March 2011 Prophesies

 March 22, 2011
Lord I ask that you would send the anointing for a breakthrough now.

 I want you to lift your hands out in front of you. I see the Lord and He is putting a scroll in each hand in here and in the hands of others throughout this whole nation. He said, “I am about to unroll My plans. I’m about ready to unroll My assignments. I’m about to unroll a surpassing move of healing. I’m about to unroll glory after glory after glory.

I have been purifying hearts, motives, assignments, positions and propositions. I will open that Which is in front of you and We will read it in peace. I will instruct you with My mind’s eye. I will so instruct you that security will come back over you and over your nation. I am pulling down strongholds; says The King of Glory.

 I am moving things in the Spirit realm as things are being moved in the natural. I am lifting up rocks and I am looking under those rocks. As I rolled that stone away and proclaimed life eternal, I am rolling stones away that are proclaiming death eternal. I am coming in a new move. I am coming as One that crushes the rocks. I will come in and will crush down the assignments. I will come in and I will declare that My glory is rebuilding and it will be My glory. It will be precept upon precept according to what I have planned from the foundation for this land just as there is a plan for you at your birth.

 Tonight I am coming and I am clapping my hands over your heads. I am breaking those chains that has held you in bondage in your thinking. You have been thinking limited thinking. You have been reflecting your smallness upon My awesomeness. Now you will understand that it’s My shadow. You will experience My shadow as you experience closeness to Me. I am pulling down others that would stand and say ‘I bid you to come.’ You will recognize strange voices, strange smells. You will say that is not the Rose of Sharon, nor His fragrance.

 I am about to do a new thing in your land. It will be beautiful. It will not be ugly for I will not have My own scorned and mocked. I will not have those who would stand in the world spirit and look at you and think you have served a tiny God. I will come forth so strong that even atheists will shake their heads in confusion. They will fall on their knees and say, ‘Truly there must be some One behind this.’

 Do not look to the left, nor to the right. Look only down to stomp on the head of the enemy and remind him he is under your feet. Look up; look beyond My cross to My throne. Know that when I have stood, the Heavens do shake. I am about to stand and there will be a shaking and there will be a quaking. My own will be caught up in a safety net of grace. On others, the fear of the Lord will come upon them. As terrors come upon the Earth, in that will come wisdom. In that wisdom will come signs and wonders. I am yoking My own to My Word, but I am sealing them with fire. Those who would touch what I would do, I will remind them that I am a jealous God. I stand in Mine and I stand over Mine. This is My nation and you are My people. Call upon the Lord and you will be saved. In that salvation, revelation of who you are in Me will roll forth, says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.

 March 15, 2011
Lord we cry unto You and we know that You hear us. Lord, I ask that right now You will go into every heart that is open, every spirit that is open and pour in hope … supernatural hope. Father God, we come in the name of Jesus as Your children. Lord we lift our cups up for you to fill them up. Lord, I lift up every broken heart in this room and those represented. I ask you to be the Lord thy God that heals us, and that You would bring the pieces that have been stolen and robbed, and go and bring them back. Father I ask this for every vessel that is cracked and weary.

 Father I take authority over stress. I would ask for Your supernatural peace to flood our minds. Make our minds to be still and restored, that our dreams will become Godly dreams. Would you touch our eyes to see in the Spirit, and our ears to hear in the Spirit.

 Holy Spirit, I ask You to hover right now and that You would go into those areas of discouragement and despondency and release Your grace. Father, as Your grace goes into these areas, I thank You for your strength. Holy Spirit, You are called Strengthener, so I ask You to become The Strengthener right now.

