Eileen Fisher Ministries

Corporate Prophecy March 22, 2011

Lord I ask that you would send the anointing for a breakthrough now.  I want you to lift your hands out in front of you. I see the Lord and He is putting a scroll in each hand in here and in the hands of others throughout this whole nation. He said, “I am about to unroll My plans. I’m about ready to unroll My assignments. I’m about to unroll a surpassing move of healing. I’m about to unroll glory after glory after glory.  I have been purifying hearts, motives, assignments, positions and propositions. I will open that Which is in front of you and We will read it in peace. I will instruct you with My mind’s eye. I will so instruct you that security will come back over you and over your nation. I am pulling down strongholds; says The King of Glory.
I am moving things in the Spirit realm as things are being moved in the natural. I am lifting up rocks and I am looking under those rocks. As I rolled that stone away and proclaimed life eternal, I am rolling stones away that are proclaiming death eternal. I am coming in a new move. I am coming as One that crushes the rocks. I will come in and will crush down the assignments. I will come in and I will declare that My glory is rebuilding and it will be My glory. It will be precept upon precept according to what I have planned from the
foundation for this land just as there is a plan for you at your birth.
Tonight I am coming and I am clapping my hands over your heads. I am breaking those chains that has held you in bondage in your thinking.  You have been thinking limited thinking. You have been reflecting your smallness upon My awesomeness. Now you will understand that it’s My shadow. You will experience My shadow as you experience closeness to Me. I am pulling down others that would stand and say ‘I bid you to come.’ You will recognize strange voices, strange smells. You will say that is not the Rose of Sharon, nor His fragrance.
I am about to do a new thing in your land. It will be beautiful. It will not be ugly for I will not have My own scorned and mocked. I will not have those who would stand in the world spirit and look at you and think you have served a tiny God. I will come forth so strong that even atheists will shake their heads in confusion. They will fall on their knees and say, ‘Truly there must be some One behind this.’
Do not look to the left, nor to the right. Look only down to stomp on the head of the enemy and remind him he is under your feet. Look up; look beyond My cross to My throne. Know that when I have stood, the Heavens do shake. I am about to stand and there will be a shaking and there will be a quaking. My own will be caught up in a safety net of grace. On others, the fear of the Lord will come upon them. As terrors come upon the Earth, in that will come wisdom. In that wisdom will come signs and wonders. I am yoking My own to My Word, but I am sealing them with fire. Those who would touch what I would do, I will remind them that I am a jealous God. I stand in Mine and I stand over Mine. This is My nation and you are My people. Call upon the Lord and you will be saved. In that salvation, revelation of who you are in Me will roll forth, says the Lord your God in Jesus’ name.

Eileen Fisher Ministries

Corporate Prophecy March 15, 2011

Lord we cry unto You and we know that You hear us. Lord, I ask that right now You will go into every heart that is open, every spirit that is open and pour in hope … supernatural hope. Father God, we come in the name of Jesus as Your children. Lord we lift our cups up for you to fill them up. Lord, I lift up every broken heart in this room and those represented. I ask you to be the Lord thy God that heals us, and that You would bring the pieces that have been stolen and robbed, and go and bring them back. Father I ask this for every vessel that is cracked and weary.  Father I take authority over stress. I would ask for Your supernatural peace to flood our minds. Make our minds to be still and restored, that our dreams will become Godly dreams. Would you touch our eyes to see in the Spirit, and our ears to hear in the Spirit.
Holy Spirit, I ask You to hover right now and that You would go into those areas of discouragement and despondency and release Your grace. Father, as Your grace goes into these areas, I thank You for your strength. Holy Spirit, You are called Strengthener, so I ask You to become The Strengthener right now.
I heard the Lord say, “I will make a path where this is no path. I will make a road where there is no road. I will make a door where there is no door. Then I will bid you, I will invite you, I will call you to walk beside Me. Then I will wait and watch. How you respond, will decide where We will go and how deep We will go, and how high We will go. I will honor your free will of choice. If you choose to come high in Heavenly places, I will guide you to soar like an eagle. If you choose to lay in the Valley of Dry Bones, I will sit with you in the “Valley of Dry Bones.” You cannot ever, ever, ever escape My Presence. You can close yourself off, you can choose to turn your back, you can choose to look sideways at Me and glance at Me, but you will never come to know Me by a mere glance. You will come to know Me as you read My Word, know My Heart, My Spirit, My Will and My Ways. As you present yourself before My throne and allow Me to present My presence upon you then others will recognize you because you have come from My presence. First I will gather you into My presence. I will bid you and say, ‘Choose.’ Will you choose to fly; or will you choose to sit among the dry bones: the yesterdays, the left over dreams, the broken promises, of what man has done or has not done to you or for you. Will you choose to pickup each dry bone and examine it, then demand justification for the dry bone man has used upon you?
I will heal your heart, this night and I will bid you to come out of the valley of dry bones. I Am longing for a people who will experience and carry My joy. I want your feet to dance in My Presence. I want your voice to sing in My presence. I want your heart to be healed in My presence. DO NOT CLOSE THE DOOR. When you do, you shut out healing. You shut out hope. You close down the destiny that you were created for.”
Cry unto the Lord and He will answer you. He WILL show you great and mighty deeds. I bid you, cry unto the Lord. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

