School of the Holy Spirit CD's
  • Warfare $7.00 #CD007 (shipping included)

  • Anger $7.00 #CD008 (shipping included)

  • Conversion $7.00 #CD009 (shipping included)

  • Eternal Purpose $7.00 #CD010 (shipping included)

  • Captivate Your Thoughts $7.00 #CD011 (shipping included)

Embrace God's Strategy $7.00 #CD001 (shipping included)

Synopsis: Since the beginning of time when earth was without form and void, covered in darkness the Holy Spirit hovered to bring about the long term strategy of heaven and wants to do that today for you!

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus $7.00 #CD002 (shipping included)

Synopsis: Releasing your faith by seeing Jesus work a miracle in any situation that seems impossible. Expectant faith is a calling card, Jesus well respond to.

Shame $7.00 #CD004 (shipping included)

Synopsis: Are you tired of failure? God has the keys in his word that will bring you into the victorious life.

The Power Of Holiness $7.00 #CD005 (shipping included)

Synopsis: God is longing to release His glory. His eyes are now going across the earth searching for a holy people who will carry His word, name and power. This message will prepare you to be one.

Prophecy 101, 2-CDs $14.00 #CD006 (shipping included)

Synopsis: There are 8,362 prophetic verses on 737 distinct topics in the Bible yet it is one on the most misunderstood Gifts in the Body today.  Understanding prophecy it is essential to every believer but where do you start. Eileen Fisher’s 2 CD series will give you a beginning understanding.