August 2011 Prophecies

August 30, 2011    older prophecies are posted on Elijah List

The Lord keeps giving me this vision of how when people look at the cross, they don’t see the fullness of the crucifixion. Because they do not realize the value of the crucifixion, they don’t live the life of worthiness.

 The Lord said, “I want you to close your eyes and keep them closed right now.” He said, “I want you to taste of My cross. For My word says, ‘Taste of the Lord and see that He is good.’” He said, “I want to you to taste of the cross. I want you to come and stand at the foot of the cross. I want you to stand directly in front of the cross and let the cross have it’s work in you.” For He said, “Unless you embrace the cross, you will never embrace the walk and the work of the cross. You have chosen a bloody gospel. But in My word, it says, ‘There is life in the blood,’ in My blood. So many of you have been living with death spiritually, emotionally, even physically, you have not tasted of the life in My blood. I want you to partake of the life in My blood. I no longer want a Bride who is running to and fro seeking life: life for herself, life through herself, life of herself. But I am looking for a Bride who will chose the life of her Beloved, and will partake of the life of her Beloved.

 “I declare tonight the world has nothing to offer, even in it’s highest compared to what I have set before you. For some of you have lived below the cross. You have lived in the fleshly words of man: what they have promised you, what they have spoken over you, and have been as dictators over you. I break this off tonight for I want My bride to share My identity alone. As I died alone, and when sin tried to come and absorb Me, I absorbed sin. I took the death of man. I took the sin of man. I took the sicknesses, the diseases and the curses of man. Yet I say unto you, work out your salvation with joy. Co-labor with My spirit, but with joy.

 For I have not come to bring a heaviness into your life. I have not come to place a burden upon you. I have not come to have you cast your eyes down in regret for I am not a God of broken promises. I am the God who is I AM. I am not the one who is against you. I am the One who is for you. Be not afraid to turn to Me. Be not afraid to partake of My blood. But then do not merely stand at My cross. For if you were to stand totally in the cross, you would not understand the fulness of My death, but you must chose to rise again in Me. In me, not without, but in Me: My identity, My purposes, My provision, My plan, My ‘yeses’ and My ‘no’s’. For I have a plan. And I have called you to come and work together in My harvest field. I will chose you to take on My goals, My burdens, My kingdom. Co-labor with My spirit. Set apart, you can do nothing. For man will promise you this, and it will lead to disappointment, hurt and rejection; but I am God and I do not lie. I am about your highest. If I have said ‘no’ it is because there is a higher ‘yes’ that decision was based upon. If I have said ‘yes’ then you must know what the ‘yes’ is about. As you come to know ‘yes and amen’, you will know that ‘no’ is as holy as ‘yes’.

 “I am lifting up high My own. Not all those who would talk about Me, not all those that would sing and dance to Me, but those who I own I am lifting up. Those who are called by My name and who I have called their name. Have I not said in My word, ‘I chose you before you chose Me.’ Take this not lightly, but understand the army is wrestling against yes, principalities and yes, high places. Flesh is going to tumble. Be not concerned of the tumbling. Be not concerned when you hear of the wind getting greater and greater and greater. It is going in the pathway also of My kingdom. It too is knocking down barriers and things in the pathway of My purposes and My plans.

 “As you have bent your knee, so have I bent Mine. I bent Mine on the cross. My legs were not broken, but My knees were bent. They were bent in submission. They were bent as I prayed and cried out on your behalf. Go back to the joy of your salvation no longer seeking to and fro the joy of this world. For this is pleasure, but for a season.

 “Delight yourself in all that I offer you for this brings joy to the Father. Delight yourself in the good gifts I bless you with. Know that every good gift comes from Me. So share it with Me whether it be your health, your wealth, your visions, your dreams, share all with Me. What you share with Me, I in turn will multiply, and you will share it with a starving world. I am commissioning My own. They would not be those the world would look at and applause. They would be those the world has wounded and cast out.

 “Nothing has changed, for I draw the educated and the uneducated, the rich and the poor, the famous and the unknown. For I draw heart to heart, spirit to spirit. How they come makes not difference. That they come changes all the difference.