Eileen Fisher Ministries

Corporate Prophecy March 8, 2011

I hear the Lord say, “I am walking among you. I will invite you to dwell with Me in holiness. How I long to touch your troubled minds and troubled hearts and troubled souls and troubled bodies. How I long to sit with you; to speak with you heart to heart, face to face. How I long for you to understand that I am more than enough for you. How I long for you to know the depth, the very depth of My love to the very depth of your being. Your being would rejoice in who you are called to be and were created to be. You will find this in Me alone for I am Creator. Man would lay their hands upon you to create you in their own image. In that process you lose who I have called you to be. We created man in Our image in the beginning and our eternal plan and purposes have never changed.
Behold Me on the cross. Behold Me in the tomb. Behold Me in the resurrection. Behold Me upon the throne. Let that throne be in your heart to where you can visit Me to where I can speak to you. Bring your heart to Me. Let me gather you under Myself. Not only am I the King of Kings and the Shepherd, but I am the Alpha and the Omega. I have been at your beginning and I shall be with you forever for you are an eternal being as I am the eternal God.
Do not restrict Me; learn to worship Me. In that process, I will build you up for I have not come to tear you down. I have come to destroy the works of the enemy. I have come to declare My Kingdom in your hearts, in your households, in your past, present and future. Declare Me as the King of Kings and allow Me to come in to rule and reign in every corner of your heart, your mind, your will and your emotions. Are you willing to cast all aside that would grieve My presence? Are you willing to come openly before Me, presenting your hearts naked before Me? I read your hearts.
How I long to gather you, to protect you, to build you up. To build you up so high into My presence that you experience the kiss of the approval of your Father in Heaven. This will set you free. Heaven is
for you,” says the Lord your God. “Chose this day: are you for Heaven?”
Father, we declare that your kingdom has come and Your Will will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. We give you all of the praise, the honor and the glory. Amen.

Eileen Fisher Ministries

Corporate Prophecy October 5TH 2010

Jesus emptied himself so that you could be made full.  He said, “Present yourself, even your emptiness, so that you could be made full: full of My presence, full of My power, full of My peace.  It is the hour of the crossing over for My own.  Have I not said in My word you will go from glory to glory in Christ Jesus? Those who will, will rise up and they will go from glory to glory for I have walked among the ditches.  I have found the broken hearted, the distraught, the outcast.  I have found those who felt they were forgotten.  I have called them by name.  I have commanded them by My Spirit to draw to My side.  I am the good shepherd and I know My sheep each by name.  I know every need of My sheep:  where to feed, where to rest, where to annoint them for healing and where to capture them when they have strayed.  Have I not said, ‘I know My sheep and My sheep know me?  The voice of a stranger they will not follow.’ 

Tonight I will release into your hearts, into your spirits, into your listening to where that you would recognize and hear My voice.  You will know the voice of a stranger for with it will have attachments and conditions and restraints; with Mine is the voice of freeom, with Mine is the voice of encouragement, with Mine is the voice of giving, for I have come to give.  I would ask that you would learn to receive.   As you learn to receive, you will be like the receiver that hangs with the phone. I will download and download and download.  I am reconnecting a militant army.  It will be so militant with unconditional love that it will not judge nor condemn, nor will it come to try to rape nor rob nor ravish.  Instead it will come and be willing to lay down it’s life for that another sheep can be given life.  For I say this is the hour of surrendering, but this is also the hour of exaltation: exaltation in My glory, exaltation in My presence.  Exaltation to you will know that you have no need of man’s approval, but only the hand of the good shepherd.   For as a good shepherd I lay my hand upon your heads tonight and I come forth to bring back to you a future of hope. For what the enemy has come to destroy and to rob, I have come to give you back a life of abundance, My joy, My peace.  Now I extend My peace for you are not at war with the kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of Heaven is not at war with you.  There is the peace of the blood of My son.  There is a peace of the body of My son. In that peace there is strength, there is guidance.  Know me in stillness and let my stillness be recognizable by those that are tossed to and fro with different doctrines.  My doctrine has never changed.  My own know one another by their love.”

