July 2011 Prophecies

July 19, 2011
The Lord would say, “I am lifting up people. I am lifting up a fresh wind of leaders: leaders who will cling to Me; leaders who will declare unto Me; leaders who will follow Me; leaders who will embellish My Spirit; leaders who will come forth singing and declaring My glory. You are able to see the hour of Joshua to come forth. It will have nothing to do with age nor gender. It will be those who carry a bold and courage things in the Spirit. I am putting in your hands tonight a new spear: the spear of truth, the spear of enlightenment. I am going to bring you into a practicality of the power of the knowledge of My word. Then you are to apply what I have downloaded into your spirit. There is warfare to and fro, in and without. I would say it is the hour of settling My leaders to where they will recognize and hear My voice. I want them to learn to draw from My strength in stillness.

“I have joined them at that banquet table. That banquet table has been prepared in the presence of the enemies: yours and Mine. But it is a position of nourishment that I have provided. On this banquet table is My Word. It is the manna of My Word. I would invite you to devour the manna of My Word. When the enemy comes, you will simply serve the manna and he will be appalled at the manna. It will be Heaven sent and it will carry with it the scent of Heaven; the scent and the fragrance of the Rose of Sharon.

“I know many of you have been in the wilderness. I know many of you have been in the valley and it has not even been of your choice of your decisions, but it has been a forced position. Where the enemy has placed you in situations, people, and positions to bring you into a lower place, not to the high places to feast, but to the low places to where you will examine your wounds and pick at your sores and recall the hurt and reopen the wounds. I heal and I re-heal and I re-heal and I re-heal. Now I want to change that for I want to consume your woundedness in My blood. In the process of consuming your woundedness, I will train you and teach you how to do warfare that is effective: much more effective. It will not be voices filled with hot air and puffed up. Instead it will be voices of authority, voices that will declare; voices who will have heard and have had manna with My Spirit, and My Father and Myself. When mine come, they will come forth Heaven sent. You will become those just as I was, sent by the Father for you are entering into a season of overseeing the vineyards. The vineyards
to where I am coming to plant fresh seed. Fresh seeds that has been watered by the dew; the dew that has come from the anointing of My Spirit.

“Be prepared to reap where you have not planted. Be prepared to be sent where you know not of. Be prepared to stand still when you are on your hind feet prancing around ready to run. Be prepared to hear the whispers and the sigh of My Spirit. Pray to know Me: know My heart, know My Spirit, and know My plans. In this I promise you, by Myself, for there is no greater. You will come to know freedom, freedom, freedom for I am raising up overseers and facilitators; but most of all, freedom fighters who will fight for My Kingdom, but stay free in My presence,” says the Lord your God. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

 July 12, 2011
I heard the Lord say, “I am declaring the wind over each of you right now.” He said, “Stand, Arise.” I want you to stand up right now. I heard the Lord say, “I am going to touch you. My wind is going to come into your mind and it is going to cause chains of old to be broken, so you cannot be tormented from the past wind of the damage, of the tornadoes that have touched down in your life and left damage and confusion and doubt and fear. I am the same Lord your God who spoke to the sea and it obeyed me and I calmed the sea. Tonight I will send My wind to bring clarification and to bring clearing in your thought life to where you can think, think and know My will, think and know My presence that I can take your mind and renew it in My wind: the wind of My Spirit, the wind of My presence, the wind of My Word.

 “I am blowing away unbelief tonight. Where unbelief would come to rob you of faith and rob you of joy, I would speak to that unbelief and I will say, ‘Let My people go!’ For I have called them to rise up on the wings of eagles. I am calling forth eagles to run and to walk and to fly with the flow of My wind.

 “For you will hear of winds across your nations, winds that have never been seen, winds man will try to explain away. I say it will be the wind of My Spirit, straightening things out and placing confusion in the plans of the enemies. I say I am looking for a people to arise, to declare, to be filled with My wind. When you direct the wind of My Spirit, you shall see healing go into bodies that people have spoken death over. You will see healing go into minds where the mind has tried to trap My people in doubt and unbelief. You will see My wind come about you and in your household and place things in order. I will direct My wind to go into your finances and command favor back over your finances. For I say unto you, you are to declare the favor in the house of the Lord. My wind will blow and there shall be nothing, nothing, nothing that can withstand My wind. All shall bow down because the wind of God has blown it into it’s position. Know that if I can walk on the water, I can train you and raise you up to walk in the wind of My Spirit,” says the Lord your God. 

 July 5, 2011
The Father would say, “I have called you each by name. I know each of you by name. I know where I am taking each of you by your name. I know where I have brought you from, by name. I know that I have written your name in the Book of Life. I know that you are hidden in Me and now I ask that you allow yourself to be hidden in Me.  I have placed you in My heart and now I would ask you to lay down all: all that would distract you from enjoying the pleasure of heart to heart. As you come to minister to Me, heart to heart, spirit to Spirit, life flows to and fro: to you, through you, back through Me, back through you. In turn you become living waters upon the dry ground, upon the desert, so that you can walk out of the wilderness flowing in the flow of My Spirit.

Tonight I would challenge you and invite you to come out of the wilderness of dryness; to come out of the wilderness of trying to control; to come out of the wilderness of restriction to where you have come, you have put restrictions and regulation upon how, when and why I will or will not answer your prayers. Let Me answer at the highest; the highest time in the highest way on the highest highway.  This is the highway of holiness that I would have you walk on. As you learn to dwell and live on this land and on the highway of holiness then you will leave the wilderness. The dust will become nothing, but it will be a thing of the past. You will dust your feet and only see the good news on your feet.

Tonight I want to cover your feet in good news. I want to bring good reports to you. I want to take off of you the messages of man that has been a burden on your shoulders. I do not want a bride that is carrying: carrying the burden man would put upon them, carrying the burden they have picked up. Instead I want you to learn how to rule and reign, but with rest, with wisdom, with discernment, with strength, with knowledge and with joy.  For I say to you, and I am going to write it on your hearts this very night, My joy is your strength. When you are weak you have placed and put aside the joy of your salvation. When you find yourself getting weak, come back to the knowledge of the joy of your salvation. Let joy be the connection. Let joy be the strengthener. Let joy be the thing that opens the doors and bring us into communication. Recall the days of joy and know that there are days of joy set ahead of you and set upon you. For know where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is not only freedom, but there is joy.

Be joyful in the presence of the Lord.
Love and Blessing, Eileen

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