 I heard the Lord say, “I will make a path where this is no path. I will make a road where there is no road. I will make a door where there is no door. Then I will bid you, I will invite you, I will call you to walk beside Me. Then I will wait and watch. How you respond, will decide where We will go and how deep We will go, and how high We will go. I will honor your free will of choice. If you choose to come high in Heavenly places, I will guide you to soar like an eagle. If you choose to lay in the Valley of Dry Bones, I will sit with you in the “Valley of Dry Bones.” You cannot ever, ever, ever escape My Presence. You can close yourself off, you can choose to turn your back, you can choose to look sideways at Me and glance at Me, but you will never come to know Me by a mere glance. You will come to know Me as you read My Word, know My Heart, My Spirit, My Will and My Ways. As you present yourself before My throne and allow Me to present My presence upon you then others will recognize you because you have come from My presence. First I will gather you into My presence. I will bid you and say, ‘Choose.’ Will you choose to fly; or will you choose to sit among the dry bones: the yesterdays, the left over dreams, the broken promises, of what man has done or has not done to you or for you. Will you choose to pickup each dry bone and examine it, then demand justification for the dry bone man has used upon you?

 I will heal your heart, this night and I will bid you to come out of the valley of dry bones. I Am longing for a people who will experience and carry My joy. I want your feet to dance in My Presence. I want your voice to sing in My presence. I want your heart to be healed in My presence. DO NOT CLOSE THE DOOR. When you do, you shut out healing. You shut out hope. You close down the destiny that you were created for.”

 Cry unto the Lord and He will answer you. He WILL show you great and mighty deeds. I bid you, cry unto the Lord. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

March 8, 2011
I hear the Lord say, “I am walking among you. I will invite you to dwell with Me in holiness. How I long to touch your troubled minds and troubled hearts and troubled souls and troubled bodies. How I long to sit with you; to speak with you heart to heart, face to face. How I long for you to understand that I am more than enough for you. How I long for you to know the depth, the very depth of My love to the very depth of your being. Your being would rejoice in who you are called to be and were created to be. You will find this in Me alone for I am Creator. Man would lay their hands upon you to create you in their own image. In that process you lose who I have called you to be. We created man in Our image in the beginning and our eternal plan and purposes have never changed.

 Behold Me on the cross. Behold Me in the tomb. Behold Me in the resurrection. Behold Me upon the throne. Let that throne be in your heart to where you can visit Me to where I can speak to you. Bring your heart to Me. Let me gather you under Myself. Not only am I the King of Kings and the Shepherd, but I am the Alpha and the Omega. I have been at your beginning and I shall be with you forever for you are an eternal being as I am the eternal God.

 Do not restrict Me; learn to worship Me. In that process, I will build you up for I have not come to tear you down. I have come to destroy the works of the enemy. I have come to declare My Kingdom in your hearts, in your households, in your past, present and future. Declare Me as the King of Kings and allow Me to come in to rule and reign in every corner of your heart, your mind, your will and your emotions. Are you willing to cast all aside that would grieve My presence? Are you willing to come openly before Me, presenting your hearts naked before Me? I read your hearts.

 How I long to gather you, to protect you, to build you up. To build you up so high into My presence that you experience the kiss of the approval of your Father in Heaven. This will set you free. Heaven is for you,” says the Lord your God. “Chose this day: are you for Heaven?”

Father, we declare that your kingdom has come and Your Will will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. We give you all of the praise, the honor and the glory. Amen.

 March 1, 2011
I feel like the Lord is saying there are so many that has been through so many testing for so long that you are battle fatigued. If that is you, I would like for you to keep your eyes closed. I kept hearing Him say the same thing, “I am going to fill your cups fresh.” He was showing me how much work it has been, and you think ‘What’s next?’ this whole mentality.

