April 2011 Prophecies

April 29, 2011
I hear the Lord say, “Cast your cares upon Me. I have sent angels to walk among you this night.” He said, “They shall, in turn, bring the petitions. My Father and I shall be about your business for you have been about Our business. Tonight I will invite you: become business partners with Heaven for Heaven has come about your business. I’ve taken your business. I’ve taken your households. I’ve taken your children. I’ve taken your fears. I’ve taken your finances. I’ve taken your health. I’ve taken your disease and your sicknesses.

I’ve taken your doubts and your unbelief; your shame and your disgust. I’ve taken your depression and tonight I would say, ‘Give that to Me what is holding you back.’

 I have come to take off of you the grave clothes: the grave clothes that were meant to be left in the grave. I will put upon you, My robes of righteousness. I will put in your hand the scepter to where it would be the Word, My sword, to where you will point it in the direction of the leading of My Spirit.

 I am preparing an army. Can you not hear the footsteps? Can you not hear the marching? Can you not see and understand in the Spirit the shuffling that is going to and fro? It is your God being about mankind’s business. I have not given up mankind, I am your Creator. Mankind will bow down to their Creator. Mankind was crested to worship his Creator.

 Watch Me lift you up for I am lifting up My own. I am lifting up My creation. I am lifting up My creatures, those who would cry, ‘Holy, Holy.’ Those who would bend their knee to Me, those who would come, in submission, in surrender and know that I am able to heal them. Yes, the same God who wounds, heals. Did I not send My Son? Was He not wounded, but then was He not healed? Was he not lifted up to a resurrected, glorified body?

 You are going to see Me start to move stronger and stronger. Stronger in restoration; stronger in healing. I am calling forth a nation to be rebuilt. I have stripped the foundation. The foundation will be strong, for it will be bloodily laid, laid with My blood; not on the blood of Martyrs, but on the blood of My Son. Then My people will come forth and be healed in the blood of the land for it will become the blood of the Lamb,” says the Lord your God in the precious Name of Jesus.

 April 26, 2011
The Lord said, “I will have a Bride armed and ready. She will not look like other Brides. She will be a Bride equipped with the anointing. She will be so equipped with My Word that she will be like a sharp shooter who goes on assignment and very quickly takes out the enemy. From here He has been in hiding, I will give her the strategy, through the anointing, with My Word, to go in and draw the enemy from hiding. The enemy has been playing in the minds of My Bride. He has come to accuse, to condemn; to place hopelessness and despair but My Bride is stretching. She is stretching forth her arms. She is
stretching her legs. She is stretching her body, prepared to run the ]new assignment. My Bride will not be weak, but she will be strengthened by My Spirit. Her flesh will become weak, but her Spirit will go into a double portion. Double portion of power, double portion of might to where she will in turn go out and cause the enemy to be exposed, and in turn will release the captives held in bondage.

I have called you tonight My searchers for I have searched for My own who would seek me with a whole heart, who would lift Me up with a whole heart, who would come and stand in My presence and acknowledge Me as their Friend, as their Counselor, as their Prince of Peace. You will come to know Me as one who brings redemption, but yet has fire in His eyes. For the very fire I carry will be purification. I am spilling over on the Earth My Glory. You will know that it has been
like none man has ever seen or experienced for it will be uncontainable, and it will be un-done fire. When I mean “un-done” I
mean it will un-do. When it is undone to undo, you will know where the enemy has had you bound. You will see and you will realize that My doing has released the captives and you will be sent out to release the captives. The enemy has battled in your mind. He has come to attack your soul, to attack your body, to attack your household, to block your finances. There is a wind that is about to burst forth and it will come from the North. You will be surprised for I will say, ‘Look up! That is My North, Heaven coming down.’

Be prepared for the manna that will be sent for it will be fresh, it will be hot, it will be pure and it will bring nourishment. Even though the Bride may be weak, she will gain strength as she stretches.  Many of you have gone through a season of stretching of faith within
your household. With different situations you have wondered how, why?  This time, the time and the season, for this I am preparing a
victorious Bride.

I place oil on your heads right now. I release angels on your behalf right now. I release truth into your minds right now. I release strength into your limbs, into your hands, into your feet, into your eyes, even into your hearing for you will hear Me speak plain, clear. I look at your hearts and I rejoice greatly because I see the cry that is in your heart. You, too, will declare and say, ‘You must be about your Father’s business.’

You are about to move into the hour of the Father. Where the authority that comes upon the Earth will be that of a father when he comes to put a household in order. Be not concerned, for those who are weary will be strengthened. I do not come to condemn weak faith, I come to rejoice in pure faith. Allow Me to multiply your faith to encourage you and to strengthen you. It is not sin that is making you weak and it is not sin that is causing you to weep; it is the visitation of My
Spirit in stillness strengthening you and stretching you way, way beyond your comfort zone. I am breaking off restrictions. I am pulling down the boundaries of denomination. I am saying, ‘Whosever will, come into My Spirit. Soar above man; soar in My Spirit; soar touching down, led by My Spirit,’” says the Lord your God.

April 19, 2011
I hear the Lord saying to lay things on the alter. There has been so much inner turmoil and so much inner struggle. I kept hearing Him say, “I have made an alter for you tonight to lay things on that alter. When you lay things on that alter you’re giving Me the ability to be the resurrected One.”  I heard the Lord say, “I am your agreement tonight. I Am your agreement tonight.” Mat 18:20 KJV “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” He is
bringing that agreement right now.

“Surrender, surrender, surrender. In surrendering is the victory. When you surrender, I become your defender. When you surrender, I become your fighter. When you surrender, I take you into My arms and I restore you. I implore you: surrender, surrender. In surrender is the victory. You are weary from fighting and you are weary from being fought upon.

For some you have turned the other cheek only to have someone else hit that other cheek. Tonight I will come as the King and I will place my hands very gently upon each cheek and speak healing to you. As I kiss you on your cheek, I will tilt your head upward and say, ‘Look beyond the cross, the grave, the resurrection. Seek the throne, My throne.’ Let no other throne have power over you.

Man may suggest, but I enforce. Man may come and woo you and persuade you, but I draw you and confirm and assign you. Man will strip you as they stripped Me, but I will clothe you and not leave you naked. I will clothe you with power and a sound mind. I will take those broken dreams and broken promises and I will mend them with My own hands. I will take my wounded hands and I will grasp your prayers. I will lift them up with My broken body and they in turn will become resurrected prayers, prayers of transformation; transformation because I went through transformation. You, too, shall go forth in transformation. You in turn shall pray this for others, that they may be transformed.

I am looking for a people to transport My power. Who will transport my power without touching it, or claiming it, or even naming it, but declaring it. I would ask you tonight as you celebrate My death, My crucifixion, My resurrection: will you allow Me to resurrect You? My blood is still alive and I am touching you tonight with My blood. You are called into a eternal covenant. I do not break covenant; I guard, I enforce and I commit to it,” says the Lord your God.

I heard the Lord say, Force feeding. Causes life, how much more miraculous it is for my people when I’m force bleeding. Bleeding death out, bleeding My life in, I Am taking things out which leave an impure deposit, from man trying to co-mingle their flesh with My Spirit. In My Blood there is no co-mingling for it is pure and overtakes ever thing, because My Blood is by far the greatest for it is Eternal-Blood.

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