Father we worship you and we thank you.  We give you praise and glory.  Amen.


Eileen Fisher Ministries

Corporate Prophesy September 21st, 2010

 There is a word that I keep hearing the Lord say over and over again.  He says, “Not only am I the truth, but I am the way.  So many times My people lose their way because they forget that I am the truth.  I want to realign myself with My own people in My truth and in My way.  For My ways are higher than the ways of man.  You are in a season and my body is in a season.  A season to where I am saying, ‘Be EXALTED in My Word.’  Be exalted in My Word to where My Word will come in and lift you up into high places in Christ Jesus.  As you move into this transition season, you will come to understand the smoothness and the flowing and the relationship of My Word and My Spirit.  They are one because I am one. As I am one with the Father, and the Spirit is one with me, so the Word is one with us also.  When you, too, become a part of that you become one with us.  I am bringing My bride along. Some are limping, some are running, some I am carrying. My Word is established forever.  I am declaring My Word over My bride.  My word will pick up my bride and carry My bride, and allow My bride to run a race that was impossible without the power and the action and the authority of My word.  So I am telling My bride PICK up My Word. BECOME My Word. WALK My word. TALK my Word. DEVOUR my word.  Let your flesh NOW become My word as I was the Word and became flesh. As this happens in your life, you will come to understand togetherness, togetherness, togetherness; you and Me, Me and you. All of us together in the Spirit,” says the Lord your God.

Lord, we give you glory. We thank you for praise. We thank you that your Holy Spirit is moving with truth. We thank you Father that the power of the resurrection of your Word is alive.  We thank you that it’s effective.  We thank you that you are going to move in that realm. We thank you for the arena and the power of your Word.  We give you, Father, all praise and glory.

I heard the Lord say (regarding the Prophetic), “I am washing your gifts tonight.  Your gifts are being purified tonight by fire.  I am taking every gift known and unknown, and I am putting the fire to it.  I am assigning angels here right now.  These angels in here are taking your gifts; they’re taking your broken hearts.  They are going to go beyond your level of belief.  They are taking your unbelief.  They are going to start calling you the land of expansion.  You are going to expand to the North, South, East, West.  You are going to expand in nations.  You are going to expand in the wildness of My gifting in the Spirit. My cloud of glory is going to descend.  When it descends, not only will you see it, taste it, you will know and you will be evaporating in My glory. I am going to DEVOUR My people with My presence.  DEVOUR My people.  Am I not called the Lion of Judah? I am called the Lion of Judah because I DEVOUR.  I am going to devour that what concerns you.  I am going to devour that which does not further My kingdom.  You are kingdom people. Hold your head in position!  Hold your eyes fixed upon the King. Hold your feet upon My word and let My word permeate you and come from your feet, through your bellies of the living water, out of your mouth, out of your voice.  Come out with that of which is thunder. I am going to release thunder.  Tonight I am releasing angels around you.  These angels will go forth with the new assignments that I am calling you to walk forth in.  I have commanded you here tonight by my Spirit.  I have commanded you here tonight to receive the assignment that you’re set forth.  One assignment is being closed, but a multitude of assignments are coming forth. Be not discouraged, nor be dismayed that I am bringing you into new connections.  I am bringing you new connections that flow, rock, roll in my Spirit.  When I say rock, it’s upon the rock of forever.  It’s the rock of ages.  When I say roll, I say you will roll in the glory cloud.  When you roll in that glory cloud you will come to understand the glory of the Lord is the lifter of your head. That hour of weeping is going to be off of my bride.  That hour of seeking is coming upon my bride. For as you have sought My face and will seek My face, you will come to understand I am the seeker and you are the one that is sought after.  Tonight the tables are being turned.  As you have sought Me in the past, get ready my beloveds.  Get ready My beloved.  I am going to seek you as a lover that has planted his heart and sealed you into My own heart. I shall come upon you.  I shall fill you like you have never been filled before. Heaviness is going to be broken off of you.  Discouragement is going to be broken off of you.  This night when you leave forth, you will have the clarity of a mind of a saint. You will have a Spirit that is clean. You will have an understanding that man has not tried to pour in their trash.  Tonight I am taking garbage out and instead I am releasing the purification of My fire.  It will be a holy fire that heals, that delivers, that sets free.”

