing them with the presence of My spirit. Let your mouth be anointed with the sweetness of worship and praise you so can come before the throne of grace in time of trouble and I ‘ll answer you. Learn to minister with My angels. But above all, learn to minister with My holy spirit. He will teach you. He will lead you. He will guide you. He will confirm. He will direct. He will assign. Do not let the favor of man determine the call. Let the anointing of the spirit of God complete the call. I have bid you to come into My spirit, to be filled with My spirit, to raise you up and to train you by My spirit.

Look not for the wisdom of man for they would flaunt knowledge before you. They would entice you with education. They would entice you with words that you can’t even understand. My spirit teaches the simple and the great. My spirit is called to be your Teacher. As he teaches you, he will train you. He will equip you to listen to the way that he will direct you to go. He will train you to stand strong and to rest when he says, ‘Come aside’. He will equip you to recognize where he is going for I am raising up a militant army. One of radical love that loves the brokenhearted, that cast down judgment, but comes forth with mercy and goodness but with truth,” says the Lord your God. “The world is crying for a Savior. Know that the Savior of the Lord your God is about to visit fresh His people once again,” says the Lord.Love and Blessing, Eileen

  1. #1 by Nora Riddle Ammons on October 20, 2011 - 8:59 am

    I love when GOD drops a word perfectly timed for the season of ones life! Thank You Father God Thank You!!!!

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