 “Will you be willing to follow? Will you follow Me into the wilderness, into the valley, up to the mountaintops? Will you come aside and then will you allow My spirit to guide you? To guide you street upon street with only the light of My word at your feet? For My word is about to be lifted up once again, even in your nation,” says the Lord. “For others have tried to come in other’s names, but I have stood up. When I stand, all shall bow their knee and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

August 23, 2011
I heard the Lord say, “I have not called you to walk this walk alone.  I would never, ever require the flesh to walk supernaturally. I would  merely ask that the flesh would be in submission to My Spirit. Let My  Spirit walk supernaturally through your flesh. I created your flesh  and I said all is good. A surrendered flesh is a tapestry I can  stretch,  I can mold, I can move, I can use so that My hand can be  stretched forth.

“I am looking for hands of the flesh: flesh, blood, bone. All I have  made, I am looking to use for My glory. Will you give me your hands?  Will you place your hearts in My hands? Will you place your will, your  dreams, your visions under Mine? I am looking for a submissive people  who will prefer Me above all, people, and all things, what is good I  will bring to you. What is bad I will  break off. I have come so you  may have life abundantly. May, I say to you. I would say chose this  night, for I set before you: flesh or My Spirit. If you chose My  Spirit, My Spirit will witness and chose you.

“I waited in accord for My people and then I took them and I brought  them into one accord to where this cord will be linked from Heaven to Earth, and to Earth to Heaven. I provided the cord. That cord is My  blood. Remember how costly one accord is, for it was bought by My one  blood sacrifice. A Holy cord, a cord set aside, a cord that could be  knitted to you, Spirit to Spirit, heart to heart. As you learn how My  Spirit is flowing and acknowledge His flowing, then I promise you by
Myself for there is no greater, you will recognize where He has been,  and you will recognize where He is going. I have sent Him to teach and  I have asked that He would guide. He, too, has chosen to be with you.  The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in one accord. We have  wrapped you in Our cord that Our glory can be spread through a weary world. I am calling My own, whosoever will, to pick up the glory of My  cross and let My cross glory. As I be lifted up in worship, in praise,  in thanksgiving, with a grateful heart, with an expectancy of My  goodness, then My Glory comes.

“I look to and fro: do not judge the ways of others. Commit them to Me  for I have not come to judge, but to save. Know the hour of grace.  Embrace the hour of grace. Embrace the grace I would bestow upon you,  and in turn give grace to others. I am breaking off judgment over you  this night,” says the Lord your God. “Judgment that the world, that  man, that religion, that even you have touched for it has grieved My  Spirit because you have been grieved. Judgment is a curse. I am not
judging, I am filling. I am filling you to overflow to where you will  not be thirsty. For I am not looking for you to strangle yourself,  with your thoughts, strangling your own faith with unbelief. I want  \you to learn to breathe in My Spirit and breathe out My Spirit. In  doing this, you will be not only the bearers of My light, but the  bearers of My breath,” says the Lord your God.
Love and Blessing, Eileen

August 16, 2011
I heard the Lord say, “I have called and bid My empty vessels to come forth. I have called My vessels of honor to come forth. For I am calling forth vessels to be filled not only to the brim; to be connected to the river of My flowing. As they become connected with My river, they shall become the streams of righteousness planted by Me, that My river will flow through to heal people, to heal your land, to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free. Be not concerned of what you hear and what you see, but know that I am with you always. Know that I am about to cause the wind to blow and you will see
destruction that has been all around you turn into construction that has been laid by the foundation of My word, and by My Spirit. As you see construction go forth, you will know it is by My instruction,” says the Lord your God. “For I am downloading instructions into your spirit. For some have come to be healed: ask Me how. Ask Me to position you. Ask Me what I must send in the wind to heal you; and to heal those who you love and who I have placed under your covering to pray for them to lift them up to Me and to cover them with love. For love does cover a multiple of sins.

“I am about to throw back the blanket of a covering. Things that have grieved My Spirit will be exposed. But My Spirit will come with grace, with correction and with truth. Be not afraid of the alignment I am instructing to come forth. Some of you will be called in and some of you will be called out from where you are planted. Do not question My Spirit, but be quick to obey My Spirit. For I am looking for a Phillip who I can pick up; one who could be sent by the wind of My Spirit. I am looking for one who would say, ‘Here I am, Lord. Send me.’ I walk in peace with My people. I walk in order with My people. I do not
bring confusion nor do I disgrace My own. I call them aside to heal them, to renew them, to refresh them, and to refill them. For some I am calling aside, do not come and think that you are being chastened. Do not let the enemy try to convince you that you are being rejected, and forgotten. You are not being forsaken; you are being called upon as I was called to the wilderness. I received the instructions of My Father and then I went about My Father’s business miracle after miracle because My Father was with Me