He says stand everyone in this room right now.  As you stand, God is going to start to just pour oil over your head right now.  I heard the Lord say, “I am going to renew the gift of visions.  You are in between visions.  Let go of the old visions, the old connections. You are hanging on to dried up water holes and I am forcing you to go deep into the well of salvation.  Some of you I am coming tonight by my Spirit; I myself am planting you into that well of salvation. I am tapping on that well of salvation to where you will have to be forced fed the living water.  I am healing your lungs right now.”  Somebody’s lungs right now are being touched. He says, “I am peeling those lungs to where you did not have full expansion in those lungs, it’s happening right now.  I am healing your knees right now. The left knee that the Lord just touched on.  I am laying my hand on that knee right now.  Those who used to have the gift of dreams and visions, discouragement and the voice of man in oppression against you robbed that. Tonight my spirit is coming back to realign and re-establish.  My bride will not be robbed, but my bride will be established.  You are going to be established in the fresh flow of my Spirit. You are going to be in the now anointing.  I am taking off of you what was. Let go what was for it is not what is.  You are to go forward and you are not to look backwards for if you do, you will bump your head.  I want you to have your head held so high that you get captivated and caught up in that cloud of glory. Then you will begin to see ME, the King of Glory.  You call down glory.  As you call down glory, you come to know what I mean with the weights, the presence, the ominous of My glory.  People sing of My glory, but they don’t know my glory.”

Father I call the glory of God in here right now.  Let your glory come in right now. I want you to keep your hands open. God is going to pour glory in you right now.  You are going to be refreshed right now. God is healing hearts right now that have been walled in out of fear.  People have broken your heart with disappointment, and I heard the Lord say, “No, you’ve planted good seeds in your children and I have planted good seed in my children. I am watching over the seed in your children because it’s my seed that you’ve planted in your children.” I thank you for those seeds.  I take off fertilizer right now that the lies the enemy has put in.  There will be no more in Jesus’ name.  You are glorified, Lord.  We worship you, Jesus.

Eileen Fisher Ministries

Corporate Prophesy September 14th, 2010

Lay your petitions at My feet.

I keep hearing the Lord say that you are standing on Holy ground.  He says, “As you are standing on Holy ground, bring your petitions and lay that upon this holy ground.”  For He says, “I am not a God that does not answer the cries of His people.  But I am a God who is busy about His people’s business, for you are My business,” says the Lord.  And He says, “All that concerns you, known and unknown concerns me.  I have seen weeping; I have seen confusion; I have seen doubts and joy; I have seen questions, even questions that people were afraid to speak out.  But remember that I am also the Spirit of Truth, and as the Spirit of Truth I prompt questions in you; questions that will cause you to face doubt, fear and unbelief.  For I am not afraid of truth for I am Truth.  As you lay petitions at my feet, know that I stand upon them.  All power on Heaven and Earth have been placed under my feet. For I hold the keys and no man, nor spirit, can enter in to take the keys.  For I have the keys of hell, death and the grave. No man, no circumstance, can prematurely or negotiate or rob or steal these keys. For I am the resurrection and I alone am the resurrection.  So that what you place at my feet, my resurrection feet stand upon that.  All that needs to be resurrected that is good and is of my will, and that is highest for you, I resurrect.  All that would not benefit you, nor of my kingdom, I let it lay dormant.  Be not afraid of questions, for I hold the answers,” says the Lord your God.

Father, we bring every petition right now in this room and we lay it at the feet of Jesus.

Every member of a family, every sickness, worry, financial stress, positioning.  Father, whatever it is, I ask Father God that you would do a building up, an edification, a strengthening. I thank you that you have sent the strengthener to strengthen us in our inner man. Father, where we are weak, become strong.  Where we are strong, you become stronger. For Lord we do surrender and we submit and we commit.  We say be glorified.  In our lives Lord, be glorified.  Jesus, take all that is available and lift up your name and your name alone.  For you alone are worthy.  We worship you and we give you praise.  Thank you Lord God.