 I want everybody to stay in the mode of prayer just to receive right now. I feel like the Lord say, “If you would just lift your hearts up to Me I will refill them and captivate your hearts.” That’s what He’s saying. “I want to captivate your heart. I want you to come into a newness of who I truly am. Not who you think or what anybody else thinks, but who I really am. Take off all restrictions because I am an eternal God. I hold the stars in the sky. Is there nothing too hard for Me?” So many times when you’ve been in a long season of praying and waiting on God there comes in that season, ‘Okay Lord, when?’ Tonight I feel like He just wants you to give Him the freedom to work out the fullness of time at the highest time. Frustration comes when you try to bring Him on a time table and He doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want a driven bride. He wants a refreshed one who’s led. He wants a Son and Daughter that He’s enough, because He is their Father. He wants to give you a breakthrough over worry and fear. He said, “I want to break the confusion out of your understanding. I want to break back over you a light heart and a merry heart. I want confusion broken down to where I can rebuild the walls of your faith to where the walls of your faith can be a protective shield around you. Some of you have been fighting, fighting and fighting and you are so battled fatigued, that you don’t realize it’s Him you’re fighting. I heard the Lord say, “This battle is Mine when you are Mine. Then you need to come into My presence and gather My mind so you can think My thoughts and come to know the Father as I know the Father.”

 We worship you Lord right now. We give you praise. We give you glory. Holy Spirit, I ask that you will go into hearts right now. That you will take off all disappointment. Take off restrictions right now, Father. Where all those restrictions and understanding are, I break them down. I ask that instead there will come a contentment, a completion, a complimentary time to where they can worship You as a King of Kings and a Lord of Lords. As they grow smaller, You will grow larger. Father, bring the river of refreshment right now. We worship you, Lord.

 Father, I thank You for new beginnings. Father, I thank You that You are pouring out Your grace right now upon all your people. Lord, that Your grace is not only sufficient, but you are going to multiply grace right now. I want every one, you to lift your hands out in front of you. I heard the Lord say, “I am taking from you a cup of suffering.” Some of you have literally been in suffering. I heard Him say, “I am taking that cup of suffering away. I am pouring into you My new wine into a new wineskin. In this new wineskin, you will not be able to contain, but you will also be poured out. You are coming out of the valley of loss, but you are moving to the mountaintop with the Shepherd. The reason I am calling you to that mountaintop is to give you a different view. I will not have you with tunnel vision, but I will have you have the sight of My spirit where you can see beyond your limitations and that of man.

 “Restriction and constriction has been put upon you. My Spirit is putting a flow upon you to where you will be able to flow in what you have been called to do. It will not become dreary nor will it become gruesome, but it will become an assignment of pleasure, for you will walk on My arm and I will hold Your arm. Together we will go about the Father’s business. I do not assign you alone today, no more than I assigned My apostles alone when I sent them out. I hav sent My Spirit so you are never really alone.

 “Right now I am circling agreement around you and I am crowning you tonight. I am crowning you where you will come to understand who you are. For over things and all that is old, I am breaking off and over you. I am placing upon you a new authority, a repositioning to where you will know you have been sent. I send My people and then I receive them when they come. Recall how My own went out, coming back rejoicing at what they had done in My name. Know that you too, will come back rejoicing; knowing what you have done in My name. For you will not walk in the name of another for I am a jealous God. Nor will you take the name of another where you walk, but you will walk under a banner of love. Under that banner of love, you will come to understand the love that you speak, the love that you declare, had been rooted deep, deep in your spirit-man.

 “To where man tried to put fear and accusations, you can look lovingly at them knowing that I am sufficient. I am breaking off what man has said you are and what man has spoken over you to be. I am releasing upon you what you were created for and to be. You were created for My pleasure. You were created for “son”ship in Me. You were created to be My disciples, and you were created to fellowship with a loving God. You are not called to carry a heavy gospel; you are called to be lost in a heavy love. When you are lost in this love, you will be forced to go up, to drink in, to overcome within yourself all shortcomings and those of others. As quickly as you forgive yourself, you will learn to forgive others. All have fallen short of the glory of God. Your households, your parents, from the beginning of time when man walked, they fell short. Now is the hour of grace and forgiveness, and to take sins to the sea of forgetfulness, and not to recall them. Tonight I am breaking the broken record that plays over, over, over and over and over. I will say do not count what has been done against you, but begin from this night forth to count the blessings that are coming toward you. I will have a blessed people. You will know that you have been blessed by Me. Do not be restricted, but expect the blessedness of your God. Why? Because you are part already of the family of the Lord your God.”

 Father, I declare that. I declare it alive and established tonight. I release it in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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