August 9, 2011
I heard the Lord say, “Be not afraid.” The Lord said, “Do not be concerned for when you hear of this work and that work not going forth, but be concerned when you hear where My Spirit is not going forth; for I am causing My own to rise up and I am causing them to understand My word, that it is not by your power and it is not by your might, but it is by My Spirit,” sayeth the Lord. “And as My people come and understand, they will come under, they will come in and they will come out in and by My Spirit.  “Be encouraged. Know My Spirit is wooing My people. Know My Spirit is healing My people. Know My Spirit is administrating truth to My people. Know My Spirit is plugging in and unplugging. Know My Spirit is flowing. Know that I will cause those who are weary and have been sitting by the riverbank to be called to come in. To come into the
river of life to where life will come back over where death has had it’s work. For I say unto you, you will understand what it means. You will understand the deep meaning, that a seed must first die, but then comes life. Know within each one of you and those across the world who are called by My Name, there is a seed of salvation that has been wooed and planted by My Spirit. Now there will be an outpouring of oil on those seeds. For yes, revival and renewal will come forth. First it will come forth with refining: refining fires that will cleanse those of an ambitious spirit to be pulled down. It will cause those who would come with a hidden agenda to be exposed for I will not allow My Bride nor My Spirit to be used or misued or abused. For I am not the abuser,” says the Lord. “I am the Coverer and the glory and the lifter of your heads. Tonight I would cover your heads with My glory. I would say, ‘Rest your head in My glory’. Let My glory do the work in you that it has done in My disciples. Let My glory rest upon you. Be clothed and dressed in My glory. In this process, you will come to understand I have called My own to go from glory to glory in Christ Jesus,” says the Lord your God.
Love and Blessing, Eileen

August 2, 2011
You see I am washing your hearts. You see I am washing your minds. I am washing your spirits. I am bathing your wounds. I am placing you in the pool of healing this night. As I place you in this pool of healing, I know where to place you for I will heal you where I know you need to be healed.  “I am taking depression off of you. I am breaking isolation off of
you. I am pouring oil in your wounds. I am jump starting your faith for some of you have shut down even feeling My presence because you have felt I was angry with you and have abandoned you. In My word I have promised I would never ever leave nor forsake you. Anything else is contrary to My word. Let My word forever be settled this night: in your hearts, in your minds, in your spirits; until you can be free in Me regardless of circumstances, regardless of broken promises, regardless of broken dreams, regardless of a broken heart. I have come to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free.”
He said, “Some would come to mock, some would come to belittle. Some would come to put Me in a box and have Me presented as a small God.” For He said, “I am an eternal God. Be not afraid: be not afraid of My presence; be not afraid of my intentions towards My own, for I have plans for good. When all other plans comes to you, and it is not for good, know that it has not been issued from my throne: for I have plans for good. I do not have plans for compromise; I do not have
plans for indifference. I have plans for purposes. I have plans for provision. I have plans for production: to reproduce My Son and the love He has for people who are broken. I will reproduce love and make you producers of My love, to where you will reproduce My love to broken hearted people they will be healed. People will pull you by the sleeve and say, ‘Show me your God who is so good.’ I would say unto you, ‘The world will declare My goodness.’ Your nation will see My
goodness. Your households will come into My presence for you carry My presence,” says the Lord your God.
Love and Blessing, Eileen


  1. #1 by CAO on January 3, 2013 - 7:58 am

    The Lord is Mighty, His Wisdom is higher than ours, His thoughts are lofty for our understanding, but I Thank the Lord Yawhew, for bringing me to these prophetic messages, I found one of Eileen’s prophecies last year…..It has been a powerfull catalist in moving me ahead in my spiritual walk…..I am u nderstanding that His Spirit is so ready for completely humbled, hungry children to obey His words…..To hear Him and Obey Him, His Love is supreme and it should fill us to overflowing as He says in one of this months prophecies, till we are a stream flowing out to heal the hurting and satisfy the thirsty soul, by sharing who He is with a world stuck in the MIRE. Thank you Lord, bring me into complete oneness with You and Your Will that others may come to see Your Glory and You will Be Honoured!

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