Eileen Fisher Ministries

Corporate Prophecy September 7th 2010 

The Father would say, “Here I am walking among you.  I am walking among you to heal your broken hearts. For I have come in the midst of you to heal your broken hearts.  For have I not said in my Word I have come to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free?  I am coming tonight to read the disappointment that is in your heart. For the enemy has come and he has tried to set up a camp of rejection.  And in that camp of rejection there has been heaviness in your heart and I have come tonight as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords to bring my joy to renew your strength.  To bring hope where there was despair; to bring answers to where there are questions; to have you understand that lo I am with you always

For I have not forsaken my own, nor shall I forsake my own. For I have sealed you with my Spirit,” says the Lord your God, “and in peace I rule and in peace I reign.  I do not come to bring fear in your heart.  I do not come to bring fear of the future of the past of the present. I come to rule as a peaceful ruler, as the King of Kings, the one who establishes, the one who never changes, the one who puts things in order, the one who comes as the mighty wind and blows things of destruction out of your pathway. And also as the one who comes and blows against the wind and says ‘peace be still’ to the storm.

Tonight I will speak to your spirit and I will say peace be still.  In that stillness know that I am on the throne.  Not only am I on the throne in heavenly places, but I am on the throne in your very being.  For have I not said you are my temples? How I love to dwell. How I love cohabitation with my people.  How I long to fellowship and unveil layer upon layer upon layers of the knowledge. I have love for you. As this revelation comes to you deeper and deeper and deeper, the enemy will find no hiding place, for the veil where fear has lived has been destroyed.  The yoke of the fear has been destroyed.  The burden that the enemy would put upon you, of making you think you are alone, you are abandoned, and you are forgotten.  You will come to see that he is the father of lies.  He lies and he lies and he lies and he lies.  I will say unto you my people: do not lie down and receive those lies.

Stand on my word, and let my word rise up within you. Let it rise up out of your belly. Let it rise up and take residency in your heart, into your soul.  Then let it captivate your mind and speak out of your mouth. Then you will see the enemy tremble; you will see the enemy flee.  You will come to know that the King of glory has claimed and will forever claim his bride,” says the Lord your God.  “Lay down that what would hinder you whether it be the past, whether it be the present, whether it be the circumstance, whether it be a person.  Lay it down on the cross for I understood when I said to you, ‘pick up your cross daily and follow me.’  Why did I say that to you? For I also, I saw beyond that. I knew if you carried the cross, your very own cross, for what things would die upon that with my hand of miracles and love and power, I would touch that very cross and command resurrection to rise out of that cross. For you do not carry the cross of death: you carry the cross of resurrection.  For that which you place upon that cross I promise I will resurrect all that is good, all that is worthy to be resurrected, and all that needs to die I will let it die.  I will let it wither, I will let it fade away; but you will rise up with new strength, you will rise up with increasing faith and you will know that the King of Glory has entered in. 

You will seek my presence.  As my presence seeks you, you will find a sensing of my being as I captivate your being.  You will find yourself lost in my presence and found in my presence for you were created for my pleasure, and I am a jealous God.  For my pleasure alone you were created.  I loan you to others to bring pleasure, but first and foremost, I created you for my pleasure,” says the Lord your God.

We just bow down to you right now.  Father, we thank you for you who have begun a good work in us; you are going to bring it to completion.  Father, we ask that every question, every doubt, every fear, every hurt and disappointment be washed away right now by the blood of Jesus.  Father, we pray for new beginnings from this night forth. Father, I pray for diseases that have been spoken into the temple that from this night forward, the reversal will start.  I pray that you will extend your hand over your bride tonight; and that you will strengthen her, you will equip her, you will establish her.  I thank you that you have called us to be sons and daughters of the most high. I pray for each and every one that we will walk worthy of the calling through the blood of the Lamb.  Jesus, pour your blood on us right now.  Cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  Purify us inside, outside, every part of our temple.  Purify us Father, fresh, strong, and new. 

