October 2010 Prophesies

October 19, 2010
As we were worshiping, I kept hearing the Lord say “Some are called, some are chosen, and some never RSVP. I am calling My own to come aside and to partake of who I am so that they can come to understand who they are called to be. Man would call you this and man would call you that. You would behave and you would respond according to title. I would not have you titled. I would have you not branded by the hand print of a man. I would have you set aside consecrated, called, chosen, and prepared as a vessel of honor, as a vessel of glory.

For I am training my own with an ear that is astute that would hear me even in a calm breeze, even in stillness, and even in the tossing and the throwing of a storm. They would sense My presence and have the sight within their spirit of the vision of the direction. I am going to release over My body the gifts fresh, strong, rededicated, renewed, refurnished. For many have gotten weary for they have been sought after for their gift. They have set aside their gift and have been dwelling under judgment rather than under favor. I will not have My own under judgment. The world can come under judgment under the world’s own judgment. Mine are under grace for I have sent My Son. The price and the debt has been paid and established. My Son fulfilled the law. My Son became the curse. All that was laid upon mankind, My Son fulfilled. My Son fulfilled to the last, the last… the last point of no return to where there is no room for man to add what My Son has done.

I say unto you, yes there shall come renewal, revival. There shall come a refurbishing of the gifts. My Son will be lifted up stronger than He has in the past. I have a militant army. They will be so militant in out loving each other and out preferring each other without one another making a show. What has been done openly, will be rewarded openly. What is done in secret will be rewarded by the Father. You are about to move and to see Me come as God the Father, the rewarder of good deeds. As God the Father, who is coming and taking report cards into the hearts of His children and is putting grades upon those areas that needed to be developed and putting besides those stars to where they have accelerated through pain and disappointment. You will come to understand that you are being graded by glory to glory in Christ Jesus.

Just as you graduate in the natural, so do you graduate from glory to glory. As you become stronger in one area, My glory enters in. My glory takes up residencies in areas you never dreamed possible or even knew that I would choose to dwell there. I am healing hearts. I am causing divine appointments to come out of nowhere. I am setting aside those that are living a surrendered life in stillness for orders are being released. As orders are being released, so will the consecration for that order, the anointing for that order, the vision and the plan and the purpose for that order. Man has tried to develop My gifts in the natural. My gifts were meant to be developed by My Spirit in the Spirit. I am calling forth the gifts to come forth. This time birthed in My Spirit, matured in My Spirit, and under subject by My Spirit that I alone be glorified,” says the Lord your God.

October 12, 2010
The Father would say, “I will breathe over you My Spirit this night. I will breathe in you My Spirit this night. I will breathe upon your household My Spirit this night. I will breathe upon your nation My Spirit this night. I will breathe upon My own, My Bride: pure, holy, set aside. I will say, ‘Be a Bride.’ Be a Bride with her mouth open with praises and worship and adoration to her King of Kings.

 For know that the hour is late. Know that I am calling My people into the Spirit for protection. Know that I am calling My people to rise up as an army in My Spirit as one voice. Know that I am calling My people in the Spirit to be hidden for the days that will come quickly. But as you are in My Spirit, You shall hear My voice as I whisper to you: go left, stand still, speak, be quiet. I am training My Bride. Do not allow distractions to pull you out of this training.

 For the enemy will come and he will set pleasantries before you, but in that is foolishness. For this is not the hour to be foolish. This is the hour that requires holiness and a listening heart and a listening ear. This is the hour of coming so close in the Shepherd that My robe goes over you and hides you in My presence. Know that I am placing my mantle upon you right now. Come under that mantle for protection. Do not bring in uncleanliness to My temple, but let My temple be made whole. Let My temple be a place that you will terry and wait for Me. As you wait for Me, you will not be disappointed. I will wait upon you hearing your petitions; hearing your cries and your requests. For I will turn all that appears evil into good. I will change the direction of the wind of adversity. I will command the wind that has been at your face to bow down under your feet. You will learn to be wind walkers. You will learn to walk in the wind of adversity because of My breath that is My wind within you.” says the Lord Your God.

 For right now this very second, I am cleansing your temples. I am coming, inspecting your temples. I will say where there has been defilement, My blood is being applied. Lift up your hands, My people, for a Holy God is passing among you this night. There will be a holiness in My temple. I am Holy and I say you, too, are holy. In holiness, you will hear Me. In holiness, you will see me. In holiness, you will be empowered, for you will be a holy people set apart provoking others to jealously who would go with every doctrine and every wind. But I will have a holy people. They will be so holy that they will walk above adversity. They will long to hear My voice, and they will not long to hear the voice of anyone else. They will not long to hear pleasantries. They will not even allow criticism to come into the temple. Instead they will long to hear My voice above all voices. For have I not said, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ Be still and know that I am God. Have I not said in my word, ‘Hear what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to the church.’ You are my church. Listen. Listen. Listen.” says the Lord your God.

 October 5, 2010
Jesus emptied himself so that you could be made full.  He said, “Present yourself, even your emptiness, so that you could be made full: full of My presence, full of My power, full of My peace.  It is the hour of the crossing over for My own.  Have I not said in My word you will go from glory to glory in Christ Jesus? Those who will, will rise up and they will go from glory to glory for I have walked among the ditches.  I have found the broken hearted, the distraught, the outcast.  I have found those who felt they were forgotten.  I have called them by name.  I have commanded them by My Spirit to draw to My side.  I am the good shepherd and I know My sheep each by name.  I know every need of My sheep:  where to feed, where to rest, where to annoint them for healing and where to capture them when they have strayed.  Have I not said, ‘I know My sheep and My sheep know me?  The voice of a stranger they will not follow.’

Tonight I will release into your hearts, into your spirits, into your listening to where that you would recognize and hear My voice.  You will know the voice of a stranger for with it will have attachments and conditions and restraints; with Mine is the voice of freeom, with Mine is the voice of encouragement, with Mine is the voice of giving, for I have come to give.  I would ask that you would learn to receive.   As you learn to receive, you will be like the receiver that hangs with the phone. I will download and download and download.  I am reconnecting a militant army.  It will be so militant with unconditional love that it will not judge nor condemn, nor will it come to try to rape nor rob nor ravish.  Instead it will come and be willing to lay down it’s life for that another sheep can be given life.  For I say this is the hour of surrendering, but this is also the hour of exaltation: exaltation in My glory, exaltation in My presence.  Exaltation to you will know that you have no need of man’s approval, but only the hand of the good shepherd.   For as a good shepherd I lay my hand upon your heads tonight and I come forth to bring back to you a future of hope. For what the enemy has come to destroy and to rob, I have come to give you back a life of abundance, My joy, My peace.  Now I extend My peace for you are not at war with the kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of Heaven is not at war with you.  There is the peace of the blood of My son.  There is a peace of the body of My son. In that peace there is strength, there is guidance.  Know me in stillness and let my stillness be recognizable by those that are tossed to and fro with different doctrines.  My doctrine has never changed.  My own know one another by their love.”

Father we worship you and we thank you.  We give you praise and glory.  Amen.

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