June 2011 Prophecies

June 28, 2011
I hear the Lord say, “As I am walking across this nation from household to household, I will send my Spirit ahead of Me. As I go from door to door and as I knock, My grace will be on My hand that I put upon the doorknob,” says the Lord. “I will extend grace after grace after grace after grace. Then I will look at the heart of My own. For some I will pass over for they have already chosen to rise up against me in rebellion. For others I will come and I will gather them to Myself. I will poor oil on them and heal the disappointment, even the regret that they have felt of rejection. I will pour upon them grace after grace.

You will come to know Me in a new season. This season will be a season of grace that will come over this nation. I call it “grace”: “g” for the grace and then I say “race” for the race that this nation will run. There is a running across this nation for lordship and I will not give up my Lordship nor yield to another. I will call a royal priesthood. Those who would stand in the office of the Priest by My Spirit, those who will come in by My Spirit, and stay by My Spirit,and be led out by My Spirit. They will not have the fear of man, but they will have the fear of the Lord upon their face.

When they look at those who have hardened their hearts against the hand of the Lord their God, they will turn quick and go to the hearts that have been broken and need to be healed. I am going about this nation and I am testing the heart of this nation. I have set My Spirit of conviction over this nation, but now I am sending My Spirit of grace. I am sending My Spirit of truth back over this nation. You will see a battle for truth like you have never seen in this nation.  You will come to understand where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, but there is also truth.

I will say be not concerned when the darkness gets darker and darker,but know that I am not concerned over the darkness for I am the God of light. Where there is darkness My light will bring it under submission because nothing has taken out the light of the Lord your God. I am the eternal light and I am looking for a people who will be a glow who will burn like a light in the darkness. Be not concerned over the darkness others they are guiding one another in the shadow of darkness. They are speaking to one another in the shadow of darkness. My hand is about to turn. When I turn my hand, you will come to know
that the heart of a nation has been turned back to the light of the their God. My light will come back over this nation. I say to you, you are to start from this night forth, practice carrying a light heart, a light heart. I say your heart must be light, they see my light, so when those who are in the darkness, see your heart. I am going to renew My own and then we are going to gather those that are scattered. They are My own that are scattered. They have been driven out of My own household by the judgment of man, not by the judgment of God. Man has pronounced judgment upon man and they will reap what they
have planted over another. Have I not said in My Word, “Judge not, least you be judged?” Yes, judgment will come, the very judgment that they have called out and demanded. Those that are calling out grace after grace after grace after grace, mercy after mercy after mercy; they will go through a race, but it will be done with glory. It will be done with grace. It will be done with mercy and gentleness and kindness.

I am lifting up an army. Even though it looks beaten down and beaten back, it is not. It is about to be driven forward. As it has been driven out and driven back, I say those who have stood against My Spirit will now find that My Spirit is standing against them. My Spirit will not bow to the flesh of man. My Spirit will take and come upon the flesh of man, and burn the flesh of man. My Spirit can burn within the heart of my own: the Spirit of love, forgiveness, healing and understanding,” says the Lord your God.

Love and Blessing, Eileen

  1. #1 by vicky rawlings on August 3, 2012 - 9:28 am

    Was trying to find prophecies for June/ July of 2012 and was checking out what the Lord was saying at that time last year. Is this ever a ‘now’ word from the Lord and I needed to ‘hear it again’. Thank you for being faittful to the Lord and speaking forth His word.

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