Father whatever is unclean, we pray that it will not enter the camp, it will not enter the camp, it will not enter temples.  We thank you that you have come out with the whip to drive out fear, doubt, rejection, abandonment.  You have come instead to replace the solid foundation of the word of God: strong, fresh and new.  Father, we submit to the word and we let the word come and dwell among us. We thank you that the word of God in us is overtaking our flesh. We thank you for the sanctuary of Your presence that You’re sanctifying, You are refining and You are refilling.  Father, I pray right now that you are refilling.  I pray for joints right now. I pray for knees, I pray for shoulders. Father I pray for every bone that is in here tonight that there will come a knitting together fresh, strong and new.  I pray there will come a purification of the blood.  Those who need to have their blood cleansed, I pray that there will be a transfusion that Your blood that brings life that will go through these bodies, through these temples.  I pray for nervous systems.  Nervous systems that have been agitated overworked and under worked.  I pray for thyroids, thyroids that are not performing for what you have planned.  I pray for every thyroid in here that your thyroid will be jump started tonight. The thyroid that is too slow that cause tiredness, I speak to it and I say you begin to obey because the word of God is spoken tonight.  I pray for growths that need to dissolve right now.  I stand against every growth that would cause fear and would try to establish a robbery of longevity.  I curse the very seed in that growth.

I speak forth by the direction of the Holy Spirit that there will be a combustion.  You will arise and the enemies will be scattered.  I thank you for ears right now that you are touching right now. Ringing, that you are speaking stillness right now.  I thank you for visions.  I thank you for nerves in eyes that you are taking irritation out of there.  Where there has been a weakness in the eyes, you are causing your hand to lay over the eyes that they would be healed tonight.  Those who you have called into the healing ministry, I pour out fresh oil into their hands.  I would wed tonight over them the miracles, the faith and the healing.  I pray above all else that they will hear and be commissioned by the Spirit of God. They will be sent according and under the guidance of the Spirit of God.  I pray that you will raise up an army that will be bold and militant in the Spirit of love and a sound mind.  I thank you that you are such a God of order, that you are touching feet right now.  I thank you that you are raising arches that have been causing leg cramps. I thank you for spines, that you have come and are putting your liquid fire down spines right now.  I stand against headaches.  I see where circulation cannot move freely.  I open every dam that has been dammed up with fear and pressure.  I say no more, but the flowing of the Spirit of God in every cell, every DNA. 

I thank you, Father God, that you are healing your people.  I thank you Father that you are the God of wonder, the God of might.  We come to you and to you alone.  We promise to always give you the praise and the glory for the King of Glory has entered in.  We give you praise right now.  We worship you.  We give you Glory. We thank you Lord God that you begun a good work and you will bring it to completion. I just see hands that are waiting for assignments.  I command the hands in here that whatever they put their hands to will prosper.  I recall the gifts and I say the prosperity is entering the building.  I seal off robbery.  There will be no more robbery of strength; there will be no more counterfeit.  We break off the assignment of Satan coming as an angel of light. We curse that curse.  We say instead the King of Glory and the light of the world, Jesus Christ, will rise up and we rest under the shadows of the wings of your healing. We claim the wings of the dove as we rest tonight. As we come under those wings.  I thank you for downloading answers.  I thank you, Father.

Eileen Fisher Ministries

Corporate Prophecy 8/31/2010

As we were singing “Holy, Holy,” the Lord kept giving me this word over and over again. And He said, “I have a people who have been in waiting. They have watched trains, buses, airplanes come in and take off and they find themselves still in that station of waiting.”

He said, “That station of waiting is a holy time. It’s a time of downloading. It’s a time of receiving. It’s a time of being still and knowing that He is God. It is a time of knowing that when everything else is changing, God does not change.

“For I am about to do new things—new things in a multitude of ways. You will hear repeatedly over and over again, I have never heard of that before. That will become a phrase that will be repeated throughout your nation. Over and over and over, they will say it once again and shake their heads in dismay and in confusion. And they will say once again, I have never heard of that before.

“You will know that it is me who has downloaded. For I am about to download over your nation, I am about to download within your homes, I am about to download over my people.” And He said, “I have called people aside, and yet they have found themselves lonely. They have found themselves in a lone spot; they have found themselves in isolation. And the enemy comes in to make them feel forgotten and forsaken.

“No!” He said, “It is not that season. It is not the season of abandonment. It is not the season of stripping my people. It is a season of equipping and pouring out and imparting to my people, so I can pull out of them what I have placed in them.

“For,” He said, “I say unto you. Be still to be downloaded into. Be still and allow me to whisper to you. Be still and allow me to give you visions and dreams and purpose. For in stillness not only will you come to know that I am God, but you will come to know me in a way you have never been able to know me before,” says the Lord your God.